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  1. He's got a point. Probably lost it because it's his own people not farangs he's upset with. Funny how some people who see the word tourist naturally assume this relates to farang.
  2. Ah! Remember these words. The words of a dictator.
  3. I say once again: Complete idiots are running this country. Insane. Hidden in the console. I never knew that car consoles were for hiding things. Stupid, stupid, stupid people.
  4. Australian man dies in fall at Pattaya hotel

    Yet another 'suicide'. No need for investigation.
  5. So is any of this ex-pats? Rest from work...w...t..f is that? Tourists, I doubt they'd even know who Prayut is. Once again total and absolute nonsense.
  6. "Naked". Really? So all the Thai men I see without tops on, are they naked?
  7. Well yes but what does this have to do with anything. Nasty, addictive stuff yes but your post has nothing to do with the ........ damn ran out of puff
  8. Absolutely correct. I can name many countries that will fine you US$3000 or put you in jail for a year or both for smoking in a non-smoking area. Mmm! No maybe I can't.
  9. What exactly are the reasons? Clean up the beaches. Ridiculous. I agree that people butting out in the sand and not disposing of the butt properly is not good. But (no pun intended) you could light up next to a bin with every intention of putting the butt in the bin and go to jail. This is insanity on a grand scale.
  10. How about sending corrupt judges to jail. Mmmmm thinking about this guess not. There'd be no judges left to do the sentencing. Sure they did as this would apply to the Shinawatras not Boss.
  11. I think 'at' may just be typo. ... rams a herd.....rather than ...rams at herd.....
  12. One really must be careful with the English language. This of course can be read two ways.
  13. HEY. I like the Three Stooges. And these three likely lads were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay smarter than the above mentioned. More than likely smarter than anyone in any Ministry.
  14. So, this article is totally based on the comments of one person. Fantastic journalism. Thai good. Farang bad (but we want your money any way we can get it). Maybe this is just to set the scene when only farangs will get fined. Thais aren't getting fined because they're obeying the law. As for foreign tourists kicking up, my guess is, it's the Chinese.