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  1. fulhamboy

    Bought a fake phone battery?

    Hello What is the name of the shop in Hua Hin Thanks
  2. fulhamboy

    Kodi - Best/Easiest way to get Thai TV stations

    We or she uses ToTiptv 50 baht a month every Thai channel, plus the world cup will be on some Thai tv channels, paid one year in advance 600 baht, no buffering or searching for streams, she happy me go bar !
  3. I have TOT and no problem with streams on my kodi box, my neighbours complain about their 3bb
  4. Because when I was walking down Soi bintabaht it was ony western tourists aiming at my eyes, the Thai girls and men chucked small bowls of water over me,
  5. Yesterday on Soi Bintabaht it was only the tourists aiming at peoples eyes
  6. Passport for travel, she have ID card now she have passport we may go visit friends in Hong kong, then she come with me to Singapore for hoilday.
  7. My TGF went to the passport office in Phuket town, a five year passport cost 1200 baht, bit of a wait you need to go early, but handy for many things.
  8. fulhamboy


    The new app on google called Cryptotab, but you need friends to go mining with, is there a group already started ? anyone want to join me in a group. Could be just a bit of fun. George
  9. We used ARS ANT KILLER in the kitchen, easy to use safe and clean, available from Tesco lotus.
  10. fulhamboy

    Neem oil

    Hi checked their website but not listed, will have to go online and buy Thanks
  11. fulhamboy

    Neem oil

    Hello Anyone know a shop in hua hin that sells Neem oil tks
  12. Take your twelve month rental agreement with you, they like to see that first !
  13. hello My tgf and myself are thinking of buying a half of ria near dolphin bay, in her name ! after a discussion with people who have lived here longer they kept quoting you need shulok shimlok ? to guarantee right of claim ? or you never own it, something like that maybe even shylock from the western sorry had a few beers, tgf gone to bed she not much help
  14. fulhamboy

    My wife is with me for the money.

    Most women want security, unfortunately a lot of Thai men up and leave after a couple of kids, So that is fortunate for a lot of foreigners looking for a younger partner.
  15. fulhamboy

    Bangkok - Hua Hin taxi

    how much taxi two people hua hin don meunag airport hand luggage