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  1. Poor lady. Must have been terrified. I'm sure they said if she yelled some family would be harmed. Plus she probably thought going through IO would save her. Once she realized he was in on things. Would you trust police to help her even if she yelled. How bold of this crew to not worry about CCTV. They must have really thought husband would pay and keep quiet. If not for all the craziness in the world I think this would make World news and hurt tourism. Such clean cut looking Thai doing such a nasty deed. Can I wish for public execution?
  2. Are there snakes in residential areas?
  3. When will the people rise up and get their share Tracy Chapman
  4. These CCTV seem to be pretty important in Thailand. I think they are used in USA but not reported by police so much.
  5. I'm not planning to get married. But I was looking at my divorce decree today. It's just a copy I got from lawyer. I was wondering if I would need to go to the county and get some official looking copy? It has a date time stamp and a little county seal in top right but it's a copy. Is this needed for just an amphor paper wedding? I'm a bit confused in the paperwork types in Thailand and which one would start an official marriage in USA? I guess this would be important for the ten year requirement for spousal SS benefits.
  6. Elkski

    Advice needed please.

    Start an Instagram blog. Have an G rated version and a R rated version. Now fire up a Thai dating site so you have some company along the way.
  7. I'm sure the money went to a charity it something. Had rioe durian at my local Asian store here in Utah. Well I'm not sure it was Rioe but at 2200 baht for one fruit. I didn't buy one. 720 baht kg
  8. What forms of income streams are acceptable for a Non O-A long stay visa ? Rental income from property in US? Withdrawals from 401k in US? Withdrawals from cash account in US? How you your get this verified? Just an affidavit you take to US embassy to get signed but they don't do any checking ?
  9. My .02$. I read the first page and the person who used the q word didn't seem to use it in a derogatory manner but then all hell ensued. I didn't read much more but I see this thread remains a battle. I was a homophobic young man. I'm now very open minded, equal rights, even took the family to a pride parade in support once. But all you LGBT people are doing massive damage by fights like this. Queer, gay, homosexual. Just be happy in the progress the last 40 years and don't rub this sort of crap in straight humanities face. It will backfire. A very straight male.
  10. Elkski

    Immigration woes —- Again?

    As far as I'm concerned if your not actually in line you lose your que. CM sounds terrible.
  11. I am trying to figure out my banking and transfer options to get money from US to Thailand when I do get over there. I have used transferwise and it seems like a low cost way to transfer money. I am considering a chase Investment account. Im not sure of the details but it is NFT fees. but maybe 95$ yearly charge. I will try to corner them on the exchange rate for a pretend transfer and compare to TW and the XE rate. I transferred some money once and the exchange rate seemed poor. I guess from the USA I could transfer from any account to NY Bangkok Bank and then to BB in thailand. This seems to be a popular bank to use. But then no more visa cards just the union card? so I'm still confused.. Just use BB bank fro transfers from USA and then transfer to Krungri and get a visa?
  12. I am thinking you could get your wife a USA tourist Visa. Your legally married so that's a big difference. It would be based on your job and earnings.
  13. It is amazing to travel in the USA with a Thai woman. Seeing America vis fresh eyes, Their awe and comments give you fresh appreciation for America. The natural wonders of Utah they just love. Yes I think it's best to say a 2-4 week visit. But at interview they don't even ask to see travel itinerary.
  14. I don't think it is hard to get a tourist Visa. Just have to have a profile of a tourist. I imagine the tax database tells them what type of income they have had. I think Thailand is more electronic than you think. I have heard that if you get married on a tourist visa it will be hard to get a marriage visa. I also don't see any reason to pay for a lawyer or visa service. Application fee is 165 USD and Visa service want 9000 baht. I see this as a good way to screen possible future partners. Not saying if you don't get a Visa you are not a good person. Watch my next invite get rejected
  15. Funny my first thought was 7-11 is making money. I see many Chinese in 7-11 buying all kinds of stuff. I also see them at the duty free store and carrying bags of stuff at the airport. They all have the biggest luggage you can buy. I read somewhere in TV that only 5% of the Chinese with passports have need to Thailand so far. Can anyone say they ever were able to get a foothold into one of these Chinese girl circles?