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  1. I also have found most often, nit just police, but Thais in general, will treat you very differently once they know you can speak Thai at least enough to have a decent conversation. It has so many benefits and this is one of them, dealing with matters such as accidents. It's as if that wall between 'clueless idiot farang' and Thai breaks down a little bit, and they see you as a human being lol
  2. Crazy how your life and the lives of others around you can literally change forever or end totally with the split second choice you may make. In these types of situations, it is a matter of not thinking and letting your emotions / ego take over and put you into auto pilot. This is why mental awareness and mindfulness is such a powerful thing to cultivate
  3. OK thanks a bunch much appreciated :) Purchasing can be done this way in a matter of seconds but transfers between PP and Kasikorn take up to 7 business days then I guess?
  4. How do you obtain a K-Shopping visa card? Is that a car that will allow online purchasing basically? I asked the staff at my branch for this when I tried to arrange Payapl - Kasirkorn, and obviously they didn't know. My girlfriend is a former employee of Kasikorn and she doesn't even know about this, but then again she used to work in customer services
  5. I've had a Kasikorn bank account for years and I did try to connect it to my Paypal at least 2 times a couple of years ago. The staff pretty much didn't know what they were doing regarding this. Anyway I really need to make this connection now and I have done some research online, I need a K-Cyber account to do it, and even then transfers can take up to 7 days!? Back home the transfer would be almost instantaneous. Are there other banks here that would be better suited for setting up a Paypal account to bank account? MY Paypal wasn't set up in Thailand, it was set up way before I moved here if that makes much difference? Cheers
  6. lol woah there, that is a bit of an overstatement to say the least. Do you know how ruthless and wide spread the bloody murder and violence was in Sicily? It probably is still worse today than on Koh Tao, that's not to say that Koh Tao is tame because it's not.
  7. I wonder what his gf would do if he lost all of his money..
  8. I think, but not sure, if the income exceeds a certain amount then you will have to do that. But as usual this country has a huge amount of grey areas. There are so many people who live here on Tourist visas and make Youtube videos, and the government, if they were smart, would make a specific visa for digital nomads. That way things can be regulated and taxed effectively. As of now if you were to setup and Adsene account for Thailand, they would require zero information for taxes needed
  9. Actually there are no laws against making Youtube videos and obtaining Ad revenue from it within Thailand. When you register for an Google Adsense account (which is who pays Youtbers) you have to select the country you are located in. Thailand doesn't have any tax requirements for receiving Adsense revenue either.
  10. I swear this kid has one of the most punchable faces. Also all of his comments are in Thai pretty much, and I was expecting him to be very well versed in Thai, however it seems he still has a strong Wester accent and his Thai doesn't seem that complex, more along the lines of '8 year old Thai'
  11. implying everybody in a nation thinks the same way ..
  12. Actually it is A LOT more than that. I have experience with Youtube and on average you can say that someone will make $2 per 1,000 views.. he gets easily 1 million views per video. So that is $2,000 per video and thats not to mention sponsorships, affiliate marketing etc; from the Adsense alone he will be bringing in 2k per video at the very least. So your estimate of 25k per year can be increased 10 fold at least. I wouldn't be surprised if he made $500,000 in the past year alone
  13. I have been talking to my gf about this, and also about the society at present here. My gf is pretty frustrated with modern day Thailand, and how this killer is being treated by not only the public but by the police! She came to me to talk about this rather than me to her, and she is stating that she's ashamed to be Thai. But yeah this killer 'princess' has privileges already within the jail because she is pretty, because she looks good, and as far as the police taking selfies with her! The younger generations are too caught up in materialistic idolisation, and many people are swaying to the notion that 'she is just a good girl caught up in a bad situation' - BS, she hacked someone up..
  14. Hardly ever but I sure as hell learned my lesson. Some years ago I was going through 'treatment' for severe hypochondria to the point that I was suicidal; that kind of mental torment is hard to deal with day in day out. Anyway I was taking a lot of diazepam on a daily basis and I would often throw in alcohol as well, stupidly due to diazepam in the dose range of 100-200mg a day lowering my inhibitions so much. I would then ride my motorbike around places every single day zombified, this was probably over the course of 12-18 months. Eventually I got into an accident where I smashed my teeth to bits even though I was wearing a full face helmet. I cannot remember exactly where I crashed, how I got to hospital, what happened at hospital that night, but I do recall being sat with the police laughing and joking after being released from hospital as they were holding my bike. They let me ride it back home without a helmet, blood stained shirt and obviously not being 'all there' in the noggin region. Suffice to say that not too long after this incident I tapered off of the benzodiazepines and got my metal state in check naturally with meditation and awareness. I have not taken them since and I sure as hell haven't been over the limit and driven anywhere. I have no clue how I didn't die, there were many incidences where I would wake up and have no clue how I got home and sometimes no clue where I had gone the entire day before hand.
  15. Lived here for 7 years and I know that, must have slipped my mind