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  1. How would any of that prevent the truck from fleeing the police and speeding in a reckless manner? There is absolutely nothing in the video to suggest that crossing at that spot was dangerous.....however, crossing any road is dangerous when people are speeding. No amount of road design will make a speeding driver safe, unless we're talking about speed bumps every 10 metres. ----- Have you forgotten the reason why the pickup was fleeing the police was because he had already caused another accident further down the road...or was this lady to blame for that also?
  2. She would have provided a fake list of assets to hide the conflicts of interest ...Big bro would have been looking over shoulder!
  3. Yingluck's cv, cliff notes: Privileged life, silver spoon, everything handed to her on a plate. Yet, she still managed to trash her lot and the lot of her country via bad decisions, corruption and greed. Caused a civil war and Thailand's democracy to be put on ice for 5 years( and counting ). Now facing asset seizure, criminal proceedings and political career in tatters.
  4. The highway code is not an opinion ...although it doesn't surprise me that you think it is...
  5. The pickup is 100% to blame because he is driving in a reckless manner at high speed. There is nothing to say a motorbike cannot cross a road if the way is clear. The motorbike was not speeding, maybe only doing 5-10mph. She may have glanced to the right and seen the immediate incoming traffic was clear, but by the time she actually crossed the road at the slow pace she was travelling the pickup was already bearing down on top of her ....for the simple reason the pickup was driving so quickly. If the pickup had been driving safely within the speed limit would this have happened? No! If a pedestrian crossed the road and was knocked down because the pickup was speeding and not easy to see....would you still be saying the pedestrian is at fault? ....because the law in most western countries says otherwise, if you are speeding you are automatically to blame. --------- It never fails to amaze me how many bad drivers there are on TV who cant analyse a simple road situation and see who is to blame, I can only think they are a lot of old men who did the driving test in the 70s and therefore terrible drivers with no idea about safe driving.
  6. Take it up with the person I was replying to ..it was his point.
  7. Right, so the EU are just going to allow the UK to walk away from their debt, no deal struck ...but everything will continue as normal? I'm guessing you voted Brexit?
  8. What does the WTO rules have to say about the UK walking away from their legally contracted financial obligations? ...Hmmmn! In the unlikely scenario there was tariffs, they would be high, so the UK would be effectively paying back what they owe anyway.
  9. If the UK is barred from trading with the EU, ....the UK will still buy all the same EU products that is does today via grey imports, the only difference will be is that everything will be more expensive. If you think the British are going to stop buying German cars, drinking French wine & Belgium beers just because they cant purchase directly from the countries of production then you have another thing coming !!! ....of course, all this is reliant on the British being able to afford to buy these products after the pound goes into freefall due to the UK barring itself from exporting to the wealthiest market on the planet.
  10. Your lack of comprehension is not my responsibility. If you can muster the wherewithal to make a genuine point beyond the usual trolling...then I will respond.
  11. The UK owes the EU money because it signed legal contracts and made financial commitments. ---- The UK's unrealistic and naive expectations could be illustrated as follows: A person willingly signs up to a 1 year gym membership with agreed monthly payments. After 6 months the person cancels the direct debit and refuse to pay or offer any settlement. The person then contacts the Gym and tries to a make a new, pay as you go type deal, so they can still use the Gym but on better terms than the previous contract. All the other Gym members are watching to see what the outcome will be! What will the Gym do?
  12. I would never be in her position ...so your hypothetical is pointless. But, yes! ...if you were openly lying and manoeuvring to hide your assets because you are facing criminal charges then it means you are a dishonest scam artist. A 'self preservation defence' for your 'lying and manoeuvring' is neither here nor there.
  13. What a surprise ....Deal or not, the UK will be in a worse position out of Europe! Pity it took the Brexiteers so long to comprehend what was blatantly obvious to anyone with half a brain.
  14. If she was smart she would still be in power ...all this proves is that she is a thoroughly dishonest scam artist!
  15. Yingluck proving once again how dishonest she is....