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  1. Yes, I quite agree with this, it is probably the most sensible thing to do in this circumstance. Mind you, the Thai government can be so fickle minded, if they decided on something and later said it was a mistake, offer no apology and you wasted all your time dealing with them. I had problem with immigration on passport not being stamped when I crossed border into Thailand. Bad experience, left a bitter taste in the mouth. I had done no wrong yet being fined 2000 baht for not stamping the passport. All governments are stupid to start with. So you should avoid dealing with them.
  2. I would love to see fatboy nuke USA and USA nuke north korea. well, I am not sadistic but we see what's the outcome, Japan being so lackey licking the american boots, will receive all the fallout. Well, they all deserve it because they are arse holes, especially USA. US thinks they won the war in Iraq, but north korea will kill them like pigs in slaughter house. US better get ready to treat veteran of its first nuclear war. US ask for it, they get it. Nothing bad for North Korea, they have every right to possess nuclear missiles. Every country has the right including the arrogant Iranians.
  3. Well, not much of a choice for the western guy is there? Better than nothing.
  4. This stray dogs problem in Thailand reflects on a misguided generation of Buddhists. A good buddhist should know that stray dogs are suffering, they don't get proper nutrition, they are full of ticks and they experience no proper care or love. A good Buddhist will do what they can to prevent these sufferings of the stray dogs because one of the main and important teaching of Buddhism is Awareness of Suffering in this world. A good Thai Buddhist will not dispose his aged dog on the street to die, he will also spray the dog at the veterinary and pay for it. If you have no money do not own a pet dog because keeping pet dogs with proper care cost money. If you believe in the teachings of Buddha you will not cause suffering by keeping pet dogs when you cannot afford to give them proper care, this should be drum into the head of all Thai people. It would be a National Shame for the Thai people that someone from a non-buddhist country could see this problem so clearly and the Thai buddhists themselves merrily going around ignorant of all the sufferings they are causing to these animals. If you are Thai reading what I wrote you should inform your government that this not so much a problem of Stray Dogs it is a problem of their ignorance of Buddhist's teaching that bring sufferings to these Stray Dogs. It is the Thai people who creates the suffering and you call yourself a Buddhist country when you contravene the most important teaching of Buddha, to prevent suffering to all living beings. "Ignorance is the cause of all sufferings".
  5. If you like reading old out of print history books like me you will find out that Thailand was already spooky in the 14th century. Chinese travellers who wrote about their travels in Thailand and Cambodia during the early century said Thailand was spooky. Black magic and things like that. Women who like you would do things to keep you from going back home. How about that? It has always been a Spooky country. Come to think of it, I should call my newly adopted cat "Spooky". Sounds nice.
  6. A little boy once wrote, "England is a big piece of wind swept rock with some skinheads roaming about in steel tipped boots". You love Thailand warts and all, that's why you are staying. I love Thailand because the restuarants and coffee shops look reasonably clean. From time to time you get to meet nice people, I speak conversational Thai so I enjoy talking to them.
  7. They can make many things you do become illegal in Thailand, they are the law unto themselves. Just pay when they say you pay.
  8. 18 yr old Ozzies are better off in the brothels than the bar or club because it will not damage their liver and not being drunk they stay away from trouble. In the brotherls the girls will say to you, "you farang talk, talk, talk " Oh, girls in Thailand don't do bondage or oral.
  9. Yes I often wonder why they wear such tight fitting shirts and trousers. Do they think they look smart in those tight fitting uniforms? I think the Samoan (south seas islanders) police uniform look smart. It's like a skirt (usually white color) . And blue shirt.
  10. we are waiting for the reasons why you said "how they get rated number 5 is beyond me". Otherwise what you just said is quite meaningless not a clue, Henry of Pattaya. please, we are waiting
  11. Hey Doctor, the fat old farangs on the beach did not entice you with their moobs nor did they do anything obscene like holding them up with both hands and shake around.
  12. It's the unspoken and unwritten laws that no sperm(ejaculated and stored) from Thailand be it Thai sperm or foreigner's sperm allow to be transport out of Thailand. However, Seminal fluids and sperm while still in the testicles are allow to be transport out of Thailand. There are many unspoken and unwritten laws in Thailand, many will be made up along the way to deal with foreigners as they see fit.
  13. the Scotsman said, "This American lady sucks"
  14. If his name was immediately made known then how is he( Pa chor) going to pay up? it's not a double standards. It's standard procedure to collect payment due. In my country the journalists are told no photos no name, and the journalists follow exactly what they are told, otherwise, you know what "otherwise" mean don't you?
  15. you got the wrong country mate.