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  1. A very basic soil test can be done with a kit bought from lazada and other places but it doesnt tell you much and isnt very accurate. You should also take many samples from different areas in your field to find where nutrients are really needed and where they are not saving yourself money on fertilizers. Its all about the ROI when farming, yeah I know this is thailand.
  2. What kind of system are you wanting ? Many can be built from easily sourced local materials. I buy all my stuff from in BKK. I have ordered many times from them and no problems. Unlike the other shops in Thailand who I guess have trade secrets on their prices as they dont show them on their websites HIgreen shows the price, no calling and getting a falang price. Their prices are very competitive with everyone else and shipping is cheap. If you want to try some NFT they have 3 meter 1 piece rails for 150B and 25B for end caps, you have to drill your own holes. They have about everything you need including net pots, fert. mixes etc., they even have small to large pre-made sets for nft and dwft ready to plant. If you want to try some dutch buckets type for large plants youtube will give you all the info to make your own.
  3. I have seen bikes come across the bridge in mukdahan.
  4. Some sources for neem and other chems. For wormsแบคโทสปิน-บาซิลลัส-ทูริงเยนซีส-1-ลิตรฟลอร์แบค-บาซิลลัส-ทูริงเยนซีส-1-ลิตร Neem Oilสารสกัดสะเดาเข้มข้น-100-มล Leaf Spot and Aracthanoseแบคทีเรียบาซิลลัส-เบอร์-2-ควบคุมโรคใบจุด-ใบไหม้-และแอนแทรคโนส Wilt Diseaseแบคทีเรียบาซิลลัส-เบอร์-1-ควบคุมโรคเหี่ยวที่เกิดจากแบคทีเรี Root Rotแบคทีเรียบาซิัส-เบอร์-3-ควบคุมโรครากเน่า-โคนเน่า-และแคงเกอร์-2 They have some other choices but I think these are all BT based formulas.
  5. Id like to hold this little prick down on the floor and see him get clipped by a couple of scorpions. See if he thinks its a big deal then. I hope he goes to jail and he should hope I never run into his cruel ass anytime soon. Sick <deleted>..
  6. The sad fact is education and health piss away their budget just a well as the military.
  7. If you want to get your packages without any hassles go get a PO box. I have one at the big mail center north of town, costs 200 baht per year and never have a package delivery problem.
  8. Something to look at if you are raising tilapia. FAO issues alert over lethal tilapia virus.docx
  9. Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss, DaDa Dum
  10. This is the latest Nutrient Mgmt. Guide from AHDB. Nutrient Mgmt. Guide.pdf
  11. Always one person that will go find the most exterme example just to say they are right, oh well.
  12. Im from the usa and they do all the time. Again as average car and truck prices are well above 30K usd you can buy alot of parts and paint before you will payout for a replacement.
  13. A truck made of steel would never have sustained that much damage from a fire and would be rebuildable, costing much less than a replacement truck, especially the way insurance companies will use aftermarket parts when rebuilding your vehicle. When you are talking about a 50-60K USD truck you can do alot of work on it before it is a write off. The only thing left in that picture is the engine and front panels and they were prob heat damaged.
  14. No such thing as a legal contract here for falangs, its only good for the school when they dont need/want you anymore. If you want to get paid, wait until the money is in your account then leave. I used to believe it was unfair to run out on an employer leaving them to find another teacher but after seeing so much dirty underhanded crap from schools here dished out to falang teachers over the years I say screw em they can find another sucker to take their underpaid overworked job.
  15. Ill bet the insurance companies are looking at this and thinking about rates for aluminum bodied cars. They are nice trucks with the new lightweight bodies though.