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  1. Of course the silencer is not for the shotgun pistol, oh no you can't really keep down the exploding noise of a shotgun pistol. So I could find out from Youtube tutorial on how to make a silencer, if I do make one it would be for a pistol that fire normal bullet not shotgun bullet. I will have to make the pistol as well pistol is not difficult to make. Do I need a reinforced type of steel tube for my pistol? This is a question I need answer. I worry the whole thing explode in my face.
  2. Nice to get your response to my questions. Is it difficult to make a silencer for a pistol? It's not high tech is it? Why would I need a silencer? Well, I don't want to wake up the whole neighborhood & with police coming, then to court. You want to do the job quietly dispose of the cadaver. The present standard of police investigation I guess you could just about get away with it. I am talking about protecting your family shooting an intruder who is armed with a machete in your own home not about taking a pistol to the bar or pub.
  3. Really? I have never heard of that. Are you sure there are pistols that could fire shotgun shells? You familiar with guns? I hate to say this I think I need one of these to protect myself from robbers with machete. I would fire into their faces to make sure they die. Not because I am evil I just don't like to be chopped up.
  4. Thais working abroad prone to exploitation

    Exactly, I thought so too. They should show they have treated foreign workers well first before saying they were exploited or badly treated.
  5. Funeral / Cremation Costs

    When my dear elder brother died I just quietly arranged with the funeral shop to have the cremation done. No monk no nothing, my brother wouldn't like monk hanging around his cadaver. My elder brother and me we were buddy very close just like good friends. I knew exactly how he would have wanted his cremation to be done so I did what he wanted though he didn't tell me before he died. It was good his friends were not there because I would have shouted at one or two of them who owed him money. I would have said something like, "what the fvvk you doing here, go get lost you needn't pay him back any money now, aren't you happy?" I could never understand what society is up to when they expect so much money to be spent on a funeral. My dear old brother is dead you understand ?Why don't you be more kind to him when he was alive and now you want to attend his funeral, go get the fvvk out of here. No kind words during a funeral is a faux pas, so I had to keep it quiet and get it done with only 2 other family members. This post reminds me of the situation when someone is dead he is dead so just cremated or bury and don't make the living suffer. The society is stupid you don't have to follow them and become stupid as well.
  6. The rest area where the drivers could sleep for 1 or 2 hours would be the best solution. Ice-cold water are also available to wash their face this will wake them up. If the astrologer says you will die in a traffic accident no amount of chicken soup will help. Some generals do not go on the road at certain day because the astrologer warned them. Why do the chickens cross the roads in Thailand? Because the Lonely Planet says so.
  7. German arrested over tree damage in Krabi

    I have encountered many Germans in my work and travel I find most of them very good people. We always remember the good people. I hope this German man will recover from his problem and enjoy his stay in Thailand.
  8. Naked pictures of young ladies will not harm kindergarten kids I can assure the education department. But not for school boys, School boys may wonk too much so not good for their brains, hairs may grow on their palms too. Storm in a tea cup. How do you say that in Thai language?
  9. He is not even in police uniform how could anyone allow him to search their bags as stated in the report.
  10. Are they also good at B......j............?
  11. I believe that the true and proper Buddhism is not being practiced in Thailand. I wonder why the Sangha(the highest authority on Buddhism in Thailand) is not doing anything to change the situation. I list here the mistakes make by the average Thais on daily basis, (1) Praying to Buddha for good health, wealth and success (2) Believing Buddha amulets will protect them from accidents or calamity. (3) Ignorance of the Abhidharma(the higher learning of Buddhism) therefore behaving badly when things go wrong, example getting angry and using weapons to strike people. These sort of behavoirs are seen all over Thailand everyday. I really wish to engage a talk with the authority on Buddhism in Thailand but it is just that I don't know how to go about finding the right person to relay the message to the highest authority on Buddhism. Can anyone help? I believe if the true and proper Buddhism are taught a lot of problems can be solved, there will be a lot less unnecessary fighting and quarrels among the people.
  12. Dying men's hair.

    Mr Brunolem you got everything figure out didn't you? Yes, I very much agreed what you said.
  13. If you watch a documentary on Bedbugs, Dust mites , lices etc., you will see these little bugs have hairs on their body and there are mites on those hairs, so you can say, it's mites on mites. Shocking. In fact if you are a huge giant looking down on the world you will think we human beings are mites infesting all over these nooks and corners.