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  1. Once again thanks for all the advice. Whilst I understand that I may be able to have an additional workplace added to my WP my worry is this; working for a language centre negates my Thai teaching license requirements, but at this partner school would I need to meet the license requirements for it to be added to my WP? We have many other staff working at the partner school, but they seem to not worry about this.
  2. Thanks to everyone that took the time to reply. I appreciate the advice.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm not new to Thailand, but new to this site. I'm looking for advice. I'm employed by one of the premier English language institutes in Thailand. I used to work exclusively at one of their language centers. My work permit specifies that I work there. However, I have been sent to work at a partner school at a different location. I would appreciate any advice regarding the legality of working off-site. I've been assured that there's not a problem, but I'd like to make sure this is the case. Thanks in advance.