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  1. If this really was the case, Why is most of the violence arab against arab? Is it that they cant take it out on Israel so they kill each other in the name of islam?
  2. No it is not. Corbyn doesn't have the answers. taking the country back to the 70's is probably the worst thing that could happen. I don't agree with May either. It just shows that in the absence of any real opposition the conning conservatives can do as they want. The country doesn't have a choice.
  3. I presume that will all change at some stage the US might recognise a Palestinian state or would have to as part of the peace process. My suggestion is that if both had embassies in Jerusalem as part of a peace deal it might go a long way to making that peace happen. Just an idea! Other than that I don't actually see Trump as having the answers to peace between Israel and Arabs. He will try and bully his way if he has too. I think it will be a wake up call for Netanyahu, and Abbas also. Certainly this is the last chance either has of making peace. Or the ball will be kicked down the road till new leaders emerge that are more able to make peace. If peace s going to happen. IMO the Palestinian question will be a minor one in a few years time, or things will stay the same. As one poster likes to claim the palestinians will be absorbed into an Israeli state. Wrong Israel may want the land they don't want the people. They will fade away to Jordan when they realise their leaders are useless. Abbas has help the palestinians back in the game of statehood, had he been seen to be a state builder and not a nation demoniser. Peace would have come sooner. Again Just my view of things regardless of what politicians are saying.
  4. It would be proof that they (Arabs) are not for peace. Specified or not there would be nothing stopping the US doing that if it wanted to. "Quid pro quo" In short while everyone says this is an inflammatory move I suggest it has the potential of being the opposite. Just because no one has put such an idea forward doesn't mean it isn't possible to happen. I am sure Abbas would be just as happy to have a US embassy in a Palestinian state as Netanyahu wants the US embassy in West Jerusalem.
  5. If the US do move the Embassy to Jerusalem, It would be the Western part of the city, which will always be part of Israel. If and when an Arab state exists in the West bank, The US could if they wish establish an Embassy in East Jerusalem for that country. It would be the Arabs own stupidity if they protest this. This is Abbas's last chance to make peace once and for all.
  6. That is such rubbish, Hamas are to blame for the situation in Gaza, has they shown willing to live peacefully Gaza would be a better place. Also don't forget Egypt also shut down the crossing into Egypt because of Hamas. If it is an open prison it is one of the Gazan's own making they voted for Hamas.
  7. same way you did!
  8. It may very well happen, In or Out of the EU! so maybe it doesn't matter if the UK leave or not, either way there are consequences for both if the Euro collapses.
  9. What of Le Pen will she pull off a frexit! will Frau Merkel have a Job in September. What of the two tier EU where the Pigs are left to wallow in the mire while northern EU countries forge on ahead. You really haven't solved the problem the Euro has caused either, wonder how strong that will be once you stop getting UK contributions.
  10. No I am saying the EU export more to the UK than the UK export to the EU, also if you check you will see UK exports to the EU have actually been falling over the years. That also shows we export 60% to other countries. Being in the EU stops the UK from negotiating trade deals with other countries. How is the EU a free trade area if you have to pay to sell into that market. Which is based on protectionism rather than free market forces. Brexit is acting as a diversion from the real problems the EU has with the Euro. UK labour party talk about protecting EU citizen rights in the UK. Junker comes out the next day saying that is a pre condition for the EU. Now Tusk comes out and says a trade deal with the UK is not a priority. Fine lets go leave them to it and move on, won't be long before they change their minds. That's allowing for the fact that it is all posturing. May needs to turn around and tell them if it isn't a priority for them it isn't for the UK. Bye Bye. You could blame UK politicians for this fiasco, until they show some sort of unity, the EU vultures will circle around picking on anything they can use to keep the UK in the EU. We should have gone and negotiated from outside, the way it is going people will be fed up and probably won't care if the UK stays in or out.
  11. Totally agree, It comes across as if the EU is doing the UK a favour by letting us have some sort of trade deal. Better to just go say bye bye and let the EU worry about how it will trade with the UK, they export more to the UK than the UK export to them. I also don't like that the UK is tied to waiting for a deal before it can look elsewhere for trading partners, all designed to put the UK in a bad negotiating position. Just get out.
  12. Yet thousands still cross the med to get to the EU!
  13. Nothing to do wth Thailand then. No need to improve Education standards or train people to do the work that will be needed for jobs of the future. Thailand will be left behind, while it's neighbours progress.
  14. I'm surprised the Thai government haven't asked the UK to extradite him. Not sure who is trying to save face but IMO face has been lost by the Thai government. They talk a big talk but in the end its business as usual.
  15. Given the chance he will do to the Kurds what the Turks did to the Armenians. He is just another dictator the west will have to deal with. Turkey will go the way of Syria.