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  1. ldiablo72

    Prayut says Yingluck in Dubai now

    You think that 2 former Thai Prime ministers overthrown during a coup has any affect on Dubia' s reputation. Hahaha, hilarious.
  2. ldiablo72

    Yingluck’s location ‘known’

    He don't know diddly squat.
  3. If it were due to the rice program they wouldn't be buying subs now would they.
  4. They can't even clean up their own soi's. Good luck trying to clean up the world's oceans.
  5. Every morning the shop owner takes the front of his/her car off in order to place it on the road so no one will park in front of his/her shop and then puts it back on at closing time only to repeat the process over again.
  6. ldiablo72

    New Passport

    Walk in to your local immigration office with your old passport which has the retirement extension along with your new passport and request that they transfer your extension into your new passport. Finished.
  7. ldiablo72

    She’s gone, Prawit says, get over it

    Lip service
  8. Neither will ever be brought back.
  9. ldiablo72

    FM: Yingluck’s passport cannot yet be revoked

    I'm not saying she shouldn't have fled because quite frankly the fix was in for her from day one but my god man. Based on the simple fact that she has an arrest warrant out for her arrest is in itself enough grounds for passport revocation.
  10. ldiablo72

    FM: Yingluck’s passport cannot yet be revoked

    At this point it doesn't matter whether she is innocent or not. She is a "fugitive" from the law on the run, which in itself is a crime.
  11. ldiablo72

    FM: Yingluck’s passport cannot yet be revoked

    Either Thais are dumb or they believe Thais are dumb. Passports do not belong to the person issued the passport but belong to the country issuing the passport and can be revoked at any time.
  12. Sorry to inform the stubborn man Prayut but even when she is located I can tell you now with the utmost confidence that whichever country she has fled too, will not extradite a democratically elected Prime Minister who was overthrown by a military coup.
  13. " Prayut said Thailand did not contact the United Kingdom – where Yingluck is speculated to have sought political asylum – as he doubted she would qualify for that status." She was overthrown by a military coup. If anyone qualifies for political asylum it's Yingluck.