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  1. What do they have to do? Tie one hand behind their back and close an eye to pass
  2. Pity the Gov officials are too scared and insecure to have a secret ballot to find out what the girls think.
  3. Just wondering? Is it only the bars and clubs that have foreigners as their customers or do the Thai only clubs and bars get raided. This country is getting very boring. Another two bar closing nights next month and with the proposed price increase on alcohol this year . Well not the fun place it used to be.Sad days
  4. I blame the bar staff.Where are are they? Squeezing their zits or playing on their phones. Typical Thai bar staff just ignore you so som nam na
  5. Something the people in power know and care little about.Poverty Go Lamyai
  6. I see the ambulance arrive. But where are the police and army. Must be too busy counting how many thrusts the local singers are doing
  7. So now they admit the real reason Uber is a foreign company Also the taxi mafia have told us to get rid of them
  8. It's a pity this guy doesn't drag in a few mini bus drivers and give them a lecture on not killing people everyday. Talk about priorities
  9. That would mean they admitting they were in the wrong. Never
  10. Maintenance here. Just p---ed myself laughing
  11. What's to discuss? Just kin resurface it
  12. I bet the first thing on the mind of people from the UK. Is that the disgusting cowardly attack on women and children in Manchester. Is I hope this won't affect tourism in the UK . The idiots in power here sicken me sometimes. Well most of the time actually
  13. So the 15 Thais crammed into the back of a pick up truck and the 23 packed into the mini buses will still be able to use pussybook then