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  1. I've been known to snore now and again, after a few scoops !
  2. Also known as a 'Jumbo' seizure !
  3. It's a pity they didn't take is stance, when they first went after Dhammachayo !
  4. Is 159,220 the number of meth pills, or the number of officials who tried to get into the photo shoot !
  5. Possibly Fear ? As you know nothing about the circumstances, it's hard to make your statement.
  6. Why look for a vacation where you can swim with dolphins, when you can come to Pattaya and swim with faeces ?
  7. 3 of them ! Tomorrow's wallet find, by Phuket taxi driver, in the news, might contain as much as 600,000 baht !
  8. Indian tourist loses B5,000 to snatcher in Pattaya

    Goodness gracious me !
  9. He should have used his initiative, and brought an exceedingly bulky envelope instead !
  10. My suggestion to the taxi driver........................keep off the lao khao before going to work !
  11. Nothing wrong with my shape, I have no complaints. I also have no desire to look like the Michelin Man, not everyone thinks it looks good.
  12. Can I be the first to suggest they have probably played a part, although, probably not donated by the laity ?
  13. Looks like they didn't take much notice of the last death a few months ago ?
  14. Mob murders man at Bangkok housing estate

    It's funny how some perpetrators get politely asked to come in for a chat, others stay free whilst the police wait for ages to obtain an arrest warrant, yet these will be arrested very soon ?