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  1. That's a great way to welcome a visitor to Thailand. Castrate the bastard.
  2. "He was taken to that spot yesterday afternoon to do some pointing". 55555
  3. Last I checked Jesus was never wanted for money laundering.
  4. No doubt all 39 women are HIV positive.
  5. "now i have an opportunity to go back and start everything new". If you really want to start new, you could start by paying off your outstanding credit card balances. If you have enough funds to come back into Thailand you certainly have enough funds to make some form of payment on your delinquent accounts.
  6. My wife asked this question at Pathumthani immigration because we were going on a trip to Kho Samet and they told her I only need to report if I were to leave the country.
  7. I wonder how many people get food poisoning from these unhygienic street vendors
  8. Sounds like you condone theft, no matter the value.
  9. It's not the amount. It's the utter dishonesty. If she gets away with doing this to 10 people a day 5 days a week. She's scamming 20000b a month. You can go about your life being conned all you want. I don't.
  10. Now Songkran doesn't officially kick of until the 13th, yet I was in a pub last night and already they were selling water guns and powder in front of the pub. People inside were already using water guns and powder and pouring freezing cold water from the ice buckets over other patrons.The police came by took a few photos of patrons inside and then left, as did I.
  11. Did Thakolkiart also get his 1000b back?
  12. Not the world, but hopefully this particular Tesco.
  13. As do I.
  14. Insane that they can sell off seized items even before the suspect has been found guilty of any crime.
  15. I was just at my usual Tesco location picking up a few things. As I was paying the cashier with a 1000b note an expecting 464b in change I watched her pull out 4 100b notes and raise them high in the air and count them so as I would see her counting them. Then as she was going back into the register to get the 64b in change that's when I noticed her quickly slipping 1 of the 100's back into the till before handing me 364b in change fully expecting that I would not count how much she had given me. When shown that she had only given me 364b she waited for the next customer to pay his bill before giving me my 100b. This was the second time I had caught this cashier trying her scam so this time I went straight too the manager and explained what she had done before and now. I'm willing too bet she will still be there working continuing her scam next time I go to Tesco.