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  1. Total BS!!! Want to snake his way out of this, even a Thai can see that one coming!
  2. The paint wouldn't even cost that to a farang! He should have bought the paint, done the painting and got some cane!
  3. Under 'VU' (vulnerable) conservancy status.
  4. They probably fetch a hefty price on the black market. And if they can catch the snakeheads out of my pond, I too want one!
  5. The Thai mob dislikes media that does not reflect their rule. He could have got away with everything he did, but the stupid ass made videos and posted it. He is a real dumbass! We all say and do some stupid things in Thailand, some worse than others, but we never make videos about it. For your foolish actions, goodbye my mate nate!
  6. naaah, they just forgot the gravestone.
  7. If any of these cars did not have that 'dot-dot connect-dot' temple drawn under the sun-visor, I'm definitely getting one!
  8. douglasspade

    Human remains found near closed Phuket nightclub

    Got pissed, died there, move on, next topic!
  9. douglasspade

    Lending money to a Thai relative, legal advise?

    Hi gents, As I have resolved my issue and herewith a few replies: Guess that is the 'Western' farang's first problem. And in turn for our poor judgement towards others, everyone gets aggravated. It's so unhealthy. I have heard from the collateral land thing, as well as gold and other valuable things. If you do lend money with this collateral in mind in mind, it's best not to lend, as you already know the person will not be able to pay money back. Lending money is the risk of the lender, and they should be responsible if they have not done their homework if their monies do not not get returned. Unfortunately, not all advice on these forums reflects the truth. But we read it, and judge for ourselves. Agreed. Expats are walking-talking ATM machines. I am extremely hard ass about giving out my hard earned cash, hence this Post. 100% right! In life there are no money gifts, especially among in-law family. And I do not care if it is disrespectful or not, money borrowed should be paid back in one way or the other. Farang's should not played when it comes to money, since the money is yours, you should lay down the law! So the outcome: I was advised to get a document called 'Suretyship Agreement' from another Thailand Expat website forum. I have recently made an acquaintance (through that forum) with an expat lady working for an international construction company as their Thailand side lawyer. She went over the simple process with me and confirmed it will hold up in court as it has been done so many times before. My new (farang proposed) Thai lawyer has also agreed to the process and has showed me through a file of similar cases of these agreements both between Thai and non Thai citizens. Some documentation was even translated to French! He will hold a copy of the documentation for the loan period as an 'extra measure' as may both of the original documents are handed to the parties involved. Once 30 days of the money return date has reached without a callback from any of the parties involved, the documents expire from his office. In any case, you can go to any lawyer with the documentation you have in your hands, it will stand in court. The 'Suretyship Agreement' (after translation) can be found in most larger stationary shops and the document is in Thai writing of course. Take your Thai wife along. It's a single page document. Translated it to English by a translator (I used a friend teaching me Thai). a Set of 2 documents in Thai language, and a set of 2 documents in English language. All documents signed by the parties and 2 witnesses (one a Thai and one a Farang , anybody over age, doesn't have to be a farang or Thai though). Copies of all involved ID cards and Visas. The Lawyer took only 5 minutes to look the documents over, (He reads and speaks English fluently) Was happy, 500฿ for his services. Done deal. You can by law lend money to a Thai and according to all the sources I have researched and investigated - get it paid back if the poop hits the fan. In fact this is almost exactly how we do it in my home country. I was so amazed after so many said it could not be done. Talking nonsense on this forum may earn you reputation points, but it doesn't earn you no respect! To everybody who has positively contributed to this thread, I thank you for all your help.
  10. Not the image I would like live-in expats to present to the Thai Kingdom. RIP to the deceased.
  11. And she probably has a Ya-Ba addiction too ... as so many street people in Bangkok. Not being nasty, just saying. Feeling sorry. Little bit.
  12. I don't think wearing helmets would have done anything for the two parties involved here. Wearing PPE is only a last resort measure. RIP and condolences to those left behind.
  13. There goes Thailand's safety report rating down the same old drain again ...
  14. douglasspade

    Girl, 11, killed in motorcycle crash in Mukdahan

    RIP little girl. Please everybody lets wear our helmets. And if you guys can figure out how to do it continuously, please let me know.
  15. There are good people everywhere in TH, It's just so hard as an Expat with a dissimilar morals to notice, it's so unfortunate it is in our nature to rather propagate negativity than breed optimism. Well done cabby, hope you got paid at least!