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  1. This has got to be one of the dumbest scams Thais have ever fallen for.
  2. So a hooker who has sold herself to 5000 men is now giving a course to Thai women on how to be a hooker.
  3. The survey stating Thailand was dangerous is false and now the survey about the airport is false. Why can't Thais just accept responsibility for their short comings.
  4. Pretty pathetic that the military has to do the job of the police. Well done to the military men and shame on the police force.
  5. Just because a place is listed as a top tourist destination does not mean it cannot also be one of the most dangerous.
  6. I concur that Pathumthani immigration deserves a big thumbs up. Great staff, helpful and friendly.
  7. A billion dollars is worth a whole lot in a Thai jail.
  8. Jamaica
  9. What does it matter if the wrong kind of people are elected into government. The wrong type of people who are running the country now will still be running the country from behind the scenes.
  10. I went to Lao and obtained a Non O visa based on marriage in December, which I then extended for an additional 60 days at immigration for 1900b while I was waiting for my money to season in a Thai bank and went back the beginning of this month and applied for my 1 year extension which has been approved. Going tomorrow to get my stamp.
  11. Wow, socks and sandals. You're so intelligent. While I'm driving a car, your sorry ass is walking.
  12. Maybe when your poor ass can afford a car, you will know what the rest of us are talking about. Until then shove it.
  13. You can afford an I phone but probably still rely on motorcycle taxis.
  14. You need to learn your cars. It's a Toyota stupid. And the rest of your comment isn't even worth commenting on.