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  1. Banana7

    Vehicle Parking on Pedestrian Walkway

    Try walking in that area at night. Most nights, motorcycle taxis, and sometimes food vendors, block half or more of the walkway and with the increased pedestrian traffic, people have to walk on the vehicle roadway. The good thing at night is that vehicle traffic is very heavy, stop-and-go, so most accidents or collisions with pedestrians can be avoided.
  2. I used Mr. T in late October. No issues, or problems. 1,100 baht using expressway.
  3. Banana7

    Vehicle Parking on Pedestrian Walkway

    Bangkok Administration have implemented a website, where people can upload photos and video of motor vehicles on public walkways, and the reporter gets part of the fine. Pattaya Police could copy the website, change a few words, to create their own website, and start obtaining revenue from the fines, without having to do the leg work. Reducing motor vehicles on pedestrian walkways would make Pattaya more tourist and pedestrian friendly. Also, where is the Ministry of Energy and the Chief of the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation division for Bang Lamung ? It would be nice if he decided that re-fueling and fuel storage could not occur on a tourist/swimming beach like Pattaya beach. Every morning hundreds of fuel containers are delivered and or stored on Pattaya Beach for the speed boats. Maybe he is waiting for someone to flick a lit cigarette at those fuel containers to make an unscheduled fireworks show?
  4. Wherever re-fueling occurs, there are fuel fumes and fuel spills, just like at land motor vehicle fuel stations/gasoline/diesel/stations. With fuel fumes and spills, there is a significant risk of fire and or explosion, and that's why ignition sources are illegal at fueling stations and especially within 10 meters of a fuel pump/dispenser. Using the fuel truck method there appears to be no precautions to mitigate ignition sources. Maybe somebody walking or driving by the fueling operation flicks a lite cigarette and the fuel truck disappears into a fireball, along with a few people.
  5. Almost everyday, motor vehicles are parked on the beach road pedestrian walkway. This particular vehicle was full of fuel containers for the motor boats. Why do Pattaya Police allow motor vehicle parking on this popular pedestrian walkway? Is it a Police vehicle supplying fuel to the motor boats? There seems to be multiple places along the beach where boats are being loaded with fuel.
  6. Did your TGF own any property/house/condo or other large value assets in Thailand prior to obtaining the visa? If she did, were the ownership documents presented to the embassy?
  7. Banana7

    Terminal 21 Food Court Computers Crash

    They allowed the individual food vendors to accept cash. The food vendors didn't lose, only terminal 21 lost their cut of the new sales during the blackout. There would have been a riot by the Thai food vendors, their booths full of food, and hungry patrons, against terminal 21 management, if all transactions were denied by Terminal 21 management.
  8. Banana7

    Chonburi Land Transportation Office Hours

    I'm happy to report that this Saturday DLT office in Central Festival mall 6th floor, near beach road, was fully functional today. Motorcycle tax was paid (100b) and new certificate was issued. Need to bring green book, government insurance certificate (344B), and emission/safety check certificate (60). Entire process took about 5-10 minutes. One person in front of me had about 10-15 blue and green books to be processed.
  9. Banana7

    Terminal 21 Food Court Computers Crash

    Management would not give a definitive time estimate has to how long it would take for the computers to return to service. Their response was "wait - I don't know". Lots of people got screwed out of their money, because they had to leave within the blackout period, and won't be returning within 30 days. I waited 20 minutes and nobody was getting a refund in that 20 minutes. It was longer than 20 minutes to get the computers working again - and of course the longer it took, the more money terminal 21 gets to keep, People don't have time to wait around to get their money, especially tour groups and most other patrons, they have planned activities. Most want to eat and move onto their next activity. It shouldn't take any longer to obtain a cash card than it does to get a refund. To purchase a card card took less than a minute. T
  10. Thank you, your answers are very helpful! I too would like to attempt to get my TGF a Canadian tourist visa, especially a 5 yr. visa. Were the cruise tickets and/or airline tickets purchased prior to requesting the visa? Did they ask to see your condo chanote, or any other documents other than your passports? Did the embassy ask your TGF for a copy of her bank account balance, or any other documents other than her passport? Do you have a USA passport? Did your TGF have a USA visa prior to requesting the Canadian visa?
  11. At about 6:50-7pm Friday November 2, 2018, Pattaya Terminal 21 food court computers crashed and nobody could get a refund of their food court cash card balance. Consequently hundreds of people have cash remaining on their cards, much of which will never get used, within the 30 day validity period. Is this a new scam in Thailand to rip-off food court patrons?
  12. I've left the country numerous times with the TM30 in my passport and never has the IO at the airport, removed it. At one time I had 2 TM30's in it, and none were removed.
  13. Could you please provide the details and important factors as to how your TGF was able to get the 5 year visa? Did she get it on her own or did you reveal that you were her boyfriend? Upon application, how much money was in her bank account? Did she have a full-time job in Thailand? Does have any children? Did you provide a letter to her or the embassy stating you would provide accommodation, food, etc. while she was in Canada? Did you have to provide proof of your income? Did you have to show your income tax returns? Do own a condo in Thailand? Was your or your TGF's age a factor? Did they ask for proof of the length of your relationship, and if so, what proof was provided?
  14. That is the official communist party line. I was there and nothing was happening behind the blocked-off area where the restaurants were located. There were no workers, no sound of any work, at 9-10 a.m. on a weekday. As others have stated, airport restaurants are high revenue generators for the airport. It's seems logical that "renovations" would be well planned, and completed quickly, minimizing down-time, to restore the revenue stream as quickly as possible. But, maybe the area will be renovated in a year or 2, for a job that should take a month, if it was well planned.
  15. I'm on a retirement visa, own my condo, and live in it, most of the time while in Thailand. I went to Jomtien immigration office to file a TM30, last week upon return from another country, after an absence of several months. I was told that I do not need to do TM30 reports because I do 90 day reports and have a 1 year visa. I did get a TM30 stapled into my passport.