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  1. Low Ridership on Bell Bus to Pattaya

    I was going to central Pattaya, not Jomtien. To take the regular bus service (120b) from the airport, still doesn't get me to the condo. When I looked at 14:30 in the airport, that bus's next departure was at 17:30. To go from the Pattaya bus station to the condo with a suitcase, one has to deal with the baht bus mafia. To get a reasonable price for the baht bus, one has to wait until the bus is full, and then it may go to multiple places before it gets to where one wants to go. So it will cost another 30-60 minutes to get to the condo. Alternatively, one could get an exclusive baht bus, costing at least 150b or more, which will depart immediately. The MC taxis charged 80b-100b per person with a small suitcase, most can't/won't handle a full size (30" -22Kg.) suitcase.
  2. Scotch Prices at Swampy?

    Dream Works duty free in Mandalay (MDL) prices as at 12 Feb. for Glenfiddich 15 year old 1L solera reserve is US$58, Chivas Regal 12yo 1L US$30.
  3. The Feb. 12, 2018 16:00 Bell Travel Service bus from Suvarnahbumi airport to Pattaya had only 7 passengers. This bus used to be packed with a waiting list. I guess high season is over?
  4. No sense in building or buying something and not maintaining it. Can you imagine buying a new car and never changing the engine or transmission oil - car would stop running in about 20K KM.
  5. Most of the saunas also have a safety cut-off thermostat switch. So when the surrounding area around the heating elements gets too hot, the element is automatically shut-off, regardless of the control setting. Maybe the safety cut-off failed. Another probable cause is that the wire to the heating element is the wrong type and size of wire. Why would anybody install a device with a control that can cause a fire?
  6. That is exactly what is being proposed. Employee opens bank account, employer pays money into account, employee withdraws from ATM. This issue is not enough ATMs and cash in them to pay all of the employees.
  7. No it is not rhetorical. Just trying to understand how things work and stimulate discussion and opinions. If you have some insight, share your ideas and opinion. I imagine the Chief is highly knowledgeable, intelligent and dedicated to law enforcement. He has a very difficult job to prioritize and allocate limited resources, efficiently and effectively, to prevent and solve crimes. He probably focuses on the most serious and heinous offenses such as murder, violent crimes, and other activities to ensure Pattaya continues to be a highly desirable and safe location especially for tourists. So rather than going after a bunch of cold calling Russian salesmen selling beauty cream, he goes after the person involved in the death of a beautiful 22 year old bar girl – I think he has the correct priorities. There are other unsolved murders and violent crimes that require resolution and his resources. Maybe the Chonburi Police were involved because there were victims in other cities in Chonburi province and other provinces, and they did a favour for Pattaya Police, rounding-up the criminals. Maybe there were no victims in Pattaya.
  8. Did the raiders find any accounting books or ledgers, bank books/statements, receipt books, invoices, delivery documents indicating where the cash went? Hopefully, the investigators will also review the phone call logs of all phones found on the raided premises, including the personal phones of all employees. Also, check all video in or near the premises to identify other/fringe participants, and identify who signed the office leases, phone contracts, etc. etc.. Maybe even lay charges for tax evasion, etc. etc.. These guys may qualify for a lot more than working without a work permit.
  9. Bank of Thailand (BOT) has no plans to intervene on USD THB exchange rate. USD down to 31.60 THB at 17:00 24JAN2018 in BKK at major exchange houses, lower at all major banks. BOT forecasts THB will continue to strengthen against USD until April 2018. What's your forecast for USD to THB by end of April 2018? Maybe 30B, 28B?
  10. Why does it require the National Police Chief to order the Chonburi Police to make the raids in Pattaya? The Pattaya Police are usually well informed, or ought to have knowledge, of criminal activity in Pattaya. If they did have knowledge, why was no action taken? Did Pattaya Police have some incentive to avoid taking action if they were aware of the activity? If the National Police Police Chief can't rely on Pattaya Police and Bang Lamung Police to enforce the law, how can the Public and Tourists trust the Pattaya Police? There needs to be some BIG changes in Pattaya and Bang Lamung Police, starting at the top
  11. In a recent news article, a blacklisted person entered Thailand using a "natural border channel". What is a "natural border channel"?
  12. What is a "natural border channel"? The article says " entering Thailand, he still came in via a natural border channel".
  13. They record your passport number with each exchange transaction. I believe transactions maybe reported to the anti-money laundering office. That office may identify your transactions as suspicious and take appropriate action. You may have to prove that your money was obtained lawfully. See the attached anti-money laundering act. I recommend you seek legal counsel before commencing your planned activities. “Suspicious transaction” means a transaction with reasonable grounds to believe that it is conducted to avoid the application of this Act, or transaction connected or possibly connected with the commission of a predicate offense or terrorist financing offense. 32M baht is about USD$500K. Using your plan, you will fly there 50 times, 3 times a week for about 16 weeks? You may also attract immigration attention. Plan carefully! AMLA No 1-4(1).pdf
  14. The falling boulders in a construction site are definitely not an act of God or Buddha. They should sue for more at least 50 million each, plus costs. Safety of the work place is the employer's responsibility.
  15. So what happens to the Banks, and their employees who obviously didn't preform their duties and responsibilities according to law, verifying the photo on the ID card matches the person opening the account. The Banks should be fined heavily, to deter future incidents. Maybe the Banks should be charged criminally since they aided in the criminal activity? Maybe the victim should find a good lawyer and sue the Banks since they were involved in her imprisonment?