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  1. Hi all Any recommendations for a 30 day car rental? The 24000 bhat price I’m seeing online seems wrong. Many thanks
  2. Here’s the situation. I want to buy some properties using my Thai wife in her name. (Yes I know the risks. Yes I know all those who got burnt said something) I dunno how the finance markets work in Thailand. The goal is to maximize the leveraged lending available to Thai citizens and begin to acquire a portfolio of town houses / condos. As an investor I want the best possible terms. In jurisdictions where I’ve previously done business I got the best deals from independent brokers. Do they exist in Thailand? Or to others, who have traveled this road, what were best practices. Referrals appreciated. Thanks in advance
  3. Isn’t possession of porn a felony? I think the court should consider the resulting pain and suffering as repayment of his debt to society. Ouch.
  4. Good advice already posted. You gave detail in excess of the question and I have a question on that detail if you don’t mind. You wrote - “It got a bit heated and the police came, Cambodians all ran and police asked me what happened, I explained and said I'm not going til I get my passport back. “ Then you’re cuffed - seems like detail missing. What were your actions specifically that got you cuffed? Were the cops at fault or did you invite trouble by being aggressive or showing anger toward the police?
  5. Thai Airways is the flag carrier of Thailand and comparatively super expensive vs the Premium airlines like Cathay, Singapore, Emirates, etc. Thai Airways has good service but uses older equipment and cabin configurations. Whereas a good airline, not what I consider premium. I would imagine they are subsidized by the state considering their exobornant international pricing. That said they have a flight I’m interested in but won’t pay the 30% premium over Cathay. I am aware carriers often discount to certain resellers? In other words, anybody know where I can buy discounted Thai Airways tickets?
  6. The trickery magic is strong with th Black Money posse
  7. Easy fix. Involuntary manslaughter. Problem won’t fix itself. If the authorities don’t educate and enforce they are choosing avoidable deaths and injuries.
  8. Interesting to watch if the power of social can get justice. His next stop can be social that impacts the tourism industry - new tools to be played. The email lacks any kind of sophistication can likely be traced to source. and BTC is not private ... a little investigation can find the holder. Not easy but doable.