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  1. Proven lies from the military junta are certainly cause for further investigation. Why isn't this being followed up on?
  2. No surprise here. The dupes and fools that whistled and clapped this buffoon and his cronies in deserve everything they get. We can always bugger off if and when widespread civil conflict breaks out.
  3. Exactly what happened Tropo mate.
  4. As clearly proved what I thought the Thai started it all and got a shock when the auld fella got out his cutter and wouldn't take any sh*t. The Thai guy continues to provoke and seek altercation time and time again and then the only way he can save face is a cowardly sneak punch in front of children.
  5. The face loss was strong with this one.
  6. Thailand is the most dangerous destination for Brits and Swedes too. There must be some sort of connection here.
  7. Panthongtae lashes out at DSI over picture leak

    Wow, a hi-so Thai acting Thai.
  8. Thailand enters 'War on Sugar' with tax on sweetened beverages

    I always have to ask for no sugar in all Thai food I eat as they heap that stuff in.
  9. Public urged to not drink during Royal Cremation period

    It's a big deal for Thais, no-one else cares.
  10. False equivalency there. You can become a resident in the UK for that money, while you are only ever a temporary resident for purposes other than tourism in Thailand, having to report every 90-days in perpetuity. If you want to become a permanent resident in Thailand the process is longer and more expensive.
  11. Plenty of money to pay for the benefits to Sadwar and his eight wives though.
  12. 'A Briton with a Thai Heart.' How appropriate, that he did not complete the task set for him then.
  13. Gunning Saudi diplomats down in central Bangkok is though.
  14. Absolutely spot on. They are nothing like proper police forces in the West. I would say they are a joke of an organisation but they are far more sinister and dangerous than that.
  15. The English conman was the only one that went to jail for that in the UK. Not even an investigation in Thailand, nothing. Laughable.