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  1. holy cow cm

    Retirement Village in Chiang Mai

    an old folks home is still an old folks home. but if you can party there then ok.
  2. This gal is in trouble. Election wise is the junta smart to forgive her or go after her for the jugular?.
  3. So you think there is a Pulitzer in the making?
  4. They, CM IO's have had a practice to question it before. I used one years and years ago and was told real proof would be required the next time. I would honestly say 50/50, so take your chances and now you won't go into the interview with head strong feeling it is automatic when it isn't. Age of the person also will play a role with the IO's discrepancy.
  5. Very common and handed down from generation to generation. I had it happen at a 7 11 years ago. Didn't budge and got the correct change back. Open air food markets are notorious for this trick.
  6. Seems to me it is easiest to just keep a bank acct of 800k in Thailand and get the retirement. Unless there is a money problem on the OP's side, but doesn't sound like it. For me I don't even touch my visa money. No need to and don't worry about it as it is really not that much and one can always get at it at anytime.
  7. Well then that is a visa versa. Try going to the BKK VN consulate for a direct visa from them to go to VN. Not so warm there. I stopped years ago and do it online.
  8. holy cow cm

    Thailand named “Best Cultural and Heritage Holiday Destination”

    and he had absolutely nothing to do with it. of course tourism has increased because the flood gates from china were opened.
  9. Or they would bring the dog in for attitude adjustment.
  10. holy cow cm

    Prayut still top choice for PM, poll finds

    Well they could have polled Buriram which now might be the same as polling parts of Bangkok now they they have a promise for truck loads of free government money promised.. But what all these polls are is a demographic target to give the reply they want. 29.7% of what is still 29.7% of what? But next week they may say 35% and then in 1 month 40%, and then in 2 months around December a whopping 65% and the people would be no wiser except for saying wow, I'm going to vote for the winner. Who knows what the strategy is, but it will not be fair.
  11. I think the Junta tries to eliminate every memory relevant memory of Thaiksin and make it seem it was the Junta to begin with. Copy cat everything and they will remember it as the plagiarist who was the last one to use it in the spotlight. Just like a few weeks ago by the making direct contact with Russia for establishing great relations for war material. Was just directly after Yinluck posts photos of her trip going there. So this is like trying to cancel everything they do. I would think if Thaskin or Yingluck stepped in dog poo and got a laugh as being human, then the junta would duplicate it and set it up and step in a bigger pile to get PR on it as their own.
  12. holy cow cm

    PM confident no massive flooding this year

    And the world’s savior has spoken.
  13. holy cow cm

    NLA passes law to make Thailand hub of global organizations

    The media will have to follow by only reporting official junta press releases or face consequences if they choose to try to walk their line. No way it is going to happen.
  14. holy cow cm

    PM Prayut eager for medical marijuana to be legal in Thailand

    Can be revoked after the election