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  1. It's probably a blessing in disguise that foreigners cannot "own" land !
  2. 1- Some are great, but they are not all the same. 2- Really ? I think it will take a lot more than this !
  3. Another "inactive" post about to be filled.
  4. This wins the "Most obvious statement of the year" award. Setting a great example ! Only problem is, if the teacher asks " what is 1 + 1, they ill all be snookered !
  5. Eat, sleep and look at their Smartphones.
  6. A Thai in denial ? As Tom Jones once sang...................... It's not unusual !
  7. “But then Ms Pischa told Papke that she did in fact love someone else. He is just a jealous bully full of steroids.
  8. They must just issue the warrants, then put them back into the pending file ? Really, 3 other warrants, for such despicable, inhumane crimes, and they eventually catch him NINE years later, after raping and murdering a poor young girl ! Unbelievable.
  9. They should add to the forbidden list.......... "making a <deleted> out of yourself on Yutube videos !"
  10. No selfies this time. I think he only takes them on private jets.
  11. Should make him reenact slashing his throat again with the cutter. He might do it right next time.
  12. Honesty is the best policy !