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  1. I hope your observational skills are better when driving.
  2. The US barely cares for its own citizens never mind anyone else's, you must be very naive if you think the US are spunking trillions of dollars on the middle east as part of their caring and sharing program.....& it's not entirely to do with their own unmatched thirst for oil and the global domination they require in order to quench that thirst.
  3. It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence. G.
  4. Your wife tried to buy a plane ticket at Manchester Airport & the airline asked her to prove she had spending money?
  5. According to the distorted/pixelated photo the "baseball bat" is thicker in the middle than at either end ...can you post a link to a standard baseball bat that is thickest in the middle? Where are you seeing the knob at the end in the above picture? Is it not more likely a stick that has been distorted due to the low quality of the image?
  6. Your bad eyes obviously missed my question ...once more: Can you point out how exactly how the stick in the close up below in any way resembles a baseball bat?
  7. The video might be grainy and distorted, ...but you need your eyes checked if you think it's a baseball bat. Can you point out how exactly how the stick in the close up below in any way resembles a baseball bat?
  8. You still haven't posted any picture evidence of the baseball bat even though you've been asked several times now?
  9. We can only hope he slips up one day and uses the wrong font, so the mods will do something.
  10. You are clearly deluded ...& like most deluded people you don't want to hear or see any real evidence which might challenge your delusion. I called you right at the start of this thread:
  11. I'm sorry you don't have the time to post evidence of your assertions, let me help you out.... Here is what a baseball bat looks like, observe how one end is significantly thicker than the other: Now, here are 'your picture's of ' people holding "baseball bats" ', as you can see the sticks in the pictures are not thicker at one end. Furthermore a baseball bat is made from hardwood, maybe Ash, and can cause significant damage when used as a weapon, while the light, thin sticks seen in the stills below are likely from the placards, coming loose as a result of the terrorist attack, this type of wood is known as a softwood, maybe Fir or another light wood. Under American law, the reaction of the crowd attacking the car would be classed as self defence. Let me know if you need any further assistance understanding this terrible terrorist attack carried out by extremists.
  12. Post a screenshot from the video ..... Or it didnt happen!
  13. Dont see any baseball bats in that link, are you sure you're not just making stuff up and seeing what you want to see?
  14. I doubt the group has any mentally stable members. Although, just saying they are mentally unstable doesn't really cover it, the vast majority of the people who join these groups seem to be borderline retarded or have other types of learning difficulties, so the root of the problem could be medical.