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  1. No they could have shot him as can happen in a few countries
  2. It is Amazing how she just plucks the revenue numbers out of the air 700 mill for this 1 trillion for that. Thailand must generate the highest tourist revenue in the entire galaxy
  3. I don't know about looking like a goldfish bowl it will be more like a see through oven and where are the extractor fans going to blow the second hand smoke?
  4. You are joking of course. I have never known such a nationalistic racist country
  5. It's usually off duty police ,now army shooting innocent people. Pathetic people mind of a 2year old with weapons. And they are going to ban foreigns from owning firearms. It's not them they should be worried about its all the braindead morons in this country
  6. Because the female will probably be in pain for the rest of her life.
  7. Smoking an e-cigarette or having a menu with a beer logo on it carry unbelievable fines but mutilate a female. Oh that's alright just tone the ad down a bit. Just about sums up this country.
  8. Being able to discuss worrying problems without getting the"I don't know , up to you" answer
  9. Because deep down they are worried about the adverse effect it could have on tourism if they came out and said they probably will be closing down many venues
  10. LDBT. They all suffer from it here. Little dick big truck syndrome
  11. Elections most likely in 2019: PM Prayut

    Did he meet the cast from the Adams family also?
  12. I really hope so but they probably realise they are dealing with a bunch of 5 year olds pretending to be clever
  13. Alcohol sales 26th to the 31st Oct?

    It's not the travelling about they are worried about but with all the other bar closing days already planned for October they don't want to fly half way round the world to be told they can not have a glass of wine with their meal. I just wish they would say in black and white what is going to happen.
  14. Wait for the police to file a defamation claim against the tour operator for daring to criticize them