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  1. Don't bother with Nimman Songthaews

    Your comments are a bit confusing. You say you stopped 4 or 5 baht busses on Nimman but that's all. What exactly did you ask them (if they'd go to Thaphae Gate?)? Did you ask them anything else (like how much?)?
  2. Please help me translate this

    Think it's ติดตาม which means to follow. ติด alone can mean to attach so I'm guessing it might mean "attachment to follow?" Not sure.
  3. I've no comment regarding structures (wholly depends on your needs, means, preference, etc., etc.) but it might be wise to make sure your title is absolutely clean before you build anything so that you'll have the ability to sell if that should ever become necessary (some "family compounds" end up in very bitter fights, legal and otherwise). For example, you mention your small parcel is the farthest from the road.....have you a legal easement for access to that road? And do you have or need easements for utilities at all? Best of luck.
  4. Driver's License Procedures Chiang Mai

    You missed my point. Yes, going in on or prior to your expiration date will result in you getting 5 years from your expiration date and you'll get the same 5-year time period (starting from your expiration date) regardless of how many days prior to your expiration date/birthdate that you go in to get it done. What I was pointing out was that you get 5 years from your next birthday if you go in after expiration. That's what I (and many friends) have done in CM and we've essentially gotten an almost 6 year license (6 years less the number of days since your expiration/birthdate). Maybe that's changed in the interim (it's been a year or so since I pulled that trick).
  5. Driver's License Procedures Chiang Mai

    Others had explained to me that there's no problem in going in after expiration (although I was unaware of the 3-month time limit for renewal) and, in fact, they advised me to do it as the new 5-year time period would run from my next birthdate. And that's exactly what happened (went in two days after expiration and got a license good for 5-years, 363 days).
  6. Hernia.

    Also had mine done at CM Ram in April of 2015. Was done by general surgery......went into the hospital in the morning and was home before 5PM. Was quite happy with the result and what's a bit weird is I can't even find the scar nowadays (whoever sewed me up was a master). Total cost was 58k baht.
  7. As noted, your California bank was pulling a fast one. The typical SWIFT form (which my bank requires me to sign) has a spot on it to mark whether you want the funds transferred in baht or in US dollars. Make sure they transfer it in dollars and not baht as the exchange rate offered in the US is often significantly lower than what you'll get here in Thailand. I do a SWIFT transfer once a year to my SCB account (in US dollars, of course)s and I get the published exchange rate that SCB offers as of the moment/day the funds are received. SCB (like most Thai banks, I'm told) also takes out a fee at this end, a fee that varies depending on the amount sent but it tops out at 500 baht. I mention this fee only because no paperwork (paper receipts or your bank passbook) will actually reflect that they took this fee.
  8. As I've mentioned before, they confirmed that different officers were saying different things (some saying you only need to "update" when returning to the country and others saying you need to "update" when simply being away from CM for 24+ hours). And, when I then said "well, what should I do!?!", the response I've gotten from two different officers was "up to you!" So I only update when I'm returning to the country. And I've had stayed at hotels in different parts of Thailand in between updates (where surely they filed TM30s for me) and nobody at Immigration has made note of that to me. By the way, others have confirmed that Building 3 (old Immigration site) is still open for business and will do the usual update in their usual 5 minutes or so. Much easier choice than going through the Promenada queue process.
  9. I'm essentially in the same situation so would ask guru Ubonjoe (if he knows) the following: (1) There's a form online (which doesn't seem to have a TM number) titled Subject Transfer Stamp To New Passport. I'm presuming that's the right form to use? (2) Are you aware of any time limit (from the date of getting the new passport or returning to Thailand if obtained elsewhere) for getting the transfer of the stamps accomplished?
  10. Re-entry permit at Chiang Mai airport

    It's open if there is any international flight leaving so I wouldn't worry about it being "closed." I've gotten re-entry permits there even just prior to an international flight departing at one minute to midnight. An immigration officer sometimes is not hanging around that counter (although normally there is an assistant there) and, in those cases, one of the immigration officers at the immigration/passport lanes ahead will come back to the counter to complete the process. But I do agree that the only people who should plan on getting re-entry permits at the airport are those who are fully aware of how to do it (have already properly completed a TM8 form, have the proper photo, and have the proper passport copies, etc.).
  11. Re-entry permit at Chiang Mai airport

    1000 baht for a single entry, 3900 baht for a multiple-entry (as Bill said, the usual costs). You mention "day of departure" and I'm hoping you mean right before you leave on an international flight. The re-entry desk/counter is to your left as you pass through the final passenger line upstairs (i.e., you need a valid boarding pass to get through there).
  12. Dying At Home In Chiang Mai

    If you've done nothing to avoid that, sure, that could happen. And, in that case, a simple phone call to your daughter isn't going to do it....she'd have to sign a form or two, have it notarized (and/or certified by somebody at the governmental level), and return it to your local embassy/consulate before they are going to give any permission for release of your body. You can check with your local embassy/consulate website to see if they lay out the what happens when one of their nationals dies here, procedures for locating a next-of-kin, etc. Presuming you want your "partner" to handle proceedings (cremation), you ought to make a Will here and specifically make some provisions about that issue. Your local embassy/consulate will honor a valid Will made here (although they may require it to be translated into your native language). And, obviously, your Will ought to state who gets what from your estate and other usual provisions (and, presuming you're not married to your partner and you want your partner to be the executor or receive any of your estate, you really, really, need a Will here badly).
  13. TM30 Experience

    I've been told the same thing more than once by that office - that reporting within 7 days was okay and it's only necessary to report (update) when re-entering the country. That's what I'm doing now although I am aware that at least some (but not all) of the officers at Promenada don't agree with this interpretation of the rules. A month or two ago, I visited the old immigration site to see the status of construction. While there, I noticed that Building 3 (the building in the back where you previously did TM 30 reporting amongst other things) was still apparently open for business so Trainman obviously did his updating there without a hitch. It never took more than 10 minutes to update my TM30 there so it's good to know it's still open for business.
  14. Making a Will

    I'm wondering if anyone knows what benefit (if any) there is to registering a Will with a government office (amphur or otherwise). I have a Will prepared by a Thai lawyer here in Chiangmai and the Will is not registered anywhere. I understand that, subsequent to my taking a dirt nap (or, more precisely, my personal addition to the particulate matter of CM's air), my executor and heir will file my Will with the local probate court to begin the probate process (and that no prior registration is required).
  15. Would appreciate it if you could be a little more specific as to the problem with the forms you first presented (as your info might help some others avoid the same error. (1) With respect to the TM 7 form, did you print yours out on one page (front and back)? Was that the problem (if not, what was it)? (2) The TM8 form is only one page so I'm totally confused as to why you thought "pagination" was the problem with that form. Can you advise?