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  1. Notice that the Assistant Chief of Bang Lamung District led the raid into the Club that is located in Pattaya. I wonder why Pattaya Police didn't conduct the raid?
  2. Are there any zoning by-laws or an official city plan which clearly identifies what can be built in a specific area or what type of business can operate in an area? It seem it's just urban sprawl - anybody can build anything anywhere. I guess one option is to sue for damages - but only the lawyers will get rich using that path.
  3. USD at 32.86 baht this morning in BKK.
  4. Just checked transferwise. For CAD$5,000 I see 7.25 + 29.07 = CAD$36.32 and an exchange rate 24.95B which is competitive with Grand Superrich in BKK. I'm concerned about the Thai bank fees for receiving the money. Kasikorn had about 5 different fees for one transfer using SWIFT.
  5. Banana7

    BKK entry refusal

    Get on the flight to NRT to get your passport back. In NRT you should not have an entry problem. Get a hotel for the night, and book a ticket to Lao, Cambodia, or Vietnam asap. You can get a visa on arrival in Cambodia, and Laos. You probably have a Vietnam visa already, there is no visa on arrival. Once you get into Cambodia or Laos, try to enter Thailand through a land border crossing. You might even try getting a SETV at the Thai embassy before trying to cross into Thailand. If you can't get into Thailand, stay in Cambodia - lots of fun in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville.
  6. I would follow the instructions given by the Police - remove the fence and trees - no advance notice - do it as quickly as possible like lightning! Get the land office to plant the survey markers. As soon as they are planted, take photos of markers and surround area. Put up a fence, if it is not expensive, or at least put up substantial big immovable markers, about 1 meter away from the government markers, in each directions, with a sign "private property - no trespassing". Manage your lawyer. Whenever engaging a lawyer, usually at the first meeting, ask for the process or plan to resolve the matter, the milestones, and the cost to reach each milestone. Confirm everything in writing. Also make sure he is qualified to handle the case - ask how many other similar matters has he handled, how long did they take, and what was the total cost, who was the opposing party's lawyer, what was the end result, ask for dates too. Ask for detailed billing - date time length of event, activity or event description, cost. If he's not qualified or he can't articulate the process and costs, fire him - he doesn't know what he is doing.
  7. Russia has lied to the world and the United Nations about many critical events throughout history most notably the Cuban missile crisis, and the most recently the removal of all chemical weapons in Syria. Russian involvement is not needed. If they are involved in the secondary or subsequent analysis, they'll just refute the evidence and claim everyone else's analysis is false. As the British said, Russia is trying to "obscure the truth". History just keeps repeating itself.
  8. Jane's reported in 2001 that the United Wa State Army ( UWSA) had acquired HN-5N Surface-to-air missile (SAMs) from China as part of the build-up near the Thai border where they were reported to be operating 40-50 laboratories manufacturing yaa baa. Jane's also reports that by 2012, Chinese support had increased to the point of supplying armoured vehicles such as the 6 x 6 PTL-02 assault gun being sighted in Pangkham. On 29 April 2013, Jane's IHS reported that several Mil Mi-17 helicopters armed with TY-90 air-to-air missiles were supplied to UWSA by China. In November 2014, Jane's further reported that the UWSA have acquired the FN-6 Surface-to-air missile to supplant the HN-5N in service. In 2015 IHS Jane's reported that UWSA members had been photographed training with Chinese Type 96 122 mm howitzers and HJ-8 ATGMs. If the above is true, it will be a very big expensive battle to eliminate the drugs in the UWSA controlled region. Since this is 2018, the battle could be manageable. Now if somebody acquired say 200-300 Tomahawk missiles, lots of intelligence from friendly satellites, I imagine 80% of the labs could be out of production in one night. But first, there needs to an agreement with Myanmar and China that all labs need to be eliminated.
  9. Banana7

    Mont Clair Red WIne

    So what French wine do you recommend in Thailand that is low priced?
  10. The car did not signal a lane change and also the car was not permitted to change lanes because he has a solid white line lane marker between his lane and the truck's lane. It's illegal to cross a solid white line and it's illegal to change lanes without signaling using lights or hand signals. Truck was going fast but probably at or below the speed limit. In summary, car is at fault because it violated rules of the road .
  11. One reason they come flying out of side roads is that very few intersections have stop signs or yield signs. Although there is a stop sign, that doesn't mean a driver will stop but it will provide a policeman an nice place to earn lunch money.
  12. All the the rental contracts that I have seen, say: 1. The renter acknowledges they have a valid motorcycle driving licence 2. The rental fee does not include insurance and the renter has or will obtain accident insurance If a renter chooses not to read the contract, it's their choice, but they must assume the consequences of their actions or non-actions. It's not the rental agency's job to police the renters, nor is it their job to know which country's licenses are valid in Thailand. Most, if not all, rental agencies would have great difficulty in interpreting foreign licenses and also verifying the authenticity of a license.
  13. Any person who has a BF or husband should avoid that dentist, if they intend to provide such pleasures to their partner. If the braces were properly installed and maintained, there is no reason that there will be any damage to a man, while receiving such pleasures.
  14. THB to USD is at or near the bottom now, for the next 6 months. If you don't need THB in the next 1-3 weeks, hold your USD. Technical analysis indicators are turning to buy USD at www.investing.com/currencies/usd-thb-technical
  15. Typical in Thailand, procrastinate until the last minute, then expect first class service when everybody show-up at the last minute.