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  1. Somewhere in all this hysteric frenzy of protecting all the holy and sacred monuments, I can actually by looking at the pictures also softly hear the retirement bells coming up on the so called idol.
  2. For once, this man actually have a point! Looks like even a blind diver finds the new submarine.
  3. But of course you must take responsibility for driving over a dog and killing it on the road. Sure, it should be there! It´s the dogs road. It lives there!
  4. Pharmacy worker, and bottle smashing! Yep, it says it all. He just wanted to sell more paracetamol. Take it easy. No appology needed!
  5. Get Real

    Preschoolers injured in Chiang Rai crash

    25 children in one van? Responsible and sensible people. Wait now. How many seats? How many safety belts? Isn´t there a law that states you must wear a safety belt in a van or a bus as well as in any other viechle?
  6. Just the most unlucky island in the world. It also brings bad luck to visitors. Yep! A curse, that´s what it is. The island is cursed!
  7. Sounds to me, that there is no chance in hell to find a psychiatrist that are going to be able to help the pope, instead.
  8. Get Real

    Employing Filipina Maid

    Probably yes, if they get their fair share of the money cake.
  9. Get Real

    Noise from construction sites

    Thanks for sharing!
  10. Buy windows quick! You are making a target out of yourself.
  11. Get Real

    Soi Dog’s ‘Snap for Stray’ underway

    Really! What´s next? Should we all put them on pillars and pray to them?
  12. Ok, ok! Please explain away:
  13. Yep, and it´s going to be a very hard time to explain why tourists have to pay double here, and all the benefits of that. No, you have to contact CIA headquarter to rent it. I guess it´s true then! You do see and hear all! Nah, if you can´t get a grip on that, then I think it´s far to late for an explaination.
  14. Hurry up, and hit the like button now! Tomorrow Facebook might have banned the page for seriously offending the general population.