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  1. StevieAus

    I really don't think the problem is with the local post office as they know us well as does our regular postman The problem is elsewhere which seems to be confirmed by posts from other regions Strange that it has only started the last few months no problem over several years
  2. StevieAus

    Thanks for the suggestion will make enquiries
  3. Fortunately we live near Chiang Mai and my earlier post relates to some of the hospitals there but also our local hospital What some of the posters on this site choose to forget is that problems occur in hospitals overseas there are “ problem” hospitals in Australia and last year I read an article about the number of preventable deaths that occur in UK hospitals the number of deaths was staggering. Also I think we have been conditioned to think that every medical problem can be solved, after all doctors are only human.
  4. I have heard the same comment from several expats who have undergone surgery at Government hospitals Fortunately I have only ever required minor “ emergency treatment” which was at a Government hospital and which was as good as anything I experienced in Australia I do fortunately have health insurance but never needed to use it I am sure though that the Thai hospital critics will soon surface with their doom and gloom
  5. StevieAus

    That seems to be about the same problem here one Christmas card arrived 3 birthday cards failed to arrive. Has never been like this before problem is what is the solution?
  6. Deep well pumps - Hitachi or Mitsubish?

    I have used the Hitachi PJ for our bore for about 6 years without any problems but as other posters have stated if you want to go deeper than 30 m you need a submersible Suggest you find someone local who has had practical experience in the water business Re your comments regarding Homepro we have dealt with the Chiang Mai stores for over 6 years and have found them knowledgeable and very helpful it seems the company trains their staff I am sure though that someone will contradict my experience but I have had no problems and certainly no hard sell
  7. I think one of the earlier reports stated that the murder charge in the US was reduced to manslaughter and he was released on probation Also cannot remember what age he was but in some countries under the age of an adult after a period of time the. Record is expunged. That possibly could be the case here but as we know criminals seem to have no problem entering Thailand
  8. My understanding is that if you shoot a cop in Thailand there is an unwritten law that you get the same. It certainly happpened up here in the North about 5 years ago although it took 6 months to find the culprit
  9. StevieAus

    That’s where we are but don’t think it’s the local post office that’s the problem
  10. StevieAus

    I did have that problem a few years ago but these are all from private individuals, the difficulty is that it’s impossible to work out where the problem is occurring A friend in Australia told me that last year he sent post a cards to Aus when visiting Europe, they took three months to arrive and had gone via the Philippines
  11. If that happened they might be lucky and taken in for some " attitude adjustment " or more likely suddenly dissapear as tends to happen.
  12. StevieAus

    Thanks for the suggestion
  13. StevieAus

    Thanks for suggestion but it's the incoming mail that is the problem and some people prefer to do things the traditional way and cannot handle new technology Also if you pay for a service surely you are entitled to the result
  14. StevieAus

    I agree but from Aus it’s not cheap anymore and you can’t expect everyone to register the letters Last year I had an item I sent registered to Aus tracked it leaving here in Thailand then it never arrived Aus Post don’t track overseas mail received it seems Maybe the problem is worldwide nobody cares