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  1. I read cold coming warning. I see 2-4 c. And laugh.
  2. My first thought was why didn't the husband hold the perp? Military or not. What a wimp
  3. I am all for no smoking in public places. You inconsiderate butt tossing slobs brought this upon yourselves. I have no sympathy. I really don't even like to see fellow humans trashing their bodies. The fishbowls Should be opaque.
  4. Landowners should have some rights. Maybe balanced by the public good. But how do you compensate someone for this land that maybe able to generate income for thousands of years. It may have been in the family for generations. Just think of the noise, dust, ugliness, and dangers of having a u turn near Your property? If they want to buy just 10 m I would say no! I would insist they buy me a total Rai replacement, similar sized, location property.
  5. Silicone factory ablaze in Rayong

    Static can happen so easily. How can damage be only 2500$?
  6. It's almost impossible to build a dam that won't fail if the water starts to flow over the top. Even rodent burrows can spell disaster. Controlling nature over a long time is a doomed goal.
  7. Why buy insurance? Why wear glasses? Why read about history? Just go forth with your heart! Proper prior planning preventeth pith poor performance.
  8. Social media is a big thing in Thailand and passport or not he probably was pegged am Australian by anyone who observed him talking to police or watching video.
  9. And encouraged by the orangutan
  10. So your saying you think a Thai person has followed this story and threw some abuse your way today because big this? Trump has shown the world to be so tribal.
  11. I wonder how many of the people bin that photo were forced to be there? With careers at stake if they said no. In a few years are they going to tell their grandchildren those were forced smiles and claps?
  12. If this is true I will just find a nice, well off gal to bring to USA
  13. So if funds are brought in and you keep records and then buy a car in your name, that's not going to be joint asset attained during marriage and split? What if money sits for a year or two first? I guess song as you keep separate accounts your ok? What bank transactions do you take screen shots of? Is having two separate accounts and a joint account ok?
  14. Very interesting not one person has said why do people build in what is obvious a floodplain as seen on maps, Google earth, or from the air. Maybe the solution is relocation. Who would buy or build in a food prone area?
  15. I say out these two gents in a zoo rhino pen. So sad. Just a small fact about hunting in Africa and other countries. Hunting many times has been directly responsible for the reintroduction if animals in areas and the population is higher now than 40 years ago. Ex. Utah moose.