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  1. I think it's because the government don't want people to be educated. Keep them from thinking, keep them in the dark, don't teach critical thinking skills. Then you have a population that's easy to control and manipulate for your own gain. (Thai) Buddhism doesn't help either.
  2. As Blackadder would say, "There wouldn't be enough inside to cover a small water biscuit."
  3. But the whole idea of a fine is to cause hardship. Otherwise it's not a punishment and/or a deterrent. It ain't rocket science! In fact, this stupid copper's actions could have the complete reverse effect and result in more kids riding without helmets because, if caught, they just have to jump up and down a few times. Mental.
  4. Would be like throwing a sausage up the high street.
  5. Got it. You were suggesting the survey infers that DM is better. I thought (obviously) that you meant I had inferred that. Apologies, and consider my knickers duly unknotted.
  6. Precisely. The article is about procurement of aircraft, and yet mentions nothing about it. Typical.
  7. "The procurement plan is for 10 Boeing 747-400 aircraft, seven Boeing 777s and two Boeing 737s for THAI." This could be somewhat difficult as Boeing don't manufacture the 747-400 anymore. Either they're planning to buy used aircraft, or they mean the 747-8i. The 777 and 737 are still in production, but the type is not mentioned. That said, the airline do currently have 10 x 747-400s in service aged from 14-24 years old and 2 x 737-400s aged around 24 years each, plus some aging 777-200s, so maybe these are the numbers to be retired rather than procured. Terrible reporting if true.
  8. I think they have now abandoned the light system on Beach Road as more people got hit. I may be wrong though as I haven't been there for a while. Sad if true.
  9. Many people don't stop at those either, which is even more dangerous. I see it almost every morning on Rama 3.
  10. The last time I stopped I got rear-ended and my car severely damaged. That's why I don't stop, unfortunately. Would welcome a successful campaign to make it happen though.
  11. I've been to San Francisco, Portland (OR) and Las Vegas. They were all OK, but nothing special. Heathrow has improved (especially on speed through security) but still needs to improve. Singapore is my favourite (mainly due to the carpeting muffling the noise).
  12. Please point out where I infer that DM is better. I didn't mention DM as that would be off topic. Duh!
  13. I wonder how long before this is put down to "old information" or a "misunderstanding". I'm not surprised though, as Swampy is a dump.