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  1. Garden Furniture

    Can anybody suggest where in Nakhon Phanom district we can get a garden table made to measure. The type where the locals sit and eat and everything else in their back yards. Similar to the picture, but not as posh (expensive). I suppose most of the timber yards could make one, but thought I'd ask here first. Had bamboo before which lasted no more than 18 months. Thanks
  2. Illegal motorbike racers rounded up in Udon Thani

    I think every Isaan town has the same tearaways making it hell for other road-users. 2 years back I did see our local constabulary hacking off illegal exhausts with a disc cutter. 2 weeks later, the roads were full of them again. This will also happen in Udon Thani. I don't think it should take 100 police in a concerted operation. All Thai police should be more pro-active and stop every individual idiot breaking the law. I suppose it's the same old story; if the police have a specific helmet/seat-belt/licence job for the day, all other trafic violations get ignored.
  3. Hotel recommendation in Buriram

    Open any of the agency sites to see ALL Buriram hotel locations. Cresco is out by the football stadium. Myself and others have recommended the Best Western which is on the main 218. We don't use taxis or public transport, but I would assume it should be easy enough from any hotel. I also rated the Ray Hotel on which I said great pool similar to the Cresco, good enough breakfast, nice staff, but, the rooms are dismal compared with others at the same price. The GT residence is another I already wrote about and that is another 3 km south of the city. Loads to choose from and try contacting the reception desks direct for best deals.
  4. Looking to rent in Lam Plai Mat or Buri Ram

    I was following you posting about Buriram Rentals and just read the outcome. We are also interested in moving to that part of Isaan and wondered if you picked up any further info from the locals during your search. I'm afraid that your location at around 35 drive away is too far from the city for my liking and would prefer anywhere within a 5 km radius of the city centre. I have tried (unsuccessfully) to send you a personal email, but would be grateful if you could send me anywhere else you found.
  5. Wife opening a food stall in Nakhon Phanom.

    I think people are interested as you have 13 followers. It may be against the Forum's policy, so, if you can't post it on the main page, please email me the restaurant's location.
  6. Hotel recommendation in Buriram

    Beautiful pool at the Cresco. I suggest you try Paddy's Bar where there a group of motorcyclists who will advise you or ask on the local ex-pat Forum. Go on Sunday and have the fantastic roast dinner for 260thb. Anyone following this thread should read Poor Sucker's entry. We have just returned from Buriram 4 days ago and extended our stay once again. Most of the hotels are now at half price due to the flooding, too many rooms and nothing much happening. We even struck a deal with the GT Residence management for 5 days from 14/October when the International circuit will once again be silent. Their corner VIP rooms for approximately half price. We might even stay for another 5 nights. Most of the agencies currently have promos, but this is the best deal ever I had negotiating direct with the hotel staff. As a footnote, we tried the Ray Hotel. Entrance, general cleanliness, staff, breakfast were all fine. The pool was fabulous. BUT, in my opinion, my basic room was way below the standards by the other new local hotels and the Internet connection was just awful. I didn't want to stay a second night.
  7. An extra night in Vientiane cheaper? For 2/300thb must be on a bench at the bus station which will only have squats.
  8. If you want that cheap, you must include nasty with maybe a squatter. But, if you exit the bus station to the side street and not the main road, there's a 7/11. Right across the street is a hotel you enter down a small alley to a 7-car park. Look above for the orange HOTEL sign. Last time I stayed they had pictures with prices of all their rooms. I can't find this place on any of the booking sites. I stayed there for convenience maybe 3 times and it is cheap and .... Compensation there are also cheap eateries within a few meters and of course that 7/11.
  9. Chong Jom Vs Chong sa Ngam border crossing

    Can I jump in here and ask if any of you guys know if you can take your Thai car into Cambodia from this crossing. Other kind members have already written sound advice re paperwork required at Aranaypratet, just need to know if it's possible from Chon Chom. Thanks
  10. No Alcohol Days

    I'm guessing there will be no alcohol sold today on the new King's birthday today. I spent 20 minutes looking through many sites, but does anybody no for certain about today and which days will be alcohol-free over the long weekend holiday in August for her Majesty the Queen's birthday? Thanks
  11. Hotel recommendation in Buriram

    No, not at all; the airport is approximately 40k from the city. We have enjoyed 3 holidays in Buriram over the past 18 months and extended our stay twice. The hotel rates have increased 30% in that time so it's best to book through any of the 3 main agencies. Last month we found a nice Thai resort a few kliks from the city but we have our own transport so it was no problem. Massive double rooms for 650 thb/night with a sufficient breakfast and really nice owner and great staff. No pool there but most of the hotels allow non-guests to use their facilities, but charge of course. October there are many events at the International Circuit so availability/prices will be difficult and pricey respectively. I guess things will be back to normal by November and more deals available. The Best Western Royal has the best breakfast I have seen in 20 years and maybe 150 different Thailand hotels. Probably now 1,300 thb/night through Hotels.com. Small Boutique Hotel but very clean and convenient location. GT Residence is also good if you book a suite. More expensive hotels nearer the Thunder Stadium and some don't live up to their advertising claims.
  12. Bus Yasothon to Udon Thani or Khon Kaen

    Thanks you guys, all info gratefully received and noted. Next big job is telling the missus how to get from A - B and that will save me a few hundred kilometres driving around Isaan
  13. I have tried everything online I can think of but still cannot find an answer. Can anybody tell me if there any buses from Yasothon to either Udon Thani or Khon Kaen? Going to Mukdahan like some other connections is not really an option, but one change would be OK if there are no direct routes. Thanks in advance.
  14. In approximately 2 months I'll be moving from the NE to Bangkok and will require a condo-type accommodation or town house. I roughly know the areas from Phatum Thani, Klong Luang, Talad Thai down to Rangsit and would like to be in that area but preferably 10 minutes or so back from the main highway. I know this is a very busy area, but I would prefer somewhere with access to a swimming pool and somewhere quiet to walk and get around easily. I've looked at a few agencies and their locations are not always accurate so any suggestions are welcome.
  15. Roi et Rocket festivals.

    Yasothon has the annual Rocket Festival with many side-shows. Seen it a few times many years ago and the little town gets blocked solid. Typical Isaan street shows in the evening so worth seeing once -- if you keep a safe distance.