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  1. This MUST be a typo. The superlative "most dangerous" surely should read "safest". Where, oh where were the TOT spin doctors when this one slipped through.
  2. It's pretty simple really. Put your butts in something. Don't litter. EASY. Wonder how many used condoms they found?
  3. Really? The only traffic I see moving after the traffic cop stops traffic is those doing u-turns under the direction of the BIB and the motorcyclists ignoring him.
  4. How does he stop the motorcycles that aren't stopping? The cars had stopped, traffic starts doing u-turns but on four occasions motorcyclists ignore the cop, the fourth colliding with the third car doing a u-turn. How is he meant to stop this. Traffic stops. Cars start doing u-turns. Motorcycles don't stop. As far as I can tell all traffic had stopped as of 0:08 in the vid. It is only after cars start doing u-turns that 1 then 2 motorcycles slip through with the 4th f.....k....n......g up big time. Please can you tell me how he could stop this? Again look at the vid. Traffic (all) has stopped before the first car makes it's u-turn.
  5. True but awareness is a motorcyclists number one defence. If a bus was stopped in the centre lane along with other traffic, with no traffic ahead this should ring alarm bells. I think rather than not having periscopes deployed, not having brains deployed would be more apt.
  6. If you look again the cop walks into the road to stop traffic. Cars stop but motorcycles, however, continue through disregarding the copper. This lot are on the 4th bike to go through and do not have right of way. Right of way is with the traffic being directed by the cop. That is vehicles doing a u-turn. Som num na.
  7. The traffic cop was doing his job. Directing traffic at a u-turn spot. We all know these are dangerous and attention is needed. Said attention was nowhere to be been seen with the motorcyclist, clearly oblivious to the situation. To say the traffic cop allowed this to happen is nonsense. Traffic had stopped to allow other traffic to do a u-turn. The bike just went straight through and is at fault. No helmets, no awareness. Typical Thailand.
  8. Arrest made as Bt1 bn worth of ‘ice’ seized

    Country of origin anybody?
  9. BREAKING: 7-Elevens nationwide to close on afternoon of Oct. 26

    I think you'll find that a year ago was the saddest day in Thailand. Know what you mean though.
  10. I sympathize with the Chinese. There is simply not enough free food.
  11. Really? Farang attempted murder. Thai Bt500 fine.
  12. Thankfully the 'experts' have told us many times ..."NO MAJOR FLOODING THIS YEAR." Don't panic you don't need the above.
  13. Don't know what happened, no links to vids, but that's still a king hit, now referred to as a cowards punch on an older man. Lucky he didn't crack his head on the gutter and die. Even then the Thai would be ok. What ever happened before this happened but this is still the Thai way. Coward. This is clearly assault and should be treated as such.
  14. I think many posters are under a bit of misapprehension about this smoking thing. Thais and the Chinese hordes will be free to do what they like. Bit like the Bt2000 littering (cig butt) fine in BKK. A Thai can stand next to BIB, flick a butt and nothing.