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  1. UK pensions

    Divide the full amount by 35 and multiply by 30.
  2. UK pensions

    35 years for a full pension.
  3. A joint account will not be accepted at most immigration offices. Money in the bank for 2 months on first application.
  4. You will be able to apply for a Non Imm O Visa in Savanakhet based on being married to a Thai national. 2,000 for a single Baht for a single entry. 5,000 Baht For a multi.
  5. Most accept up to 45 days early. Pretty sure I remember reading Jontiem to be one of those.
  6. Most offices accept the bank letter if issued the day before applying. The money does not have to come from abroad if applying for a twelve month extension for retirement. It does have to come from abroad if applying for a change of visa to a Non Imm Visa as part of the application.
  7. Yes your visa is still valid.
  8. Irish border deal reported settled as May meets Juncker

    Yes. Bunch of dinosaurs.
  9. Is tomorrow, 5 Dec, a big/holy holiday in CM?

    5th December will be a public holiday.
  10. Marriage Visa

    Correct. You need a stack of stuff including work permit and a record of paying income tax in Thailand.
  11. Stream TV options

    Flawless iptv is probably the best out there. Pulse TV is pretty good. TV Mucho works well for UK tv.
  12. TV Box advertised on Facebook

    That would be illegal.
  13. From a publication we cannot link to.
  14. New drone laws - confusing