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  1. That man can´t even spell complicated!
  2. Just accept the rules. If you stay here you have to live with them anyway. If not, you know already. Ending this BS now!
  3. No it´s just the small little part of a promille you hear about. Everybody else lives in the shadows. Just because you read it in the news, does not mean everybody is like you described.
  4. Clever guy! Somebody told him that there is more than 1 girl in the world?
  5. Because that´s the option you have if you want or need to drink on the days talked about. Accept it or move to a place that suits you. As for your understanding. Religion has everything to do with political systems. You are probebly the only one not aware of that yet. You can´t choose when to drink or order an alcoholic beverage in a resturant or bar. The rules have to do with that. Just get used to it, and your life is going to be filled with less complaints and more happiness. If you can´t do that, the last sentence in the first quote is a good advice.
  6. Chinese tourists! They usually does everything nobody else would even dream of doing.
  7. I that an eye witness? He should have come forward 2 days ago. I sincerely hope there is an inactive post available for negligence of duty.
  8. Yes! That´s logic indeed! If you see a checkpoint beeing set up, then also never forget to add speeding the ticket.
  9. The attacker says it was consensual. He has been interviewed. The police say that rape would be added to the rap sheet later. If not added after the first interview, how can they know it´s going to be added after the second that has not been done yet? I also believe it was rape too, but the police is drawing their own conclusions without facts.
  10. Crazy people do crazy things! It all begins in the place with a big P.
  11. If this ain´t called mental illness, I guess it doesn´t exist.
  12. Two weeks to unlock Brexit, EU tells Britain's May

    I know, but you are failing to see something here. That was done with a government with something called competence. You see any today? You know, the seach for that little fading light in the biggest and darkest hole of the universe.
  13. Accept the country you are living or coming to. Otherwise just find a place you like. For all other things read my posts above.
  14. You can decide! You can buy your beer the day before. No sell, no have to mean no drink. Who said that a bar can´t be closed every sunday or monday. So sad for all people that want´s to drink then. I guess you missed the point. No selling alcohol, does not mean that you can´t drink it.