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  1. Hi I am looking for a stylist or thereabouts to help out with shopping clothes. There seems to be some in Bangkok but I have not found any in Chiang Mai. Can anyone recommend someone or point me in the right direction? I am male and near thirty. Cheers
  2. Hi all I have some acne scars (hypertrophic). I was saddened to read on that laser is not an option for that kind, instead cryosurgery, cytoxic injection or steroid injection is the treatment. Anyone got a particular doctor or clinic that is well-known in CM for acne scar removal? Or a doctor or clinic that you can personally recommend? Much obliged
  3. Hi Apprarently Vibryd is an alternative. Can I get it (in CM)? Where? Any other alternatives that are avilable here? Many thanks.
  4. Great info. Keep testing me.
  5. Hi And oil change. The model is a Honda PGM- FI with "active boy" printed on it. Looks like this Thanks
  6. Would mind sharing what kind of stamps and VISAs your passport had?
  7. Hi Entered Thailand with a SETV in april. Did a 30 day extension. Flew to Saigon. Got back and recieved a Visa exemption for 30 days. Planning on extending it for 30 days, then going to Chiang khong for another Visa exemption as I only need 60 more days. Will they allow it? Thanks
  8. Your posts are very interesting. Why not expand on them in a blog post? Then maybe me and two others will read it.
  9. Hi all, Where in CM can one buy second hand jewelry by the box/bag for a flat fee? Cheers
  10. Hi Would anyone be so kind as to tell me what, if trying to be as cost effective as possible, the price is per meal if bought from market? Like chicken with rice, pork with rice, vegetarian. Cheers
  11. I've seen Dr Kittiwan about ten times. The medication she prescribed improved my life so much. She can be a bit quick. "Ok I will prescribe X, that's it". Most visits were 2-5 min and for that I payed 300 every time. She told me that fluvoxamine, a common anti depressant, cannot be bought in a pharmacy (which it can) "because it is an anti depressant". She also answered no when I asked her if there is a tolerance build up to Quetiapin/Seroquel, which there is.
  12. Hm, the Dr prescribed fluvoxamine for my girl and said it cannot be bought in pharmacy "because it is an antidepressant". Then lowered the price. Is fluvoxamine really not available in pharmacy? Should I be haggling on psychiatric meds?
  13. Sheryl you are a golden star. Would you mind giving some input on where to find the best price on ritalin? The private psychiatric clinic price is 40 baht / 10 mg pill which is too expensive for the ammount I need. For posterity Valosine is more expensive in suanprung.
  14. Hi Would someone mind telling me where I might find dress shoes? (Not sure if dress shoes is the correct word. Looking for shoes that would fit with a designer shirt and shorts/pants.) Looked at night market, night bazaar, warorort outdoor market, Sunday market, Maya, CMU Market, but they either didn't have dress shoes or correct size (12/45).