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  1. Disgusting! remind me of the tits of wild boar.
  2. I read somewhere only Ali Baba in China take action if you complain. By take action I mean Ali Baba would stop the guy selling anymore anything at all online using Ali Baba website. On second thought it is not so easy to get huge amount of wedding dress or party dress , a container full would be quite a lot and who is going around buying them up for the seller?
  3. Dilemma over a Thai ladies behaviour.

    Something is wrong with her mentally otherwise she wouldn't behaved like that would she? I have a sister who would be nice one moment talking amicably then suddenly she find fault with something real or imagine and from there on started shouting and screaming. Mad women.
  4. Hans Otto Schiemann

    Yeah, you need to introduce blood directly to the victim to ensure success so if he prick his finger and smear the blood on the vagina or inside the vagina then it is possible. But it's too difficult to do that any lady or girl see him with his bloody finger that would have run away. May be if he get those ladies to drink something that knock them unconscious then inject them with blood from a syringe that would work. He probably infected a few girls or ladies I believe not that huge figure in news. No, no possible.
  5. This is the worst kind of deal I have ever read. I pay good money for rent yet i get fine for this and that. Be smart this is a bad deal
  6. What's wrong with Thai people? Yeah, thai people may be superstitious please leave them alone don't laugh at them.
  7. Civil servants must use their brains when they work. Of course young girls with big tits will show as much as possible their nice tits. Because they know when they grow old nobody will look at their tits so it's a once in a lifetime fun. Nobody will look at tits that are flabby so it's now or never. Government should not interfere and if girls who dress like this make a sexual harassment report the police should not entertain them because it is only fair. You are free to show your tits so don't report to police if someone touch them.
  8. Shopping at the fresh market?

    Is this all about buying fresh meat in fresh market you said? Being a vegetarian I only buy my fresh meat in Pattaya where the meat are young and tender you know what I mean? Some of these triangular shaped meat have lots of hairs on them remind me of the wild boars whiskers. Have you ever gone wild boar hunting what's your name again? Oh no now we are deviating on to wild boar hunting. This beautiful picture you had on - is that guy due to give birth soon? A baby coming erh?
  9. Why no milkshakes?

    Instead of crying over spilt milk why don't you start drinking coconut milk I mean the white milk like liquid not the water which sport enthusiasts drink to replace their electricity or minerals. Anyway I drink coconut milk (the thai called it Khati) in the past there was some misunderstanding that the oil in this coconut milk is bad for your heart because it clots up your artery and all that bullshit. Then later scientists say "Oh no it's not true because the fatty chain molecule of the coconut milk is a short chain molecule that don't line up the arteries so they don't clot up your arteries." I drink them at room temperature and I add pure coco powder and whisk them with a hand whisk not in blender (because you waste half of it which sticks to the sides of the blender) The hand whisk is the ideal tool to mix. It tastes so good. If you are not overweight then the coco powder is a must. I drink them also because I need to gain some weight. High calories stuff this coconut milk plus coco powder but it is 100 percent pure. No don't try to put ice or blend them in blender it would spoil the nature wonderful taste.
  10. Shopping at the fresh market?

    why is it that we never dream we die and what happen after that. Strange isn't it?
  11. Too many con job nowadays. You really need to meet this young girl face to face where she lives and talk to her . Can anyone who has time to do so do it? The Mainland chinese shipped in hundreds of cripple and really bad cases of badly injured people(from scars on bodies you see the accidents they had before) and put them on streets in Kuala lumpur, Malaysia. I used to give them money but after I know the syndicate ill treated them and forced them to beg 7days a week I stop giving anything at all. Why feed the syndicate members? Let them know you know spread the news.
  12. Shopping at the fresh market?

    No, I don't live in a confused fantasy world. I am 67 not a lot of time left is there? I still go to the gym doing only 40 kilos for deadlift a far cry from when you were 25. (Deadlift -you just lift it up and put in down but not overhead). I do weight resistant exercises to avoid muscular pain. Yes, you get muscular pain if you don't exercise the muslce. I have always been preoccupied with death. I want to die in beautiful way, painless and in a state of calm mind. Could I do that?
  13. Shopping at the fresh market?

    Bit of mix up here. Of course you re not coming back....what i said earlier was preparing for the journey to the underworld. Depends on how you die, if you are sick (not in great deal of pain) and going to die then all the mental preparation help to ease your embarkation on this wonderful journey. But if you are sick and in great deal of pain then too bad can't help much other than pain killers or morphine.
  14. When Russians want to rob don't they calculate the chances of them getting away with the crime? The photo gives the impression of a man with a lot of anger in him. He had better talk nice to BIB otherwise you know.......oh, you going to suffer.
  15. Shopping at the fresh market?

    When you are clean inside it helps the mind to be in a good state. A wine glass in one hand and a pretty girl will not be good because it creates a false sense of happiness and the mind will be misled and confused towards the end bit. when you are 75 or 80 wine and pretty girl don't do much good anymore you really need a calm mind and a good mental guide from your Buddhist training to get you on a smooth path. Good day mate.