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  1. And, with that get an even more dysfunctional society? Yeah, you just solved the problem by making it even worse. That is unfortunately something that you will never grasp.
  2. Yeah, right! I guess your mother just told you that out of concern for the small pain a bite from these spiders can give. They are definately not deadly. Not even for small children and old sick people. This is copied from: https://animalcorner.co.uk/animals/trapdoor-spider/ The bite of the Trapdoor Spider is of low risk (non toxic) to humans. It is a non-aggressive spider and is usually timid, however it may stand up and present its fangs if harassed. Trapdoor Spiders rarely bite, however, if they do so, it can be very painful. Brown Trapdoor Spiders are often mistaken for Funnel-web spiders, however, their bites are not dangerous. Local pain and swelling may occur. Sigillate Trapdoor Spider bites may also cause local pain and swelling. There is one report of unspecified ‘severe effects’ from a Sigillate Trapdoor Spider bite. Problem solved! Question answered! Next one in the line. Google helps you with many thing today.
  3. Just waiting for the aquittal verdict. Then Mr Spock can beam her back to the solarsystem.
  4. Oh, shit! Oh, my god! We actually have a copy cat dragger.
  5. You solved it! I didn´t think about that they were totally worthless.
  6. Nice to see that a few of "The Legalize Drugs Club" and "The Brown Envelope Party" is once again here to join in. It would just not be the same without you boring guys. To the matter at hand. It´s nice that they actually grab well know people and stars for illegal acts now. Now they also know that the mother plan to help her flee. I guess it´s just to refuse bail and let her sit off the time stated in the law.
  7. That´s a good deed. Really nice that some places take the responsibility that every single person should.
  8. Why seize the products? They are innocent. The people that put the price on then should be siezed. I say, let out the products. Let the products be free!
  9. Oh yeah! Trying hard to convince another one, I can see.
  10. Yeah, right! I guess you already know how much bull you just spead on the net. I have been working out for 25 years. Just guess my genes must be in a terribly bad quality. Thanks for making me laugh anyway. I might at least live longer.
  11. I guess so. You must be right. I am a super expat. I just can accept things like they are, and let the people running it do thier job. Seems to me that there is a belief in that there is mandatory to talk shit about the country you choose to live in all the time. To me that must be a terrible choise in life. Live in a place where you must complain about everything all the time. I just go to the shop buy my beer and smokes. Pay what it costs and go home drinking and smoking. If that makes me a super expat, yes then you might consider me one.
  12. Oh yeah! I guess she have already defamed herself enough. Nobody else needs to do it.
  13. Guess it´s not only the right whey, he have found. Nobody develops that kind of 50% already deffed muscle mass only on natural ingredients. Why would the public be responsible for what the monks eat? They are supposed to be more clever and read in about how to live a good life and take care of themselfs and others. Since when is it okey for a person in the public to give a monk advice about how to live his life? I can smell a lot of rubbish here. The monkhood would be perfectly fit to handle the situation if they cared. The beefy monk should be disrobed for intake of illegal substances. After that everything will be "hunky" dory.
  14. So much rant for nothing. People do not need to smoke. People do not need to drink. What´s the big fuzz? You want to drink and/or smoke? You do not need any PhD in maths. It´s pure simple. You just go to the shop and pay the price for it. Can´t do!? Okey, just stop or minimize your intake/use. I guess that is like same in all countries. Just that all the people chooses to complain so much in Thailand. This country has sadly became a place for all the worlds expats and tourists that want´s to complain about anything and everything. Just buy a ticket somewhere else if it doesn´t suit you, and stop complaining over everything. Another thing is that the "modern god" is not the Tourist. The tourist is just another source of income.
  15. It´s clearly up to the person driving the car to look if everything is in order. Why try to put the blame on the people working in the shop?