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  1. Sorry if I berate you don't really mean to. Anyway, we all only convinced if we have actual experience of what is happening to ourself so no pointing in trying to tell others they wouldn't listen till they cry out for help.
  2. You may be right faraday. But when the doctor could only give me painkiller for my pain it is not good at all. I took Ayuverdic Indian herbal pills for the pain and it was gone with not side effects. Am I not grateful for that? Or do I need to take painkiller until my kidney are damaged? I only took the herbal pills for a week not a long term drug dependent way to solve my problem. I am grateful to the Ayuverdic Indian herbal medicine, think what you may, call them quacks if you like but when you are in pain for years you will know what I am talking about. You may be an Engineer but it doesn't help if you have tunnel vision when it comes to other things.
  3. Yes, I can see the difference now. But still it is worthwhile to google "Buteyko Breathing Exercise" and see if it helps. I guess it will, because my case was severe pain during the cramp. It was excruciatingly painful that is why I was desperate to try the breathing exercise after the potassium and magnesium failed.
  4. When you said "Spasm" you mean Cramp? Muscle Cramp. If it is muscle cramp I had this problem a year ago and I manage to stop it. I used to be awaken in middle of the night due to this terrible pain in the calf muscle due to muscle cramp. I took calcium and magnesium and also potassium but none of these help at all. Finally I google "Buteyko breathing exercise" that really helps. It amazes me that simple breathing exercise help tremendously I wasted my money on all the magnesium and potassium. Of course at first I was skeptical but I was desperate so I tried everything even if it didn't seem to make sense. I breath out into a paper bag so the carbon dioxide is breath back in again. It's like an air sickness paper bag. But I try not to breath in too much oxygen that means I breath in lightly but breath in the carbon dioxide in the bag. I don't know if you understand this theory. Anyway if you google "Buteyko breathing exercise" you will understand. In less than a minute I could feel my calf muscle loosen and the tickle sensation when the muscle vibrates and the cramp is gone. Of course I do make sure I take enough calcium, potassium and magnesium but in my case I don't need too much of them. Don't forget to keep your leg warm when you sleep, wear socks in bed. You may or you may not benefit from this simple exercise I don't know, but if you do please let me know. My e-mail address : moinethailande@gmail.com It's ok to leave my e-mail address I don't have important things for them to steal, not even informations. Just everyday nonsense chatting on e-mail.
  5. If the Thais are not aware what they are doing constitute Racism then you have to forgive them really. Last but not least it's silly to say "my advice boycoot all of asia". Why? Answer is simple. Have you seen some nice looking Vietnamese ladies? If any one of them suck your dick you will forget just about boycotting all of asia.
  6. Hello there, I think this is where there is a wrong perception of the Thais people. The Thais are by nature playful even as adult they have this childlike character in them which appears from time to time (not all the time though). This Thai woman at security think it was good fun for everybody including your good self however you missed the joke because you don't understand what they were talking about. It is unfortunate that the modern society with its consumerism is destroying the Thai society rapidly. Otherwise I believe they are much more wonderful people if they don't blindly follow consumerism fashion and trend.
  7. Please don't sit on my sausage. Air dried sausages are they good for health? They aren't cooked ?
  8. The problem is when these kids get addicted to KFC or Mcdonald. Kids cannot control themselves and so easily persuaded by the advertising. Just analyze those advertising you will see how insidious they are. They don't just say "Eat this chicken is so nice" no, they create an image that you kids are happy here in KFC, we are one big family,(what they didn't say is come on eat till you are sick with cancer 15 or 20 years down the road.) Repeatedly re-heat the same oil at high temperature will change the molecular structure of the oil they become carcinogenic. You don't drop dead eating foods cook with this oil , but the damage is done on the cellular structure in your internal organs over the years if you eat it often enough. But kids do eat them often. Why are kids having sore throat, fever, and headache? Some are so tired you think that is how they should be? I know a couple who never let their kids eat these fast foods, their kids look really healthy, they are age 9, 12 and 17 they never complain of being sick. They are not over weight and they look active. Most important they look intelligent not stupid, they don't talk stupid when you converse with them, why, because foods affect your brains. Stupid foods make you stupid.
  9. Extortion racket busted

    I just cannot help laughing when I read about getting rid of corruption. I cannot go into details because I will be ban by the moderator. A tourist in South America once asked a local man, "Is there a lot of corruption in this country?" The man replied, "What do you mean corruption, it is an institution in this country".
  10. Is that your photo there? You do look kind of handsome I must say.
  11. Pho - What Am I Missing?

    Oh, please don't talk about soup in Laos, please. I was having this soup and my missus said to me if you look carefully there is a small piece of plaster in the soup. The cook cut his finger this morning? From then on, I always say to all restaurants waiters , "Skip the soup, you understand?, no?, don't give me soup, just bring the plate of the day ok?" I said to my missus, "wipe that smile off your face".
  12. Time to evacuate Asia ?

    Never mind about Thailand, please give way I need to get to the front seat so I can see what happen when Mr Kim press the button. Is it going to be self-fulfilling prophecy when so many people expecting this to happen? Be honest don't we all have this secret wish that it will happen. Worst of all an unconscious wish ( like trump has).
  13. I am not innocent 17 y.o. but I never deal with beer promoter. Say if I chat one up is it ok for me to initiate the negotiation? I mean if she does show some interest in me. I really like a clear cut deal to avoid misunderstanding you know what I mean? Someone with experience please advise. (oh, I speak Thai ok, more than just simple conversation)
  14. Oh, ok it's a head butt, must be a slang invented recently?
  15. What do you mean really, if you don't indoctrinate your kids, the government will and you are at the loosing end. Why must your kids eat highly processed foods and listen to government who talks stupid?