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  1. hello My tgf and myself are thinking of buying a half of ria near dolphin bay, in her name ! after a discussion with people who have lived here longer they kept quoting you need shulok shimlok ? to guarantee right of claim ? or you never own it, something like that maybe even shylock from the western sorry had a few beers, tgf gone to bed she not much help
  2. My wife is with me for the money.

    Most women want security, unfortunately a lot of Thai men up and leave after a couple of kids, So that is fortunate for a lot of foreigners looking for a younger partner.
  3. Bangkok - Hua Hin taxi

    how much taxi two people hua hin don meunag airport hand luggage
  4. CTH Box settings

    Well me and my tgf just rented a house and there staring at us was a cth box, without channel 7 tgf in state of shock and withdrawal, getting tot tv box tomorrow !
  5. start bee hives

    My tgf just bought a bottle in Hua hin morning market for 100 baht, will try the spoon test.
  6. And dont forget to have every document stamped and signed by a solicitor or a notary
  7. 7 day visit to vietnam

    ok thanks will check it out
  8. Hi, Myself UK passport and a Aussie in hua hin want to visit vietnam for 7 days by plane, 4th July to the 11th July. I know the 14 days for uk passport expires on the 30 June and may be extended anybody have a good website for visa to Vietnam for a Australian and myself, I googled it and hundreds of websites came up ! Any info will help many thanks George
  9. I third this, Monday is down as a national holiday
  10. Just Another Form of Double Pricing

    I caught a train from Hua Hin to Suasoanpradipat two train stations away I was with four Thais, I had to pay 2 baht they all travelled for free, I have written to the general manager Thai railways and my local MP in the uk !
  11. I have a cheap thai samsung mobile, I use true tourist sim with the prefix 00600 then country code and number, about 3 baht a min to land line.
  12. Thai English teacher

    Looking for Thai English teacher for friends Thai GF
  13. If you do book a ferry with a car get a return ticket, or you may have to queue up for hours waiting for a ferry place.
  14. You can try and get cancelled NHS appointments online,
  15. Aussie visa for tgf Can anyone recommend a good agent in Hua Hin for a visa, Thanks