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  1. Here we go again. Not the Thai's fault. This is clearly a high speed impact from both vehicles at what appears to be a poorly lit intersection.
  2. Just looking at some of these posts. Two people were run over which many of you seem to think is good for a laugh. Could've been you, your missus or your kids. Wouldn't be such a laugh then I guess.
  3. Lucky he wasn't in the Philippines with this madman at the helm. Thaksin had nothing on this lunatic.
  4. Not sure what the black car is. Must have seen it. Just kept going. Never mind, they're poor. Keep going. And what's all this linking to a facebook page? Surely if it's on facebook it's in the public domain. If the vid is restricted then don't add the link. If this is news then why should we be forced to go to a persons FB page to see it?
  5. Prep For A Wet, Wet, Wet Week Nationwide

    Let's see if they get it right this time. The more you try, the more chance you have at succeeding. I think they might be right this time. It's been building up.
  6. Story not supported by video. Nevertheless there's no way this should happen.
  7. Looking at the pic there is one Westerner. As for following a group of Westerners, who knows. A pic is just a moment in time. Having said this ignorance is no defence of the law. Thais don't respect their own country and their country's laws so this is just typical behaviour. Farangs in Thailand. Any better? Chinese. Speaking of ignorance and total lack of respect. Problem here is the complete lack of admitting you're wrong, something we all know is very rare indeed in the LOS.
  8. "Pattaya represents a small percentage of prostitution nationally. Does, however, bring in tourist money for everyone who works there and other similar tourist areas, to support themselves and their families which is more than the 'government' does." This was really the crux of my post. Red-light district; I'm fine with that, one of if not the biggest in the world. But to call it a sin is religious nonsense. As I say there are far greater 'sins' in this country. If you think that saying corruption and Thais (esp hi-so) getting away with murder is much worse than people earning a living for their families is a rant then that's your opinion.
  9. On the contrary, it's a very accurate headline: Well done. Last 3 words of my post. I believe this is called being selective. Having re-read my post I can see your point. My entire post is about the headline. Once again well done.
  10. Thought we're in monsoon season. Have to say just bloody hot with no rain where I am (just sw of BKK). If recent trends continue Oct/Nov (dry season) will be very wet.