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  1. I graduated from a Thai university. I didn't take part in their nonsense and since I'm a foreigner and was quite a bit older than the usual student, they didn't expect me to take part anyway, but hazing is a complete norm. It is verbally discouraged and/or banned by the universities, but then when the time comes around for the activities, the university grants them usage of various spaces to carry out the exact activities that are supposedly banned. And professors come to watch ("supervise") all the while smiling and laughing. Most of it is not harmful like this, but much of what I saw in the 4 years I wasted at the university could very easily be psychologically damaging for many individuals and if nothing else, extremely degrading and demoralizing. Although some that I talked to about it actually thought it was fun! Some of it can be, but there are many things that are truly inhumane. Most of it is just stupid and childish. But, it is unbelievable the kind of crap they do, all under the direct supervision of professors! Of course there will always be those that go to the extreme and these kinds of incidents will inevitably come about. Just raise your kids to have some common sense in the first place and not take part in such stupidity. They may get ostracized, but who cares! The kind of idiots that ostracize them aren't people they should care to be friends with anyway.
  2. Deleted my comment after seeing the error about the GDP size and GDP growth was understood already. I posted before reading followup posts....
  3. What is UDRU? As for studying in a "real Thai university", I guess it would depend on what you are studying. But I would be extremely wary and research the exact department very well before you join the place. I did waste 4 years at one of the top universities in Thailand. I needed a bachelor's degree for some other silly requirements to be fulfilled before doing graduate studies in fields I needed. Those were some of the worst years of my life (this is recent, having finished that grotesque exercise within the last couple of years) an absolute and utter waste of time with a bunch of professors who... I won't go into details. I think you get the picture. I was not the only one. Virtually every single foreign student I met in the university was disgusted to the nth degree. From incompetence to corruption, it ran the gamut. Specifically, I would NEVER recommend studying a foreign language at a university. I can't hardly think of a more useless idea. Focus on language studies at a private language school, not in a university that puts all sorts of other silly requirements on you (requirements of physical education classes, social studies classes, science classes, etc. etc...). It is total nonsense. And as for Thai universities in particular, in my experience and many of whom I've spoken with, including professors, the international programs are the worst of the bunch. International programs are often created to bring in money for the university and the programs are dumbed down significantly. I had a number of classes in which some of the Thai students could hardly understand the lecturer! And they dumb it down accordingly. But they sure did put together a great sounding curriculum! I could go on and on and on about the many insanities that I witnessed. One last point is that as a foreigner, you will not be treated equally by any stretch of the imagination. I've seen seemingly endless examples of extremely unfair treatment of foreign students in order to let Thai students gain advantage, whether scholarships, grading, doctoral dissertation fraud, cheating on exams, or something as silly as attendance record manipulation. It is very extensive. And if I witnessed all of these things in a top university of this country.... well... I can only imagine how wide spread it is. Whatever UDRU is... if it is a Thai university, I would avoid it like the plague.
  4. I've had enough of these taxi nutjobs. As much as humanly possible, I will NEVER use another Thai taxi to the absolute utmost of my ability. I don't think I'd be able to contain myself if I was being picked up by a friend and they were confronted like this. And that wouldn't come to a good end at all, especially being a farang....
  5. Stupidity at best. More like lunacy. Not worth 2 seconds of thought. Where on earth do they come up with such incredibly inane ideas??? I guess you can tell what education system they came out of....
  6. By the body language in the video, that was what my guess was about what happened. Since when does any worker care to stash their phone so quickly when somebody comes to talk to them? This worker sure did. And the girls were the ones doing the talking and I guess accusing, not the blue shirted guy. The fight then started over the phone... hmmmm Well, We don't really know what happened, but it sure seems HIGHLY likely that the story here is total BS, just as you said. I wouldn't think of reporting who that blue shirted guy is for such a fake story, especially to some random video poster offering a little reward!? Why? So he can go get his revenge? Seems to me that the police should look into following up on the phone numbers that Facebook user who posted the video. And the Phuket Gazette went and published the phone numbers as well!!?? <deleted> For a story that looks fake as hell and that they have no way at all of verifying.... The Phuket Gazette must be one of the regular arm chair judges posting on TVF!
  7. We must be reading different articles.... That's really weird.... The headline of the article I read that is attached to this forum post says, "Two dead as foreigner on powerful bike hits local in Phetchabun" Of course, my assumption is along the lines of what I think you are leaning toward, that it is the fault of the older man who was apparently crossing the road improperly. My point is that we don't really know with certainty. As usual, these articles are very poorly translated and leave nearly everything up to speculation with a dearth of details. Nothing in the article that I noticed was clearly stating anything done wrong by either party.
  8. Hard to assign blame without actually seeing it. And the article doesn't give enough info to know either. Obviously, IF the older guy was crossing at a blind area it would be insanely stupid and dangerous, although the norm here.... But actually, we don't know for sure he was crossing at a blind spot. According to the article the police said it was LIKELY that he was crossing there. Nothing is clear about this in order to assign blame. And I don't know any way of knowing if the driver of the big bike was going too fast or not. The article doesn't say. All ideas of guilt are purely hypothetical and nonsensical to pass such verdicts. But of course, that won't stop the court of TVF! It is hilarious to read the predictable verdicts of guilt without evidence. It just advertises how poorly one reads or how badly one uses any kind of critical thinking, all while (as so often posted) looking down on Thais for lacking such....
  9. I'm guessing that English isn't your native language, so I won't say much back to you except to let you know that it is very apparent that you completely misunderstood my comment. You might not want to address people so strongly with attacking language when you don't even understand what you read. I guess you thought you understood.... I'd recommend reading carefully.
  10. Yep, you're right. And if you'd care to check back, you'll see that his comment came immediately after mine. Perhaps you could see why I might have misunderstood? No need to be snarky. TVF has more than enough of that crap already
  11. Besides getting the facts wrong about Buddhism being the national religion (a statement that is insulting to the Constitution of Thailand), and not recognizing yourself that Thailand recognizes and guarantees freedom of religion, you belittle the law and the people. I hope you're not one of these people who have lived here for years and still don't know squat about the country in which you live.... I find it almost humorous that you have the gall to tell me to behave when I get infuriated at a man who is supposed to be upholding the highest morals of the Buddhist religion and gains myriad benefits, social and economic, from being in such a position, for assaulting a woman and then assaulting a man from behind!? He abused not only his religion, the woman, and the man, he is an abuser of society at large. My opinion is what it is. I didn't ask you to agree with it. You can kiss the monks feet after he attacks your wife, if that pleases you. I won't tell you to behave and stop being so foolish if that is what pleases you to do. I obviously have a different take on what he deserves, regardless of religion, free country or whatever other preposterous excuse one can come up with for not meeting this kind of reprobate behavior with what's due. I believe the man would have been completely within his rights to pummel that monk into unconsciousness and I would have applauded someone finally doing what they should do. Doing right is more important than social/cultural constraints that don't fit the occasion.
  12. If you'll kindly note, I did not use google as you seem to assume. I used dictionaries, not google. And I even stated in my post that I used Oxford (usually considered as having the best definitions) and Merriam Webster. I used Oxford and Merriam Webster to see what both an American standard dictionary and a British standard dictionary would say. I would look to those before I would think of Collins, although Collins isn't so bad. But according to what you found, they used a secondary meaning for what other dictionaries (plural) as a primary meaning. And I guess to your point... you can hunt around for a dictionary that defines a word's primary meaning differently than others do too.
  13. Just curious... what exactly is it that she did "was clearly wrong"? Having a starfish on your head is some kind of a moral problem? Maybe somebody else put it on her head and took a pic to make fun of her while she was trying to disassociate from what was going on. Who knows..... Not anyone on TVF, but of course, you'd never know that by reading here.... Edit: I see now that she admitted to wrongdoing. Before this, that wasn't clear at all. And it still isn't even clear from the pic that it is even a selfie. Her arms don't appear to be holding a camera. But apparently she did, according to the latest report and her admission.
  14. I hope that so-called monk gets what's coming to him. He should have been done in by the people there until he needed to be sent to a hospital. That was so disgusting to see people stopping a guy from attacking a 'man' who assaulted his wife! And then they try to stop it again when the 'monk' assaults the man from behind!!?? <deleted>!! That 'monk' should have been pummeled by every person there! Then the hospital should refuse service beyond life-saving measures.
  15. "Somtam slowly killing many Thais" Will the writers and/or translators of these article please start to do better? Somtam is not doing it, even in the article, it's connected to pla ra not somtam. It's kinda like saying that eating is killing you because eating is connected to somtam and somtam is connected to pla ra... How about going to the primary problem instead of a secondary or tertiary issue just to cause a sensation.