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  1. Maybe they will make an example if him if it's been auquired on the down low. I know I'm a dreamer
  2. Thanks. A good full suspension mountain bike in USA is 55,000 baht and up. I talked to some road bikes who were at the River Kwai in some sort of organises road ride. They said typical road bikes are 70,000-100,000 baht. I have some fond memories of biking along the Nan River. I just needed a bike that fits my 183 cm. And want the kid's to join.
  3. About how much would you guess these department store bikes cost?
  4. I am wanting to buy 5 pedal bikes in Phitsanulok. 2 adults and 10,12&14 yr old. These would be for riding along the Nan river. Where is a good place to buy or rent? What expense am I looking at? these bikes are just to make some great family memories.
  5. There are many examples of how cheap a life is in Thailand. Cost of an assassin. Fines for deadly mistakes. Insurance payment of 1 year salary for an electronic technician and 14 yr old life. It should have been 35 lost years of income. Plus pain and suffering for the parents. Maybe 20 million baht. I say the value of life is 60-100 times to low in Thailand.
  6. So you can split a 3 million retirement amount amount several banks
  7. 1000 baht is ridiculously high. I one time went to the wrong airport. And in sure Asoke to Suvarnabhumi then Don mueng was less than 500 baht
  8. Do you folks use tap water to cook pasta?

    During my 72 days in Thailand I have had a bit of a tummy issue 3 times. I do eat food from the street. I now use only bottled water for my toothbrush. I think a home filtering system is what I would use in Thailand if I settle down. Yes a RO filtering system requires maintenance but I am good at that job. I used to travel to Mexico quite a bit 30-35 years ago. Never was a good idea to eat washed veggies or salads. Caused several friends to get Montezuma's revenge. Even ice cubes were an issue. I think the same rules apply in Thailand. I also wonder about the Thai thing of showering before intimacy. My motto is let the lettuce dry well before a meal. Oh and keep mouth closed in the shower. As far as cooking in the water this seems like such a small % of our yearly water consumption I don't see how tap water would be an issue as long as it tastes good.
  9. I had to get real agressive to get a cabbie to turn in the meter. If you could turn in a video of a cabbie refusing to turn on the meter and he knew he would lose his permit for a year this problem would be fixed. The cabbie who clicked the meter higher everyone I glanced away got a surprise when I paid him what I wanted and not the meter. He saw in my eyes that he was going to bleed if he did a dam thing plus I grabbed the wire and said let's just call the police.
  10. I recently did a rough calculation of this for a budget clueless Thai lady I know. Budget 101 seems to be a subject not taught in Thailand. I came to 17 bt/ km. Cars and petrol more expensive than USA. Tires and oil changes similar. IRS in USA allows .55/ m. And I think this barely covers things. You guys paying 6bt/ km are greedy b"*tards.
  11. So this is what hoof n mouth desease is.
  12. TV when are you going to stop these bickering posts that go on and on. Like little kids. Ban the m"'*!?;r f"':!!'*kers
  13. I have always thought it odd how USA toilet plumbing locations need to be accurately placed. But I rarely see then not centered or located to close or 2 far for m the wall. I guess plumbers here can use a tape measure and calculator. But I admit much is wood frame so only the ground floor slab locations need to be installed before the walls are in place.
  14. Condo market soars in Silom-Sathon

    Is 40 M2 an average size? That's 8 million baht. 220,000 USD. Wow. Seems high. And low housing costs seems to be the only advantage of lower cost retirement.
  15. I think you are so old school.. first off it is different when tow young people meet and get married during college and have equal assets. Maybe no reason for a prenup because nothing to worry about and such young innocent love. But here in this thread I assume we are talking about a Western man who thinks he has enough resources to retire for 20-40 years and has found a Thai woman and is considering marriage for some reason?? Possible reasons for this are topic in another thread I started. Like some poster said a prenup is a great place to list assets before marriage.. this can make a split less painful and less cost. Sure we all hope things last forever.. but we are talking about a man who may not have much spare resources that he can afford to lose much and still make it to his planned exit for this spaceship. I have never taken the shine off of a woman.. I believe I have made every woman I have been with a better catch for the next guy.