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  1. Will Oz Govt know if I marry in Thailand?

    I think your comment is pretty spot on as to what will occur
  2. Bangkok hit by heaviest rainfall in 25 years: BMA

    The headline in the Bangkok Post today is ” Agency vows to protect city from floods” that is the Royal Irrigation Department promising to protect Bangkok I suppose they will have the success rate as in the past !!
  3. No problem, there is no shortage of idiots in Australia and they keep importing more!!
  4. Whilst you are right and I recall contributing to the gun buy back by having to pay an increased Medicare levy under John Howard it hasn’t stopped people shooting others Unfortunatly it seems that firearms can still be purchased illegally if you are willing to pay.
  5. Plenty of crazy people in Europe killing others and that’s people they don’t even know and not single digits either. Have fun!
  6. I don’t think it’s possible for you to have one, legally that is.
  7. Did mine in Chiang Mai with an agent last Tuesday only had to sign and have the photo taken The re entry permit took longer but the new retirement extension has to be photocopied first
  8. The blues, wife seems to be gone

    I say something similar “ You’re lucky if you grow old as the alternative isn’t real great” Usually has the same effect!
  9. The blues, wife seems to be gone

    Including life itself. I thought that accepting that nothing lasts for ever was part of Buddhist teachings?
  10. According to the post by “ozzydom” your so called Aussie idiot is a Brit Look forward to your retraction
  11. Excellent advice now can you translate it into Thai please.
  12. No Aussie bashing please, I thought that guy only had a machete or some other harmless weapon !! On the subject of the legislation it does not worry me as I have no interest in guns, but I am sure that the police in their normal efficient way will be ensuring full compliance by all nationalities.
  13. Thanks for the update that’s the guys My first encounter a few years ago got badly stung and had to see the doctor As we have a lot of trees and bushes we do regular checks with an aerosol in each hand !!
  14. There are some other tiny wasps very hard to see that make a nest in trees and bushes if you disturb them which isn’t hard as you cannot see them they attack in force The stings usually take 3- 4 days to go Itch like crazy Anyone know what they are?
  15. Very moralistic it takes two to tango