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  1. Gen Prawit: Don’t worry I can clarify

    Lies come as easy to them as picking their nose or spitting on the ground. Vile creatures.
  2. Thailand has the deadliest roads in the world, new report claims

    Hey they have to be good at something, right? Hand out free amulets at gas stations, see if that works.
  3. They are so transparent yet so many supposedly 'better educated' foreigners get conned. And more turn up daily for the same treatment. I bumped into a guy in a bar the other month that had been in Thailand for a week, first time here and spunked $1m on a 'resort' in Koh Samui. I give him six months before he twigs he's been diddled.
  4. Thailand is no better than any of those countries, indeed in many cases it is worse.
  5. The second rule after the first rule which is never trust a one of them.
  6. I would believe the actual number of murders of foreign spouses to be much, much higher than reported. If by chance any Thais are convicted and jailed they are often released after just a few years in prison, Life is cheap here, and foreign lives absolutely worthless to most Thais.
  7. This guy is lucky he is still alive. I have known personally two foreigners that were arranged to be murdered by their Thai wives. Toby Charnaud and Oswald Duval. My first lesson in Thailand is to never trust any one of them, as I believe Thais to be the most deceitful people on the planet (not a generalisation but an opinion formed and confirmed with over 30 years of experience).
  8. Killer baht bus driver captured at border

    They are a true reflection of the society they represent.
  9. Killer baht bus driver captured at border

    Won't make an iota of difference. They will continue to be belligerent and ignore all rules of the road regardless how many heavy punishments are meted out to the poorest in Thai society. Responsibility and culpability starts at the top and works its way down, and there isn't any responsibility or culpability from those at the top now, and nor will there ever be in the future.
  10. Every single thread it is the same. Completely and utterly obsessed with the Shins.
  11. Govt ‘mistakes to blame for declining popularity’

    Contradiction in terms. Wow, it took you over three posts to mention Yingluck on this thread. Bet you were champing at the bit.
  12. Hunt on for baht bus driver who killed 5, injured 9

    If they really cared they wouldn't let kids ride in these songteaws or take them on scooters with no helmets etc. They are either thick as pigsh*t or don't give a sh*t. You decide.
  13. 9-in-10 Thai Rape Victims Knew Their Attackers: UN Report

    Yep. Domestic sexual abuse and rape is a major cultural problem here, especially in rural and poorer communities. Well documented in local literature, for over a century, and a problem long before TV or the internet was around in Thailand.
  14. His sponsors will be disappointed.
  15. In the main government building in the country. Says it all really.