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  1. Car polish/cleaning

    Opposite makro on viset road rawai did a good job on our pickup, full clean and polish 600 baht a while back, cheap cheap but good work
  2. Adorable Kitten available for adoption!

    Best of luck in finding a new owner for your kitten. We have adopted the kitten my wife found abandoned on the street, our dog a Bangkaew who hates cats is now her best friend and they play together all the time
  3. Do what i do now, take copies of every page in your passport, they are always changing their minds about what they want sometimes daily it seems When they ask for a new copy just give it to them, it takes the smile of their face if they are just mucking you around on purpose, which one officer seems to like to do
  4. Sunday entertainment at Rawai beachfront

    2 years and most of the body panels will be rusted thru as well
  5. At the west end of the Rawia beach there is a boat launching ramp, a newbie jet ski owner has attempted to launch his new jet ski by driving forward of the ramp instead of reversing in and has got his ford wildtrak bogged and the jet ski is also bogged on one wheel where they attempted to retrieve in by disconnecting it from the vehicle There is a truck/lorry with a hi ab crane on it there at present, how they think they are going to retrieve the pickup i do not have any idea Watched to many ford adds about driving thru water i think
  6. Hotel Midway

    No need at all to book ahead at this time of year, they will all have vacancies You should get as far down as Chumphon or Surat Thani leaving Bangkok at 1PM
  7. Hotel Midway

    Its closer to the main road than Cha Am/ hua hin, only about 10 minutes drive from memory at Khiri Khan to the royal Thai air force hotel
  8. Hotel Midway

    A lot of the small resorts/motels have arrows made from light tubes on the edge of the road , it makes them easy to find after sunset, have used them a few times ourselves
  9. Hotel Midway

    As recommended Phuket is about a 8 hour drive from Cha Am/ Hua Hin driving sensibly at the next town heading south Prachuap Khiri Khan there is a nice beach front hotel run by the Royal Thai Air Force We always travel mid week and have no problem finding accommodation at these towns at 4 or 5 PM
  10. Why is Fox News not available on Karon cable.

    Cable TV in Rawai is still a lot better value for money than truvision, we now only get half the movie channel on true we had before and now more than half of the documentary channels have gone including Asia discovery, discovery, history 1, national geo and BBC earth ( all the ones worth watching), going to cancel our subscription this month, total waste of money now in my opinion
  11. Thanks i will do the report again even though its due only 6 days before i leave Thailand on a holiday A lot better than finding out i have to apply for another retirement visa because i did not do the 90 day report when due
  12. Ford Ranger Raptor Version 2018

    And how did you manage that as they have a rear mounted engine and are rear wheel drive, or at least all the ones i have seen are
  13. Take their smart phone of them so they do not have access to a calculator and ask them to calculate something in their head, you will soon see how smart they are
  14. Ford Ranger Raptor Version 2018

    Why would you love a pickup with a 5.7 V8 with 380 hp under the bonnet, do you intend to tow a cruise liner with it or something similar All pickups sold here have plenty of power to cruise above the speed limit and carry any load you put in them easily, and not guzzle fuel excessively
  15. Ford Ranger Raptor Version 2018

    It was all the ugly plastic parts manufactured in India that held up the delivery of the wildtrack when it first came out in 2012