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  1. notrub

    Surface water drains PVC

    No, have had no luck except one fellow who brought some sections back from Aus.. I keep posting in the hopes that there is a Thai supplier out there just waiting to supply this product. These drains are so commonplace in other countries that it is hard to accept that they do not exist as a product for sale here. I hope my reposting doesn't cause you any problems. If so, sorry.
  2. Looking for Thai supplier of PVC surface water drains as by Reln or similar. http://www.reln.com.au/products.aspx For linear draining around pool and in the garden. Thanks very much.r drains by Reln or similar
  3. notrub

    Rain drain

    Looking for a Thai supplier of a rain drain such as those by RELN Thanks
  4. notrub

    Surface water drains

    Looking for a thai supplier of surface water drains such as those made by RELN in Australia. Thank you
  5. Hello, If I put a quality waterproofing agent into quality tile glue does this equal waterproof tile glue please? In this case it would be a Mr Fixit product added to Davco AC-2 glue. I know that Davco sell a different line of glue for swimming pools but I see that this 'special' is glue with a Davco additive. Davco is, I think, a part of the Lanko family and I am very familiar with their products and quality. The question here is cost. A 20 kg sack of Davco glue is 99 THB and the additive is about 160 for 5 bags of cement. I assume this refers to a standard sack size and weight. The Davco glue is 20 KGs. I don't want to go cheap and have a failure but I know that often waterproof glues are simply presented in a different sack to be mixed with a waterproofing agent at a big cost increase. Any thoughts? Not urgent but soon would be helpful. Also, if you have any suggestions re different products they would be gratefully received. Thanks On a slightly different question I see a line of Reln products on pinterest but cannot find a local supplier. I want to add a flush surface drain around the entire pool. Only 24 ML. My 4x8 pool is not a luxury item and we are doing it ourselves with 14 cm quality cement blocks from a supplier in Korat. Thanks for any help or ideas. Still looking to source 2 - 4x4 wood cabins with or without roof structure. They could be delivered in kit form and will be placed on a tiled concrete slab. More details provided as required. We are in Isaan 100 km east of Korat and 80 km north of Buriram. We have a great builder if you are looking for a small family type organisation. Only Thai and Laos spoken. Thanks again.
  6. notrub

    want 2 number 4x4 wood house units

    Further south from Korat I have seen wood house fabrication being done by the roadside and being sold from there too. I went to our 'go to' guys here once and that was plenty thanks. Fortunately they made such a mess of some simple jobs that left even the village people tsk tsking and shaking their heads. We had to pay most of the bill but we escaped with our reputation intact. Mr. Ya still turns away when he sees me but the other 7 or 8 are OK. Ans why should they not be? Do a crap job and get paid for it. My wife's family is from here for generations and a few thousand was worth it to keep things smooth locally. BUT, never again. I have a guy from Buriram with a team of 4, all family, and they are great. My new pool will be finished soon and 100m2 of terrace too. Contact me for his details but Thai, Laos and Cambodian are their languages. Great, honest people.
  7. Thanks everybody for thoughts and comments. Have gone for the HP as recommended by Dario from Amazon.com. Still undecided about a 450(ish) GB SSD upgrade but at less than 5000 THB why not? SSD prices have dropped dramatically and I get the point about solid state memory. Thanks again for your interest.
  8. Good morning! I am trying to find 2 4x4 house units. In Canada we call it stick framing and they will be studs with a clapboard siding. No floor. I would prefer an open wood framed roof structure but a metal frame and drop ceiling will do. No interior wall finish. These units will be placed on a 4x12 meter raised foundation (2.7 m) with a 4 meter open space between for outside living or whatever. Windows can be aluminium and one wood door each. These will be guest units for visitors, not rented. Kitchen and shower/toilet(s) on ground floor down some concrete stairs. Where to start looking? Not into high priced bespoke building, just simple functional units. Is there an area in Thailand that makes these or in a nearby country? We are in Isaan and this area is famous for silk, both raw thread and woven cloth. Anywhere like this for small wood cabins? They could be shipped as studs and siding and erected on site. Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. Thank you for your thoughts and comments. SSD is as costly as some computers, just for the drive. I don't see any 1TB SSD drives online (Lazada) so don't know where to start with that. Second thing is about an optical disc drive. I think that means a dvd player and I never use them. The space (in the machine) and cost of a dvd drive rules that out for me. Or am I missing something and should have one on my new device? I would like lots of usb type connectors and an sd card reader, however. My friend Patrick at Baan computers on Koh Phangan said removing a dvd player gives room for a supplementary SSD. I live in Isaan now and so cannot stop by for a chin wag with him about all his stuff. I am tempted by a 14,000 THB 14" (Asus?) and also a 22,000 THB 15" from Acer. I am not a power user and the 2 Asus laptops are just getting a little long in tooth. X200 MA and a little x205 TA. While we are at it, I use 1TB ext drives from Transcend for movies and have had a few problems. Any thoughts on other brands. I have only been looking on Lazada and could use some advice for different sources for safe online shopping. (BTW steer clear of Gearbest, TopTom (or TomTop?) and any affiliates as they are toxic in a big way) Thanks again, B
  10. I am looking to improve my existing Asus laptops and want to find Asus or Acer brands if poss. I am not a gamer so I get confused by all the focus on gaming etc.. I would like a 1TB hard drive with plenty of usb sockets and sd card reader. Good fast but not ott processor. 14 or 15 inch is OK as I mostly use this one hooked yo to a 32 " monitor and rarely take it out of the house. Backlit keyboard would be nice but not essential. Good music player is important and wifi connectivity is essential. I see Asus still offers 2 year guarantee but read that their support stinks. I am not waiting for some earth shattering improvement so a 'not the latest model' could be OK for the right price. Price is important but not at the expense of choosing the correct PC. I also have an asus tablet/reader that works OK so I am kind of leaning in that brand direction but could change. Also where to buy? Lazada seems to have the best prices but not always. I buy a lot from them and have few complaints. Any comments or suggestions welcome and thank you in advance. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  11. Good morning, I am looking for precast slabs to span 4 meters and enough for 12 meters long. That is a opening of 4x12 meters. Top will have a screed but underside will remain exposed and must be neat. Delivered by truck crane and placed about 2.50 height meters onto posts and ring beams. No inside beams previewed so the span must be 4 meters clear. We plan to put 2 - 4x4 buildings on top at either end an have a 4x4 open area between for outside living and viewing the pond Nong Tik beside. (I know that means pond pond Tik but not everybody does). My Thai language skills are limited and complicated by this village speaking Laos. We are in Ban Mai Chaiyaphot about 100 km north of Buriram town. For the 2 buildings I would prefer nice looking wooden structures made of red wood but not teak due to budget restraints. I do not think they can be put in place complete by crane but local (Thai) experts can help with that advice please. Road in front is a small one so big trucks and cranes will have difficulty getting to the site even though the road immediately in front is good concrete, straight and 4 meters wide. My gate is 4 meters wide. The problem will be getting to the site through the village, Ban Nong Waeng. So that is 2 questions. Supply and deliver precast slabs spanning 4 meters and where to find 2 - 4x4 nice looking wood buildings to put on top at about 2,5 meters height. We have started work but there is no rush for delivery. We are building a modest pool and terrace before the slabs and houses will be required. Thanks in advance for any help or ideas.
  12. What is the minimum age for a Thai national to drive a 125 cc motorbike legally with a DL permit please? What about insurance for a young person? I see very young school children on the road here in rural Isaan and the police don't seem that bothered. Is it that they just turn a blind eye to this?
  13. I am about to become divorced from my UK wife (in France). We both have UK citizenship. I have a Thai retirement visa and enough money in the bank to renew it. I have no problems with the police or financial problems of any kind anywhere. I have no criminal record and have never broken the law anywhere. I built a house that is in my name on land owned by the woman I want to marry. I paid for the land and have a usufruct contract with her. We live in the village of my wife's family in rural Isaan and have been here for about 3 years. She has been legally divorced for a number of years. She has one adult son who is married and lives near BKK. What documents will I need to produce to be able to marry this summer? What conditions must I fulfil to be able to marry here in Thailand? Her family are all happy about this eventuality and we have a friendly relationship. I am 69 and she is 53 years of age. Thanks in advance for your help.
  14. Thank you. Any ideas about what to do next? Why are they so popular? What brand of camera should I consider next time around, please? Thanks
  15. We have some land in Ban Mai Chaiyphot, Isaan and I would like to buy a 50 to 100 m2 wood prefabricated house to put on it. Either just delivered as a kit or built on site by the suppliers. Can you point me in the direction where I could find a company such as this. Either an actual company or web site suggestions or even just the Thai name for this kind of work. I see these houses being built by the road and offered for sale to take away but do not remember where they are. If there is an area of Thailand where this sort of activity takes place I could just go and look around. We have a house already and this pre fab would be a guest house in the garden. Grateful for any suggestions. Thank you.