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  1. Well done fellas, credit where it's due.
  2. We could do with a few 'positive' monk stories, to counteract the stories about the numerous bad ones. Like we have with the 'good' taxi drivers, finding and returning a wallets to their passengers, the day after a 'bad' one has been involved in a machete road rage incident !
  3. A bit of a 'hammer blow' for his future career, if he ever gets disrobed (like quite a few do, nowadays !).
  4. Maybe severe penalties for possession, or carrying guns, would be a better warning to all ?
  5. If so, it would appear she is quite ignorant of the Thai justice system, especially under the current regime.
  6. A bit of polite advice to him. <deleted> her off right now !
  7. I think they are doing an absolutely wonderful job !
  8. Police learn how to investigate, in Phuket

    80 police , been in the force for how long ? And now they are going to teach them how to investigate !
  9. She'll soon get bored with him. Back in the news.............2 weeks, 3 weeks
  10. I'm afraid, that belief went out of the window quite a while back. Money talks.
  11. I would recommend to the front copper in the picture that, once the raw materials start to disappear, at such a rapid rate, a number zero haircut is the best option. A trim, with a bit of added black boot polish, starts to look rather silly !
  12. That's probably why she left him in the first place, he wasn't hitting the target !
  13. The only FEAR is of it being exposed nationwide !
  14. Guard Run Over By Doctor Wakes From Coma

    Good news, best wishes, and don't accept a wai and a chicken essence hamper off him !
  15. He obviously got sentences that were, in no way or form a deterrent. Maybe time to make changes ?