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  1. If you own a Ford, you might wanna check this out

    A thai built ford is no comparison to an american built ford. When my truck goes in for service or a problem back home they give me a printed report of any problem, service bulletins. recalls etc. Then I get a price to fix it or if its covered under warranty no problems. I dont have to take it back multiple times. And why are warranty periods in thailand so short compared to other countries ??? Tells me all I need to know. But to be fair it seems to be a problem with most cars assembled here.
  2. Thinking of moving to Isaan

    When you pay 3-4-5 million baht for a house in a nice development, you are not paying for the house, you are paying to keep the trash out.
  3. Thinking of moving to Isaan

    Rent and see what your neighbors are like before you buy anything !!!! Trying to solve any noise, dog, drunk yaa baa head problems is not going to happen. Im so fed up with the mai pen rai attitude here my house is for sale, and the plane ticket is not far behind. When people dont respect themselves, let alone anyone else how can you expect to have a decent life in a village.
  4. Spinning mop buckets parts

    The problem I have with these mops is they have completely taken over the market for mop choices. I had a great foam sponge mop that worked great until it gave out now I cant even find a replacement head let alone a new one. I finally broke down and bought one of those crap hard as a rock ones they sell and it is already going bad after two months. The herd mentality rules here.
  5. A good read if you want to try aquaponics. Aquaponics.docx
  6. Good read if you are thinking about getting into hydro. Choosing a substrate for hydroponic production.docx
  7. Vertical Farming

    An interesting read on vertical farming. EIT-Vertical-Farming.pdf
  8. LED Growers’ Guide for Vine Crops

    Well nothing is free especially on the net these days. By the way how did you sign up for thaivisa ?
  9. Another cut and paste from that internet thing. Not for everyone but LED grow spectrum bulbs-strips-diy parts etc. are getting very cheap on ailexpress https://www.lumigrow.com/applied-researches/led-growers-guide-vine-crops/
  10. End for Kodi users in sight

    APK's are the future.
  11. Grass problem

    Too funny. lawn and grass expert lol. I know it all hahahaha.
  12. Grass problem

    You seem to be very good at thinking you are an expert on roundup and paraquat. I cut and paste to share information with people who ask questions all the time like most people on the internet do instead of stalking people for trying to help others make an informed decision, But hey no more from me on this subject as you are the know it all of grasses and herbicides.
  13. Recommendations for buying a chainsaw

    I put a 14" bar and chain on mine and it still pulls strong, wouldnt be surprised if it would run a 16" too. Be careful of stihl saws here. when I bought my makita I was looking at a stihl they had and owning several stihl saws before was ready to buy it, luckily the lady at the shop said no good its a copy. Wish I could find a husqavarna saw here.
  14. Isaan faces more floods

    These old dams that have never been dredged or maintained are so silted in i wouldn't believe any numbers about their storage capacity.
  15. Borax.