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  1. I think you have hit the nail on the head when you say that they “ lean to drive”, without wishing to be pedantic with the terminology I think they “learn to operate” the bike or car because when you learn to drive a motorcycle or car anywhere I have lived you learn to drive properly and safely and not to do the things you refer to above Of course the driving test here is a farce so until that changes there is no hope of any improvement.
  2. Bodybag fell out of hearse when it turned at junction

    If you want to watch something funny about moving corpses try to locate the 1982 “Last of the Summer Wine” Christmas Special “ Getting Sam Home” Brilliant British humour in my humble opinion, I have the DVD and still breakdown with laughter when I watch it.
  3. “Correct” was probably the wrong word to use but I agree totally with what you are saying and it’s for that reason I hardly ride at all now and only locally which is bad enough with the young underage irresponsible riders. I stick to four wheels which is a challenge in itself trying to anticipate what the other drivers will do next but there less chance of ending up as you appropriately describe above.
  4. Yes , very very interesting and the other reason is that they have probably never been taught the correct way to ride a motorcycle, I was over 50 years ago and have never forgotten.
  5. In our local temple we have one Abbott another senior monk and a few novices, only the novices go out seeking alms The locals come in and cook food for the Abbott and the senior monk and when they want to leave the temple they are driven by one of the locals in their individual, relatively new Toyota pickups. An interesting life they seem to live.
  6. I agree I only have my hair cut by a female here, the men are ok if you want the standard Thai razor job haircut, not for me.
  7. I have received excellent treatment from the local dental clinic I attend here in the North, the place is spotless and the equipment very modern. I have had root canal therapy and recently a crown fitted, the standard is as good as anything I ever received in Sydney. The only difference is that the cost is substantially cheaper and the dentists are mainly females, very efficient and attractive though.
  8. Although it it has nothing to do with this accident your sentence in italics referring to “ day dreaming” has I think provided the answer to something that has puzzled me for a long time That is, why many Thais on motorcycles and bicycles turn out of side roads without looking. I had put it down to many other reasons mostly derogatory but maybe you have provided the answer.
  9. You are totally correct I do recall reading something similar a few years ago. Clearly a case of responding to a post without thinking, for which I stand admonished.
  10. Very good I will remember that and another reason to let them wriggle or slither away from you.
  11. I always thought that snakes that could kill you were “venomous” now finally here is a “poisonous” one.
  12. Whilst as a non smoker I agree with most of your post, realistically prohibition will never be introduced by any government for the simple reason that they do not want to lose the massive revenue collected from cigarette sales. Typical government hypocrisy.
  13. It’s not compulsory yet, although with the passing of the SSM legislation who knows? Just for the record, in relation to loving sheep I think you are getting confused with New Zealand which is a few hours flying time across the Tasman Sea. ( apologies to any Kiwis on this site ! )
  14. And a drop of “ hard stuff”might have eased the pain ?
  15. Unfortunately many of these people forget that certainly in Australia and England before the introduction of paramedics the provision of emergency medical assistance was provided by Ambulance drivers/attendants whose role was to load you onto the stretcher and drive you to hospital My wife when pregnant slipped and fell down down the steps at home, the local ambulance was called and she was treated as well as anything I have seen in Australia with the correct board being used to support her back. They radioed ahead to the hospital with details of her condition and a doctor with an ultrasound was waiting on our arrival While it’s unlikely I will ever become pregnant I would be happy with that treatment