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  1. Knocker33

    Phuket hit as Chinese cancel room bookings

    It will be in the 100`s of thousands if any rumours of ghosts start doing the rounds
  2. They are $hi**ing themselves. Keep showing the kids rescue every minute of the day and hush this tragedy up as soon as possible
  3. No surprise there. I have been wondering how long before this statement was made
  4. Bad for tourism. They want this to go away without to much exposure
  5. I wish they would send a few road safety experts here to assist
  6. Knocker33

    Trump ally Giuliani says end is near for Iran's rulers

    W$F is it with America poking their *$€¥img nose in other people's countries. Must need more oil
  7. Took him long enough to visit. How many days have they been trapped now? Six
  8. Knocker33

    Chinese visitors: you ain't seen nothing yet.

    God help us
  9. I'm in the airport at the moment and the immigration was ok but the departures airside is chaotic.There must be of 100 Chinese queuing for the duty free pick up blocking anyone trying to get through
  10. I'm in shitybum airport at the moment and I can not move for lines of Chinese queuing every where so if the vendors are free please send them here.
  11. Knocker33

    Thais start waking up on reducing plastic bags

    Would you drink the tap water because I certainly wouldn't trust it
  12. Don't worry there are hoards of police out there clearing the bars of the very dangerous alcohol brand labels. I bet you feel safer already
  13. So this taxi scum has threatened one person and attacked another but apologises and is let go to do it again but if you get caught selling one bottle of beer on one of the numerous bar closing days you are fined 10,000 baht and could face a jail term. This country is so f***ing backward
  14. Don't worry they will still hit it on the side of the road.