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  1. The author's spelling needs improving.
  2. Wiggy

    Ford focus 1.5 Turbo

    I bought a 2.0 Focus in 2013. Great car. I loved driving it. It had all the extras I wanted plus some. It had one major downfall - a PowerShift gearbox. It wasn't as bad as some I've read about, but with a feeling it was going to fail (as many did) and with Ford not seeming to give a damn I sold it after three years, taking a loss of 540,000 baht. Ouch. I realise the new Focus has a 1.5 Turbo and a conventional automatic gearbox, but once bitten, twice shy. So, I chose the Civic RS. Absolutely no regrets. It's superb - and as already said here - it's very quick. Probably my best car ever, and I've had many.
  3. Wiggy

    Reduced tolerance to alcohol

    For me, the problem is that when I drink I cannot read. So I've given up reading.
  4. Wiggy

    Bangkok to grant certificates to tattoo artists

    Certificates that can be bought with corrupt means. So, no change then. Next story please.
  5. Time is obviously getting away from him.
  6. Wiggy

    What is the best wine you have ever tasted?

    The alcoholic kind.
  7. My wife was all praise for him following the coup and so we didn't discuss politics for a while for the sake of peace. And yet she referred to it as "our stupid government" the other day, so I do still have a little hope left that they are waking up.
  8. I wonder how he reached that conclusion. Poor little girl.
  9. You should hate whoever told you. Honda's website shows that the Civic does have CarPlay, the HRV doesn't.
  10. Mine is a 2016 Civic RS. It has CarPlay. It didn't when I bought it hence my post.
  11. Yes, hopefully. I'll update as/when it happens. Cheers.
  12. Wiggy

    Remove smell

    I try to have it not recirculating, but with the permanent stink of Bangkok fumes it's almost impossible.
  13. I wonder if there's a person employed on Koh Tao like the old gas lighters in the UK back in the day, that go round turning all the CCTV cameras on in the morning then off at night. Lol.
  14. Tourism and Sports Minister Weerasak Kowsurat, says more CCTV cameras will be installed on Ko Tao Island to ensure safety for tourists. Ah, but will they be plugged in?!
  15. What she will soon realise is that Thainess is a code word for "Me-ness".