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  1. sandemara

    Justice is for all, rich or poor, says Prayut

    Somebody else's fault? Im wondering now if it is possible to rely on translation services providing accurate interpretation of cultural sensitivities inherent in both languages.
  2. sandemara

    ‘Yoshi’ Wins Miss Tiffany’s Universe

    Was that a divine message?
  3. An anthropological study impossible to view in western societies (where similar events occur) due to censorship controls.
  4. Wishful thinking at best. Apparent loss of constituency that supported the Shinawatras consistently over the last 3-4 elections won't happen. Too many bad smells about the current junta rule.
  5. I've seen nor heard any "official" confirmation beyond Prawit's speculation presented as what he called "solid evidence". He the fact she "might have been" in the car was solid evidence. No proof whatsoever. If she had been in the car at the checkpoint and allowed to pass through, why aren't those in charge of the checkpoint already in the calaboose with a decent interrogation team climbing all over them? What people want to believe and what is actually reality gets smeared into confusion all the time in the Thai media drama scripts.
  6. Why do you want to work in the Thai education system? I've never come across a bigger swamp loaded with cheats, liars and unreliable employers in Thailand. Generally unconsciable thieves. Try approaching individual schools direct. You'll still get ripped off, but you'll know about it sooner.
  7. sandemara

    Prawit believes Yingluck had help to flee

    That's not quite correct. Prawit announced only that a vehicle was seen at a certain spot and there was no definite identification of occupants. He usded the words "she MIGHT have been an occupant" an that CCTV footage gave no indication of passengers. It could have been anyone. He defined this as "solid evidence" of YS' whereabouts. A brave but groundless interpretation of what 'solid evidence' actually represents.
  8. A fly cannot enter a closed mouth. Old French proverb. Chulalongkorn is digging itself into a muddy embarrassing pit. Voluntarily. What has happened to its academic traditions?
  9. sandemara

    Tiger shot dead after running loose on Georgia highway

    Try going tiger hunting with a .38 cal.handgun. Those police were brave men doing a dirty job that had to be done.
  10. sandemara

    ‘Neighbourhood python’ finally goes too far

    Pythons much cleaner, quieter, more discriminating in attacks on passing members of the public than any half-starved diseased soi dogs. I like the trend.
  11. The stompings, the shoes on the head ...
  12. sandemara

    Clue emerges about Yingluck’s escape route

    A clue! A clue! A 'might have' is presented as solid evidence. Magic police work. Are these public appearances anything to do with political broo-hawing in a lead-up to elections, rather?
  13. Not much else needs be said.