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  1. Time for the girlfriend to get out of the relationship, before she becomes his next victim, with, possibly, more serious consequences.
  2. There was probably lots in his underpants, to compare it with, from when he got arrested !
  3. No real surprise there then !
  4. These donations will do them for a short period of time, but the fund should have, realistically, been set up to get him a one way ticket to his home country. The way it is now, there is no long term solution.
  5. Another misprint in the headline, it should read BoZo !
  6. Tougher screening for public transport drivers

    No mention of "Thai driver syndrome" probably the worst affliction of the lot !
  7. He was probably a role model, up until he got caught.
  8. He 'misunderstands' and dishes out very severe, and fatal, punishment to the victim. Let's hope the judge 'misunderstands' when passing sentence, and also dishes out very severe punishment.
  9. Man, 83, accused of raping 4-year-old girl

    Utterly sickening, if true. Poor kid.
  10. As it seems to have already been downgraded from 'world class' to 'popular', I don't see this minor fracas doing any more damage to its image.
  11. A bit of an understatement, to say the least !
  12. With a lot of crashes, involving Thai drivers, I think "Brains fail" would be a far more appropriate headline.
  13. Not a very bright thing to do in Thailand.
  14. That is serious violence, and if the story is true, it is attempted murder (or murder, if, in fact he did pass away).