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  1. CMBob


    There is at least some leeway as two different CM officers at different times have told me that updating of the TM30 within 4-5 days is acceptable. I've updated several times 2-4 days after I've returned from abroad to Chiangmai to my TM30 registered address and there was no issue or comment about it. So there is zero to worry about if one arrives on a Friday and updates on the following Monday. Whoever posted the actual situation (versus, hopefully, not some hypothetical), he/she hopefully will come back and post as to exactly what happened (or didn't happen).
  2. CMBob

    CM to Nong Khai -- best option

    Nok still is flying direct to and from Udon Thani. It was Air Asia that cancelled the direct flights to and from Udon as of October 30th. I and a couple of friends had tickets on AA to Udon for the end of this month and, after receiving notice of cancellation of those direct flights (and refunds), we booked via Nok for the end of this month.
  3. CMBob

    Banner at local wat

    I Thanks...as I guess I always thought that the animal statues related more to the Chinese zodiac animals; however, I'm not sure that Buddha preached to this particular dude in the garden at Wat Bupparam on Thaphae Road....
  4. CMBob

    Schedule for Loy Krathong 2018

    You can find the entire schedule at the Chiangmai municipal website (in English too!) or on the CityLife website. Key times: Opening ceremony - November 21 at 6PM at Thaphae Gate Big Parade - November 23 at 7PM (starting at Thaphae Gate and going to the municipal building on the river).
  5. It's been on the books to lower the amount to a million baht for 10-15 years and they delay the implementation each time it gets near to dropping below 5-10 million baht. I'd expect the same to occur again as, in my opinion, there is no way that businesses or the wealthy would intelligently choose to keep a few hundred thousand dollars in an account that's only government-insured for $32,000.00.
  6. A bit puzzled by that conclusion and omission of rather clear language in the law. That law places equal responsibility on three (not two) entities/persons: the house-master or the owner or the possessor. If the "alien" isn't the possessor, who is?
  7. Since you have re-entered the country and now have returned to your already TM30 registered address, CM Immigration expects you to update your TM30 filing. Two different officers have told me that updating within 4-5 days is acceptable (versus the 24-hour requirement mentioned in the law itself). So yes, you need to update. [To update, you simply take yourself and your passport (with the TM6 in it and hopefully your TM30 Receipt of Notification) and they will enter a couple of items on their computer (likely your new entry date and new departure card number) and then put a new date stamp on your TM30 Receipt of Notification.]
  8. Best to ignore what the law says and simply find out how your local Immigration office applies it. All (or many) of the Immigration offices in the various provinces treat the whole TM30 business quite differently....some not even bothering with it and others strictly enforcing it by requiring updating within 24 hours of being away from your registered address (regardless of where you went). With many posters making a TM30 inquiry or comment without referencing what province they're talking about, the discussion ends up with confusing and contradictory advice. In Chiangmai, they are requiring a TM30 to be filed for your residence and they are currently requiring updating when you return to your registered residence only after you re-enter the country (i.e., you don't have to update regardless of how long you're gone in-country). As for the TM28, almost all of those that have been tried to be filed here are handed back with a comment that they don't want them. Now, as to how even Chiangmai (or any other province) will apply the law next month, your guess is as good as mine.
  9. CMBob

    Hernia repair

    Had a right inguinal fixed at RAM Hospital in March of 2016. Total cost was 25, 540 and I was rather happy with the service. If I recall right, I was in about 9AM and went home about 5PM (and, if I recall right, they were suggesting I could/should stay overnight but I elected to go home). No complications, scar became invisible within a year.
  10. CM Immigration so far is requiring updating (presuming you're returning to your TM30 registered address) ONLY if you're returning from abroad. No updating is currently required if you've been traveling within Thailand regardless of the time you're gone from your TM30 registered address in Chiangmai province. This information applies to CM Immigration (what other provinces do is beyond me).
  11. Presume you all know there is an app you can install on your phone that includes a map and shows (real time) where the busses are and which way they are moving. Helps knowing when one is about to arrive or may be 15-20 minutes out. Sorta like the Uber/Grab mapping app.
  12. You shouldn't have a problem. Two different officers have told me that doing the updating within 4-5 days is acceptable and, given your circumstances, you should be okay. In answer to a couple of your other questions: (1) Everything is moved to the new (old) office near the Airport and that's where you do the updating. (2) You only need your passport (with the your new departure card). Nothing else is needed. Presuming you've got your TM30 Receipt of Notification stapled in your passport, the staff will enter a bit of info (likely the new entry date and new departure card number) on their computer and place a new date stamp on your existing Receipt of Notification (or, if it's full of stamps or a bit shredded, they'll print out a new one for you). Don't believe you can update in Chon Buri as Chiangmai is your registered address. I have little clue as to the "point" of all this given their computer already knows your registered address and given you've confirmed that again on the arrival card you just handed them.
  13. CMBob

    I don't understand the logic of Thai Immigration

    The US Consulate (or Embassy in Bkk) is only verifying that the person named in the affidavit is the person who signed the affidavit and said under oath the income information was accurate. Nothing in the form states or infers that the consulate/embassy is attesting to the accuracy of any of the income information. Some US citizens understate their income and some surely overstate their income but the US position (at least so far) is that it's not their job to investigate or even question whether the income information is correct (and the form doesn't call for that although the recent British statement would indicate that Thai Immigration is expecting/asking/demanding that they do so).
  14. CMBob

    TM30 /TM6

    Under CM's current application of the rules, you need to have an original TM30 filed for your residence. Presuming that has been done and you have the TM30 "Receipt of Notification" stapled in the back of your passport, then you're required to go to Immigration to "update" your TM30 filing each time you re-enter Thailand to the same address (if to a different address, then a new original TM30 is required to be filed for that new address). As for timing, more than one CM Immigration officer has told me that you can do the updating within "4-5" days of returning and I've done that several times without a problem. With respect to what you need to update, simply yourself and your passport (with the TM30 Receipt of Notification). Immigration will fill in a few details on their computer (likely the new departure card number, your entry date and/or filing date, etc.) and then place a new date stamp your Receipt of Notification (or if your form is filled up with date stamps or too raggedy, then they'll print out a new one for you). If the original TM30 filing for your current address was handled by somebody else (landlord, condo office, etc.), then you still have to update but perhaps they'll handle it for you. If, for example, a condo office has filed the original TM 30 for you, you won't have the Receipt of Notification mentioned but hopefully you have a copy of something from the condo office showing they filed the TM30 for you. If they update for you, ask for a print out from them as to something showing they've taken care of that. Yes, the TM6 is still in service (I got my latest one just last week when I re-entered the country). Since about the beginning of this year, it's a slightly different form and the "Departure Card" part of it is much smaller than before. Yours ought to be stapled in your passport. I've heard no rumor (other than your comment) that there is any plan to stop using that form.