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  1. Majority have to be the Chinese. They are the worst on bikes and a terror in Chiang Mai.. I wish they would stop lumping the Chinese in with everyone else as tourists as it is unfair. They are only their own breed of destruction where most others have common sense on bikes.
  2. Invasion of privacy. I will stop shopping at them. Tesco mini stores here I come full time. There ought to be a law!
  3. This guy is way too much. Too bad the CIA don't water board him for the watch story.
  4. This guy is pure slime. He needs to be tossed into jail. He is not above or better than anyone else, but sure thinks he is.
  5. Thailand is a trip and mind experience to some odd guests. No harm just weird! I have seen the same years ago in CM. Can only chuckle.
  6. When ever something is wanted to be claimed back or claimed, a fire is always the immediate answer. Don't know how many times I have seen this here. Could be an accident, but we will never know.
  7. Where Is The Rain

    false rain
  8. eliminate all opposition and then there is only weak resistence
  9. Prayut: remaining as PM would depend on offer

    Hate to know what his hat size is.
  10. Never gonna win going after a hospital. They retain the big lawyers.
  11. Utter BS. The popularity is more like below 40% and his sidekick below 5%
  12. Same as Russia as it looks. Putin wants to stay forever too. Come to think of it, another P man.
  13. Maybe if the I can do no wrong Little P promised to get out if people took care more during the holidays, then it actually would happen.