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  1. Yes, fully aware. Apologies though as I thought we were talking about Chuvit Park.
  2. Could you point out where I said Pathumwan is Klong Toey? I fail to see how a mall (or similar) will promote a more clean-air environment over a park.
  3. In the the link below, there was mention of turning Pathumwan into a clean-air environment, which borders this area. Classic Thailand. Left-hand, right-hand. Total shambles.
  4. Great work by the BIB; it only took five months to swing into action. I guess they'd waited long enough for the brown envelope, which didn't arrive.
  5. They could start by reducing the number of useless songtaews stopped/parked on main roads and blocking traffic (causing even more pollution) and with filthy diesel engines running whilst waiting for customers. Sure, they provide a service, but there are way, way too many of them.
  6. Looks like Yingyong will now be going up the yingyang.
  7. New Honda Civic 5 door hatchback

    I'm not that surprised after the DCT debacle on those models. I know, I bought a Focus. Great car, but let down by that pig of a gearbox. Fortunately I sold it to someone who knew naff all about the problem.
  8. I think you'll find that the guy in the black t-shirt with a white triangle on it punches someone near the victim first. The victim subsequently tries to defend whoever was punched first. It's in the slo-mo black and white section near the end.
  9. Narong Ruangsri, who heads the BMA Drainage and Sewerage Department, assured motorists late yesterday that all main roads were now flood-free. “We urgently solved the flood problems,” he said, adding that his team was focused on clearing floodwater from secondary routes. “We will work fast,” he said. No. Solving the flood problem means that floods don't occur in the first place.
  10. I think you'll find nicotine is poisonous and can kill in fairly small doses if ingested. So, it is dangerous in certain forms.
  11. True, but he's probably been replaced by two new ones already.
  12. New Honda Civic 5 door hatchback

    Don't take this the wrong way, superal, but I'm concerned that you thought there was a problem with the headlights without noticing the windscreen tint. Anyway, I have 40 on my windscreen and that is as dark as I'd want to go. That said, your dealership may have been worried that if they'd refused your GFs request of 80% they may have lost the sale, and I don't see why they should have rectified it free of charge. Had you have put a deposit down for the Pajero (I'm assuming you didn't), then it may have been a different outcome.