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  1. "For them, the question is no longer its legality, but whether the law will be diligently enforced, and how light or severe the punishment will be meted out." I imagine it will depend on the wealth and connectivity of those committing the offence.
  2. I think they might be 'barking up the wrong tree' !
  3. Note to the person making the video : Don't give up your day job !
  4. Considering some of the heinous crimes frequently reported on here, I can't agree with it being an effective deterrent.
  5. Big Joke ? Well yes, but not the popular one, clamping down on all the overstayers and call centres.
  6. Thaiwrath

    Coronation to take place before poll: PM Prayut

    If Mr P had his way, the Golden Jubilee would come before the next election !
  7. What <deleted> dignity ??????????
  8. Thaiwrath

    Tearful apology from remorseful trio

    I bet they are laughing their cocks off behind those face masks, thinking, "hurry up and get the 500 baht fine, and the wai out of the way", then we can get at it again !
  9. "Lieutenant Colonel Varong said such frauds also damaged the image of tourist resorts" The report wouldn't be the same, without throwing that old chestnut in !
  10. Man versus man, and one ends up with a stiletto on his head !
  11. He forbid her interacting with any other men, not even allowed her to travel together on the same vehicle – and had threatened to kill her if she did, Ms Somsri said. And he probably wonders why she left him ?
  12. The other 53% must be stupid !
  13. All in the name of financial greed, to line his own pockets, disgraceful.
  14. It wouldn't be a bad idea to have an adult version over here !