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  1. Ummm just be careful putting any weight in the back, make sure it is very securely tied down. Nothing like having a couple of bags of cement or a barrel of water bash your bed all to hell when it moves/slides around. It also will be of no use unless it is behind the rear wheels. In winter I used to put a board across the bed behind the wheel wells to keep them from flying into my cab with sand bags there for extra traction. But honestly your driving too fast if you are losing traction in the situation you described.
  2. Just dont offer the thais any rabbitt stew. Friend had a party and made some and the thais were not having any of it. Best meat Ive had in thailand.
  3. Hmm chinese are not farangs ? I feel they are being cheated by some of you posters.
  4. I know many people have tried growing here but maybe this will help. BlackberryWorkbook2016-2nd_final.pdf
  5. Yes my wife is thai but if you dont know it everything you do here has a different office, there was no translation of names mine,parents etc. Also everything is done in big binders on paper, computers here are just for show. My point is every office for everything official here has different requirements depending on who you deal with. If you get one on a bad day you have to play their game or no service. Marriage office is far from resident permit office and they dont communicate like all other gov. offices.
  6. There are no rules, it is all up to the person you are dealing with just like every other legal transaction in Thailand. I got my book in 15 minutes with hardly any paperwork but my wife was with me and had a fun chat with the lady doing my book. If they want it translated thats what you gotta do to get it. This is thailand rules but no rules depending on the person you deal with at the moment you need something.
  7. For those with large irrigation needs this software seems to be helpful in planning your layout. They have a freeware version to try before you decide to buy. You will also have to do some conversions on land measurements but not too difficult. IrriPro Software.
  8. Okay another rich falang who lives in a poor country only worried about your property speaking for them who can leave at any time. yeah you speak for those poor lao. Prob another ngo worker saving the world, you just forgot to ask the people who live there how they feel about having jobs and electricity.. Im sure the lao just hate all those paved roads the chineses built too
  9. Yes and look at all the overseas acquisitions by thai companies the last couple of years even they are not investing here.
  10. How does lao pay for the dams with its soul ??? Thousands of jobs created, electricity where its never been, etc. oh wait you are one of those anti dam people sorry, you are not a poor lao person benefiting from all that investment, so you can sit back in your nice little bubble and point fingers and say bad bad chinese.
  11. It would just be wasted on the education system at least the subs can draw tourists.
  12. I really dont have any sympathy for these people, their greed and stupidity have no limits.
  13. Hey no country in the world has advanced without the help and expertise of foreigners, the problem here is they want the technology for free and give nothing in return, The chinese are building/investing in many large projects in cambodia lao myanmar etc., yes they profit from these projects but so do the countries, while thailand falls farther behind in the asean rankings because of their xenophobia.
  14. With the ridiculous prices on land in thailand now how can anyone say the falangs will drive up the price ? My home and land in america is much cheaper than i can buy comparatively here.
  15. They just dont get it and probably never will, they can offer land ownership and multi-nationals still will not come. They have been screwed too many times in the past and now there are much better opportunities in asean. Better work force, better educated, less restrictions, 100 % company ownership etc. Even the chinese have given up on thailand.