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  1. They pooled together three million baht to hire a gunman to kill the witchdoctor by shooting him in the anus, which would help lift the toilet-themed curse Athipan was suffering. 3 million baht ? A load of sh*t if you ask me.
  2. An apt description...................................... Handbags at dawn.
  3. Good to see the Government has it's priorities in order. Easy to see how these surveys (?) amongst the people, show what a great job the powers that be are doing !
  4. Sick <removed> However, had he been able bodied, the 10 sickos would probably have had to call on reinforcements to ensure the beating.
  5. instead, is being shared by people making fun of Stroner for his poor spelling, punctuation, and grammar He could always get a teaching job over here !
  6. He will get the same treatment as the six killers of the handicapped breadseller.................................. Maybe not, I don't think his dad is a copper.
  7. To get reinforcements !
  8. Just check the figures in the hospitals and morgues on a daily or weekly basis, to find out the answer.
  9. Awaiting arrest warrant for the video maker, for portraying a bad image of Thai beaches.
  10. Must have been expecting a major photo shoot for the press for so many to be in attendance.
  11. True love never runs smooth !
  12. I think he panicked when he realised he didn't have 7 mates behind him, to knock shit out of his opponent, as usually happens in real life.
  13. Total irresponsible parenting. Having your 15 YEAR OLD son driving you about on a motorbike in Thailand traffic !
  14. "My money laundering husband transferred it to my account" No problem, thanks for the explanation. Next................