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  1. Did you happen to read beyond the Title? Like maybe the very next line?? " Dozens of local officials in five provinces are hunting a wandering wild male elephant that has killed four people, in order to chase it back into the forest."
  2. I definitely wouldn't lump all of Asia in on that, not in the least. I've driven pretty good distances in 6 Asian countries. None of the others compare at all. There is a good reason that Thailand has earned their world ranking for traffic fatalities. Take a look at the stats sometime. Pretty much only African countries come somewhat close to Thailand's horrific death toll. Other Asian countries don't come close at all. Otherwise, I like your idea about how nothing exists there now. I wouldn't be surprised at all if that figured in their thinking somehow.... :/
  3. I've been riding for 30+ years (on and off road). It's not the same at all in the Maehongson "mountains" (hills) during the holidays. Not even remotely the same. I can relax and enjoy a drive through the Japanese Alps, the Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevada Mountains, etc. without wondering if a car is gonna be coming at me in my lane around every blind curve. It is of course something to be aware of, but it hardly even enters your mind when driving where most of the people on the road are sane. Interesting idea about the dementia thing though.
  4. I also just finished a 10 day ride around Maehongson about a week ago. Sure am glad I never experienced any bike groups (big or little!) driving as you mentioned! I did however think I was surely going to witness numerous incredibly insanely stupid car and truck drivers kill themselves and others. Is passing around blind corners and over blind rises in the road some kind of exciting pastime joy for these idiots!? I even had a number of drivers slow and pull to the side of their lane to let me pass, which was nice, since I had been following them for quite a while. But I was following them for so long precisely because there was no safe place to pass them yet! And then they try to get me to pass them by slowing and pulling a bit to the side JUST BEFORE A BLIND CORNER! It's like an invitation to suicide! In every case, there were plenty of opportunities for them give that gesture in a safe place, but they all chose to do it just before a blind corner. I found this trip a very bizarre experience and surprised that the death toll is not MUCH higher. I only witnessed one idiot motorcycle do anything dangerous. And, yes! It was the same thing - passing on a blind curve! And if he was in a car, somebody would have likely died. A police truck came barreling around the corner at just the right/wrong moment. If that cop would have had any sense, he would have radioed back to the police checkpoint that was about a kilometer ahead, and had them stop the idiot farang. He just barely squeezed between the two vehicles around the corner. Nothing like driving for days on end with all senses on high alert and driving as defensively as possible.....
  5. I see everyone is answering as if he's asking about a rental. Maybe he is? But when I read the post, it sounds like he's looking for a place to buy. How else could he paint it himself, install air-conditioning, and furnish it himself? Perhaps it could be made clear what is being looked for? A rental? A place to buy? If you want to paint and furnish it yourself, I think it would be a very unusual find for a rental. Although, if you got a rental and installed air-conditioning in a place that didn't have it already (hard to imagine in a decent place), I'm sure the landlord would be overjoyed at the free upgrade to their property!
  6. Even a little common sense after thought could do the same.... It's called a locksmith.
  7. I'm not sure if English is your native language or not. You are right about the origin of the term "Good Samaritan", but you are wrong about the usage and/or meaning of it in modern day English. If you want to create a new definition and say it "more accurately" describes such a person, I guess that's ok, but it is perfectly fine to use it as it was used in this article. "Good Samaritan" simply means something along the lines of, "a stranger who stops to help someone in need". There is actually even a definition in law that I came across one time ago, it was very similar, but had an additional caveat that the "Good Samaritan" was helping voluntarily, that is, without being required to by any sort of law or duty. Neither of the definitions, in common usage or law, require a strict adherence to the biblical text as you were describing. That said, your point is well understood by anyone having lived here for any length of time.
  8. I need to print 100 pages!

    7-15 baht for 100 pages is too expensive!?? I would think they'd be losing money at that rate! Are they printing on leaves!?? I saw somebody mention that they thought you meant 7-15 baht per page? But that would be so insane that it's hard to believe any shop with those prices could possibly attract a single customer. But... there is one potential factor that I haven't seen addressed.... are your pages all a bunch of color photos?? That would be a completely different story than printing simple text. The kind of paper can also make a bit of a difference, or a very big difference if printing photos on photographic paper.
  9. Where on earth do you get your ideas about the U.S.??? I know the media is a bit nutso on its reporting every possible negative thing that can be dug out of the shadows in the U.S., but you're taking it even one step further. Shoot a self-threatening man who isn't threatening anybody else? Not likely, to say the least. I guess Thai police don't have tasers. That seems like it would have been a safe alternative for all involved.
  10. I don't believe you are correct. The story is not so unusual, although the weapon aspect is a bit unusual, although not unheard of at all, since I think it is common knowledge that many (most?) taxi drivers likely carry a weapon of some sort. I've seen them in the door pockets as well as in the trunks. That said, it doesn't mean this stuff is something that happens every hour. But it is not surprising at all as it is commonly reported by the news as well as word of mouth. You can read stories like this a half a dozen times a year from just one news source. And the ones you don't read, because the news doesn't cover every instance, even when cameras just happen to be rolling, I feel quite sure, are easily multiplied by hundreds. But I could perhaps be persuaded that it is merely a bit over one hundred times. But of course, that doesn't make it the norm, I never remotely alluded to that preposterous idea as you insinuated I did. And if you read a bit more carefully, you'll see that I also didn't say that you can "be guaranteed there are hundreds..." as you claim I did. There are good reasons for using qualifiers and it would do you well to pay attention to them when you read. It will help you not assume things about writers and avoid putting words into their mouths. If you bothered to read any more of the string here, you would know already that I have mentioned some great taxi drivers that I've met over the years (rare exceptions). But I think there are a hell of a lot more bad apples than you seem to think there are. And I don't have any problem at all agreeing to disagree in that. That's based on a wide variety of variable factors and reasonable to have disagreement. You appear to be incredibly naive (maybe that means you are a super nice guy or girl?) to think that "any such action" like this taxi would be covered by the news. I can't hardly take you seriously if you really believe that. I've witnessed bodies floating in the canals, a crazed bus driver causing multiple collisions, a shooting, a knifing, 2 gang fights take over a street, and even 3 taxi drivers get into physical altercations with people on the roadside... all in BKK and none of which I ever saw on any news anywhere. If you really expect the news to cover "any such action" you would need to demand them to have a million eyes roving the streets 24/7 and to publish a MUCH thicker newspaper. Are you not aware that the media purposely limits their reporting on various things? This has been well known public knowledge for decades, but seems to have escaped your attention. One more point, just for the sake of argument... I think that the insanely low fine for this incident shows that it is not a rare happening. I believe it can be shown that things that are rare and outrageous typically demand a higher penalty rather than a lower one. Just as traffic tickets have lower penalties, but rape has a higher penalty. I should have known I'd get some kind of unreasonable comment in this forum... unfortunately, that is even more expected to happen than crazy taxi drivers doing nutso things.
  11. I still can't fathom people defending the indefensible taxi drivers around BKK.... This story that just appeared today here is just another common news story that appears on regular occasion. And if this kind of stuff makes it into the news once, you can almost be guaranteed there are at the least hundreds that never make the news. The guy goes for ramming the other car and then goes for a weapon in his trunk and goes after the driver. All of this while he had a passenger in his taxi! Gets a 400 baht fine.... He should be in jail!
  12. Awesome! I hope your luck keeps up! Maybe those girls are kinda like bodyguards! haha Who knows how they might attack if somebody messed with their customer
  13. The bickering on here is really sad. The guy asked some pretty simple stuff with no attitude that I could tell whatsoever. But as anyone who has used this forum for more than 2 days will know, ThaiVisa is full of these just weirdos! They need to get a life instead of trying to make others miserable. The comparing of prices with different countries is pretty ridiculous. Don't people know that the economies are just a tad different? Quoting a Japanese taxi price in comparison to at Thai taxi price compared to the Thai economy is not sensible. The taxis are indefensible. Even the Thai government is nostop battling them to improve their professionalism! They have been denied the right to raise fares for years! And the stated reason has been precisely because of their discourteous behavior, poorly maintained taxis, failure to take passengers when hailed, and general misc. cheating. It's beyond me how people defend them! I have definitely never heard a Thai person defend the taxi (and tuktuk) drivers. Then again, I don't hang out with the likes of them who might be related to them.... Not that my years in BKK are particularly long, but are plenty long enough to know what's happening and it is disgusting. I am so glad to live up north now! And whenever I go to BKK, I stick with Uber as much as humanly possible! I have found the prices very competitive and the drivers and cars are not comparable at all. With Uber available, I don't know why anyone would use a taxi, unless something not well planned or in a hurry of course. Even if the prices weren't competitive, I'd gladly pay an extra 20-30% more for an Uber! To be fair, yes, of course there are some decent guys driving taxis. I met some really good local guys and some who spoke excellent English! They themselves were disgusted with the average taxi in BKK. I felt sorry for them... But, I think they probably do well because they are quite professional and I'm sure they get their fair share of tips with happily surprised customers. But all in all, getting a decent car and driver is really a toss up, but I'd say that there are more guys that are more or less ok or even good than there are bad. I just got so sick and tired of the bad that I avoid taxis like the plague. Why take a 30% or so risk of being screwed with and having your day have a downer like that when you can take Uber and be 99% likely to have a normal to enjoyable time?
  14. I lived there for about 10 years and visit often since leaving. I saw very isolated instances of this kind of thing about 30 years ago in Japan, and only in areas with high concentrations of foreigners. I don't recall seeing it at all in the last 25 years. Although, I'm not omnipresent, so who knows.... At least the refusal is done very politely? hahaha I've been refused entry more than once in Thailand within the past 10 years. But when Thai friends spoke up for me, I was allowed entry with them. In both countries, I've only ever seen this kind of thing at night venues.