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  1. Thaiwrath

    Online media are reshaping civilisation

    And making the B.I.B do some work, once netizens highlight certain crimes !
  2. Thaiwrath

    Time To Call It Quits.

    No doubt you'll be on here most days, telling everyone how good your new destination is, far better than here. We have a few of them on here regularly.
  3. There's more chance of the election being on February 24th !
  4. Thaiwrath

    Multiple murder suspect arrested in Ranong

    I wholeheartedly agree, there is no other suitable punishment for this <deleted>. I would ask the people who are against such a sentence, had it been 5 members of their family obliterated, would life in a cell be sufficient ?
  5. They really are scraping the barrel in an effort to get their own way.
  6. Thaiwrath

    NACC pledges fight against graft

    About as much chance of creating a 'safe driving culture' !
  7. The world wide figures for spouse murder is staggering. Thailand just another piece of the big puzzle I don't know whether some of you have reading comprehension problems, but this story is about obliterating, practically, a whole family, not just 'spouse murder'. In my 45 years in the UK, before moving here, I cannot recall reading about any similar incident there during that time.
  8. Replace 'divorce' with 'loss of face' ! Another horrendous act by a Thai bloke unable to handle his emotions. A tragedy for all her family.
  9. It's about time they banned that evil spirit 'Lao Khow' up here in Issan.
  10. Thaiwrath

    Poll shows Gen Prayut most suitable to be next PM

    I imagine, if they sampled the opinions of the millions of other individuals eligible to vote, he would DEFINITELY NOT be shown as the most suitable to be the next P.M.
  11. A terrible tragedy for her, and her family. R.I.P. If only ladies like this had the courage to walk away from these abusive relationships, many would still be alive today.