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  1. They do require yes but of curse 99% of them don't. This should be obvious lol
  2. wow that is A LOT! and that is just the farang on the islands and not locals??
  3. I've noticed in Hua Hin in the past couple of weeks along Phetkasem Rd that they have changed the cables along sections of the route that are now actually organised and tidy.
  4. A shimmer of light in a dark outdated room, I hope things are carried through in a thoughtful and intelligent manner; but I am not holding my breath. If they really want to bring things up to date, address the current situation with digital nomads and foreigners running a business online, which does not warrant hiring 4 Thais to open your laptop, make you coffee and whatever else
  5. I have a feeling that Thai egotism and a sense of superiority gets in the way of them opening things up to digital nomads in a legit way. But damn they could make a killing on taxes and visa fees across the nation.
  6. I hope this situation spurs on the Thai government to realise just how much money is at play here with Youtube and expats who make money online, it's A LOT! If they made it easier by creating a special visa for such people, the government stands to make huge bank on the matter, if they actually use their noggins that is, which I doubt. A large % of Nates money will have gone into the Thai economy, and ontop of that if there are visa fees etc, it will only serve to benefit Thailand
  7. Yeah he is clever in that sense. But he has been risky I must admit, I mean he could have gotten into quite a bit of trouble and now half of the country wants him to leave, which he probably should. I wouldn't want to stay in a nation where they literally created a petition to make me leave, would you feel safe walking around Bangkok if you were him? he came here with his family to try and brainwash and convert Thais from Buddhism to Mormonism, ended up learning their native tongue, and then spewing out BS content to their kids to make a mil lol, now he should sod off with his bland wife
  8. What a load of old tosh. You clearly know very little about how Adsense operates. He is a millionaire in USD easily by now. Ads play on a video in accordance to the playback location, not the language that the video is made in, and Thai businesses have A LOT of ads lined up for Youtube Adsense. Thailand is one of the largest purchasers of online goods in the entire world
  9. We pay them by clicking their ads lol..
  10. It's not so cut and dry as that. You get money from Adsense which is run by Google. The ads that play on videos are grouped into categories. The advertisers can choose what kind of videos they do not want their adverts to play on, so for example a company that is promoting their new protein powder for working out would not choose spend a % of their advertising budget on sending their ads out on content that is about makeup and fashion. So this shows you that certain genres of video will warrant more advertised views per 1,000 views. Most advertisers try to keep their ads form playing on controversial content, hence the recent 'ad-pocolypse' Not only that, but there are tiers of adverts, some being low and others being high. Channels that are huge and have a strong presence in Youtube, as well as being family friendly, have easier access to these kinds of adverts. Again, this is not really up to the Youtuber, this is up to the algorithm and the advertisers. But as a rough guide, you can expect to get $1 per 1,000 views on any channel. He's made around half a million Baht on this one video alone
  11. Actually no, at his peak according to his view count, he was probably making around 100k DOLLARS per month, and that is not taking into account sponsorships, affiliate marketing and selling things using Youtube as leverage
  12. Looks like our mate Nate is losing views for whatever reason; but he has made his bones already and is a millionaire so I guess he won't care all that much
  13. You can expect around a 10-15% unsubscribe amount if you are doing things right in Youtube as well. But yeah, a goo majority of a channels views come from search, Youtube is a search engine after all and that is where a large majority of views are generated
  14. I agree that yeah he is doing well and I know a lot about Youtube, the algorithm, SEO etc, and yeah he is doing that side of things right. However, I am angry at him because he is setting a bad example to young people, he does nothing of virtue with his huge following which he so easily could. But also he has a face that is too punchable. And on top of that he is giving a bad name to Westerners here, many Thais will watch this and think all farang are similar or the same.