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  1. As there is no scientific research that supports your view, one has to question your ability to assets or interpret what you find.
  2. Unfortunately the enormous police force in Thailand is completely untrained in matters of road safety. So for anything to change there would require a major constitutional reform in legal, judicial and executive spheres......and that aint gonna happen for while. Fortunately the police are only a single part of a multifaceted problem.
  3. Why would you want to publicly air your ignorance n this topic is beyond me.....to trybe and ignore some of the biggest science, chemistry etc and blame it on stats just reveals how hopeless out of touch you are.
  4. You need to be better informed on road safety. You also have very erroneous ideas about Thailand's emergency services. I would suguest you get yourself better informed on that topic too. You also seem to have little idea on how different countries media reports news and why I think to have a productive conversation would require you to be better informed all round...it is no good making assumptions and then putting them forward as established premises.
  5. I would observe that to make a comment like that one would first have to believe in the concept of IQ and then have a very low one.
  6. Firstly Australia has a relatively poor road safety record themselves ..until recently nothing to crow about and horrendous accidents make the national news on a weekly if not daily basis. In fact it is a characteristic of the Aussie media to give horrendous crashes a lot of column. As for crashes with alcohol involved - and be careful to find out what that means - it is fair to say from stats available that Thailand, along with most countries including Oz have about a 30% rate of alcohol involvement. Conversely them is means that 2/3s of all deaths are caused whilst the driver/passengers are sober. Unfortunately in Thailand properly compiled stats to international standards are unavailable and it is virtually impossible to determine with any great accuracy what the number collisions fatal or otherwise is. However by taking the more detailed figures from the holiday periods which do offer more detailed stats, it is reasonable to suggest that on a per capita basis, there isn't a big difference between Thailand and most other countries. So one has to conclude it is what happened immediately after the accident and over the next few hours that determines Thailand's appalling death rates.
  7. And you, Mr Bradford, seem so certain of yourself.
  8. What is so disconcerting is that those who deny man mare climate change seem unaware of their profound ignorance on the matter and their total inability to sort the wheat from the chaff and yet still have the arrogance to think they have the intellect to counter the arguments. They simply have no idea how wide of the mark they are.
  9. Yes..there's always someone who mistakenly thinks that old cliche is an argument.. Obviously a newbie expat. If you chose to live in a country, for whatever reason, that is no excuse for shelving logic and reason. If you see something wrong anywhere in the world, and you have a modicum of intelligence you can give an opinion. How could anyone be so daft as to think just because you are foreign you have no right to an opinion? Most people who express opinions on Thaivisa do so because they live here and really care about the country they live in and certainly they don't consider standing by at watching people die a justifiable option....You learn by discussion not bea sitying back an accepting anything and everything as "just is".
  10. The single major factor in motorcycle deaths is the failure to wear a helmet or one that is up to standard. Regardless of why you come off, the absence of head protection immediately ups the ante....
  11. kwilco

    SETV Savannakhet

    Would love to hear from anyone more recent who has had to show 50,000. There was a note on the gate explaining the 20k requirement...has it been changed?