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  1. StevieAus

    Soy Milk on the street

    The one we normally buy is called 137 degrees from Makro it’s imported from California don’t know if’s it’s any purer The other one is from Tesco cannot remember the name.
  2. StevieAus

    Chiang Mai to Bangkok on scooter

    It’s not a case of being glass half empty but being sensible, perhaps you don’t worry about your wellbeing but I certainly do, I see motor cycle accidents almost daily and several fatalities. Driving motor cycles in Thailand isn’t like in the west and it doesn’t matter how careful you drive you are at risk. But at the end of the day it’s your life and funerals here are relatively cheap.
  3. StevieAus

    Soy Milk on the street

    I used to buy the soy milk off the street never had a problem recently found the almond milk according to my research good for your health and no sugar
  4. StevieAus

    Chiang Mai to Bangkok on scooter

    I reckon it’s hard in enough in a car with two sharing, but maybe I’m getting old and enjoy my comfort too much, but on two wheels? Your a better man than I am Gunga Din.
  5. But that smart Thai, if you re read the story left the bank without checking the book and deposit slip. At the Bangkok Bank I have always been hand the book with the page open facing me together with the deposit slip showing the amount deposited. You would have to be stupid not to check.
  6. Well that’s more than you have to do in Australia and I suspect many other countries to renew your licence, now it can be done online.
  7. Great article as always but don’t always get to read until Monday
  8. StevieAus

    Media under fire over NLA napping pics

    Watch this space. Soon we will hear that the offender has been taken in for attitude adjustment. Cannot cause loss of face Very serious offence ! !
  9. StevieAus

    Old Brit Accused Of Driving Drunk, Killing Rayong Girl

    I got the gist of your post and the young person you refer to well, money and influence.
  10. StevieAus

    Old Brit Accused Of Driving Drunk, Killing Rayong Girl

    I have read of a few cases in the Thai media of people being sentenced to life but somehow through Royal Pardons or whatever they reappear. Even in many western countries life no longer means life.
  11. I don’t agree with your comment about almost no skilled people available. Perhaps it’s where you live, I agree that there are people who don’t meet the standards that you maybe used to in your home country, but we have found people across several trades who carry out good work.
  12. StevieAus

    Old Brit Accused Of Driving Drunk, Killing Rayong Girl

    Also I am advised that most Insurance companies here in Thailand as has been the case in Aus and probably other countries for years, now will not cover the driver involved in an accident if under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  13. That advice is spot on I will not use any of those companies or similar as they claim to collect the fees for the government then charge you for the process Now it cannot be sent by mail I don’t bother There is a provision that a Thai returning home can on one occasion only, bring in their belongings duty free. We brought a container from Aus several years ago and no duty was paid on the contents but you have to obtain the permit/ documentation you cannot send the stuff without it otherwise it’s not exempted
  14. StevieAus

    Are Rabies shots essential before going to Thailand?

    I wonder where this information comes from only today had an email from a friend in Aus who is visiting in a couple of months and his Doc advised some of those on the list plus Japanese encephalitis malaria and Zika Asked if the Doc wasn’t thinking of Bangladesh or perhaps you were going to work on the Burma railway ! ! !
  15. StevieAus

    Which Air conditioner to buy?

    Have both Mitsubishi and Panasonic Inverters without any problems but they are regularly cleaned The inverters in my experience are worth the extra cost cheaper to run and seem more efficient