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  1. holy cow cm

    Coronation to take place before poll: PM Prayut

    He must be choking on his noose that keeps on tightening every time he opens his mouth. Why is the NCPO even involved in this coronation? Is it because he knows the Thai public is becoming wholly dissatisfied and had enough of him and his military cronies?
  2. Meaning? If someone did run over my car then I should catch them and say thank you and give them a 1000 baht tip?
  3. Run over my car and even though I am older in my 50's I am still quite fast enough to catch them and beat their moronic butts silly. Yeah, I run 5- 10 km everyday to keep the body working. Yes have had a scrap or two or ten in my day. .
  4. On another note, it is almost Game Over. Once the initiative to make opposing the Junta's law of making it a crime to not follow the Junta's iron fisted path for at least 20 years is voted on and farce approved, there can only be an uprising that would be able to throw them out. This could create a civil war, or a war of the people against the Junta. So SAD! Chaturon, a former Pheu Thai education minister, said his party would, given the opportune time, also seek to change the national strategic plan and reforms imposed by the junta if they are in power. Junta-appointed legislators today were set to vote on a law that would make it a crime for future elected leaders to not follow its development plans for the next 20 years. They deferred the decision to another session.
  5. Do you really think Muslims would go for that. Even though technically it is covered up, it is still viewable. Get it!
  6. As long as the money charged goes to the clean up and take care fund and not their shareholders pockets.
  7. Let the girls wear head gear as long as it is see through material. Boys need to be clean shaven. No exceptions
  8. China could bury Thailand hundreds of times over with their waste as the are the biggest hypocrites concerning any green policy. On the other hand Thailand is being buried with approx 10,000,000 of Chinese tourists last year. Maybe their e waste is better?
  9. Disagree. Majority of Thai drive like idiots and things where they think are logical are totally irrational for safe driving. It is purely lack of education and making them drive better like marching ducks. Also the all notorious mobile phone is too addictive for them to not touch while behind the wheel, so this has some % to play for the deaths as well.
  10. So then don't move here. Chiang Mai is just as bad as the rest of the country. Too crowded already and more people coming along with the droves and droves of Chinese is not making it any better.
  11. Thailand is becoming Child of China faster than expected.
  12. holy cow cm

    Time for Prayut to MOVE ON

    Actually that order comes form the biggest man who runs the Privy council.
  13. You know they should be accepted as rumors go Muhammad broke all the rules of preference for sexuality and choosing adolescents over adults.
  14. holy cow cm

    Two more Chinese airlines flying into Pattaya

    Yes I am at the CM airport all the time and the Chinese jets are always there. Airport is like China now. More Chinese than any other including Thai. Disgusting how many of them are here. Those morons in the government are totally out of touch, because if they were they would be appalled like most everyone else..
  15. Until he truly clears and fesses up to the watches, he is just a hated figure that garnishes no respect. Pot trying to call all the kettles black.