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  1. Had to pay for her nose. Dual tier pricing is not cool.
  2. I think some water boarding is in line for the liar.
  3. Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Next Up For Thailand

    Depends on what you call a drug. Sex is like a drug, so are you saying every man needs to be talleywhacker hand stroker? Drugs are not illegal if they are prescribed, and even ibuprofen is a drug. I love to drink when get the chance, but that right there is the most dangerous legal drug of all. Well that and speed.
  4. Isn't he next to be prosecuted? Or will article 44 free him to do as you suggest to be the successor.
  5. Ya know Steven, when you open up the flood doors to China, then your GDP goes up and with the droves of them coming here, everything gets filled. don't pat his back too much as he really had zero to do with it. Now the problem is if it can be controlled as being with china is like having the devil as your bed fellow.
  6. Who? Prayut's wife? Abhisit? General Surayud? Don't tell me Chuwitt. Air Chief Marshal Chalit? Prem Tinsulananda himself? I'm in suspense. Please tell.
  7. Not that easy do ditch them as this all falls back on the Privy council guiding the #1 and #2 clowns.
  8. Traffic police fined me illegally

    If he is on the direct side near the curb and it is not red or black painted he is legal and the cop wrong. Stopped is not riding a bike. But is in the street not in proper stopping area, then he technically is setting himself up to be tagged. I would love to see a picture of the area posted and how the bike was resting, Make the final opinion from there.
  9. Prawit: I will quit if NACC finds me guilty

    Just watched his tv engagement with reporters. He appeared shaking almost stuttering, but stood up to saying friends watches. What a little corrupt turd. Jailed is where he should go if found guilty. Funny for how even the yellow shirt Democrats are getting Anti Junta. Abhisit becoming more outspoken more than ever. This guy I like. Hard to go against the Privy council though! Old money.
  10. Jeremy get real. Here in this country some of the niceties some girls get will be their knight in shining armor and ticket out of being poor. There are certainly some black areas and black souls who force it when slavery and trafficking is applied, but the majority of it is not that way. Stick to a subject you know something about.
  11. Chiang Mai Hilton. And probably not much sleep as he is young.
  12. 367,000 CCTV cameras to be connected by 2019

    Big Brother Junta invasion of privacy. These Bozos are out of control
  13. ‘Cobots’ can strengthen Thailand’s food

    Ridiculous. Raise the minimum wage, insist factories get more automated, and then the unemployment level rises. True sign of the donkey being walked backwards.