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  1. I'd think that some good teachers could get up to 5. As I said in the post earlier, I know one teacher who has got a 5th waiver now but has already been told by TCT that it's going to be the last one.
  2. Hi, Thank you for your invitation. However, I'm not going to take any course to try to get another waiver or a Thai teacher's lisence. If I can't get a 4th waiver, I'll then leave. I'll see what happens.
  3. Hi, Thanks very much for your comment. One thing for sure is this is going to be my last school to teach in Thailand and I’ve still got about 1.5yrs left on my 3rd waiver. It’d be nice if I could get my 4th waiver with the school with which my 3rd waiver is now, but I’m ready to leave Thailand if I can’t get the 4th one when my current waiver expires no problem.
  4. I know some teachers who were not allowed more than one, though.
  5. Hi, Exactly! I'll see what happens because T I T !!
  6. Hi, Thank you for your comment. That's what I've been curious to know. Yes, this is my 3rd waiver with my 3rd school, as you guessed, so it should be my last one before I leave Thailand.
  7. Hi, Thank you for your reply. As regard to this article ' 2.2 No more than two years can be allowed in a single permission period and can be extended for a total period of not more than six years.', would you think that this is my last waiver or I can apply for the next one, considering these two points? 1) this is my 3rd waiver but I didn't used up either of my 1st or 2nd ones 2) it won't even have been 4 years since I got my 1st one, when my current one expires in about 1.5 years. Thank you.
  8. Hi, This is the topic that must of been talked about so many times before and I know the rules and regulations will change very soon and often in Thailand, but I've heard about the stories that you can get a waiver twice for 4 years or three times for 6 years at most. I do know one teacher who's got the 5th one now but has been told by TCT that that's going to be the last one. Mine is my 3rd one, and it will not even have been 4 years since I got my 1st one when my current waiver expires in about a year and a half. Would you think it possible for me to get the 4th one with the school where I'm working? Thank you in advance.
  9. Hi, ubonjoe! Thank you for your info. As for Question 4, can I photocopy these documents at the Immigration desk? Thank you.
  10. Hi, This is what I did about a half year ago. The Immigration Office where I did a visa extension told me that I could postdate the visa cancellation 15 days before the termination date on the letter from my school. I went back to the office to try to get it cancelled 10 days before the actual termination date, only to find that my school failed to prepare for a proper termination letter. They forgot to have the letter addressed to the office and put a school stamp on it as well. They wouldn't accept the letter so I wasn't able to get it cancelled then. The school had been closed so I couldn't get a new letter. And I went up to Nong Khai and visited the Immigration Office to get it cancelled. They asked me for a termination letter and accepted the one that they wouldn't at the office where I did the extension. Then I went on to Vientiane and came back to Thailand again. As for WP cancellation, I got a copy of Power Of Attorney at the Labour Office, signed my name on it and sent it and my WP to my school so that they could get it cancelled for me. Hope that helps.
  11. Hi all, I fly out of Don Mueang Airport next week and am going to get a re-entry permit there. I have some questions now. 1. Do you have to get stamped out first before proceeding to the Immigration desk to apply for a re-entry permit? 2. Is the desk open 24hrs a day? 3. Does a single re-entry permit cost you 1,000B there? 4. What do you need to apply for one? A photo or something? Thank you in advance.
  12. Hello, I just opened an account in a Bangkok Bank and got a UnionPay debit card (Be1st Smart TPN) issued to me. Can I buy an AirAsia ticket on-line with this card, for example? Thank you in advance.
  13. Thank you. One of the teachers for my new school told me he's also on the 3rd waiver now and added that you can teach on the waivers a maximum of 6 years. He's been teaching for the same school for more than 4 years now.
  14. Hi, I've just got my 3rd waiver by TCT with my 3rd school in Thailand. To be honest, I wouldn't even expect that to happen. I've got a BA which is not related to education, and I've got no certificate of Thai Culture Course, let alone a teacher's license. The details are I first worked for a private school for 3 terms (1.5 years), moved to a government school for only 1 term before moving to this private school at the beginning of this term. I just got my 3rd waiver a few weeks ago but it hadn't been 2 years since I got my 1st one. I'm not sure if this will count, but I'm from a university that is too good for TCT to miss accrediting and my new school is the very best one in the province. Hope that helps.
  15. Hi, All I had to do was go to the embassy in BKK to get my graduation certificate verified, have a translation centre put it into Thai and then get it certified by MOF. Hope that helps.