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  1. It's just getting more like the US the UK. No fun living here anymore
  2. Return to democracy? When the army is still going to have a major say in what goes
  3. More like slowing people down.How can he get drivers to speed up when there is nothing in front of him,
  4. I was just thinking the same.Over 70% of deaths on the road involve bikes. And probably the next highest is mini vans and buses, yes there are probably deaths caused by travelling in pick ups but you will never stop them doing it .This is not Europe ,UK or America where you have to put a hard hat and safety jacket to take a dump nowadays
  5. I wish I could find Canon copies as the real ones are obscenely way overpriced.
  6. Pretty common here. No control at all in most Thai males
  7. You mean the Me, Me ,Me inconsiderate culture
  8. i missed that fairy story.I could have done with a good laugh after reading about this sck ****
  9. There was a long thread on here last year about Chumphon office making you wait 30 days for your extension. Unfortunately this is still going on at this particular office and the fee (of course with no receipt )is 3000 bht for immediate attention. I know of 6 long term expats who have packed up and gone to Cambodia and Vietnam because of the treatment at this office. I have never heard anyone with a good word to say about Chumphon office. I moved from there last year because I had enough of them messing me around
  10. Tell him to call into Chumphon immigration office where they are still blatantly asking for an extra 3000 baht (with no reciet of course) to process visa extensions,if you don't pay you have to wait a month and you may or may not get your extension they threaten
  11. Just got back from visiting friends over in Chumphon. We were in a restaurant the other night having a bit of a leaving do for some guys .There was a mix of people, tourist ,expats and Thai local business people. The conversation got around to Chumphon Immigration and the problems they are still causing people. The leaving do was for the tourists who have been returning here for many years, they were all on 2 month tourist visa's and when they had gone for their one month extension were asked for an extra 1000 baht and if they refused to pay they were given only 7 days and one of the expats had recently been for his retirement extension had been told that his paperwork would have to be checked and if not back in time he would be put back on a tourist visa BUT if he could help her boss with a 3000 baht donation his paperwork would be miraculously be passed . The tourist are off to Vietnam and have vowed never to return to Thailand. This even peeded off the Thai's who were there as they are seeing their tourist numbers dwindle year by year. No wonder if you have people like this in control of Immigration offices. Its a pity they don't practice what they preach. Good Guys In Bad Guys Out I am just glad I do not have use this office
  12. I hope they have had the s--t kicked out of them in jail.
  13. Another nice place but a bit more 3 hours from HH.Thung Wua Laen Chumphon. This was the beach just now
  14. And only last week some other idiot in superposed control was saying they are going to ban it in Thailand.