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  1. True, and a fair point, but statistically the odds are much better. Otherwise we'd never leave the house.
  2. Absolutely correct. I came here many years ago, having ridden motorcycles extensively back in the UK. I completed rider safety courses up the ying-yang there, including the police-certified Gold Rider Award scheme. I had one minor mishap in the UK due to black ice. Came here and bought a bike. After four accidents in a year, none of which were my fault but gaining in severity, I hung up my skid-lid and switched to public transport and now a car. That's why I'm still alive. It's just not worth it. I realise it might be one of the only forms of affordable transport, but there are cheap cars available.
  3. Dual pricing. Fair or price gouging?

    Excellent. When was that exactly? Which NP was it? What car do I drive? No, I thought not. Just another WUM.
  4. Dual pricing. Fair or price gouging?

    Of course you have.
  5. Dual pricing. Fair or price gouging?

    That's even funnier than the previous post.
  6. Dual pricing. Fair or price gouging?

    What you say doesn't fit in with my "racism fantasy", but my SE Asian wife (non-Thai) gaining entry to a NP a few years ago on production of her non-Thai passport and being charged the Thai price does. I was asked for the inflated price and 100 baht (normal price 10 baht) to park my car. So even my car was deemed to be 'non-Thai'. If others have experienced otherwise, that's good, but I have never since returned to a NP here, nor will I.
  7. Dual pricing. Fair or price gouging?

    Dress it up how you like; it's discrimination, initially based on skin colour, which is still racism. Someone who tries to charge me more just because of my skin colour before knowing if I'm Thai, or not, is a racist.
  8. Sorry to hear of your condition.
  9. Anybody with a 56-inch waist should go in the cargo hold.
  10. Well, in fairness it is an expansion joint and is supposed to move. But just by how much I wouldn't know.
  11. Electrocution risk for escaping passengers on the Airport Link is low as the power supply is from overhead cables, and not a third rail.
  12. Then they all walk out the door mumbling, "A lai wa?"
  13. Meanwhile...... There's just no hope at all.