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  1. Excuse me, but what are you up to? Why have you copied in a comment from Jim Walker, and quoted that one in my name? Seriously, Get a Grip! Did it take you long time to create something that stupid?
  2. Since when has talking to somebody about something, as solution for a problem in Thailand helped?
  3. Yes I have been there, and I have also been using their service. I guess that was the end of that discussion.
  4. Get Real

    pay once and then pay again?

    Okey, as well as I can agree with you when it comes to the salury in comparision to ours when we are residing in Thailand, I will also have to disagree with you regarding the percentual salury value. Maybe that is something that you have disregarded in your statement. If you are talking about an american or european salury and the person that recieves the salury are using it in the home country, in comparision to a thai salury used by a thai in Thailand. Then you will find out that according to thai measurements it will in reality not be so bad as you think. The percentual cost of renting a place to stay that goes from the salury in both cases will almost be equal or less in Thailand. The cost of water and electricity used by a thai home, will be smaller than in an american or european home, but will percentually almost be equal. The cost of food and vegetable as well as eating your lunch outside, will percentually be a smaller part of the thai salury than an american or european salury. In regard to that, I would actually think that I would have the right to get a product seviced or manufatured up to the standards that are acceptable.
  5. Are you joking with me? Even small cities like Yasothon and Kut Chum have. They are everywhere. First time to Thailand?
  6. Get Real

    pay once and then pay again?

    You can´t translate something that doesn´t exist.
  7. I guess that one has smoked his last cigarette.
  8. I know april is gone, so it can not be a misplaced joke. Does that mean it´s the biggest lie of the year?
  9. This really have news value out of enormous proportions! A crash with 13 injured, but nobody died at the scene. I guess that never happened before.
  10. Who, in their right mind, would do a thing like this? Yeah, yeah! I know. A Thai
  11. that´s really some picture for the next "TAT - Welcome to Amazing Thailand" brochure. No bad marketing, due to that it is amazing how they can do like this.
  12. That would have been a nasty trip, if it had gone broke.
  13. Yes, that´s right. It´s the most common disease in the world. Soon to be registered like an airbourne contagious virus. Beats the shit out of Ebola!
  14. Get Real

    Korat Officials Accused of Killing Healthy Dogs

    As I thought, you had never been thinking about my question. Good Day, sir!