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  1. As stated before they are the same platform as the Toyota Hilux. They share the same chassis, transmission and engines.
  2. Students thrown into water after concrete slab collapses in Tha Mai

    Wait until the substandard concrete used to build the massive hotels, malls and public transport networks starts to degrade. As far as I know, there is no preventative maintenance being done on any of it...
  3. 4-year Professional Visas Get Green Light

    This is a clear sign they are getting desperate for that foreign investment that has tanked since the coup. This is designed to catch the attention but offer little of substance. Ergo, they will make this near impossible to obtain for anyone to obtain or move the goalposts at the very last minute, just as every other hair-brained scheme works here. Digital nomads? Please, you'll remain in Starbucks on your tourist visas or 30-day stamps. This isn't meant for you.
  4. It's a filthy country and the Thais don't care. They only care about one thing. Sadly once they are educated enough to care, it will be too late and the beauty of their country will be mostly destroyed. Interesting that you mention Maya Bay as I was there before the hype in 1991 and it was pristine. Went back in 2001 and it was already on the road to ruin, with yachts and speedboats entering the cove and mooring at the beach. Of course Thais blamed the movie for the damage to the ecology, the usual man-child blameshift for the failure to live up to their own responsibilities.
  5. In a nutshell (coconut shell).
  6. The Fortuner is not available in North America.
  7. Australia is far safer on the roads and in general the drivers, one or two idiots aside, are better skilled, more competent, safer and in the main obey the regulations of the road. Motoring offences are punished properly by a non-corrupt and competent police force that fully understands the laws. Thailand will remain a "country of stupid" (to quote another poster) as long as it fails to address the appalling accident and fatality rates on its roads. Hope this clarifies.
  8. 4-year Professional Visas Get Green Light

    Those occupations are reserved for Thais only.
  9. 4-year Professional Visas Get Green Light

    Then Immigration start asking for bribes to issue foreign employees visa extensions (with 100% correct paperwork) as happened to us. A mountain of paperwork was required to get staff the visas in neighbouring countries to begin with. Been there, done that with several different companies including my own and it is an utter ball-ache. The 90-day reporting is the least hassle out of the lot, ironically.
  10. Thailand’s weird crackdown on boozy photos makes global headlines

    Worse now indisputably, but it was always thus.
  11. Pick-ups are considered commercial vehicles and they are subject to lower tax and different plates. Fortuners although just fancy pick-ups are not in the commercial category.
  12. The Hilux and the Fortuner both share the same chassis, transmission and engines. They are the same pick-up based platform in the older and new generations. The US Toyota 4Runner is a completely different vehicle.
  13. Not sure about the US but no Thai driver would pass the UK test without months of lessons.
  14. Were they? I'm in my 50's and very well travelled and they have all been extremely dangerous due to armed conflict since I can remember. Anyhoo, let's stop being silly and calling them tourist destinations.
  15. On average, about 50 civilian UK nationals are murdered around the world each year (excluding terrorist attacks). This means that almost 10 per cent of all murders of Britons abroad are committed in Thailand – a chilling figure, given that Thailand comprises only 0.6 per cent of all foreign travel from UK shores. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/with-so-many-britons-murdered-in-thailand-why-does-our-government-not-warn-of-the-dangers-faced-769640.html