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  1. Maybe have a look at Allianz they offer various options includes hospital and accident and reputable company
  2. Totally agree if you can afford the fee I think it's worth the cost certainly for me as it's a 5 hour round trip to Chiang Mai
  3. That was the advice from our local immigration office in CHIANG MAI province only when leaving the country Yet even though I have my own yellow house book my wife has to sign the form. Another example of inconsistencies between government departments
  4. Yello Tabien and (pink ID card ID card

    I had to get my Aus passport and our Aus marriage certificate translated and certified by Aus embassy and some Thai Gov Dept in Bangkok The process at the local District Office was very quick and smooth after a small brown envelope was lodged I have found it very useful all over Thailand and recently when registering a new car saved having to obtain the residency certificate from Immigration
  5. Do you dye your hair?

    As with many things in life is not a personal choice as to whether you dye your hair? From what I observe if it is dyed professionally it can make a person look years younger and is certainly not ridiculous I think the " do it yourself" products are the ones than create the problems.
  6. How does the cost of the cost of the three phase compare with single phase would be interested in this solution myself
  7. Sorry but you are wrong there are certain persons and authorized entities who can undertake translations My Lawyer who is a Barrister is one of those persons
  8. I will not deal with all the technical issues but I had similar problems and I live in the North in Chiang Mai province after 6 months of being stuffed around we presented all of the documents plus a brown envelope containing two thousand baht Praise the Lord it all got fixed plus the ID card and we got VIP service on registering our new born baby born outside their area And I am not religious Yes it goes against the grain to have to do this but we are in Thailand and for me it's a small price to pay Good luck
  9. Property Settlement

    How can he take it to a Thai judge if he cannot practice law?
  10. Grounding AC's

    It was a Samsung refrigerator which has an invertor bought about one year ago
  11. Grounding AC's

    No it was a two pin sealed plug , logic would suggest that they provide a three pin plug and a separate earth wire from the frame for those houses without three pin sockets but then again than means more cost.
  12. Grounding AC's

    I used a separate grounding rod as per the instructions as it wasn't in the house I was curious as to why it didn't just come with a thre pin plug and was this because it had an inverter?
  13. Grounding AC's

    I bought a Samsung refrigerator with an invertor that came with a two pin plug but a separate earth wire which the instructions called to be connected to an earthing rod This wasn't a problem as it was for use in a downstairs under cover eating area Is this usual and how would you earth it if it was inside the house ?
  14. I agree with this interpretation as one who was born in England but spent most of my life in Australian my understanding would be that if you are electrocuted you are killed. Otherwise you receive an electric shock of whatever intensity