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  1. Can't hurt to ask for more salary. They may even respect you more. I worry about the accommodations. What are they equivalent to? Is electric free with aircons? Will things be fixed or leaking or broken? What part of BKK is housing located? How close to the BTS stops or public transportation? How close to work? To close? To many co workers nearby. If you figure 15,000 for a room that would be pretty nice. From what I have learned. But it's very location dependant. But why live in BKK if you can't easily access fun things. I would get much clarification on the housing and ask for more money, separate housing if any red flags on the housing. Act professional, be professional, get paid and respect like a professional. After 17 years you earned it. Put your chin up high.
  2. It would be nice to hear the numbers the OP is talking about. Can't make a business decision without the math. What is rent? What % are each partner putting in? How to share profit? How much reserve? Who will be manager? Salary? I learned that some shops pay gals 40% plus tips . Yes they can get side work off site. I learned if the workers are late or want the day off it's 500 fine . 3000 fine and they can have a month off. Each gal get about 4 jobs a day. 500 baht. Prices here are 300 for oil , 250 reg. They have shifts for sitting outside. But as an owner your looking at 6-10 workers 50 customers a day @ 150 there is some potential. Why need bro in law?
  3. Isn't using line after finding them on a dating site like a penpal site? I may have to look at the penpal angle.
  4. It's good your thinking before you go to Thailand. One big issue is your relatively poor. Your not rich or you would have bought the health club and employ PT's. And if you were rich you would have plenty if gals at home. I assume you are trapped working for the next 30 years. You can scratch off Vacations because of the trips home to mom you will be financing. Some women work like slave dogs in Thailand. Butany retire at 50 60 max. But what will they think of work in your country? Why wouldn't a gal soon find a okder man on pension who doesn't have to work? You need to spend time to ensure real love more than a man who can retire now.
  5. Yes, let's do a complete audit of the taxi system. What's a fair wage 50 baht/ hour? 70? I say if not use meter then permanent ban for Life. Set a fair wage sure but many will always w he more. Regulate the hell out of taxis. What % should driver get? What wage Maximum driving hours in a row? Penalties for racing. Man I almost died last month under the BTS 2 am. By the way why not require 50% women?
  6. The natural garden hedge lines. Such pretty small patches. Most don't need to shave their legs. I don't think they are any cleaner than any women. In fact many times clothes and or hair smells mouldy in Thailand. The need for two showers a day in such a warm climate is there. I prefer a woman who has all day scent and they all want to shower before.
  7. Good luck! Thai Cupid is better. Just pay for 6 months. Set your list of requirements now. I would suggest college degree, masters better. What is youngest child's age or none? Body type you want. Shoot for the moon. You will be able to talk to attractive bodies who would not even give you a glance at home. Not so easy to determine body type since good Thai gals follow Buddha and don't easily show skin or talk about sex. Wait till the door is closed. Many have been harassed by men asking for naked pictures and line sex. I would however try hard to see them in workout clothes, in a swimsuit or other revealing picture or line video chat. I would not meet a gal without this. Its important to determine if this requirement is met before you develop feelings or waste to much time. Pretty face, girl next door or ? Debt! Yes , you must ask about debt. Many Thai women have debt issues. That's why many seek a farang. The Thai government has been very loose on loan requirements. So government nurses and teachers seem to be in debt the most. Quite often monthly payments of 50%+ of gross income. I have read thousands online hours in last 22 months. I'm still learning. 4 trips for 120 days total in Thailand. 10 years researching sounds like a learning disability. Lol. But his advice is on one end of the spectrum and has value. I do see pitfalls in bringing a Thai woman to a western World. #1, I had one gals sister ( teacher) tell me she may "marry this guy in Florida and after she gets her green card dump him and find a nice man" . No joke. I am looking in a different age group 35-45+. #2, There is quite a lot of these gals talking about all the ways to catch a foreigner on social media. And what demands to make. I have read where a USA fiancee visa may take 10 months to get. And a man will only get 1-2 chances before no more fiancee visa's for him. I have found many of these career women can get tourist Visa's to USA. Seems the requirements are a kid, house, and or property, a career, 200,000 baht in the bank. Speaks decent English. This is a 6 month each year for 10 year Visa. Means no need for the cumbersome fiancee Visa process. I have found it's easy to find gals who can converse in written English. And can understand slow speech. And they improve very fast. They all think they can't speak. As we as not good looking. Sometimes their large vocabulary surprises me. Some of the younger ones <35 have great voices and accents like Nicole Kidman. I think Thailand should ban English teachers not from USA, or Australia. Lol. Especially India. If a gal seems to talk to you at 2-5 am BKK time just block her as bar girl who struck out. Understand that these gals are looking for a better life. Many work long hours for 20,000 baht a month and send half home to mom in Isaan. So don't worry to much if asked about what support you can provide. Expect 4,000-10,000/ mo to mom. Get the Line app on your phone. Try to be as honest as you can. They are talking to others so no reason to lie if you are. In your 4 step plan I would add some more steps. At least a few more visits to Thailand once you find a special one. Including to see her family. No, it won't be a shotgun wedding if you go to her village. Oh and make sure her cooking is Good and nit a lazy woman. Why not get all you want. I think a Thai woman does appreciate a good man more than western women. That is the rub. How many years does it take a Thai woman to become Westernized? It's fast with social media. I think they will find many Thai to socialize and you just hope they don't meet Thai friend that tells her about the greener grass.
  8. I read about rigged meters before my first month visit in 2016. And i did see one. It seemed every time I wasn't looking the meter would jump up. I'm an electrical geek and then I noticed the extra wires. I told him what I was going to pay at my destination and pointed to the wires and told him to shut up. There should be some sort of reward system for taking time to call tourist police and reporting these violations. Plus serious life changing penalties. You can tell I am naive.
  9. What is so bad about fried bananas?
  10. If they do enough 1 day checkpoints in random locations this would help If they use undercover Thai the taxis will just make sure to use the meter for Thai Passengers. I won't get in a taxi unless he puts the meter on. In BKK is where I use taxis. I don't know if Pattaya is worse than BKK. I would say 25% in BKK want to name a price or decline to take you even with a Thai woman talking. They do look scared when you act like your taking their picture and taxi picture and say "tourist police". Some even say ok meter. But I wave them off.
  11. How much money to retire in Thailand.

    I think if the wife dies the surviving spouse health coverage continues as well as her parents. Can someone verify this? It would be nice if the guy who says you need 15 mill for emergency would say where you park that money and what it's purpose is for?
  12. There is such a variety of looks you must not have taken your buddy out enough. To the malls food court at lunch. To the BTS stops, etc. So many are even doing this light brown hair dye thing. I don't like this. I like black hair.
  13. More money

    I've read this entire thread. Most of the replies are valid. The OP may have joined to seek our help. It seems English isn't his first language. Yes it would be nice if he offered more information. Such as if it's a business owned house or he uses "house" term for a legal owned freehold condo. It would be nice to know his her age, what she did to break his heart, etc. But I don't think more info would really matter. I can see the point that a gal invests 5 years and wants to feel some security. But you can only pay what you can afford. It also sounds like she has not played the long game very well or treated him very well. Perhaps she is looking to move on? I think the OP should back away to clear his mind and take a fresh look at things. As mentioned before. Be worth more live than dead. But also. There are 100 Thai gals around the corner.
  14. Metal roof - Aluzinc?

    What type of quote can one expect to get in Thailand? I would like to see a quote that lists the work to be performed. Remove and haul away existing roof. Make repairs and modifications to existing metal support system. Touch up rust preventative paint as required. Install Colorbond roof type xyz style abc, thickness .3-.5 mm it what it is. Will be installed per manufacturer specifications. Payments to be 50% at start and 50% when customer is happy with roof and clean job site. Workmanship is Warranty good for x years. And product warranty is good for 25 years.
  15. More money

    If this house has been aqquired before marriage how does marriage now give her the house? If he dies. so proposal is good advice?