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  1. Its obvious you did not try the bath and sink cleaner and prefer to use or sell products that are a lot more expensive and may not work, it worked brilliantly for me and i got it for free, beat that
  2. The patrol cars here do not have high powered v8 engines, the only vehicles they can catch is a pickup and a old worn out one only, newer models can leave them for dead
  3. The Expanding 10% Beach Sun Lounger Zones

    we usually go to the south end of Nai Harn beach are the area had no chairs a couple of weeks ago, anyway there is no such thing as social security payments here and Thais have to work to survive so as long as they are not taking over the entire beach or blocking access its not a problem to me, live and let live and be happy in a lovely place to live in, i can see a topic coming up again about road blocks and 500 baht fines for people to complain about because they are breaking the law by not having a license and not wearing their helmet, boring,boring
  4. Chalong Circle Underpass

    They need to employ someone like Valentine who knows how to dig holes safely as a supervisor, no one there seems to have a clue at present, Their own forecast completion date on a sign on Choafa west is over 4 years time
  5. Patong - The Wake

    Keep dreaming, in 20 years time China will be the leading country for 3D printing and everything else, I wont be around then but if i was i would bet a serious amount of money on it as a donation to the Sunshine village Phuket knowing i would not lose the bet
  6. Chalong Circle Underpass

    In another 4 years you should know what is actually happening at the circle, if you are lucky and they actually start using all the machinery at the work site and the workers actually start doing some work instead of sitting around talking and sleeping on the job
  7. Patong - The Wake

    What a load of rubbish, China's military is much larger than the US, China has nuclear weapons and the US only use nuclear weapons on countries that cannot retaliate (use them back) Chinese and asian workers are happy getting a fair days wage for a fair days work that's why all manufacturing has shifted to their countries from the former powerful western countries which are slowly going bankrupt You are really showing your lack of common knowledge again NKM, you need to keep up with whats really happening in the world today, China and Asia is the future for the manufacturing economy Give in a few more years and some people who come to Thailand now will be back in their home countries catering to Thai and Chinese tourists and hoping to make a living from the money they make doing it and these Thai, Chinese and Asian people will be paying western prices for taxis without continuously whinging about them as poor people do By they way plenty of excellent products are coming from China now that were designed as well as manufactured there, they are stealing nothing as you like to claim, fake items still come from China and they are made for western customers mainly who keep this business going
  8. Patong - The Wake

    In 20 years time China will be the super power and english speaking people will need to learn Chinese if they want to do business with them Just sour grapes from some posters who think they are better than the chinese but come from failing economies unlike the Chinese economy that is improving every year Every country in the world including the major ones like the USA are doing their best to attract Chinese tourist with longer and easier to get visas etc
  9. Best Truck Ford or Toyota!

    Ford ranger has a smaller turning circle which comes in handy when doing a U turn and better wing/door mirrors as far as rear viewing is concerned Toyota is better with everything else in my opinion, fuel economy, quality of materials used and finnish, ride and handling, also more comfortable to drive on a long trip (no sore bum) Its also cheaper than ford ranger wldtrak in the top model Hilux Revo with better service and warranty Just my personal experience driving both vehicles, i am sure other people think differently Just a afterthought, ford ranger binds up on full wheel lock when turning and hilux does not
  10. Never had a problem with widow film here, just use what the car dealer supplies for free
  11. Buying a new car

    You can definitely get a cash discount on Toyota's, how much you get depends on your negotiating skills and how many dealers you visit, tell them you will not tell them already negotiated deals and the best deal gets your business, also ask for the sales manager and do not deal with anyone else, he can give you their best deal and has to approve any deal offered by a salesperson anyway
  12. Car dash camera in Thailand

    HP f770 a excellent dash cam but not cheap
  13. A dogless Society

    What would society be without mans best friend, I have had dogs most of my life, they have always been loyal, trustworthy and fun d to be with and protective I cannot say the same thing about a lot of farangs i have met in Phuket, Immigration should make a police clearance a compulsory item for anyone who wants to live here as a expat
  14. Vachira Hospital

    Since when do they charge for sheets to be changed, if you are talking abut a daily room charge that is very reasonable compared to prices charged in western countries
  15. A dogless Society

    If its like living in Phuket, foreigners, they regularly abandon dogs and cats where we live and a few people take them in and care for them thai and expat Foreigners should be banned from having pets if they cannot prove they are long term residents and intend to look after them properly