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  1. Those brown-shirt bozoes have given the victim the keys to a goldmine. I hop he talks to a smart lawyer before he makes any public statements (or says anything at all to the police) or signs any papers.
  2. Another press release two posts earlier on this string is headed "Cambodia, Laos Winning War on Drugs". Ha!" Maybe these "corrupt" people are pioneering a new government policy that acknowledges that "cracking down" on drugs has less to do with making society safer and is more about enriching corrupt authorities and their henchmen who also benefit from the opportunities "drug wars"provide to settle old scores with political or criminal competitors. It makes sense for genuine social development (and public safety) if authorities embraced the concept that nationalising manufacture, distribution and sales and mitigating the supposedly dangerous substances through a national government authority would bring an end to the violence and criminality around the drugs while they remain illicit. A properly regulated national industry with controlled prices would remove the lure of blackmarket money supply and cut the "Mr Bigs"" and their greedy henchmen out of the scene immediately. Their violent activities would cease without the justification of hidden millions as their prize. A lot more young people would survive the traps of the "glamour"business and actually progress into .legitimate business careers instead.
  3. A ghost of democracy past? Someone thought he saw something once that looked like democracy in Thailand, but nobody he spoke to about it remembered the phenomenon clearly, even though they were there too.His interest piqued, the man started doing more research but still nothing substantial resulted. He acknowledged it was the result of an accident with apparently disastrous results. And people have been arguing about it ever since on social media. But nothing has ever been resolved.
  4. Exactly so. I thought most tourists come to Thailand for the screwing of their lives.
  5. Sigh, life for the pukka sahib has always been difficult in foreign climes. We just have to recognise we make the sacrifice of being here so the natives have something to aspire to by our example. Chin up, lad, and soldier on as best you can.
  6. If the attack had occurred off a beach in Thailand the story would have been much different. A Thai husband and wife would have had that cheeky sucker in a headlock and thrown it onto their longtail canoe before the shark had even remembered whether you curl up and pretend you're dead, or do a starfish jump to appear larger and scare off human predators. Big serves of hot-spicy fish soup for the next week.
  7. Then again, the incidents could have actually taken place off Cape Canaveral.
  8. Urban myth. Who's the gatekeeper on the news desk? He's been stung.
  9. I didn't realise cars could create more passionate debate than ladyboys on TVF. Maybe commercial ladyboys are missing something here. To enhance their endeavours they might make a bigger impression simply by adopting innovative names that might resonate with potential clients. Forget names like Tiffany, Legs Akimbo or Lapis Lazouli. Introducing themselves with more exotic names like Hydraukic Rod, Glovebox or Plush Interior might get a few more customers'' motors revving to the red line.
  10. Siriporn doesn't realise yet just how lucky she is. This clown has virtually provided her with a 'Get Out of Jail" card free of charge for a year or two. If she's ever arrested or otherwise inconvenienced by police all she'll need to do is produce media coverage of this event and, with a clever lawyer, create doubt in the minds of a court that she's the victim of revenge harrassment prompted by this idiot and his corrupt mates. A no-brainer (in several contexts)!
  11. And he was working so hard on trying to impress them with his masculinity and commanding presence.
  12. !!! Another publicity coup just for Thailand's finest. I'm surprised this well-trained and superbly disciplined officer didn't pull his revolver and ceremonially shoot himself in the foot while he was conducting his little public dummy-spit. Where do they recruit these fools from?
  13. Yes, officer. he'd been giving me the shits for years.
  14. Small, yes. Cheap, ditto. Much more sensible than the inconvenience and expense of mounting investigations. I trust relatives of the deceased appreciated this gesture and feel much happier with their country's legal and justice systems. It's nice when police can also get closure on random spontaneous events outside their control.
  15. Such sensitive, consideration in a free press in a 'democratic'' country is touching. A delicate description of how to murder a policeman. This sort of kow-towing is a sure sign that a pragmatic media has already seen the writing on the wall. How rule of law operates in a country riven by corruption and privilege.