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  1. Which western countries in the have: 'true' freedom, freedom of speech and self expression? I'm just wondering about people like Anjem Choudary, Assange, Snowden, Manning & assorted members of the public who went to jail for saying things on FB, twitter that the gov didn't approve of?
  2. If you have to put a label on it, I would say a man having sex with another man is pretty gay, whether one man happens to be dressed as a woman or is or isn't a eunich is neither here nor there. I would also say that sexual labels are a waste of time.
  3. Can you write that again in the Queen's English for the comprehension of those who aren't in the EDL? Thanks!
  4. Sounds like another land grab being sold as divine right.
  5. The fact he wasn't able to avoid what lay on the other side of a blind bend and killed both himself and someone else proves he was speeding, have you never heard of the term 'driving to the conditions'?... the additional fact that his bike took 100m to stop after a collision(not just sliding) just backs this up further. There could have been an accident on the other side of the blind, if he'd came round that bend and ran into a stationary vehicle which had just been involved in accident would you still be saying he wasn't speeding? Some basic physics, a stationary bike does not slide very far regardles of how heavy it is, in fact a heavy bike will brake itself more than a lighter bike due to the incontravertable laws of friction.... the force that allows a bike to carry on for 100m after a collision and against the laws of friction is, wait for it,.... speed at point of impact. The point being weight is nothing without speed. It's kinda hilarious you making all these posts about what a safe and experienced driver you are but you don't have the first clue about what you should be doing when approaching a blind bend. 59% of all fatalities occur on country roads. These roads often have sharp bends and blind bends which can hide unexpected hazards. Stay in control and give yourself time to react because you never know what’s around the corner. THINK! Brake before the bend, not on it. http://think.direct.gov.uk/country-roads.html
  6. Will the US also be allowing dissident snowden to travel freely or will they be escorting him back to the US to face decades in prison at the first oppertunity.
  7. That is just plain wrong ...I always get the mc rate and no additional charges. Sounds like you're not doing it right
  8. so only you can lay blame but others cannot? I didn't say I see thai bashing everywhere I was addressing you directly As for who is to blame, when coming down on a blind bend you should be at crawl speed to deal with whatever lies in wait on the other side of the bend, this wasn't just some random old man, he was actually using a crossing point popular with the locals, all the physical energy that killed everyone was created by the falang, coupled with the fact he was speeding coming down on a blind bend and was not familiar with the road ....that means at least 90% of the blame lies with the falang, not the 50/50 picture you are trying to sell, I'm pretty sure if a thai was driving that bike you would be all over this blaming the thai as you normally do.
  9. Funny how you had no qualms liking the post blaming the Thai....not to mention the hundreds of posts you've made blaming thais in the past. If the falang bike ended up 100m down the road its means he was speeding so didnt have time to avoid something on the road, if he'd been driving at a safe speed then both would likley still be alive. Guess what, speeding is wrong which means the falang is mostly to blame.
  10. Put simply, it's wrong because if you pay in dollars it's not Capital One who processes the exchange rate it's the person who you handed your card to...and they can set that rate to anything they like which will never be in your favour.
  11. First, thats exactly the same as what I said but using different words. Second, If you use mastercard and pay in local currency then you always get the mastercard rate, your card provider may or may not add additional charges on top of that, the op did'nt provide enough detail to say either way, my mc doesnt have any additional provider charges beyond the mc rate. The truth is your concluding advice to pay in baht is exactly the same as mine so no need to quote me, you could have made a seperate post pointing out the potential for provider charges on top of the mc rate and asked the op to check the small print from his card provider on using his cc abroad.
  12. Lolz ... I'm sorry if the facts of the matter have given you a headache.
  13. That is not the question being asked. My method will give him admin access to the router what he does after that is up to him.
  14. You're post doesn't have enough scope for the subject as it was a global financial crash not just limited to the UK. Also, as the UK economy was so heavily dependant on the global financial system, thanks to Thatcher, changing the rules in the Uk would have meant finance/brokers etc taking their business elsewhere to other countries, it would have been a disaster if the UK had brought in draconian regulation when none of the other countries were doing so.
  15. Hold a paperclip in the reset hole for 15 secs then login with admin admin.