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  1. Their only "crimes" were being on the wrong side of an entrenched political system/network with an excesive sense of their own entitlements and privilege. Any perceived threat to that traditional dominance over a subservient cirtizenry will be quashed by any means necessary. Quitre possibly Pridlives can't see the forest for the trees. A growing majority of a citizenry is becoming convinced they have been oppressed and exploited for too long. These so-called criminals are instead becoming symbols of martyrdom, innocents forced into acts of heroism as well as suffering. Ironically, The military and their stooges continue to help these activists cement their images as heroes. Any number of martyrs around the world who believed that unfair bullying of ordinary citizens exploited by greed and ruthlessness should be resisted and removed have trodden the same road. The oppressors hardly ever realise the historic inevitability that their clumsy disregard for the rights of their fellow countrymen will ensure their own eventual downfall. The collapse of rule of law and its replacement by a system that protects unreasonable privileges in a corrupt system is one step down a slippery slope. People like Pridlives are simply doing more dirty work for a sinking system by their name-calling. People who've been downtrodden, exploited and prevented from living any other way but in poverty and despair for generations have well-developed Bullsh..t detectors. Naturally they will be drawn to support those who offer hope for a better life. Gandhi, Mandela, Geo. Washington and a host of others spent a large part of their lives being denounced as criminals. Not such shabby company. The names and memories of exploiters and their minions hardly ever grace history's pages for long..
  2. A bit of reo rod about a half-metre or so long,, a taped rubber handgrip. Hung on a belt loop, ready to menace these uncontrolled pests as soon as they start acting up. Ignore "owners" and protect yourself from rabies or other diseases they carry. A can of insect/ant spray deters. So does an ammonia solution in a water pistol right into the animal's (or protesting owner's) face).. A length of black rubber irrigation hose whacked on the ground can also .startle. I like dogs but hate irresponsible, ignorant owners who turn their "pets" into public menaces for their own amusement. If an owner doesn't like you defending yourself, offer to call the police on his behalf immediately. He can explain to police why he shouldn't face an appropriate fine.
  3. IAuthorities' statements sound so certain these poor buggers violated red flags and other safety precautions, it suggests someone saw them entering dangr zones. Where were the rescue boats or other equipment necessary at any popular swimming spot to save people from their own ignorance?
  4. Haven''t tourists been targeted enough already anywhere in Thailand?
  5. Funny that you should say that .....
  6. Is it possible Pollyanna ran away from a movie career with Disney Inc. many years ago and has been heading up the Thai military's training programs ever since?
  7. Of course there's no politics involved; just a storm in a teacup over land and money.
  8. Ridiculous rituals, BS colonial traditions imposed by people who lack any regard for values relevant to Thailand.. Surely a university community with aspirations to international recognition and respect for developing intellects and enlightened values ought to be able to come up with celebrations or associated events that reflect genuine traditional Thai/Buddhist ethos rather than leaving themselves open to derision for their lack of originality.
  9. Justice delayed is justice denied. Money and privilege seem to trump justice regularly in Thailand. In despair at times, I muse that Thailand is as much a crippled nation as that long-dead crippled man. The problem for Thailand, of course, is to make certain those wielding the knives in their carve-up of this abused nation are properly identified and that all those in the crazed mob are eventually forced to face justice. I think many good people could empathise with the frustration and fears expressed by the witness..
  10. I thought the amnesty applied for unregistered immigrant wqrkers from s[ecified neighbouring countries. Nothing to do with western tourist/missionary visitors. Still, someone in envelope land must have realised quick enough that this chap had gathered a sizeable fortune from his enterprose and was ripe for the plucking. Is this speculation cynicism or realism? It will be interesting to see how long the charming, charismatic snake oil salesman remains in LOS now. Unfortunately it seems his own lack of taste finally brought about his downfall.
  11. This whole legal debacle should have remained a civil matter, resolved baaed on whether or not financial compensation was payable. Any court action that enables a civil action to result in imprisonment is clumsy, heavy-handed and leaves the court system open to accusations of political interference.
  12. It's unfortunate, but the current authorities have created a terrible threat for themselves after having set the precedent about legal consequences for the person in chargs pointed ae of government being legally responsible for everything through their hounding of a former PM for rice policy debacle. It's noteworthy that another contributor has pointed out the Thai army was running counter-insurgency operations in the very same areas for more than a decade while the human trafficking offences occurred. Is turning a blind eye to an army general's private enterprises deemed complicity? Intresting times.
  13. What is really annoying is that those little boys and their noisy mobile sewing machines progress eventuallly to greater heights of wankery via football ground speaker systems in their cars, the untrammelled loudspeakers in a range of mobile trader enterprises constantly touting business up and down sois and villages, or temple P systems or just plain inconsiderate displays of deafening blasts at all-weekend parties for equally drunken bands or karaoke singrs who believe the decibels cancel out off-key notes. I'm tireed of such idiocy waking me at 3am each weekend night. Town or rural - doesn't sem to make any difference.
  14. Considering the number of people in the group actually convicted of offences, their varying levels of social and financial status, the amounts of money revealed in the criminal activities (from murder, rape, kidnapping, extortion and a range of less serious crimes) outlined in evidence, the breadth of areas and locations in which illicit activites occurred and the long periods over which these crimes took place, does any reasonable person believe those on trial are the only people involve?. Many other scumbags would have benefited from these now-revealed crimes,providing support and encouragement (for a price) and benefited from the activities. Many times greater numbers (family members, friends and associates involved in linked activities (drug networks, body dumpers, providers of land for death camps, food deliveries, general transport needs and other supplies etc)) but chose to keep quiet and took no action to deter them or relieve the suffering of many thousands swallowed in the forests. A similar number in the know might have been too afraid of revenge if they'd spoken out. Those convicted and their immediate families should be subject to loss of any riches accumulated that cannot be explained by proven legal means, or clean profits derived from what bwas originally blood money. Such funds should be consolidated into sources for compensation to relatives of victims. It's beyond laughable that authorities expect the citizenry to believe fanciful notions about having stopped the disease and other side effects of the corruption necessary for these depravities to have continued in a hidden vacuum for so long. Many more criminal scum hiding behind fake respectability should also be hung out to dry.