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  1. Plenty of people here have bought property throughout the years and not overpaid for it Even in the last few years we and others like us have bought property at a price that we would not lose money on it if we ever decided to sell it, we will make reasonable capitol gains on it without over pricing the property some people who bought 10 or more years ago are sitting on a nest egg and cannot possibly lose money even if they sell at a discount price, but why should they if happy living here Property goes thru booms and busts, and in my opinion the balloon is about to bust but this will not effect the majority of people who new what they were doing and did not believe what agents told them when trying to sell overpriced property here
  2. The cheap labor here are not Thai's they come from surrounding countries, Myanmar, Laos and cambodia mainly and always have, mainly Thai's working in Bangla road where they can make a lot better money of the tourists
  3. Russians no matter what anyone claims on this forum are good for Phuket's economy Lots of then have invested in property and businesses here, its the British people who have left due to poor exchange rates and lack of affordable business opportunities, a lot of the were speculating in real estate when the market was good for them, they got out while the going as good before the current oversupply of properties made them almost impossible to sell Only recent property sales i know of the sellers are excepting 30 to 40% of their asking price I fell sorry for the people who paid inflated prices here promoted by a lot estate agents who think they can get their money back or even make a profit on their property
  4. All of the expats i have met and know over the last 12 years are still here and have non O or work visa' People on tourist visa's are not expats and never will be, they are tourists and the majority have no financial interests or partners here and never will have I have met a couple of fly in fly out workers who have made Phuket their home, but the majority of them use Phuket as a base because of the international airport and being closer to the areas they work in and return to their home countries when there is a shortage of work, like at present People who post on this forum do not represent the average expat in Phuket and there are thousands of them here
  5. We saw about 10 workers each side of the project yesterday, 4 working and 16 watching On the Choafa west side there has been no progress in the hole they are digging in the last 2 weeks Cannot rush the job with the amount of money they are charging to do it, can they
  6. Do you know of another 10 at that price, i would love to buy them and pay you a commission You cannot even buy a one bedroom house in Rawai for that sort of money
  7. Sounds like you need to install a drain to get rid of the water before doing repairs I new a bloke who lived in Kathu that had water coming thru his laundry floor every monsoon season because of the lack of proper drainage
  8. Its quite everywhere on Phuket at present, happens about this time of the year, every year
  9. I personally spent to much of my life accumulating wealth after a couple of loosing streaks I invested my money mainly in real estate and shares for to long and should have started spending it earlier when i would have been able to enjoy travelling more Not having enough money to live comfortably and the way you want to is no fun and you learn quickly to save your penny's for a rainy day if you have ever had a battle to pay your bills I have given both my children a substantial amount of cash and shares and still have enough left to live comfortably and buy what i want for the rest of my life, I am no Bill gates, but if another major recession hits i and all the people who are important to me will have nothing to worry about financially as long as the banks do not go bankrupt I keep the majority of my money in one of the top 20 safest banks in the world and there are over 14,000 banks and savings societies so i feel secure in my investment I have not used finance to buy anything for over 30 years, if i cannot afford to pay cash i do without until i can afford to pay cash for anything i want to buy
  10. Vehicles imported into Australia only get charged a 5 to 10% import tax All vehicles sold in Australia are charged the 7.5% gts/vat All vehicles sold in Thailand are taxed before the VAT imported ones the most up to 325% Thai manufactured vehicles sold in Australia retail for less than they do in Thailand for the same model and they are usually better equipped and that's after the added cost of shipping there Australian manufactured vehicles sold in Thailand are twice the price here compared to Australia I do not know how the free trade agreement works, everything imported from Australia is more expensive in Thailand,and everything imported from Thailand into australia is cheaper their than locally made products
  11. All doom and gloom, Chinese are the main tourist group now and consist mainly of couples and groups of single women, the bars are missing out on trade but other businesses are thriving especially the ones that cater for sight seeing trips etc Accommodation businesses are suffering because everywhere you drive new ones are opening all the time that cater to long term tourists and expats and normal tourists,everything from one to five stars the market is flooded with them, more tourists now but more people chasing their business, adapt or starve Bangla Road has always been a must see attraction for most people as its well known from internet posts but is small compared to other similar places in Thailand and other surrounding countries and single male tourists have a much bigger choice of destinations I see no reason that Phuket will not keep being a popular tourist destination in the near or long term future
  12. It is for a few days supply, isn't it A friend of ours drives there regularly from Rawai for seafood, thinks its the cheapest and best They do not sell haggis there if that's what you are after
  13. Over the hill in Kathu is the only real thai market, fruit, vegies, meat, poultry, fish etc Turn left at the caltex lights if you are heading east
  14. So what, my ex wife had a car detailing business and she mainly did work for car dealers who are a lot more fussy than private individuals You do not need a university degree or any special skills to do it, just watch and learn, even you could do it after a couple of days training
  15. Plenty of videos about nu finish on U tube, but one i watched is rubbish, he puts enough nu finish on half a bonnet to polish the whole are twice and then buffs it with a electric buffer The bloke is probably a car detailing expert The correct way to apply it is on a damp cloth or sponge, i use one of the small round polishing sponges you can buy from tesco, you apply a small amount on the sponge then dob it over a area of about 1/2 sqm then spread it evenly without rubbing hard, once dried to a milky like appearance just buff it of lightly, the car must be clean before you start No need for pre polishing it the paint is in good condition and it comes up with a brilliant shine that lasts Check out some of the U tube videos for yourself,if you really want to know how it works