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  1. So you continue to use it even after Selfridges staffs told you it was a counterfeit. You were in possession of a counterfeit note and attempt to use it- both a serious crime in Britain. You know that don't you? I know you felt short changed when someone gave you a counterfeit so you didn't want to lose ten pound you quickly used it to buy a burger. But the law doesn't think that way, you are expected to hand it over to the police and a lot of questions and forms to fill. They try to trace or at least find out how many places the note had been circulated. They have a special team who does this work and very good at it.
  2. Too much not disclosed in this story so you cannot figure out what were the problems in reality. The chilidren are better off without such violent father. Honestly. Is he bi-polar? Sudden outburst of anger perhaps, I am just wondering, not saying he is. Children are so sensitive they will grow up with memories of their father's behavior and it could be damaging for some of them. Nothing resemble an English gentleman I guess.
  3. You mean to record it on your I-phone ? And watch it from time to time until your GF or wife discover it?
  4. It is a country that fought a war which nobody really understood. Who is fighting who? Does a trial after so many years still serves its purpose? At 80 or 90 years old your dick is impotence, your teeth falling out, your hair all thin out, you could hardly walk far. You have pains all over the body. What is the point of putting them in prison now, too late isn't it?
  5. These evil people whom God so love that he made them live to 100 years old. My good brother died of cancer at age 42. Are you there God? I am complaining you not doing a good job are you?
  6. Yes, sometimes that happen when they are with foreigner they felt they had achieve something in their social life .Even the "Katoay" do that, you could see they try to behave in an elegant manner, like circus freaks. I once had a katoay colleague and I really felt like sticking a broomstick up the behind if I may say so.
  7. The attraction of alcohol, sex and drugs are too strong for the farangs to want to boycott this island. If you haven't been to the court in Thailand ( I had years back) you are just being naive to expect justice in Thailand. You expect the BIB to get the criminals? Is this some kind of a joke? I know people will respond to this post saying , "oh, everywhere you go there will be mafia like people, and they murder". No, not at this rate on the Island. I gather Farangs are selfish for not wanting to get together to boycott the Island. That's the only way to stop this game they play (with you Farang who else?). I visited the Island 4 times and stop going there for the last 10 years, not going there any more. Not that I want to punish the whole island businessmen or innocent Thais living there, but they had to rid their Island of this pest. I cannot pretend nothing real bad going on just because I want to enjoy myself on the Island. It would go against my conscience.
  8. When Stop by police could I say, "before you say anything please proof that you are a real police man or shall we go to the police station to verify". Is it ok to say that? I need to improve on my thai language to say that. Would the police be offended ? No, I need some good answer, so those expat who live here for 10 or 20 years probably know more or less the reaction of the police when spoken to like that. Please any good expat give me some clue.
  9. Who are you? You need to give details like, "expat" or English Teacher , Backpacker becomes long term hanger on, or Retired Farang. Otherwise what you wrote don't make much sense don't you realize that? Yeah, you live in the village, doing what? Please, I look forward to that.
  10. You are right. Suspects are just suspects not yet prove to be the convicted criminal, after conviction you could parade them and ask them to re-enact but not before. What happen if the suspects proved to be innocent?
  11. I don't believe the sun cause cancer for western skin. I see fishermen with skin under the sun for long periods yet they don't die from skin cancer. I won't be surprise if doctor in the west start telling everyone the sun is good for you and it doesn't cause skin cancer. If you keep eating highly processed foods that would likely give you skin cancer and lack of vitamin D3.
  12. You have sharp eyes Mr wakeupplease. I thought everybody like to sniff the underpants of ladies, i used to sniff my Gf knickers long time ago haven't done anything like that for so long but it's an animal instinct isn't it? We are half animals aren't we? I'm being honest.
  13. It appears to me that the Thais don't think raping little children is a serious crime, otherwise why are there so many cases. If no severe punishment is seen then it would go on and on. These are reported cases what about those not reported? There must be a lot more. Are there some kind of laws in this country?
  14. Lately her photos show her looking haggard. She used to look real pretty though. Has she grown old overnight? Or the Junta really giving her a hard time? I remember a young Thai lady (about 27 y.o.) was angry when I said Ying Luck looked beautiful. I think her parents must be one of those rice farmers cheated. I didn't ask her. I was shocked when I saw her angry with what I said.
  15. Surprised to read about Banks in Thailand not following banking rules. I thought things like that only happen in Nigeria.