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  1. Believe it or not, not all attractive women in Thailand are bar girls (read prostitute). Most Thai women are extremely conservative, but many punters here would not know that, because these women don't hang out in bars, don't talk to foreign strangers, and usually don't speak English.
  2. Mikeman

    A/C installation contractors

    Can anyone recommend an air con installer in the Lumpukchi/Nongchok area?
  3. Mikeman

    A/C installation contractors

    Thanks for the advice!
  4. Hello all! i am in the process of installing A/C units in a new house. We went to a major brand showroom (nameless to protect the innocent!) to order the units. They sent a worker to measure us up for the installation. During the process, this fellow (seems nice enough) suggested that he could supply us with new units, not 'copies' complete with all supplies and with installation for a discount compared to what the showroom was offering. Seeing as he has access to the factory and has no overhead (unlike the snazzy showroom distributor) this offer seems reasonable. Has anyone had a similar experience? And how did it work out?