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  1. I follow farang,not my fault. Farang fault
  2. 10 years for vaping,5years for posting a photo. Threatening to stab someone with a sword in a road rage case get a 500 baht fine. What can you say Laughing stock of the world
  3. I think that applies to nearly everything in Thailand. The male population generally have the mentality of a five year old
  4. So being a monk is classed as a job then?
  5. I know . I have that many bits of paper stapled into passport ,you can't see the pages and the TM form looks like a bit of old scrap paper it's been in there so long
  6. Move to exempt Thais from immigration form

    I don't understand why a Thai national has to fill in an immigration form. They should make these forms available on line and make people fill them out before arriving or is that just too logical thing to do for Thailand
  7. I would not trust the lift
  8. They need more special needs schools for these retards to attend or better turn all the schools into special needs
  9. It was the end of Walking street when the flag followers started marching through in their millions. Like an army of ants on the move
  10. Yes I agree. There has been a lot of things built in Rawai that a blind eye has been turned too. I do like like the part about the mayor scurrying around. Caught like the a rabbit in the headlights. If you know what I mean
  11. Used Lazada many times . Good service so far. Used Macro click once. What a joke. Go to store pay for item . Wait one month for it to be delivered(from Bangkok) to store. Drive back to store. Thirty minutes to explain to staff why I was there. Lazada delivered to door in two days. No wonder they are worried it shows just how incompetent they are.
  12. Are they going to start classes in scamming , lying and cheating as the majority would graduate with flying colours
  13. Talk to Thai males especially drunk Thai males.or toot your horn at them when driving even if they are going crash into you. Their little tiny egos can't stand it
  14. Jeez. How much a night was she asking then?