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  1. Buriram immigration are pretty easy to deal with and now that I know what a TM 8 is I will get one from there long b4 departure. I am about to renew my UK passport and the officer at this office said that when I get my new passport I can just bring it in with the old one and he will transfer my existing retirement visa over to the new one. We'll see how that goes. Thanks very much for all the useful information.
  2. Yes, I have a hard won retirement visa. My third as the earlier two were annulled on exit. I have never ever heard a reference to a TM8 before and it is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very very much from a person who has spent many hours of stress about visa compliance in Thailand.. It could be worse. In the UK they deport 90 year old grannies to countries they had not been to for 89 years. I will take a moment to comment generally how there is little to grumble about in Thailand and learning the rules makes life easy peasy (as Liam Fox might say). thanks again. B
  3. I am an expert at losing my retirement visa on leaving the country and now know I must ask for a re-entry permit at the airport. I have never done this and could you explain simply and exactly what must be done and by whom for this temporary suspension (?) of a retirement visa and what happens on re-entry please. A friend was actually told at the immigration office not to worry about leaving the country and just go back in to the office and they would look after it. Also he was told at the AP immigration information counter on departure just to go and all would be well. In fact his retirement visa was annulled without a re-entry stamp or registration (or something) on exit and he had no visa to come back in with. He is off to Buriram immigration tomorrow to sort this out. I think he will have to go through a long reapplication process including changing his 30 day airport visa to an 'o' type, if he can. I am about to go through this process of exiting and coming back and do not know what to do. If someone could also post a picture of what this (elusive) re-entry stamp/permit looks like that would be great. Thank you.
  4. notrub

    Denture adhesive - Polident rip off

    My dentist suggested 2 implants maybe with bone graft for the upper. Aside from 5 months of discomfort the cost will be about 120 k THB. This dentist is very good and confident he could do what he says. I am not insured for dental work but could pay, only the months of travel to Buriram etc.. he has just done 4 lower implants and they are good.
  5. Thank you. Is that Prime Asia? Primasia seems to be a financial consulting firm or something - not windows. I have just (5 min) sent an email to prime Asia and will see how that goes. Thanks again
  6. I am fairly new to the world of a full top denture and mine is not one held in place by liquids in the mouth (mucus?) and am forced to use the only adhesive commonly sold in Thailand. I won't resort to expletives but how hard can it be to make a product that does what it says on the box? At around 250 THB a tube it should work but it does not. I buy Fixodent on ebay which is a powder and it does work. I cannot find it for sale in Thailand anywhere although I have found Fittydent and it is better but not by much. lazada does not sell a powder and my dentist has never heard of powder waterproof adhesive. Any help out there please? I have some fixodent on the way but it has become lost in transit. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thank you Rc. I just must accept my irresponsible treatment of the phone and move on with confidence. How do you get a free phone? I have a monthly contract with AIS that costs about 500 baht per month with more call time than I could ever use but enough data to remain connected all the time. Never download films, only to listen to one of the online music and I never run out of credit. I got the first J7 with an AIS contract but still had to pay quite a lot. The first replacement (which it seems I have just broken) came from Lazada at a much lower price for a naked phone than I have found anywhere else. I read about the S8+ for less than 17,000 baht but also see the S9+ in the less than 27,000 baht range. what do you think? While you are thinking, any comments on the Honda HR-V 2018 to begin to be sold in a few weeks. I know it is off topic, but there you go. Thanks for taking the time to comment.
  8. Is it just me or ? I bought a J7 pro misunderstand splash proof. Replacement of new unit was 500 baht more than repair so the one dipped in water sits in my drawer and new one in my pocket. There is a bruise on the screen that they told me was from pressure on it. It is in a hard case but not covered by guarantee. 4 or 5k to replace screen. I see the A8 and S8 are waterproof and sell for about 15k A8, 18k S8 on Lazada. but would like comment b4 buying 3rd phone in 4 months. Is it just me? Are Samsung phones as great as advertised? What alternatives would you recommend please? Waterproof and strong are important features but most other hype is (?) so what. What do members think please. Thank you
  9. notrub

    New Honda CRH buying price guidance

    After I posted the note above I realized that I looked right <deleted> just to buy an expensive car just 'for fun' and 'we don't need one' etc.. I am writing this to apologies and explain that I just turned 70 and this is the last car I will ever buy. I started work on a newspaper delivery route when I was about 14 and I have worked ever since. I am not well educated but I am a carpenter and worked hard and did OK. I have separated from my wife (another story) and she robbed me of 90% of what I worked all my life for. Yes, I do have a few million baht and I built a small house with a small pool but that is what I wound up with after working hard all my life. I know lots of fellows have stories much worse than mine and who have less than me too and sorry when I learn about that. Quitting the alcohol and being robbed by my wife of over 30 years set me back a bit but there you are. I am sorry to have been an offensive as*hole about this and thank you for advice you have posted for me in the past.
  10. We don't really need a new car so I thought I would ask at the Honda dealer if they ever have once a year sales or something and would he call me when they do. It turns out that the new 2018 Honda HRV is available next month. The EL model has been the top end but now they have introduced an RS model as top end one for an extra 100,000. It is not clear to me what bits have been removed from the new EL which is a lower price at 1,059,000 for the 2018. The 2015 model is 1,099,000 It seems to be just a facelift, and still based on the 2015 design. It seems that the RS gets lane changing warning, LED lights and a camera out the back. Not a lot of stuff for 100K. I am in Buriram and they have a 2015 model demonstrator that is offered at 10% off. I have not bought a new car in Thailand although I have owned plenty elsewhere over the years. Here is my question or maybe 2. Is it that some dealerships will compete with others of the same mark, in this case Honda, and am I likely to be able to get a much better price from a big dealership in BKK? Second question is to ask if there are better cars for around the same 1,000,000 price tag of the Honda? We have a pickup and I am not interested in a flash car, quite the opposite and that is one of the things that appeals about the Honda. Nice car but not a jaw dropper and I hope not to create jealousy or contempt as the rich farang in our small rural village. Here is a 3rd question. My GF has an old Toyota that she (I) pays 8,000 pcm and will do for another 7 or 8 months. It runs ok is is fine for taking Mum for a checkup at the hospital but I kind of fancy a new car. So what do we do with this old dented Toyota? Nobody has a DL in the family (except GF) so we cannot just give it away to a sister or something. Is there some way I could work the old car into the new car purchase? I plan just to pay for the new one when I pick up the keys. Thanks for any comments and directions to relevant information websites would be great too.
  11. notrub

    Grass removal w/o 'roundup'.

    Thanks for comments. We have nearly 2 rai of flat land near but not in a small village. We are lucky to have many trees and plants and we only cut away some of the jungle and bamboo to build our house. I put the grass because the soil is just muck when it rains, The crap grass that I put in worked OK but it is now out of control This is a farming town and you would think that help would be easy to find but it is not. Some farmers come and cut our grass for their animals but only when it suits them. For free, but I want to clear it up and put in something more manageable . The roundup company is not a friend of the earth and their products damage the environment They are like the tobacco companies who denied the health problems with smoking even though their own research contradicted the public statements they were making. I want to steer clear of these kind of products.
  12. notrub

    Grass removal w/o 'roundup'.

    Followup to this problem in my search for a description of Glyphosate (thanks grollies) I came across the site pasted below. https://www.momsacrossamerica.com/10_alternatives_to_roundup
  13. I very stupidly planted every evil type of grass onto our site in rural Isaan. We had imported over 500 trucks of dirt to bring up the land level and when it started to rain it was a field of muck. I have some experience with stabilizing slopes and what I have done in the past is to plant wild grass with big roots. Well, Mr. Stupid here stuck in every variety of grass that grows wild around here. That worked, too well I am afraid. Now I want to get rid of it and plant a more civilized variety that grows less quickly and will still keep the earth surface consolidated. I do not want to resort to heavy, destructive military grade defoliants but there is nearly 1 rai of affected area and the roots are very well developed. Do I just bite the bullet and remove by hand or is there another solution? Ideas about the problem and also about what to plant when we get rid of the bad stuff will be welcome. Thanks very much.
  14. KittenKong. I have not tried any shops except the one that supplied the windows when I built this house. The owner had no idea about multi bifolds but maybe that was just him. I will do a search around Buriram with pics from Pinterest but I don't have any high hopes about this just now. I would pay extra for special glass and I know there is a big wholesaler up here. Thanks for the comment. Any more ideas welcome.
  15. notrub

    online shopping sites in Thailand

    Thanks ubonjoe, that is the post I was thing of from tywais