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  1. The question was not about him and what he did, it was about Yingluck, did she arrange for him to be involved, and what evidence has been brought to the table to prove this beyond a reasonable doubt, not forgetting that she was convicted for her failure to stop the fake rice deals. She was not convicted for anything else..
  2. They frequently do, some even do more serious stuff like running over a Thong Lor copper on Sukhumvit. Sorry, couldn't resist :)
  3. And the proof that Yingluck did do what you claim was presented at the court ? Does that evidence even exist ? Both people you mentioned were not sentenced to five years in prison YIngluck was. The way I read the actual conviction, she was NOT convicted for negligence, as that was not proven (and is of course very difficult to prove) she was convicted for her failure to stop the rice deals, even though she did sack the responsible minister. Wondering exactly what evidence was brought to table to prove that. Surely it's not merely a photo or alleged connection as Rob seems to claim.
  4. But merely accepting Thaksin's friendship as proof of wrongdoing by Yingluck is of course no proof. Thus the notion that this was rigged is just further enforced. according to the verdict of this judge they did not follow the law. And if the connection as you claim is the major proof, the only judge that was clear minded is the one that we are discussing here. But I understand, your hatred for anything bearing the name Shinawatra is more important than a fair and transparent trial.
  5. Hmm, that's a bold accusation. Of course as always with you Junta huggers, the people you support are doing it, and the evidence for it is overwhelming. but alas their name isn't Shinawatra.
  6. Thaksin faces more agony

    3 Months ? the constitution stated it will be in care taker status until the time a new government can be formed. It certainly was not due to PTP's government that they had to stay on past the February elections, as they were severely disrupted by Suthep and co. (a criminal offence by the way).... You are being extremely economical with the truth here.
  7. Thaksin faces more agony

    15 minutes child, Lies need to be addressed.
  8. Thaksin faces more agony

    Whatever you bring to table, whatever the bickering, it cannot possibly make the coup legit. The voters were well aware that Thaksin was pulling strings, did you object to the Buriram guy pulling strings and making backroom deals to make Abhisit's government possible, after all he was serving a five year ban from politics..
  9. Thaksin faces more agony

    No you conveniently forget (or don't know) that when the PM is removed, it does not mean the whole government is suddenly gone. the true fact is that Yingluck was subsequently replaced (all in accordance with the constitution) with Niwatthamrong Boonsongpaisan, who served 15 days before he and his government were illegally deposed off by the coup. Spare me your <deleted>, the signing of the "military law" by the head of state being the most utterly stupid excuse I have heard about the coup. What choice did the head of state really have ? Not to mention that signing off came AFTER the fact, not before. The law quoted a few post back has been violated, most coup cheerleaders are not so daft to deny that, simply because it cannot be denied.
  10. Thaksin faces more agony

    How could someone fail if they have the luxury to dictate their own laws without any accountability, or mandate. It's what Prayuth said: "I can do whatever" Oh the irony of the people screaming accountability, I wonder if they even take themselves seriously !
  11. Thaksin faces more agony

    No he is not, he screams Thaksin supporter, when I am quite clearly not. I have supported my position with relevant verifiable facts, and will now refrain from ever responding to this person again. Not surprised you think he is a realist. You also ignore the facts that you find inconvenient. Bottom line that is not the treats of a realist. More of a hypocrite.
  12. Thaksin faces more agony

    You obviously have no idea about the subject. That Yingluck as PM was "legally" removed from office, does not mean there suddenly is no government at all, she was legally replaced and her governement was still in care taker status with elections pending. Therefore the law quoted is indeed applicable. Maybe you should go back to school, you are quite clearly way out of your depth about this particular subject. What utter utter nonsense.
  13. Thaksin faces more agony

    Here you go.
  14. Thaksin faces more agony

    As long as you are utterly incapable of pointing out why your accusation is actually valid, I shall refrain from responding to you any further, I have far better things to do then respond to childish remarks that have no bearing on what is actually written.
  15. Thaksin faces more agony

    Well, if it makes you happy to label people "part of Thaksin's team" without even one little shred of evidence, so be it. I cannot be bothered by people who refuse to read what is actually posted and scream Thaksin Thaksin, without any valid reason. As said before time to grow up, you are not in kindergarten.