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  1. That´s normally not the way a system works, or included in the justice system. Just try to make a relevant one next time.
  2. Just live there then, or accept the rules in another country of your choice. Nobody terlls you to live in Thailand.
  3. Just another person that write something negative, instead of at least trying to explain the question from the OP. Sounds like you live here long, have great experiance and knowledge. Or maybe it´s just all rubbish.
  4. As they try to clean up in Pattaya and wash away the stamp of sexturism, then TAT just go ahead and put a price on sex with brazilian tourists. How does that go together? At first it´s not about economic compensation, because there can´t be a price. Only TAT think that there is a price on everyones body, becuade that how Thailand was profiled before. The stripes are there to wear long time. The man should be banned from public services and sit in jail for 7 years at a minimum.
  5. Can I really be that wrong? Just didn´t bother to check it up. What does it matter in the context?
  6. Just sad to say, that I can´t help you with that.
  7. Not very smart people! Let´s hope they get a lot of years behind bars to thinks about this stupidity.
  8. Yep! As usual. See everything bad as real and horrible. When something good happens, doubt it and say it´s a setup for restoring the face. If it´s that bad and you have so little trust in the country, why do you even bother to be interested?
  9. Different countries, different rules and regulations. What can I say? Get used to it.
  10. Nothing illegal in the truck, and still running from the police for 70 km. What a smart guy!
  11. Just too many comments here that sounds like the Thais are wrong. Here they are for once completely right! Why would someone travel without having money for food, stay and all other things they need? After that try to call it a trend?? Just send the pack home. Better jail for a bit before in the believe of illigal working so they can feel the heat. No compassion for such people.
  12. Opps! It just took them 5 years to file for an arrest warrant. Talk about giving the guy a chance to run. However, he was in Thailand for around 4 years and they still didn´t have time to expedite his case. What can I say? Effective as usual.
  13. As for the reason that nobody here really seems to answer your question, I strongly believe it´s time to do that. Off course Thailand 4.0 is something, but if it´s going to be more effective than the last update is hard to say due to that all sounds so big and move so slow. For you as a person, if you just stay in Thailand, without working and being into the digital and econimic world about investments, companies and development most of the things are going to be the same. As we all know the digital world of evolving everywhere, so is happening in Thailand too. That can mean services you need for staying legally in Thailand and other services you today use can change and be more related to Internet and also therefore more controlled for missuse of information. Other things regarding Thailand 4.0, you can read about by clicking the link below. I hope that does something for you.
  14. Just another day in living with the sweet justice of most popular travel destination in the world. Hohoho!