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  1. The kids would have exposure to accent free English as spoken in The West ( Utah). And 12 hours from the California dude sound. No southern drawl, which I see as being a detriment in the future, and no New York sound. Kids could learn to ski, fish, and hunt.
  2. I've been told a degree from a Thai uni is not accepted in most Western countries.
  3. What ages are the tests in Thailand? What are they called? Of course you can't drag kids unwilling to USA. Another part of this question is what age would be best? What is to late? I figured you can't just switch over for last 2 years of HS. So can't delay this decision to much longer for the 14 yr old 8 th grader I think. It seems like an 10&12 yr old would be able to be indistinguishable by graduation.
  4. I should have said the children go to a private school north of Bangkok and go to after school classes until 7 pm.
  5. A friend of a friend met this Thai woman who has three children 10, 12, and 14. They are dual US citizens. They speak English quite well. Thinking about what is best for everyone and considering this friend has a very nice house in America with good Public Schools as well as this Thai woman has two houses in Thailand. Combined they have enough resources to raise these children in either country. Can I please get your opinions on the pluses and minuses. This man knows the risks of bringing a Thai woman to his country. Can we keep the replies strickly about what's best for the kids and family.
  6. I saw so much failed concrete and rusting rebar everywhere. Just a time bomb. So many piers had so much failure they had areas blocked off but no repairs going on. No value to life in Thailand. If government and people were worried about big lawsuit settlements things would change. I read about these small settlements. Didn't boss only pay 90,000 to the policeman family? It should be a lifetime of his earnings plus much more. I Wonder how many cell phones were wet? Thank goodness no injuries were reported. That dirty rusty rebar would make a bad wound
  7. There goes all that trash. Good time to clean the property. Looks waist deep not 30 cm.
  8. Globalization can suck. Look at how it's stagnated wages in 1 st world countries. Imported pork could lower cost for Thai consumers. I can't believe anyone can taste the difference between USA and Thai pork and chicken. This could lower prices of pork for both USA and Thai consumers. But we all know the big corporations will just pocket the extra. Less profit for Thai producers. Everyone let's greed rule and not what's best for the world.
  9. Just the one issue of only 1 million of deposit insurance is a deal breaker. Would any Falang put money in an uninsured bank at home??? On the topic of income. How is this proven?. Some pension fund letter? A letter from SS? If these funds don't have to come to Thailand why is the number important? How do they know if you have other payments you need to make? What % of Thai families earn 100 k/after taxes? Why wouldn't a Thai wife's pension or salary be part of this? They are not thinking with anything other thought process than greed
  10. More shitty news about Thailand. Why not cap hotel occupancy so capacity will stay below 80,000 capacity to treat? Should be officially closed beach water area until healthy water returns. Have the raids really taken the fun out of the night life? No wonder so many 20+ million houses advertised for sale on here
  11. That's a ton of bong hits. At .05 g/bong hit that's 12,000,000 hits. I bet 90% goes to those darn Falang.
  12. A ton is 2000 #. But 599 kg. That's a lot of highs. I guess there is demand? Where do people smoke it if they live in BKK? I never smelled it and I have a hounds nose.
  13. Sea life and reef condition as well as dive satisfaction was very low in Thailand. Big dissapointment. I dove 2 days near phuket and two at phi Phi.
  14. Of course. But that requires car position, as indicated by start of skid marks or impact point and ending location. Skid length, coefficient of friction, car mass, tire condition. Impact angles, contact point. I just was referring to someone who guessed the speeds based on the photo provided. I do know that the passengers in the car with the most momentum have so much greater chance of survival due to the impulse their bodies endure is so much less. Any word if drinking played a role? I have read/heard where funerals usually involve some drinks.
  15. I don't see the attraction to this visa. I'm not super educated on Visas but I I was thinking the 800,000 for retirement visa would be the way I I would go. It still seems best but as far as the health insurance coverage requirements on any visa what if you married to a person who has government health insurance that covers you? Seems there is no way they can say that isn't enough coverage. That would be like saying our government worker health coverage stinks. Overall another example of the thai way of thinking and another stupid government solution. It is a reminder of what one has to endure if they do choose to retire here.