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  1. Actually Toyota is number 1 at 18% market share and Isuzu is number 2 at 14% the have got their places back to front
  2. I have noticed in Thailand some roads have corrugated bitumen on them usually on the bend in a road, when hitting this type of bitumen in both the Ford and Toyota pickups i have owned the rear end skips sideways and its frightening when this happens without warning I have a hard cover on the rear of the Hilux and it makes no difference when this happens
  3. Food For Foreigners new shop open!

    Same applies to any business i have been caught out myself when buying bulk stock from a wholesaler because of the extra discount they offer if you buy in bulk, only to have the items in stock years later unsold, then giving big discounts below cost just to get rid of it, these items did not have a use by date like most foods
  4. The way i understand the law if the lease is registered you can live there for the full 30 years or until you expire/die
  5. Food For Foreigners new shop open!

    Had a look today its in the second fisherman's way complex when heading south from Chalong circle, bought some bacon and sausages that Makro have been out of stock of for quite a long time, not anything else there that interests me,much better selection of foreign goods for sale at Villa Mart They have a good selection of pies but they are small and overpriced at 95 baht IMO 8
  6. Phuket Beachs Umbrella and Tables Back

    Been just about everywhere in Thailand sport and have seen all the beaches on phuket and Phangnga and Samui can you claim the same, Nai harns the best IMHO Its not me whinging and complaining about the beaches its you, i like my preferred beach which is the cleanest of the popular beaches You don't see tourists swimming in the sea usually at Patong just farangs who have no where else to swim, tourists swim in their resorts swimming pool which is clean and safe and has nothing in it that will bite or sting you and has no blind mullet in it as well
  7. Patong - The Wake

    And what makes you think i have a landlord???
  8. Patong - The Wake

    I really do not need you or one of your friends to buy a property if its worth buying in my opinion I have forgotten more about buying and selling property than you will ever know and have plenty of funds myself
  9. Patong - The Wake

    Yes you are better of renting than paying the ridiculous prices set by foreign real estate agents on properties here, people end up getting less than they could have got when they first put their properties on the market if they had asked a reasonable in the beginning, everyone looses interest agents and buyers in old unsold listings same everywhere in the world, they end up taking their property out of agents hands and market it themselves most of the time to sell, regularly see owners advertising their property at half the agents recommended price to sell it Last property sold near us was 5 holiday units on a block of land listed for sale at 12M baht, the owner eventually sold them for 5M baht
  10. Phuket Beachs Umbrella and Tables Back

    Never had that problem at Nai Harn beach except at one time when the vendors took over the entire beach and the military removed the vendors and the illegal restaurants at the same time, there was still plenty of room under the trees behind the beach to sit in the shade even then Plenty of room for everyone now on the beach, including the vendors the last time i was there, Who wants to sit on the sand when you can hire 2 lounges and umbrellas to shade them for the day and you did get food and drink service as well for the princely sum of 300 Baht , not me and a lot of other people as well or they would not have allowed them back, 300 baht is under 10 USD Just something else for anonymous foreigners to complain about on forums and in bars, haven't you got something better to do with your time
  11. Chalong Circle Underpass

    They should have made it a overpass, a lot of the work could have been precast of site and installed between midnight and 6AM when there is very little traffic
  12. Mosquito fogger

    My wife and friends went to the local govt office to book the service, they did a few houses in our village at the same time,i think you will be waiting a long time to see them in your area without making a booking for the service
  13. Patong - The Wake

    The problem is there are no properly trained and qualified trades people here, they all learn on the job and are taught by someone who has no recognized trade qualifications themselves either When we had 2 new air conditioners installed they just drilled a hole on the brick wall put a bolt into it which they attached the earth wire to I called the people we bought the air conditioners from and complained,they told me that was how they(didnt) earth all the air conditioners they installed I told them i would get Samsung out to inspect the installation, no need they sent the installers back straight away and they then earthed the air conditioners properly to my satisfaction My neighbor who does not have a clue about electrical installations had his air conditioner installed by the same people with no earth as well, i have told him its not earthed but he has done nothing about it, if he gets electrocuted its his own bad luck for not listening
  14. Patong - The Wake

    You have to register a building plan here and have it approved, but once the builders especially the spec builders have got the approval they then ignore the approved plans and build exactly what they want to and not according to the plans to cut costs and save money. There are no Government Building inspectors to make sure the building is built to approved plans One of these spec builders has built houses near us of which one was sold to a foreigner, he now has people in ever week doing ongoing repairs to his house, after watching the house being built its not surprising the new owner is having all these problems
  15. Patong - The Wake

    Personally like a lot of Expats i have a Thai wife and family here, the property we own is in here name and eventually goes to her completely No way if i was single would i invest in property here which you can never own anyway Forget condos, foreigners can only owner up to 49% of a complexe and will never have any control over how its serviced and maintained and fees charged for doing this
  16. Patong - The Wake

    The simple fact is that most of us come from a home country where there are strict rules and regulations about who can hold a real estate salesman's license and even stricter rules about who can hold a real estate agents license, and a fund to compensate buyers and sellers if the agent does nor do due diligence properly before offering a property for sale where either buyer or seller lose money thru the deal thru their incompetence Its rafferty's rules here, the agents and their salespeople do not have to answer to anyone and have no training or qualifications that are required in most developed countries, they are not even required to get a police clearance which should be compulsory before dealing with the general public and offering their assets for sale How many times have you heard about prospective buyers losing their deposits thru no fault of their own, it should have been returned to them
  17. Mosquito fogger

    Ask at your local government office, they did supply this service in Rawai at one time, i cannot remember how much it cost but it was not very much, definitely under 200 baht at that time
  18. Phuket Beachs Umbrella and Tables Back

    If the tourists did not want them they would not be there, its obvious a service wanted by a lot of tourists, the same ones stopping in Hotels and resorts and better quality rented accommodation usually We have used the ourselves when stopping on the beach for a swim, we only walk the dog on the beach now so its a service we no longer require They did cost 200 to 300 baht to hire back then so i do not think the anonymous posters on this forum would rent them anyway , they want to rent a serviced room for 500 baht a night, the last of the cheap charlies who like to complain about the chinese not spending any money when here in Phuket, the same ones who whinge anonymously on this forum about being pulled over and fined for not wearing a helmet and having no license at a police checkpoint, easily fixed just wear a helmet and have the required license the same as you would in your home country where the fine would be 10 times what it costs you here, they even let you drive/ride away after paying the fine, try doing that in your home country
  19. Budget accommodation in Patong

    Anything 1000 baht or below that a night is cheap accomodation in Patong in my opinion, i am sure plenty of people will disagree
  20. We used the walkway between the 2 terminals in October, does not take very long If a shuttle service exists you would have to go downstairs for it and the walking time would be longer
  21. Patong - The Wake

    Yes i know but if i was prepared to pay the prices they are asking i would buy in Australia where i can actually own the land in my own name not a nominees or company name and hope they don't enforce the the current company laws and take it away from me This is not Hong Kong or Singapore, more like Bali, i have not checked for many years but when i did foreigners could not own land there as well just lease
  22. retirement in Laguna

    I bit like Laguna then
  23. Where Can I Buy Halva/Halavah

    Enlighten me someone, what is it No need i looked it up on google, if desperate you can make it yourself
  24. Patong - The Wake

    Sea view land is land where if sitting in your lounge room and and you look out the window you have a sea view which cannot be blocked by people building in front of it I have not seen any land here advertised as sea view that actually has permanent a sea view If your sea view is from a roof top terrace on a 2 storey building or a view partly block by the back of a condo block its not a sea view in my opinion( would you call it a condo view) and never will be, quite often people claim land is sea view when there is undeveloped land which when its built on in front of it will block any sea view completely Land is permanent sea view when the view cannot be built out ever, there is one block of land at the north end of Nai Harn beach currently being built on that has a genuine sea view which can never be built out which is sea front and has a steep slope to it I have seen a valley view house on Phuket that has a far better view than any of the sea view land i have inspected in Phuket which usually has a view of developed land(Kata/Karon or Patong)with the sea in the background
  25. Patong - The Wake

    Land is the way to go there is no depreciation That's how i invested and made most of my money, Nothing worth buying in Phuket at present its all very overpriced, i missed out on one block of land that has now been bought and resold twice and is really overpriced at present Looked at 2 blocks of land in Phangnga one 14 rai with 2 year old rubber trees on it for 3M and the other 17 rai with a producing palm oil plantation on it for 7M, both negotiable prices, but both owners seemed to think that because some of the land had been promised to or was being used by another family member it may not be included in the sale even though its on the title deed, to much of a hassle to be bothered with purchasing them and i am not interested in farming anyway