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  1. A delightful Asian rendition of the term 'pissing in the wind''.
  2. This smacks of jealousy and resentment among the privileged elite wannabes - no outsiders should be allowed to screw the Thai masses. That's our duty.
  3. People seem to have forgotten that the esteemed leader has a democratic heart - he said so just last week. I'm sure his word and thoughts will carry significant weight with his military compatriots delaying and filibustering on essential evidence. If he puts the word in through his network I'm sure those under investigation will do exactly as he directs. With alacrity and enthusiasm.
  4. I think the OP's point of view is rather precious. What sort of politically correct whimps seem to be taking over the media in general - not just social media? Who cares what nonsensical ideas, declarations or accusations a bunch of pseudonyms might endorse on a anonymous forum on any issue? The inherent irrelevance of anonymous comments allows them a value similar to a discarded losing betting ticket at a racetrack. Totally absurd to render them any more significance. For someone to decide to commit suicide because of such content is, in my view, an urban myth that f'eeds into the politically correct álternate facts'' many rely on to manipulate peoples' sensibilities. People who choose to neck themselves already suffer from a mish-mash of ideas and beliefs that have set them up for self-harm long beforehand. Social media is entertainment. It's a long way from Hyde Park corner or any other form of genuine sincere debate. Thought-provoking? sometimes. A product of boredom and diversion from loneliness? Highly likely. By contrast, physical contact (even a casual kick to the head while you're defenceless) carries much more sincerity and clarity of personal feeling in its message. I'm sure the origins of debating societies in western liberal democracies a century or two ago comprised, in part, a desire to mitigate violence as the only avenue to promote different ideas and social values. Anonymous forums seem to more closely resemble a convergence of aficionadoes of onaniism. The recent unrelenting preponderance of graphic endorsements of the Hammer of Thor on every trembling web page of TVF suggests some consensus with my view. The quivering ferrets and lavish adoration of individuals'penises adorning every page hints at the views of management about their readers' real interests.
  5. Ostrich restaurant? Yuk! Traditionally, ostrich meat is either baked or boiled. You place a brick in the pot/tray with the meat. The brick enhances the cooking process. Remove the brick once every 2 hours; when the brick is tender, so will be the ostrich meat.
  6. Aaah, politics emerges in unexpected circumstances. This is not the sort of lesson the herds of ducks need.
  7. I suggest your immediate need is an experienced, honest lawyer with expertise in family law. (Note: immediate means sooner than yesterday). While you are involved in ongoing legal disputes in Thai courts you are entitled to visa extensions until matters are resolved. Unless your former partner has extraordinary contacts or influence (and based on your information that you're providing financial support to his family suggests otherwise) you should expect court consideration to weigh heavily in the mother's favour. Changes in the way Thai family courts regard custody and its implications have changed in recent years. A sole parent with custody of a child cannot, for instance, dump their child onto their parents (the child''s grandparents)or hire a full-time nanny and expect to retain status as the child's sole caregiver and receive or enforce maintenance payments from the other parent (former spouse) . A biological mother generally is seen as the preferred care-giver. It has been my - limited - experience that 'face'' (and the desire for revenge) is a stronger motivation to lead Thai males to deprive the mother of access to their child - or even simply to avoid maintenance obligations - rather than a genuine desire (or understanding of what commitment really means) to gain sole custody. It might even be to your eventual advantage to let the father çontrol the infant in the short-term to get a taste of parental obligations. He'll be expecting he can enjoy his new 'single' status unimpeded and will certainly become quickly disillusioned within a few months at most. Get into the habit of keeping a diary of times of your access and the çonditions' imposed on you- records of conversations/threats etc.. Such records will be useful in eventual court hearings.Do not let your former spouse and his family think they can force you to 'buy'' access or sole custody. If a spouse is a non-citizen might cause minor complications only if you want to remove the child to live in your home country. Another good reason to seek experienced legal advice as soon as possible. Good luck.
  8. Seems to be a strange interpretation of the word ''únanimously'''. I would imagine there were fewer than 100 military thugs and other privileged elite in on the joke who have a very limited perception of what words like democracy, elections and the citizens' right to choose really mean. Alternate facts abound in Thailand's version of privileged elite. Nothing new here.
  9. Marijuana - made by God; Alcohol - made by man. Who would you put your trust in?
  10. M y most ""ïnspiring" impression of the Thai education system remains the recent v/clips of teachers behaving like Godzilla in a classroom full of trapped cowering kindergarten age kids, getting tromped on, hit, screamed at and generally abuseed. By the time those poor kids, through some miracle, survive until they reach university age, they're still forced into uniforms and 18th century military haircuts (garanteed nit-free class environment). Every natural human tendency towards individualism or independent thinking hammered out of them long ago, they sit in class afraid to ask one question, afraid to say ""Ï don't understand, can you explain further?". Many will go a whole semester without opening their mouth (or mind) once. It's heartbreaking for the nation's future to watch it happening. It's probably why a PM imposed on the country by threat of weaponry can claim to be a "democrat" with a democratic heart while his side-kick announced last week that the military will still run things here for the next 20 years or so. And no-one dares open their mouth to ask a question or make a comment. They've been trained for years how to.""behave"" - . Your best contribution to the community is to shut up, sit down and do what you're told. End of story, end of future.
  11. The sound of one gunshot, and not much in the way of 'fleeing in fear'' on the v/clip. A case of a little overkill in selling this soap opera drama.
  12. Is there an implication in the police spokesman's words that RTP would like to encourage road-users to 'dob in' other drivers they believe are driving recklessly? There aren't enough police already to patrol public roadways? This starts to look more like police state tactics thany genuine attempt to make roads safer. If Police want safer public roads they need to get fair dinkum, show the general public that they genuinely care for the welll-being of ordinary citizens and actually carry out btheir duties properly, rather than setting up roadblocks t oearn pocket money; arrest the real crims rather than milk cowed citizens. People would be willing to help the police if they believed the RTP was genuinely committed to their civic responsibilities. I'd like to know if this spokesman believes dashcam footage would have made any differernce to the police's response and actions subsequent to the criminal activities of the Red Bull heir. Would police dealings with local big men accused of raping and procuring a 14-year-old girl reflected community outrage rather than protecting the 'big man' and putting the girl's mother in fear of her life? The police have a long, tricky trail ahead if they want to win back the trust, respect and co-operation of the general public. I keep dashcams in my car to help protect me from police skullduggery as much as.drunken idiots in charge of vehicles.
  13. There's too much evil in this world that keeps hidden. People carry out certain horrible acts that often never reach the general public's knowledge. I personally think any social structures that encourage or enable crimes or offences against human nature to be publicised will help members of a society understand how and why people do certain things that are unacceptable. Many people have little opportunity to become aware of some of the ugliness of life. It can be hard cor people - many live in a cocoon, separated from harsh realities - and lack the experience needed to deal with the world. The more evil that is brought out into the open, the better our chances of finding practical, positive ways to resolve or prevent its re-occurrence. Sure, the incident portrayed here is tragic, but it's also part of life. What steps can individuals take to prevent similar events in the future?
  14. Yes, Thailand's major unique problem is a military establishment that has forgotten what a nation's military organisation's sole responsibility is in a democracy: to uphold and preserve the integrity of a nation's democratic system and the government elected by the people to carry out their wishes. By its very nature a military organisation comprises personnel whose skill strengths revolve around use of force to impose their will on others, as well as ability to cause damage or destroy an enemy's national assets, and otherwise cause harm to their designated enemies. Their activities are dedicated to destruction, confusion by deceit and mayhem. I cannot make an assessment of the Thai military because I've no idea how they have fared against Thailand's external enemies (do they have any?) or any well-armed and organised opposing force. They must be good in some conflict situations because every military figure I see on tv is festooned with baubles, ribbons, wings and other military paraphenalia. I just cannot see how they've managed to conyince local citizenry of their attributes after 60-70 years of planning coups and setting up new rules to help their cause for control over the local populace each time. But what genuine positive achievements can this crop of do-gooder militarista claim for themselves to justify any credentials of democratic integrity and benevolent, honest cjvic administration? The statements contained in this current press release do nothing, in my opinion, to help the current regime gain respect or endorsement from any western liberal democracies. They seem to keep digging a deeper hole for themselves. The prospects of Thailand ever freeing itself from the greatest burden holding it back from progress continue to dwindle.
  15. Is this how Dr Mengele got his start in a disastrous career? I didn't like the sound of that throwaway line about "livestock officials"conducting surgery on female monkeys. Apart from thoughts about how officials re-locate inconvenient bears 'safely'in helicopters, I have to wonder what medical and ethical policies led to the decision to sterilise females instead of male monkeys. sterilising males is far easier, cheaper and less detrimental to the species. The captured monkeys are all supposedly being taken to a sanctuary anyway. Why the rush to mutilate? The human species seems to take every opportunity to display a lack of humanity towards their own and other species too often..