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  1. Air Conditioner Gas Refill Cost

    You are just another TV <deleted> who cant admit they are wrong and know nothing about hvac systems.
  2. Air Conditioner Gas Refill Cost

    Again you know NOTHING about hvac units or how they operate. Your ignorance shows in your posts. As a us certified hvac tech I know you are talking out your a**.
  3. Air Conditioner Gas Refill Cost

    If the service guy is good he deserves to be paid a fair price. If he isnt making money on labor and parts/refrigerant whats the point of working.
  4. Air Conditioner Gas Refill Cost

    Show me one place in thailand or any other tropical area that doesnt have mold problems.
  5. Where to buy PU Spray Foam Cheap

    PU foam used to be cheap but now its expensive everywhere. But it is a great and easy fix for many things. Just buy a quality name brand. There is a difference in expansion rates meaning cheaper ones you will get less actual area filled than a quality name brand.
  6. Fortuner turbo kit / tuned pickups

    There is a lot more to it than just bolting a turbo on a normally aspirated engine. Many cowboys out there will sell you a system and kill your motor in the end.
  7. Air Conditioner Gas Refill Cost

    My house when she bought it had leaky ac units so I replaced the lines. welded not soldered then went to Do home and bought a 30 lb tank of R-22 for 1000 Baht, it is up to about 1800 last time I looked. Newer units will use R4xx which is a little more expensive. The thing you have to watch out for here is someone putting used refrigerant in your unit, If it hasnt been recycled correctly-cleaned and acid free your unit wont last long. But yes if you are refilling, topping up you have a leak somewhere. The best thing to do is put some leak detector dye in and run it to find the leak, I have never seen an electronic leak sniffer here and they can be expensive.
  8. No fishing after copper contaminated water

    Oh come on whats a little copper in your fish with all the other chemicals/antibiotics etc. in the fish here. I never eat fish here.
  9. Air Conditioner Gas Refill Cost

    Soldered ??? lol yeah just solder the high pressure line on an ac unit and see how long it lasts. Again shows you know nothing about hvac units. But wait maybe thats why they make so much money here fixing leaks in ac units.
  10. Air Conditioner Gas Refill Cost

    Just shows you know nothing about hvac systems.
  11. Air Conditioner Gas Refill Cost

    With the amount of particulate matter in the air here you should clean your inside and outside coils every year for efficiency. I buy an acid based cleaner from amorn electronics for the outside unit and they have a spray foam can for your inside unit. Easy to do yourself with a hand sprayer and water hose.
  12. Price per kg/ton sigawa etc

    http://www.thaitapiocastarch.org/en/information/statistics/weekly_tapioca_starch_price If you are selling for 1.4 per kilo maybe you should try doing something else.
  13. School in Khon Kaen - KPBS

    Define happy for me.
  14. School in Khon Kaen - KPBS

    Excel is a teachers best friend for submitting grades here, with the right formula anything is possible.. It only took once for me to never fail a student again.
  15. If you own a Ford, you might wanna check this out

    Road signs and a welder make great floorboard replacements.