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  1. Retirement extension

    I still have never been asked to fill that form either. Though that form might have been incorporated into another for non O immigration visa's? Not really sure.
  2. Retirement extension

    Think it is a case of "we have the power, you do as we say"
  3. Retirement extension

    So does that mean you must pay immigration to inspect the conveyance as per the last page? It even asks the number of crew members. Maybe this form is for those arriving by sea? either way I have never ever filled out this form or ever been asked to do so.
  4. Yes Blair was a tory! lol.
  5. I'm just wondering what sort of bribes the marxist labour party would have to make if they ever got the chance to form a government. Because they would need to do some serious bribes to gain enough backing to become the governing party! 60+ seats worth IMO.
  6. Once they get paid for their vote they will understand!
  7. The UK doesn't use the Euro does it?
  8. Please! Where did I say the UK is responsible for the EU debt. Please don't put words into my mouth that I never said. But they sure would like 60 billion for leaving the EU cartel!
  9. really? I get it, I just don't think the serious talking has started yet, whence my comment that it is all BS rhetoric until a deal is struck, if a deal is struck? Besides Macrons election was from 42% of votes. 58% of the voting public didn't vote in the second round of the French elections. So hardly a stable EU because of it.
  10. An EU economy that is saddled with the depts of the PIGS countries. The only country benefitting from this fiasco is Germany. Why do you think they want the UK to stay, second to Germany the UK economy is the strongest. Or is Germany going to pick up the tab on it's own? 3,000,0000 Returning EU citizens with no Jobs to go to. May needs to call their bluff.
  11. Until a deal is struck, the rhetoric is all a load of BS. Though I would like very much for PM May to just say enough is enough and say we are out go swing. Once the EU realises how it will effect them as much as the UK maybe just maybe reform of the EU might happen. Regardless of the UK. The EU is still in a precarious situation regarding sorting out the mess that is the Euro and PIGS countries. Imagine the effect of 3 million euro citizens returning to their countries from the UK, with the amount of unemployment in the EEC. total chaos! In reality I don't see the UK leaving, This is all a charade that will keep the UK in the protectionist EU, any bets the UK will adopt the Euro as it's currency?
  12. The jealousy of those without farang husband! lol When I first came to Thailand my future wife to be and I went shopping at lotus Phuket. There were two guys who looked like they didn't have a satang to rub together, who made a comment. My wife told me that one had said Farang are stealing all the ladies! Another time when we were at the local amphor in her home province, another guy made the same comment as the heading of the OP he was saying and asking why Farang like dark ladies.
  13. If you take resent events with NK launching missiles, and the total failure of even China in persuading them to stop. Just how would knowing the reason behind this guys death going to add pressure? NK haven't buckled under any sort of pressure over the years and this is in the greater scheme of things a minor incident in comparison. And do you really think NK really care? The Jewish belief in the inviolability of the human body is reflect­ed in its attitude to postmortem examinations. The Talmud(San­hedrin 47a) asserts that the biblical imperative of speedy burial (Deuteronomy 21:22-23) is based upon the prohibition of disgrac­ing a corpse. The scope of this prohibition extends beyond delayed burial. Scripture proscribes the inflicting of any form of disgrace upon a corpse. In general, this includes the disfigurement of the body as a result of postmortem dissection (autopsy).
  14. And you think N Korea would be worried about any lawsuit emanating from the US. They would probably laugh at the idea. No way would they pay compensation.
  15. Trump is just following other presidents who couldn't string together a sensible sentence during a press conference. The guy is an idiot.