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  1. More Wi-Fi hotspots for Phuket as plan to tag tourists mulled

    once again the mouth running wild before trying contact that empty space where the brain should be
  2. Depends how much he offered them I suppose.
  3. Won't be many Americans in business class then
  4. Fukushima fish deemed fit for Thai market

    I used to eat a lot of fish here but never touch seafood anymore
  5. The way this government are jacking up the price of booze there are not going to be many bars left open soon. what next pussy registration for the girls
  6. About time they started busting the funerals. Never seen so much gambling going on
  7. So the tourists did all the leg work and found the scumbag on the cctv themselves while the police say on their ar$es
  8. blind and stupid what more can me be said
  9. with a bit of luck they will all shoot each other.
  10. they are easily pleased here. they would love the three stooges oh but wait there are no ladyboys in the three stooges
  11. What do you mean? Appear to be stupid
  12. Wine and beer price

    Does anyone know why Mont Claire wine has gone up to 749 baht for a 2 litre bottle from 399 baht in macro last week also beer Lao dark up by 350 baht a case. Seems well OTT