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  1. Budget accommodation in Patong

    Anything 1000 baht or below that a night is cheap accomodation in Patong in my opinion, i am sure plenty of people will disagree
  2. We used the walkway between the 2 terminals in October, does not take very long If a shuttle service exists you would have to go downstairs for it and the walking time would be longer
  3. Patong - The Wake

    Yes i know but if i was prepared to pay the prices they are asking i would buy in Australia where i can actually own the land in my own name not a nominees or company name and hope they don't enforce the the current company laws and take it away from me This is not Hong Kong or Singapore, more like Bali, i have not checked for many years but when i did foreigners could not own land there as well just lease
  4. retirement in Laguna

    I bit like Laguna then
  5. Where Can I Buy Halva/Halavah

    Enlighten me someone, what is it No need i looked it up on google, if desperate you can make it yourself
  6. Patong - The Wake

    Sea view land is land where if sitting in your lounge room and and you look out the window you have a sea view which cannot be blocked by people building in front of it I have not seen any land here advertised as sea view that actually has permanent a sea view If your sea view is from a roof top terrace on a 2 storey building or a view partly block by the back of a condo block its not a sea view in my opinion( would you call it a condo view) and never will be, quite often people claim land is sea view when there is undeveloped land which when its built on in front of it will block any sea view completely Land is permanent sea view when the view cannot be built out ever, there is one block of land at the north end of Nai Harn beach currently being built on that has a genuine sea view which can never be built out which is sea front and has a steep slope to it I have seen a valley view house on Phuket that has a far better view than any of the sea view land i have inspected in Phuket which usually has a view of developed land(Kata/Karon or Patong)with the sea in the background
  7. Patong - The Wake

    Land is the way to go there is no depreciation That's how i invested and made most of my money, Nothing worth buying in Phuket at present its all very overpriced, i missed out on one block of land that has now been bought and resold twice and is really overpriced at present Looked at 2 blocks of land in Phangnga one 14 rai with 2 year old rubber trees on it for 3M and the other 17 rai with a producing palm oil plantation on it for 7M, both negotiable prices, but both owners seemed to think that because some of the land had been promised to or was being used by another family member it may not be included in the sale even though its on the title deed, to much of a hassle to be bothered with purchasing them and i am not interested in farming anyway
  8. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    I haven't had to either but times and rules have changed, if you leave the country and return to the same address as you lived at when you left and report it on your arrival card there is no problem If when you return you put a new address on your arrival card you then have to confirm this address with a notification form from your house master at the phuket immigration office within 24 hours or you can be fined for not doing it Same if you travel within Thailand, if you stop in paid accomodation booked in your name and they inform immigration of it, which they are legally obliged to do that then becomes your address in Thailand and you have to re-register your Phuket address when you return to Phuket within 24 hours We normally travel by road and my wife books the accommodation in her name which solves this problem, only once have i booked accommodation in my own name and that was when i used my credit card, in future if i use my credit card to book accommodation on the internet i will put it in my wifes name also so my address in Thailand does not change
  9. Truck or Car Covers - Do you use one?

    Stored a mates car for months a long time ago with a quality cover on in, expensive anyway When he took the cover of the car it was covered in dust and crap and the paint was scratched, there was a lot of wind where i lived I would not store a car under a cover ever again, just give it a wash when necessary
  10. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    Did my 90 day report today after having gone to Australia for business, it went straight thru as usual with no new confirmation of address required As i thought it would, i reported my address on my arrival card at the airport immigration , its been the same for about 7 years and will not be changing anytime in the future
  11. Patong - The Wake

    Why would a single male with no family in Thailand invest in property here which he cannot own personally, only thru a thai partner which he does not have or a thai company which he controls the voting rights in which is not legal, he's better off renting, rents are cheap and you can shift any time you want to All the expats i know have Thai wifes or long term partners and have invested in property here in their wife's name or a company name, they really are expats and have made Thailand their home and has no problem investing money here for their Thai families eventual benefit If you shop around there are still good buys that come up even now, if you inspect a property with a agent make your offer thru him/her,but agents here are absolutely useless and do not have a clue how to inspect or value a property and just put it on the market at the vendors inflated asking price, thats why so many properties have been on the market for over 7 years If you have a area you are interested in buying property in let the local owners know you are a potential buyer and deal directly with them and do your own due diligence as the agents do not do it and have no clue about the outgoing expenses on properties or who the actual legal owner is from my own personal experience of dealing with them If after you have done due diligence you are still interested in buying a property make it full payment in cash on settlement, do not pay a deposit as you are very unlikely to get it back if the property is not as described by the vendor/agent and the only way you may get your money back is by using a professional debt collector, better of paying them from the money they collect from dishonest people
  12. Taxis and passenger vans and local buses you will have no problem finding at Rawai and Nai harn beaches in the day time, have not seen any tuk tuks working the area they just drop of their passengers and return to their home queue/rank at Kata/Karon, Patong and Phuket town usually
  13. Best Truck Ford or Toyota!

    My hilux has a 6 speed transmission and i don't tow anything with it so towing is not important, must be a old video
  14. Best Truck Ford or Toyota!

    Its the drivers not the trucks that cause the safety problems in Thailand 40% of drivers do not even have a license, drive like you expect to meet a driver who should not be allowed to drive on the road and all the trucks are safe Anyway toyota was my choice and i am happy with it as i was with all the toyotas i have owned previously, only had it 8 months and have no intentions of changing it at present, if i do change vehicles it will not be into a brand new model, best to wait a couple of years so they can sort out the teething problems most new models have, That's the beauty about toyota, no radical updates and changes just continuous minor improvements and updates in each new model which keeps them reliable vehicles to own even when they bring out a new model
  15. Best Truck Ford or Toyota!

    Up to you, most modern vehicles are reliable, i do not like the look of the Triton personally but have not heard of any bad reports about it, do your homework and if happy with the results go for it The 2 american brands in Thailand are the ones i have read bad reports on, Ford and General Motors Chevrolet, their quality control and repair services are not anywhere as good as the Japanese brands