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  1. Police Say Options Exhausted To Bring 'Boss Red Bull' To Justice

    You forgot the most important reason why it will not be learned. That is to leave the same option to abscond from justice for them if and when they need it.
  2. Correct. The Thai thinking is thus: we don't understand it nor take part in it so let's annoy the foreigners that play it. We can extort them as well if they don't comply. They are so shallow and insecure these are the kinds of 'decrees' that make them feel special and important and at the same time annoy foreigners, which is one of their more enjoyable pursuits these days it seems. Just remember these people would not even be qualified to clean toilets back home so there's no point in attempting to find logic or reason.
  3. Video shows Middle Eastern man attacking Thai massage girl

    Only sub-human scum hit women. The correct thing for him to do was leave immediately before the escalation or, worst case scenario, attempt to restrain her and attempt to calm her down. Instead, he hit her with a closed fist, which is a disgusting, coward's act. That is because you are weak, and feel threatened by women. The rest of your posts are opinionated nonsense as well.
  4. Nonsense. Most mahouts are Thai from up-country.
  5. You see what the locals are really like in this video.
  6. Activists want NCPO to resign, scrap orders

    Everyone said there would never be another coup in Thailand after 1994-5, and the political situation had improved markedly in early 2000's. In fact around 2003-4 it looked as if Thailand had really turned the corner, and then look what happened. One thing I have learned in 30 years here, is never underestimate or discount the stupidity of the locals.
  7. Activists want NCPO to resign, scrap orders

    Inevitable. Shame on those that cheered on the junta on this forum because of their obsession with the previous PM. Shame.
  8. Car battery and a sponge mate.
  9. Video shows Middle Eastern man attacking Thai massage girl

    Only sub-human, cowardly scum hit women. End of.
  10. Utter nonsense. We civilised the known World. We were cruel when necessary, kind and generous in a far larger measure. Last century, the men and women of the commonwealth gave their lives to protect civilisation, when other 'developed' nations adopted extremist politics or just sat back in cowardice and usury and counted profits. The World still uses British institutions and methods as the yardstick. That will never, ever be said of the current US hegemony, even just shortly after it collapses in a few years time.
  11. Definitely, nothing probably about it. One of the reasons they can afford multi-million Baht watches on a soldiers salary. They are immoral, corrupt wretches and my respect for them lessens every day, if it were even possible to get any lower. https://www.smh.com.au/world/thailand-reverses-death-sentences-for-two-men-who-murdered-australian-michael-wansley-20150225-13oy7r.html Essential reading that one. Some snippets: "The men were employees of a sugar mill in Nakhon Sawan province owned by the family of wealthy provincial businessman Pradit Siriviriyakul. Mr Pradit was initially charged with conspiracy to murder but was acquitted by a three-judge panel which rejected police testimony he offered a $4 million bribe for the investigation to be dropped. The panel accepted evidence that Mr Pradit told an employee "it was good the foreigner is dead" but found he made the comments after the murder." Know your enemies and mark them well friends.
  12. Haven't you realised in all your years here that this is the culture? This is the way this place works. You cannot change the culture or the system here. It simply will never, ever happen. As futile as saying "if only the Police would enforce..." when it comes to road accidents. This is the way the place is, if we don't like living in their immoral squalor, we have the choice to leave. We can try to teach them how to behave, but our meddling is rarely welcomed, such is their misplaced arrogance about themselves and their country, which unfortunately is largely based on lies and myth, which merely exacerbates the problem.
  13. Try dis to unstan mo. https://www.bbc.com/pidgin
  14. The most miserable I find are the ones that don't understand the place at all and are constantly embittered by the truth.
  15. Nope. You will never be Thai, even with a Thai passport, Thai wife and Thai children. You will always be an alien, without exception. They certainly will treat you better if you are not a complete ar*e, but don't ever mistake that they will take you as one of their own.