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  1. TM-30 Question - Chiang Mai

    MaeJoMTB, I didn't write what you indicate is in my "quote box" and I have no clue where you found that language. The only posts I've made today are in this thread. Something goofy (likely not your fault) is in the software as those are 100% not my words.
  2. TM-30 Question - Chiang Mai

    About as thoughtful as my suggesting there is a reason British courts don't accept presentation of one of their laws in Thai. Or are you perhaps suggesting that the English translations are somehow deficient (if so, please advise of the deficiencies). Regardless, more than one of the Thai law firms have posted on the web English versions of the Thai Immigration Act. One such firm's language (which appears identical to all other versions I've seen) for Section 38: Section 38 The housemaster, the owner or the possessor of the residence, or the hotel manager where the alien, receiving permission to stay temporary in the Kingdom has stayed, must notify the competent official of the Immigration Office located in the same area with that hours, dwelling place or hotel, within 24 hours from the time of arrival of the alien concerned. If there is no Immigration Office located in that area, the local police official for that area must be notified. In case the house, dwelling place, or hotel where the alien has stayed under provision of paragraph 1 is located within the Bangkok area, such notification must be reported to the competent official at the Immigration Division. Making notification, in reference to the paragraph 1 and 2 of this Section, must comply with regulations prescribed by the Director General. There's even a shortened version on a sign hanging on the outside wall of the Immigration Office at Promenada....which I'll attempt to attach.
  3. TM-30 Question - Chiang Mai

    Of course....but there's a translate version somewhere in case you want to find it.
  4. TM-30 Question - Chiang Mai

    No (presuming you never left Thailand). In spite of the actual wording of the statute [which plainly says that an update is required for anyone gone from their home (registered address) for more than 24 hours], CM Immigration isn't currently enforcing that part of the statute.
  5. TM-30 Question - Chiang Mai

    In spite of the law being around for a very long time, CM Immigration only began using it against us individual expats (hotels, guesthouses, etc., have been reporting online as long as I can remember) a few years back. Because of a very few reports of people being refused service at Immigration and being fined, I talked my townhouse landlord into filing a TM30 for me (until I mentioned it, he had no idea what it was about) and he was fined 3,000 baht on the spot (because I had already lived in this townhouse for 4-5 years at the time). I've never heard of anybody on visa exempt being fined or hassled because a TM30 wasn't filed for them....and that's probably because those people don't request or need any Immigration services (so far, enforcement and/or fines has apparently only happened when somebody needs service....an extension, for example....at CM Immigration). Based on that, I would recommend that you don't bother with it so long as you're only staying here for short times on visa exempt entries. When you extend your stays, you'll then need to get an original TM30 filed for you and also need to start updating each time you happen to leave and re-enter Thailand. You've mentioned you won't be starting your longer stay here until a couple more years. Given two years is a long time for CM Immigration rules, you might want to periodically check to see what may or may not have changed with respect to enforcement of this and other Immigration rules. I (and likely they) have no clue what the local rules will be then.
  6. TM-30 Question - Chiang Mai

    To repeat, you can also update at Building #3 at the old (and about to be new) site near the airport. I've done that there a few times and I've never had to wait more than 10 minutes to get it done there. Building #3 is located on the back right.
  7. TM-30 Question - Chiang Mai

    Presuming nobody updated for you after you returned from Laos and then you got subsequently got your extension of stay without being nailed for a fine, it would appear you've been lucky (based on the reports of many others) and enforcement is hit and miss.
  8. TM-30 Question - Chiang Mai

    You're asking only about updating a properly filed TM30 and it appears you're returning to the same residence each time you travel. Presuming that's correct: A ) So far (in spite of the statutory language and given CM Immigration rules could possibly change any time in the future), you only need to update when you return to Thailand from out of the country; in other words, you don't have to update if you only travel within Thailand. If your landlord or your condo desk will update for you, fine; otherwise, you can do it yourself at Promenada or at Building #3 at the old (and soon to be new) Immigration site near the airport. Time varies at Promenada (last time I did it there, a couple of years ago, it took about an hour) but typically you should expect 5-10 minutes doing it at Building #3. B ) Don't know as I haven't been fined for not updating; however, I believe they only nail you for one 1,600 baht payment when you're caught for not doing it (which will likely be when you attempt to get your next extension). C ) For those condo offices that handle the updating, typically you just tell them when you've returned from abroad (and attempt to get a copy of something they file so you can keep a copy in case you're every questioned about it at Immigration). As for how your Condo office handles it (which seemingly is all you should want to know), simply ask them. I'd note that I'd guess that a condo office would want to see your passport so they can verify your re-entry date and get your new departure card (TM6) number. My landlord (townhouse owner) has no clue when I leave or return to Thailand so I handle the updating myself (only at Building #3 anymore). It's simple and quick to do that....especially since I don't usually have to do it more than 2-3 times a year. Just tell them you want to update your TM30 and hand them your passport (which hopefully has the TM30 Notice of Receipt and/or some condo office filing stapled in the back). They'll just stamp a new date on your existing form or perhaps insert a new TM30 Notice of Receipt if it's a bit worn. I'd also note that I update within 2-5 days of returning from abroad to my residence in Chiangmai....which timing is consistent with what a couple of Immigration officers have told me is acceptable. The above information is about updating only. If you don't have an original TM30 filed for you at that address, you need to have that taken care of first. And get some written proof of that retained in your passport. And, if you return from abroad to a different CM address, you've got to get another original TM30 filed.
  9. According to the boss of Building #3 at the old Immigration site, he told me that the new building would be open for business in August of this year. That's what he told me two months ago.
  10. FBAR Time Again

    Since she's a US citizen, I'd guess the answer is that she would have to comply with the FBAR filing requirements assuming she meets the threshold; however, obviously the better source for a sure answer is an accountant. Please note that foreign accounts include a lot more than simple bank accounts (e.g., includes stock accounts, life insurance accounts, etc.).
  11. Driver's License Procedures Chiang Mai

    Yes, you can apply after your 2-year temporary license expires (I'm not sure of the time limit but some have said up to a year afterwards). Your new 5-year license will run 5 years from your next birthday (so, yes, if your 2-year license in fact expires on your birthday, then you can get almost 6 years).
  12. Iguinal hernia

    Fairly basic procedure that likely any hospital can do. I had it done at RAM two years ago this month, was in from about 9AM to 4:30PM, and the total cost for the surgery (open) including meds (antibiotics and some pain pills) was 25,540 baht.
  13. Sounds like the friend just made an unintentional mistake but unfortunately he'll have to live with the consequences; however, it continues to amaze me that some people don't bother to ever look at or read the stamps in their passport (either the red ink below an annual extension that tells you about the re-entry stamp...or the actual entry stamp listing your length of stay after you re-enter the country).
  14. Lost Dog (Siberian Husky)

    A class act by you to take care of the dog and also make the efforts to reunite the dog with its family. Well done.
  15. I kept 825k in my separate account last year (2017) and earned a total of 16,504.52 baht interest.....and the 15% tax withholding of 2,475.68 baht did take place. If there is an amount which triggers the withholding, I don't know but obviously it's less than the 20,000 baht mentioned by others. Regardless, as has mentioned, one can get the withheld tax back (so long as one doesn't owe the Thai government for other Thai income). I believe that no expat has to pay income tax here if they make less than 150,000 baht per year in Thai earnings.