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  1. Thankyou everyone for your assistance, much appreciated, booked the Ruamchitt
  2. OK thank you i looked at their web site as well, sounds great and exactly what we want
  3. I have no idea where the visa office is located or what hotels are in the same area, that's why i asked the question, price is not a problem either My Knowledge of Bangkok areas and hotels is zero
  4. We are going to bangkok next week to apply for a tourist visa for my wife to visit Australia Have not been to bangkok for over 8 years, can anyone recommend a hotel in the vicinity of the trendy office building where the visa office is located or just a decent hotel in the 3 to 4 star range for a couple of nights stay not to far from the visa office I put it in this forum because people from Phuket visit Bangkok and stop in hotels , bangkok residents do not.
  5. it runs for about 30 minutes after turning of the AC, i think just the fan runs to completely dry the inside of the AC to stop the growth of mould which can grow and block the drain pipe among other things Just guessing i do not know for sure
  6. We clean the filters every month, LG are a bit of a hassle as you have to take the outside cover of to get to them, samsung inverter ones are mounted on top of the unit and easy to take of and clean, about 5 minutes or less a unit, use the auto clean for the inside of the units about every 2 weeks
  7. Not my missus, it still works so its OK as far as she is concerned, its a LG and we have had problems with it of and on, I will go for a Samsung inverter, we installed 2 in our living area about 2 years ago and they are very god and quick at cooling the living area Was told by the representative we needed a 36 BTU unit which would have cost 68K baht which they did not have in stock, plus another unit for the kitchen/ dining area or to close it of with a curtain We put 2 18 BTU units in the lounge area which cost 58K baht, that's right 2 units cheaper than 1 larger unit, and they cool the whole living area, dining kitchen area without having a curtain installed takes about 20 minutes to get the area down to 29C from 33C, gets rid of the humidity and makes the area very comfortable to be in
  8. OK thanks for the answer, i will tell the Mrs i got a experts opinion and you agreed it probably needs replacing as i thought it does
  9. The air conditioner in our bedroom takes a long time to get down to the set temperature about 1 hour Its slowly taking a longer time to do this, it used to take about 20 minutes like our other air conditioners to start switching of and on, its serviced regularly about every 6 months and has just been serviced Its about 12 years old, how long do they last before needing replacing
  10. My son in law told me the government are getting very strict with people who modify vehicles Passenger vans/ minibuses with none genuine wheels cannot be re licensed until the original wheels supplied with vehicle are fitted back onto it, the vehicle must be as supplied by the manufacturer, lowered vehicles must be returned to normal height, generally speaking it seems all after market modifications must be removed or they will not relicense the vehicle Film over stop/tail lights and wide wheels are 2 other illegal modifications
  11. Phuket jock is the only person posting on this topic who probably owns and operates a business in Patong and knows what he is talking about Anyone who thinks that asking people who manage businesses or owns them for information about the businesses they own or operate will be given accurate information does not have a clue, probably has been previously employed as a manager and lost his/her job for giving out information they should not have Anyone with a good profit making business will tell you want you want to here or miss inform you Business managers rarely know everything about a business, they are just employed to manager staff and can be sacked at any time the owner wants to, they are just another paid employee and some think they are a lot more important than they really are What wake patong will still be thriving long after i and all the other posters on this topic are dead and gone, the same as this topic will be, so i will not post on it again, its a total waste of time, not because the amature trolls, stalkers worry me
  12. Just lost interest in the absolute garbage some people post, more interesting topics elsewhere with intelligent none trolling posts to respond to
  13. Have a look at the land you are talking about up close, cost a fortune to develop it There is still some overpriced undeveloped land at the north end of the third road
  14. Very handy to have when driving on the outback north/west roads in Australia, long stretches of road that disappear into the distance with no bends, speed limit is 110 kph which is easy to exceed without realizing it until a mobile speed camera catches you, and they are very strict about obeying the speed limit Useless in Thailand even on the main highways, speed limit is 90 kph on most roads which no one obeys, i usually travel at between 90 to 110 kph so i can mainly drive in the centre lane which is in better condition 90% of the time, still have to pull over regularly to the outside lane to allow people driving at up to 180 kph to pass on the centre lane Have not used cruise control ever in my 12 years of driving in Thailand and probably never will Back up and dash cams are a far better accessory but not all vehicles have them which are equipped with cruise control
  15. I gave up on Ford service,waranty and repairs , sold the Ford, paid back the 96k my wife received as a first car buyer and bought a toyota, which i am extremely happy with, best decision i have made in Thailand as far as vehicles is concerned They still keep contacting us about overdue servicing even though we have told them twice the vehicle has been sold and replaced with another make of more reliable vehicle