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  1. Awaiting arrest warrant for the video maker, for portraying a bad image of Thai beaches.
  2. Must have been expecting a major photo shoot for the press for so many to be in attendance.
  3. I think he panicked when he realised he didn't have 7 mates behind him, to knock shit out of his opponent, as usually happens in real life.
  4. Total irresponsible parenting. Having your 15 YEAR OLD son driving you about on a motorbike in Thailand traffic !
  5. "My money laundering husband transferred it to my account" No problem, thanks for the explanation. Next................
  6. Not such a 'happy ending' for the scapegoats in the case. The fact that the high profile owner (s) are still at large, and have avoided capture, really does surprise me ! 😃
  7. 48 hours of community service each year ! Such a severe punishment for such an upstanding member of the community (NOT). Absolute disgrace.
  8. Never heard of a night on the tiles ??????????
  9. I would imagine it has gone well past the stress stage and developed into serious mental health issues.
  10. And just who, in their right mind, thought it was going to be easy ??????????? It is nigh on impossible.
  11. Top young girl. Great story, after all the bad ones involving Songkran..
  12. They were busy giving away the free plastic pouches elsewhere.
  13. Got to love the enthusiastic smile on the copper's faces