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  1. Never transport a car with a full tank in a hot container.
  2. Listen up! It´s lucky business time. Time to find shop number 18 in that street and open a new outlet for motorbikes.
  3. Nigerian? Nah, I don´t believe that! All theese fine young lads from that country never gets in any trouble or breaks any laws anywhere.
  4. I guess it´s time to start produce things in the name of Brexit. Brexit socks! A firm and flexible product that never breaks. Brexit Bisquits! Get a hard cookie with a soft inside. Brexit Mobile App! Try downloading an application that lasts forever. All this is of course only made up ideas out of pure fiction. Remember that there are no guarantees. They "may" or "may not" work in real life.
  5. Do not criticize the Kremlin! They make all your friends, family and even yourself forget your namne, address and that you even existed. This guy can consider himself lucky!
  6. Maybe time to understand the all the rights given to people the took affect 228 years ago, today can be considered to be an outdated perscription for disater. What´s the big fuzz about guns? If the right to have is taken away, or if it gets harder to get permission to own guns, then that is affecting all people the same way. Ok, except criminals, but they can find guns even in countries with or withhout gun restrictions. Is it as simple as the people in the US, just can´t feel like humans if they can´t be an owner of a gun? If so, then there is a big problem!
  7. Thailand to declare IUU-free Thailand

    In the making of taking away the pressure one problem has been creating, they are masters of creating new problems. The new problem: How the hell are we going to sneek out unseen from this enormuosly big lie?
  8. I guess somebody is starting to collect the government christmas presents early this year. To be serious. Of course it must be a control over product not using prohibited substances or are sold without licenses. Negative effects of that can be very severe. However it seems like all the big companies can pay for get the ineffective stamp removed. Is really Loreal mascara giving you the same thick eyelashes as advertised?
  9. And Aflatoxin is appearently a poison that is not good for people. Question: Does Aflatoxin need to be in milk? Answer: No? Ok, how the hell can it be there then, and who is the stupid people that are setting accepable levels of poison they are going to be allowed to push into other human bodies?
  10. I just wonder how many high ranking police officers, that are going to have to be implicated before somebody realizes that it´s something very wrong here. I think there is soon going to be equality in Thailand. A clear message is that the number of inactive post in comparision to active post are soon totally equal.
  11. Eureka! That´s no joke, nah. 97% of the population have never been made aware that the two words "normal" and "standards" have a possibility to be combined into an expression that really means something.
  12. Army told to pay mother of slain son

    Ask for 18M baht, and get 1,8. At least it includes the same choosen numbers. That´s great! I would believe that is out of the question. Guess she have to settle for 1,87M or make an appeal.
  13. Once again an accused person can be given the right to change when he wishes to appear for questioning or court. Don´t we just love the harsh consistency of the Thai system regarding crimes and law. Still they don´t see that they make a joke out of themselfs every time.
  14. Fascinating animal. Good that they actually do something to replace them, due to that they can cause both damage and scare to the Thai people. Actually good that they are protected too, so that more generations can be intrigued by theese kind of prehistoric dinosaurs.
  15. But, that is like way to late to do anything about. Nice try, though.