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  1. This method is the signature of the regime and it is what enables us to establish the responsibility of the attack. Evel Knievel wouldn't have attempted such a huge leap... I doubt very much Syria is the only country in the world to use hexamine as a stabilizer when making Sarin, and even if it could be proven that Syria made the Sarin it doesn't prove they were the ones who used it ....any more than a murder weapon made by Smith and Wesson proves the murderer was American. If this is the best the west can come up with in terms of proof, ...it simply means they have zero evidence.
  2. Yet, the vast majority of western countries developed democracy within their own borders, organically, and at their own pace, without any help "from the rest of the world". Word to the wise, you can't drop democracy out of a warplane. By the way how is democracy in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan these days?
  3. That is quite wrong and revisionist version of what actually happened: In 1945, with the surrender of Japan, the United Nations developed plans for a trusteeship administration, the Soviet Union administering the peninsula north of the 38th parallel and the United States administering the south. The politics of the Cold War resulted in the 1948 establishment of two separate governments, North Korea and South Korea. And the result of this division and rapid militarisation of the country....created solely by the US and Russia? In June 1950 North Korea invaded the South, using Soviet tanks and weaponry. During the Korean War (1950–53) more than one million people died and the three years of fighting throughout the nation effectively destroyed most cities. The war ended in an Armistice Agreement at approximately the Military Demarcation Line. You can educate yourself further on your nation's history/involvement here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korea#Korean_War
  4. Exactly! The list of accusations in your post have one and all been committed by the US except on a much larger scale and involving a much higher body count.
  5. If the North Korean people are not happy with their leader ...it's up to them to remove him not the US. Are you really so naive to believe the US/Trump interest in NK is on a humanitarian grounds....ROFL!!!!! Is this the same US that has the death penalty for it's own citizens and has killed 10s of millions of people in foreign countries over the last 60 years or is this another US that maybe exists in a parallel universe? SK is propped up and funded by the US to act as a brace against NK and to support US interests ...it's hardly surprising they are doing well.
  6. Do you not understand that part of the reason people are starving is due to the half century of sanctions placed on NK by the US? Do you not understand nearly every western nation has the big toy so they don't have a leg to stand on when they are telling NK they(as a sovereign nation) cannot have the big toy? Do you not understand that it's hardly surprising they have a big military when their country was royally trashed by interfering, war warmongering western countries ....and then continually threatened and harassed by the US for nearly 70 years, btw that is the same US who is also the largest "military country" on the planet? Hitler? ....how many countries has NK invaded or attacked in the last 60 years compared to say the US and the EU countries or even Hitler? I think you might be one that has to catch up on some reading.
  7. North Korea must be one of the most peaceful countries in the world over the last 60 years or so...in terms of it's interactions with other countries outside Korea. The best way to keep them quiet is to leave them alone and stop stirring up trouble and pushing them into a corner for no reason.
  8. I see you misunderstood my post, I was saying if JC isn't 'opposition(to the Tories)' then what exactly would an opposition look like? I also never claimed anyone listened to him, so please put the strawman away. Try to understand what is being said before responding ..lest your response be non sequitur. Ed Miliband left wing? ...ROFL!!!!!!! ...meanwhile back on planet Earth: apart from JC the last left wing leader of the labour party was John Smith back in 1994.
  9. Bin the chemicals, stay active and exercise daily.....as nature intended!
  10. I'm trying to imagine what exactly a credible opposition would look like if not JC? Labour making a huge shift to the right to match the tories would win them more votes ...but then, that is not an opposition. Opposition has the same root as opposite and that's almost exactly JC ...don't forget the sole reason JC is the leader of the Labour party is because centre right Ed Miliband crashed and burned in the GE.
  11. So are you saying 'if it doesn't start at home' then it doesn't start at all? I would disagree with this, as kids spending 8 hours at school mon-fri probably spend far more time engaged and interacting with teachers and their fellow students in a rule-based, school environment than they do with their own parents. Again, it's not uncommon for a kid to learn something at school on the subject of 'ethical thinking and moral compass' and then go to challenge their own parents thinking.... or at a minimum go on to become a 'better' adult than their parents due to the hard work and attentions of a good teacher. How many kids have learned at school that it's wrong for their parents to touch them inappropriately? How many kids have learned at school that it's wrong to bully or hurt other kids even when their own parents encourage them to do so?
  12. I'm afraid your recollection of the topic is a little hazy, it's actually about "Educational institutions" and their role as educators ....whose raison d'être or end game is the "academic success" of their students. Should it be required, see topic title for more information....
  13. Sorry, but there are plenty of examples of children going on to achieve academically, despite the fact they had a shit home life with zero support, ...simply because they got what they needed at school, especially with younger children-primary ....who are more open to learning. According to you, if a kid has a shit home life there is no point of them going to school because they won't learn anything?
  14. Before it can be taught in the home it has to be reinforced at school first, it might take a generation but it has to start somewhere. Also, its not unusual for parents to learn via what their children are learning at school, especially in less developed countries.