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  1. When did you buy the lie that any current "äuthorities" were ever elected? A coup, by its very nature, is a theft of democracy.
  2. I cannot believe anyone could make the claim that"Thailand has "strict animal cruelty laws" with a straight face in public.
  3. Any clear proof to support that surprising claim? It might be more logical to say tests can't prove 100% that you don't carry the virus.
  4. Nothing like a few loopholes to reinforce Thai-style democracy when an aspirational boy needs them.. Five or six years of lecturing about the need for democracy, a fair society and tackling corruption, patronage and privilege for the few culminates in this little plan against all the promises and hands on hearts poses. And these would-be politicians use a word like ''loophole'' to imply it was a genuine oversight rather than deception. Different band, same old music..
  5. People who need higher social status or recognition through extravagant purchases (like buying a handbag that costs the same as a mercedes or house) suffer from serious fake values as well. Resenting someone sensible enough to pay a reasonable price for imitation frippery has a tragic-comic edge to it.
  6. No thriving possible in Thailand without theft?
  7. The attitudes and values required to express this honest opinion screams the need for a more mature, less misogynistic view of human relationships. How come medieval attitudes persist in supposedly well-educated societies?
  8. "Nothing done to extradite 'Boss Red Bull', screams the headline. ...This is news?
  9. Would Walking Street, Pattaya fit the bill described by the OP?
  10. Reassuring that investigators keep up their zeroing-in skills.
  11. And the masks you find peeling off as years pass. The communications and social aspects are a minefield.
  12. A basic news report requires the Who What Where and When of the story. This is an example of simply crappy journalism. Stop wasting my time, please..
  13. I don't understand why the OP can't mind his own damned business and leave the couple to get on with their lives. It strikes me the OP might be an emotional succubus, exploiting this couple to satisfy his own need for real-life soap opera dramas. Unhealthy, not likely to end well for any in this triangle.
  14. Soldiers plan a road block and search of suspects for drugs and include installation of CCCTV (one presumes to cover incidences that might arise from the interaction between soldiers and the public)at the site. However despite their elaborate precautions, officers in charge missed capturing footage of the vital moments when some soldiers interact with one young boy and finally shoot him to death. Is vital evidence footage missing because those in charge were too incompetent (or ignorant) to provide proper camera surveillance and the legal protctions it might have given their troops or any targeted passers-by.. Or were soldiers well aware of where the camera(s) pointed and where resultant blind spots would exist where "special" interviews"could be held?