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  1. Entire body hurting.

    Strange , I had Chlamydia almost 30 years ago, my dick swell up and look a little puffy, is that what it looks like when you get chlamydia? I went to see doctor got tablets and got cured. But no pains over my body, how is it that you got pain all over your body?
  2. If only the world changes its perception that would do everybody a hell lot of good. Right now every nationality would feel bad if one of its fellow countryman did something shameful or evil. That's totally wrong perception. Who says these 2 young Russkies represent Russia ? Since when? These 2 young Russkies are only responsible for themselves and no one else. So being Russian you should not be affected at all. If someone say to you, "What a shame you Russian behave badly", you should tell them to piss off. You don't even have to explain to them. Well, if more Russians going to do silly things in Thailand where would you want to hide your face? They are going to get drunk, walk about naked, shouting at Thais, etc., so you going to take on all these responsibilities? It must be hard on you. You are an individual even as a Russian national you still are an individual and you can only be responsible for your own deeds or words, nothing else. As long as you are a good Russian that's all it matters. Long live the Russians!! ( I believe Russia is a good country ). If you want to see idiots you should come to my country we probably got more of them than you would find in Russia. I don't have to hide my face I smile at them.
  3. Macdonald and Kentucky advertisements have successfully made these students feel at home eating at their food outlets. A certain percentage of them will die young heart diseases, diabetes and other relate diseases. It's a pity they can't understand these highly processed foods are damaging, in fact a lot of these highly processed foods are poisons. If they eat biscuits, donuts, their teeth rots, their moods swing like a yo-yo, and they look like balloon. If you look at the french kids almost all of them look skinny. So far I only know France is the only country where their primary schools children are shown pictures of diabetic diseases, amputation of legs .etc., The children were told the reasons to avoid eating these foods. Of course a small percentage will still eat these bad foods but the percentage will be a lot lot lower.
  4. He likes the look of this lady. Walking around town with an erection is no fun, so he quickly get her to the room, from my personal experience. I met this young girl in a tuk tuk smiled at me and I smiled then we got off the same time and went straight to the hotel, don't waste time.
  5. My broken Russian is better than no Russian....no?
  6. Knee Pain: Cause vs Effect

    I cure myself of knee pains. There are certain vegetables you must not eat because there are chemicals in these vegetables that cause or make the pain worst. Example, Chinese Radish(white in color) Cabbage, Tomatoes, cucumber and carrots. Also foods to avoid, Number One biggest enemy - wheat flour, many people don't realize it or say it's nonsense , you only need to avoid eating wheat flour or anything from wheat for 2 weeks to see result- you will be glad you read this piece of news. Beer is also a big cause of this pain. Why I don't know why I will not touch it any more. If you look at the foods we eat, too much wheat flour stuffs and sugar. Yes, Sugar is also a big problem for knee pains. 500 grams of sugar last me about 5 months that's how much sugar I take. I put a little bit in my coffee because coffee is too bitter. Meat, I have become almost 80 percent vegetarian only eat very little meat or seafoods. Use Magnets to help relieve the pain. Yes MAGNET, many people think this is a load of hogwash . Well, if you find it works you no longer think it's hogwash. Must get those powerful magnet, not those weak ones, those are for kids playing. Those powerful ones are available in hardware stores. You need to bandage them around the knees before you go to bed, or have your wife or someone to make a cloth bag that you could wrap round the knee . Use north, south opposite one another. Within 2 months I am free from knee pains, and I follow strictly to the above in term of diet and using magnet if any small pain is experienced. Wondeful to be free from knee pains. Doctors cannot do much for you(unless surgery required), they can do many other cures but not knee pains. So don't waste your money and time on doctors. Just do it yourself.
  7. I refrain from commenting in case people call me a racist. I had some bad experience with some "zionists" (from isreal; yes I check the counter register for nationality) during my stay in guesthouse in Chiang mai. The chosen people of God just look down on everyone. They should go home and beat the poor palestinians because other people are not so easy to bully. Of course they were not happy not being able to display their racial superiority in Chiang Mai. I know my last bit of comment was uncalled for. But I want to get it off my chest.
  8. No, I am not Russian but I sympathize with Russian because The Americans had for years giving the Russians a bad name now they try to bully N.Korea a small poor agrarian country. Shame on the Americans. Who says N. Korea can't possess Nuclear weapons? Dovishdaner(goodbye in russian) or Paka paka (more informal good bye). Ps: Honesty is for those who could afford it. Paka, Paka.
  9. Does the word "moral" exists in Thai dictionary? You may be surprised that the french don't have a word for cheap, they say "moin chere"(less expensive) or they say bonne marché (good buy). So I wouldn't be surprised if the word Moral doesn't exist in Thai dictionary. You know different culture different ways of looking at things. In Thailand my moral compass needs total overhaul because I look around something is not quite right here. The 2 Russkies young men came to Thailand look around they must be kind of confused. They see young men dressed up as ladies to pass themselves off as sexy young ladies . So they look at each other and said, "hey, scam here is a whole new ball game, not like at home, here everything goes". Well, what can I say. I am tired of moral when everybody is fornicating while I only watch and don't have the guts to do it. If I screw the hotel room cleaning mate or my neighbor's wife surely someone would shoot me with their cheap revolver.
  10. I guess you are right, they have better things to do or rather more important things to do shall we say.
  11. They are handsome(look at photos) and they know how to talk the birds to come down from the tree. No doubt these are quality tourists, after all what is one night free room for them, the hotels are making millions every year. And the meals, are they good I wonder, too hot and spicy for Russians they may not enjoy it but they are nice they didn't complain. This is Karma for the Thais who are always scamming the farangs, so this is pay back time. If I see them I will say, "You clever boys"
  12. I really don't see why such a simple problem cannot be solved. If the beach is enclosed, I mean fence up so to enter you need to pay 500 baht deposit you will be given a ticket (code number)which stated the number of plastic container, bottle or packages you have. When you leave you collect your deposit of 500 baht if any of the item are missing you will be charged accordingly, example 2 bottles you are charge 200 baht. Your empty plastic bag for chip is missing you are charge 200 baht. I am sure everyone will bring their trash back with them so they don't loose their 500 baht. This should be made by government into laws otherwise it will have no effect, because no authority from the government. If you refuse to pay the 500 baht deposit you cannot enter the beach. Simple as that.
  13. I will be gentle with her because she is a virgin.
  14. Thailand must have submarines because they have such long coastlines, if Malaysia, Vietnam, or China attack Thailand who is going to proctect Thailand? Malaysia bought 2 french submarines capable of delivering surface to air missiles long range. So Thai must have. I agreed. I would hate to see Thailand running away like a dog with its tail behind the legs. I hope Thailand will send its marines to China for training.
  15. I imagine that BIB said to him with a very aggressive finger pointing at him, "If you are stubborn we could do you in, we said you were trying to grap my revolver and during the struggle it went off, you will die like a rat, don't <deleted> around with us you understand".