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  1. The BiB need to say this as a formality
  2. I would have gotten out and arranged a different means of transport, did you think a limo was worth having an accident over?
  3. Was he in the back? I get so annoyed and also scared when I realise that around 95% of Bangkok taxis here do not have seatbelts in the back. Many have the belt but no actual thing to slot them into! I took a taxi from Korat to Hua Hin once and was pretty scared of any accidents
  4. Social media is simply a reflection of what humanity is. You will get positive and negative and everything in between, simply because we the people are this way too. You only hear of such things more often because social media is stretching out to many more people every year, and becoming 'the norm' within society.
  5. Of course I do, I know that yes. And that is why I said that it was at least on the cards and I also said that 'the game-plan' may have changed by now, but Syria was on the cards for invasion. The point remains that the war machine will keep doing what it is projected to do. Trump is merely a puppet and was probably selected ages ago. The elite selected him because he is the elite, he is in that 1% and now the US have voted someone from the 1% to be in power, insanity. However It doesn't matter as I would suggest that Hillary and Trump are mere characters within this show or world stage that churns out it's weekly series. The real people pulling the strings are the shadow government behind the scenes. Trumps campaign sure was appearing to many, and now he is even going after Julian Assange and wanting to shut down Wikileaks, after flip-flopping on most of his campaign promises; great man no doubt. Nothing will change because the person in 'power' doesn't have the power
  6. It was at least on the cards and it may still be on the cards. if not then the game-plan has been changed. Control from chaos is the main thing they are pushing for in destabilising Middle Eastern countries. Iraq? Check Libya? Check Somalia? Check Afghanistan? Check Syria - Any day now Lebanon - soon Sudan - not much going on there Iran - inevitably soon As he points out, if the Middle East had NO oil then it would be like Arica. Does the US run into African counties to 'save the day' ..? No they don't, they leave the dictators there to run a mock and kill whoever because they stand no gain from storming into those countries. People need to wake up.
  7. I have a very close friend who lives in Aley and works in Beirut. Yeah there is a refugee problem but it is not overwhelming at the moment. The thing is that the last time the chemical weapons were used last year when the Syrian situation kicked off, it was blamed on Assad, of course, and later it has come to light that it was in fact the rebels which are backed by the US. This time Assad has been blamed once again and it will most likely only be a matter of time before the real culprits are found out. I am not saying Assad is clean, he isn't. But the US are the masters of pulling off false flags, running into countries in the Middle East, pretty much totally screwing them up physically and socially, and then using a scapegoat for the entire deal
  8. Exactly, and there is proof that the first gas attack around a year ago was form the rebels. The rebels that have come into being indirectly from US intervention in the first place. Also what is a fact is that the US has armed and funded rebels in places such as Iraq in the past, this is not opinion based or conspiracy theory as it is factual
  9. Why did the US invade Iraq according to the government? WMDs Why did the US invade Iraq in reality? Oil aka greed Why did the US invade Libya according to the government? Because Gadhafi was evil and needed to be stopped (even though his people loved him) Why did the US invade Libya in reality? Because Libya wanted to use a gold standard currency and not a petrol dollar aka greed Why does the US want to invade and control Syria according to the government? Because Assad kills his own people with chemical weapons (even though the first time this happened it was proven to be rebels) Why does the US want to invade and control Syria in reality? To maintain the gas pipeline runs where they want it rather than swoop up through Russia and China I don't understand how people miss this... oh yes I do, brainwashing and propaganda, oops I forgot
  10. A lapse of awareness and mindfulness can let ones emotions sweep over them, anger can easily take ahold and in a split second you can do something you will very soon regret.
  11. Because this time it is in their interest, doesn't mean it is justified at all. People are also forgetting the fact Trump built part of his campaign around not going to war and making peace with Russia.
  12. He's within his rights, but he is going against what he has said and promised.. You should not and cannot trust someone who flip-flops on what they say. Businessmen should be kept out of politics but to let one run the show is ludicrous. He is a cuck to Israel and is an elitist puppet just as is Hillary, nothing will change from the the predictable regime and agenda that the shadow government has going, because they are the real ones pulling the strings. Trump is a mere figure head and was there to sell an illusion of choice, nothing more.
  13. Already flip-flopping on his word, I am not surprised. He is a mere elitist puppet as is Hillary, the world stage is a fun one to observe is it not. Keep fighting Israel's war Donald you cuck
  14. Without one in a car crash she could easily end up killing the passenger or driver as she would act like a missile of sorts
  15. I said in the last thread about this story that a 'boycott Redbull' campaign should be started, and that would maybe make them listen. Money talks obviously so hit em where it hurts, their wallets