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  1. Thank you very very much. just what I was hoping to find out. Really helpful, thanks again. Kind regards, Burton
  2. Thanks for all the comments. We have brought in nearly 300m3 of fill and the area is looking good.
  3. notrub

    usb hub that works

    Thanks. I bought a couple of HOCO 4 socket usb hubs from Lazada for less than 200 baht and they have been working well. Their cables work too and are equally inexpensive.
  4. My GF's younger sister would like to study to become a qualified nurse. She has the grades to be accepted at Nakhon Ratchasima Rajabhat University as a first year student so it is just a matter of financing her studies to completion and graduation. This university is government funded and she is a Thai national, resident in the area and does not come from a wealthy family. Could anyone provide me with a rough idea of what this would cost per month or annually please? A breakdown by section would be great, even a rough guess. such as Tuition cost of living on or near campus at the university (not at home with parents) general overheads including clothes and other needs that a young woman might require (not high end stuff) cost of any special equipment required other than a computer and telephone One off memberships or other costs that could come as a surprise. I have no idea of what I might be letting myself in for and I do not have unlimited funds. It is a worthwhile undertaking and she is a serious young woman and I am sure she would make the effort to succeed. As many of us are aware, a university education in some countries can leave the student impoverished for many decades following graduation. Or not, if they are lucky enough to live in Scotland or other forward thinking country, for example. Can anyone take a stab at coming up with a figure that I could build on please? I could come up with an idea of what I could be letting myself in for. Also to figure out if I can even hope to afford it at all. Any comments will be welcome and thank you in advance.
  5. notrub

    usb hub that works

    After trying a number of hubs including a couple of powered ones that do not work I bought a plain Hoco 4 socket usb hub for less than 200 baht delivered and it works.
  6. I am looking for a tutorial site that clearly explains accounts and passwords please. I keep a written record of passwords BTW. My main accounts are google, microsoft, FB and a host of others such as Skype, calibre ebook mngr etc. When I sign in to skype, for example, they do not recognise my password and I am invited to change it. When I do that it seems to also change my microsoft account. To access some areas of my computer I need a computer device password, although I normally sign in with a pin number. Then they go on and ask for my windows password and if I try to use the microsoft one they invite me to reset it which then seems to reset other accounts that are linked but not identified. They use instruction like 'enter your account password'. Account for what?! Then identify yourself with your computer password! I have 4 computers plus a tablet and a phone and they are all supposed to be synced so why do they not know that the HP has a new Microsoft password when I try to access something in the bedroom on the Asus (used for movies)? And mixed up in all of this are the glinches in their systems that do not allow me to reset a password because my email is already used, for example. Any sites like passwords and accounts for dummies or something? Thanks for your help. .
  7. Hello again, Here we are in rural Isaan, land of the endless rice fields. A bit like the flat praires in Canada but here they have left more trees in place. Better. My inlaws live in the village in a fairly substantial house, Thai style but OK. It was built in stages by grand dad, who is no longer with us, and some of it is very good. An area of about 5x5 meters was simply covered with a layer of tin onto a wood frame, however. Is it ever hot in that area of the house. So, I would like to recover the roof with a view to lowering the temperatures in there a bit. I have built many new roofs of all description and re roofed plenty of houses and buildings too. But where I worked we were concerned about the inclement weather although keeping out the sun heat was a consideration too. I know what I would do there but I am not aware of what options are available here. What I am after are some light weight panels that have an ok looking effective robust heat barrier coating on the underside. As it stands now I will just rip off the old tin and re cover with a new insulated product and also incorporate a couple of translucent panels too. The panels could be metal or a cementitious product or another type of product that I am unaware of. Who knows what that panels are and who makes it please? I have found that good, knowledgeable advice can be hard to come by and have been told 'facts' that I happen to know are not true. Things as simple as the sun rising in the west and water does not naturally flow uphill, for example. I am a bit familiar with Diamond roofing and siporex blocks and an obvious direction would be to seek their help. They would not, of course, inform me about an innovative product that they do not produce. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help. I looked up the list of on line suppliers and the advice to do so was good. Thanks. Notrub .
  8. Thanks, they don't it, I am looking for a low cost 55" TCL tv with android. They are less than 20k. Lazada had them but are out of stock.
  9. A person (some time ago) was kind enough to put together a list of sites he knew to be reputable and/or he had successfully dealt with. This has been reposted at least once on my request for a reprint but I cannot find where I saved it. If someone remembers this post and could direct me to it I would be most grateful. Thank you. Also aside from Lazada, where is a good site to buy a tv on line please?
  10. Here we are in Isaan with about 2 rai of land just outside the village and sister has maybe 1/2 rai or a bit more adjacent to us. We have a small house, a guest house and a covered parking all near the top part. I would like to build sister and family a small house of about 100m2 on the bottom part (all level, just relative to the road) but her land is only about 12 meters across and it will be a squeeze to get a house into the area. She does not want to build onto our land because who knows what could happen in the future. Can we cede forever a small strip 5 meters by say 10 meters to her without getting the surveyors in and changing deeds etc.? Thanks in advance for any comments.
  11. Buriram immigration are pretty easy to deal with and now that I know what a TM 8 is I will get one from there long b4 departure. I am about to renew my UK passport and the officer at this office said that when I get my new passport I can just bring it in with the old one and he will transfer my existing retirement visa over to the new one. We'll see how that goes. Thanks very much for all the useful information.
  12. Yes, I have a hard won retirement visa. My third as the earlier two were annulled on exit. I have never ever heard a reference to a TM8 before and it is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very very much from a person who has spent many hours of stress about visa compliance in Thailand.. It could be worse. In the UK they deport 90 year old grannies to countries they had not been to for 89 years. I will take a moment to comment generally how there is little to grumble about in Thailand and learning the rules makes life easy peasy (as Liam Fox might say). thanks again. B
  13. I am an expert at losing my retirement visa on leaving the country and now know I must ask for a re-entry permit at the airport. I have never done this and could you explain simply and exactly what must be done and by whom for this temporary suspension (?) of a retirement visa and what happens on re-entry please. A friend was actually told at the immigration office not to worry about leaving the country and just go back in to the office and they would look after it. Also he was told at the AP immigration information counter on departure just to go and all would be well. In fact his retirement visa was annulled without a re-entry stamp or registration (or something) on exit and he had no visa to come back in with. He is off to Buriram immigration tomorrow to sort this out. I think he will have to go through a long reapplication process including changing his 30 day airport visa to an 'o' type, if he can. I am about to go through this process of exiting and coming back and do not know what to do. If someone could also post a picture of what this (elusive) re-entry stamp/permit looks like that would be great. Thank you.
  14. notrub

    Denture adhesive - Polident rip off

    My dentist suggested 2 implants maybe with bone graft for the upper. Aside from 5 months of discomfort the cost will be about 120 k THB. This dentist is very good and confident he could do what he says. I am not insured for dental work but could pay, only the months of travel to Buriram etc.. he has just done 4 lower implants and they are good.
  15. Thank you. Is that Prime Asia? Primasia seems to be a financial consulting firm or something - not windows. I have just (5 min) sent an email to prime Asia and will see how that goes. Thanks again