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  1. an only in Thailand headline, to be sure... a pity about the motorcyclist (RIP) and the poor injured buffalo
  2. yes, my neighbor knows that me and my other neighbor saw all of it, he is grateful we didn't say anything; the whole neighborhood has been scorning him even more than before (his sister, my landlord, has never spoken to him in the 7 1/2 yrs i've lived in the hood), so he's paying a price for it after a fashion... as for KT, the scene is far more dangerous, i'm not even going to disclose anything further than what i have; i do have a few friends who saw the perp flirting quite aggressively with the girl for at least a couple of nights prior, and it was quite evident to all that he got quite miffed when he saw her suddenly paying attention to David Miller- that's all i can and will say although i am privy to far more than that... to those who are calling what i say gossip & hearsay, you are all welcome to your delusions, i deal in facts- life on a small island is even more insular than life in a small town in a lot of ways, and there ARE no secrets...
  3. read the other posts, mine and several responses of others; the first police investigator named names and then was immediately replaced- if anybody comes forward with proof, they are as good as dead, Koh Tao is a very small island, and a Thai or foreigner coming forward would be named to the powerful families that control the island
  4. fair enough, you were conveying the impression that the B2 were NOT innocent actually, the FIRST police investiugator named names and facts and was immediately transferred from the case
  5. spare us your moralizing; yes it's terrible, hence my earlier statement about praying for the karmna of Thailand if they execute these 2 innocent Burmese scapegoats- my next door neighbor killed his cousin in cold blood to take over the resort on the beach behind us- only me and and a Thai neighbor saw and heard everything, the BiB never talked to us, but if we had said anything, they would have told the neighbor what we said, and even though the neighbor would be jailed, we would be dead- and his wife and 5 children would be without a father a prominent politician's son imports 30 kg of ya ice every week via our island, many Myanmar Rohingya are trafficked through here onto boats to Phuket and elsewhere, and so much more- we ALL see and know this, to name names would be to sign our death warrants... and it's even worse on Koh Tao, much smaller circle of people
  6. i NAMED nobody... many people have uncles and fathers
  7. oh i have proof, friends who live there who were IN the bar earlier and saw everything leading up to the incident AND the subsequent coverup- and i do NOT deal in gossip...
  8. many have livelihoods, businesses on the island, etc- ALL islands here are mafia, but some are more seedily so than others... because Koh Tao is SUCH a small circle, things there are magnified 100 fold- but you couldn't pay me to live there!!!
  9. i would have to name the perp, then i would be in danger...
  10. those who live on Koh Tao are TERRIFIED to speak the truth because of the power of the perp's family; even i who do NOT live there am terrified to name the guy- i value my life!!!
  11. you either live in Koh Tao and have an interest in perpetuating the lie, or you are completely cluless- with all due respect, which is it? i can ASSURE YOU that the 2 Burmese did NOT do this, and the REAL killer and his Uncle and father have killed and assaulted and threatened many others, before and since...
  12. actusally it is COMPLETE truth, EVERYBODY on Koh Tao KNOWS who did it; i have friends on Koh Tao, I KNOW who did it, and i can ASSURE you that these 2 Burmese guys were NOT the perps
  13. YUP!!! and i truly pray for Thailand's karma as a nation if they execute these two innocent men while the REAL perp and his corrupt family still walk free and kill, threaten, and coerce with impugnity...
  14. i think so; certain recent responses i've had to deal with certainly stank like old fish