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  1. Sounds like the husband had a thai motive.
  2. The crazy sick teacher should be given some of his own medicine.
  3. Guess, you´re not right their either. By, now I reckon you know that assumptions are the mother of all ....-ups
  4. I can assure you. I have been living in Thailand longer than you. I just ain´t going to continue a conversation with you at the low level you are aiming for. Buy the way. Tuk Tuk´s are the ones, that same like you, try to do everything quick and sound too much. Songteaws are the ones that are very cheap. Just like the aim of your discussion. Another big differens is that a Tuk Tuk can always take you to your goal (desination point), while a Songtaew usually lets you off at regular stop on the way of the route. That makes you many time have to walk a little to reach your goal. Also something that is similar to your discussions and comments. You have to think a while to know what you are aiming at. Guess you´re a Songtaew guy. Me, Myself and I always take a taxi.
  5. And little does he know. Belief and assumptions has been the downfall of many.
  6. sorry I hurt your feelings. Won´t happen again.
  7. Good! Then they have something for all the overloaded drunks with massive beer stomaches to fall into. Just leave em there. Going to work fine as a wake up call, automatic drunk test and the sign when it´s time to go home.
  8. Must be something with the ego and face in this country that makes a thai man unaware of the meaning of EX. Just the one that means: done, forgotten and free to do want they please.
  9. Can´t see the problem. If people need a tuk tuk, they will always find one. If they are parked on the side streets or on the main streets is totally irrelevant. Usually they also come driving so you get one on every street anyway.
  10. I am confident that I will win the lottery too.
  11. That´s one reason why my daugther is in private school.
  12. Oooh! Assuming that´s never then.
  13. No, it´s not much clearer. First chance is that it´s a big lie. Second is that she´s to stupid. Both measures the identity of a fool. How many things included in the 200 000 bath that never existed is irrelevant.
  14. I a hospital get bombed, wouldn´t it be better to concentrate on the locals safety first. I can not for my life see this incident having anything to do with tourism. As usual money and Thailands income goes before safety of the public.