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  1. Of course you would not get asked that. Nothing to do with them. Some people just like to pretend that the marriage option is more difficult than it actually is. It is really simple to do.
  2. Maybe I have just been lucky. 13 years of applying at 3 different offices I have never had a problem. Pretty painless in my view.
  3. I choose the marriage extension because it needs less finances and is only slightly more difficult than the retirement option. I am married to a Thai so why would I not use that method? Certainly not to save a few extra minutes applying.
  4. A Multi Entry Non Imm O Visa will actually give you almost 15 months stay. Unlimited amount of entries , but a max of 90 days each entry.
  5. If he has a Visa it cannot be cancelled and he can continue to use it. It appears though that he does not have a Visa, so his stay ends on the day his employment ends.
  6. If your application is refused you are given 7 days to leave the country.
  7. Extensions based on Marriage can be applied for anytime during the final 30 days. 45 days at a lot of offices.
  8. He needs to go to a Thai Consulate and get a Tourist Visa.
  9. You think corruption is "nice"? He should have thought of his family before overstaying.
  10. Never agree an appointment time with a Thai. They will always turn up hours or days late.
  11. Don't ask the sales staff in Home Pro etc for any technical information on products. Don't even assume that anything you see on display is actually in stock.
  12. Plenty of internet IPTV providers out there. Flawless, Pulse, Boom Boom, HD Prime. etc.
  13. Impressed. Looks good and works well.
  14. You probably are getting 15mb to Bangkok , but not to U.K. U.S.A etc.
  15. He chose to overstay and must face the consequences. His choice.