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  1. We are North of Chiang Mai a 5 hour round trip we did have a major engine problem caused by a ruptured coolant hose (see my post today ) which resulted in an engine change They sent the service manager and 2 mechanics to our home during the process and a rental car This despite being an inconvenience hasn't changed my view of the car or company still happy
  2. I If there is such a shortage of work why are so many Burmese allowed to work here? The fact is that the economy particularly agriculture could not survive without them The answer is the Thais don't want to do those jobs Local businesses tell me they have difficulty obtaining employees even offering good rates of pay and from my observations the staff don't seem to be dropping with exhaustion In a recent article dealing with Pyramid scams an official was quoted as saying that Thais want to be rich but don't want to work for it
  3. While I accept that if you wish to work here you should comply with the law and if that requires a work permit ok but I had to laugh at the comment about threatening lives I daily see persons carrying out work that is dangerous not only to themselves but others Builders so called electricians plumbers welders public vehicle drivers the list goes on I don't think they know what the definition of Occupational Health and Safety means
  4. I have the 3.2 Titanium and very happy I thought the same originally about the keyless start but research shows they are easier to steal Re service had a minor problem re service but since then excellent It probably depends on where you go to but Ford do have an excellent customer service division in Bangkok who you can call speak good English as well
  5. We bought the 3.2 Titanium last September it was our first SUV and have to admit that prior to this both here and in Australia have always bought Toyota Our research showed that it was top in the surveys and we have not been dissapointed we did test drive some of the other models We have been on two long trips one with five people and heaps of luggage It has great road holding is comfortable and quiet and if you are prepared to spend the money I don't think you will be dissapointed We did have a big problem in January when the coolant hose ruptured causing a massive overheating problem resulting in an new engine being fitted but I think that was a fluke and I understand the hoses are not even made by Ford Ford were excellent in resolving the issue and hasn't changed our view of the vehicle If you want any further info pm me
  6. Have to disagree the point I made relates only to Immigration and as we know they appear to have the discretion to make up their own rules in individual provinces I have found the ID card which is available after obtainining the yellow book very useful I get reduced rates at National Parks it is accepted by the bank and hotels in lieu of my passport and last year when I bought a new car I did not need the certificate of residency from the Immigration Department for which there is a fee plus the inconvenience of a day trip to Chiang Mai Importantly it is issued for life so well worth the teffort in my opinion
  7. What I find interesting is that even though I have the yellow book and pink ID card here in Chiang Mai province the local Immigration office still require my wife whose name is on the blue house book ( my name is linked in somehow as we used the user fruc provision when the land was purchased) to sign the form for re notifying my address after returning from overseas They even require the notification after a day trip to Burma through Masai
  8. I recently saw a CCTV clip of the police in London who were responding to the " terrorists" who had been stabbing people The three officers each with an automatic weapon jumped out of the car and shot the three dead Seemed a good way to deal with the isssue
  9. My sister in law in Sydney used to work as a receptionist in the AE Dept of a large Sydney hospital She had many stories of men turning up with things attached or inserted that couldn't be removed The best had to be a guy who turned up with the tube of a vacuum cleaner attached to his penis His explanation was that as the weather was hot he was cleaning the room naked, slipped and the tube became attached Yeah!!
  10. I think what is more disturbing is that they have been released from jail before serving in some cases only a relatively small portion of their sentences There have been a number of cases in the last year or so including repeat rapist offenders
  11. Have to say they do look great despite me being a Lambretta person I have read about this guy in the U.K. Scootering magazine seems he had a very good reputation
  12. Had a look on the internet and have to say it does look good I presume they are fully imported unless they are assembled here which would bring the price down somewhat For me though as my money is sourced from Aus and the low exchange rate against the baht it pushes up the price compared with against the U.K. Pound Realistically though for me I am very wary of driving too far on two wheels here and only use the Lambretta and Honda in the very local area What I see on a daily basis particularly with young people driving recklessly at high speed I feel safer in the SUV which is a shame as there is great countryside up here I might go and have a look the next time I am in Bangkok that seemed to be the only place there was a dealership The problem is that I might be tempted!!!!!
  13. Where does that statement come from about a lawyer in Aus who would be advising the other half Any lawyers I know in Australia and I know plenty would not represent both parties and certainly not in a Family Law matter
  14. Never had a problem with the Bangkok Bank in six years As well as the receipt they always pass the book with the page showing the transaction open Surprised this guy stayed with this bank if he has experienced that sort of pronlem and response before
  15. I stopped flying international business class with Thai years ago They used to be good but in my opinion do not come anywhere near their competitors especially Qatar and Etithad I will not fly with them domestically either especially Chiang Mai -Bangkok return always late and their subsidiary Thai Smiles is even worse The last time I flew the flight was almost two hours late and they couldn't even provide any information Those passengers who think they are great are welcome to to fly with them but not me.