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  1. Really? I guess you forget what you post very quick, right? Below is a reminder: And that is what I replied below on: I sincerely hope you can see the connection with the word "mistake" in focus. Or maybe you mean it was a misstake to wai and say sorry? (Sarcasm alert!) So, now. How are you going to make a 360-turn and get away from that? The first one didn´t work. Don´t worry though. If at first you don´t succed, one must try and try again.
  2. Yeah, of course! A misstake by hitting a shop assistant in the face. I guess that classifies as a little bit more than a mistake, right? On the other hand, I guess it aöö comes down to what acceptance threshold you have, and how well you have charged your BS-detector.
  3. Get Real

    Motorbike driver killed in Thepkasattri road

    Unfortunate accident. Case closed
  4. I guess he have to say like good old Jack Nicholson against Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men - You want the truth?`You can´t handle the truth!
  5. That´s right! On the other hand, when that happens it can no longer be considered as a perjury. In that case we are talking the truth, right?
  6. No, a janitor is supposed to keep maintenance and see to that all is working as it should regarding everything from equipment to heating, cooling air ventialtion and so on. They are like the repairman and have no cleaning duties at all. Sometimes they also are the caretakers of a garden if existing. The enitity cleaning??? Hmmm... it must be the envorionment technichian you are searching for. Have to watch out for the defamation laws.
  7. Sheer luck, that no innocent has been given the chance to participate then.
  8. Get Real

    Pop Up Franchise Restaurant

    It´s always been a trend, as you put it. I would say essential to test the market. With the pop-up restaurants they just been given a better possibility to do that.
  9. Get Real

    Living in a quiet Issan village.

    I completely understand your insecurity when you are not able to do anything by yourself if something happens. I am sincerely sad for your situation, and hope there was something that could be done. However, of course you should always take a threat seriously, but most of the people, even the ones climbing over fences, do hesitate when it comes to injuring or killing another human beeing. Yeah, how silly it might sound when reading the news, that is actually a fact even in Thailand.
  10. Of course it´s more credible! The believed false facts that cancelletions are up to 600,000 chinese tourists, is just a well known hoax. You know, like the three headed snake.
  11. Little, Trumphy! So, my guess is that it can not be any pugery charges if you not feel the need to committ purgery to save the little piece that is left of your sorry arse.
  12. Good! Just don´t overstay your welcome on repeated exempt entries and too many tourist visas, and we will get along just fine.
  13. Get Real

    Bitcoin scam suspect claims he is victim too

    Crazy comment and statement. If it´s difficult to trace the origin of the money, then it must be same difficult to prove money laundering. Hence they can not face any charges of something that lacks evidence.
  14. Get Real

    Complaint over breast implant gone badly wrong

    Done deal! Very Stupid.
  15. Why in the world make things soo complicated. If the Thai police where performing their duty on Thai territory, malaysian police can not arrest them. Malaysian police wrong! If the Thai police where trying to perform their duty on Malaysian territory, they are wrong. This is just a simple case on jurisdiction.