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  1. The police will probably start looking at the family home on Sukhumvit 53, where they will find a particularly large brown envelope waiting. Following this exhaustive investigation they probably won't be able to find him, because if they did the brown envelopes would cease coming.
  2. Blimey. This particular brown envelope could be heading for the Guinness Book of World Records (Thai edition).
  3. 3,000 baht fine? That'll teach them not to do it again. Farcical.
  4. Sure........I always carry a sun lounger in my luggage
  5. Did she fall or was she pushed? It's a shame that this question isn't asked when it's a non-Thai that falls.
  6. Thanks, I'll look into it. I've been meaning to get a yellow Tabien Baan for a while, so may as well do this as well.
  7. Not sure. I did look up the symptoms online yesterday and that was one of the suggestions - that the fan might be faulty (if it has one).
  8. Thanks again. More than likely low on gas (maybe an oversight at the factory?) It tends to stop working when in heavy/slow traffic. If I rev the engine for a bit it gets cold again. Not a massive problem but annoying nonetheless.
  9. Thanks, yes, I'll be keeping an eye on it as it could well have a leak.
  10. Update: I emailed Honda yesterday. They replied quickly asking for more details which I provided. They wrote back saying someone would call me. Later, an English speaking service guy called me from the dealership. Very apologetic he asked me to bring the car in and said they should be able to turn it around in a day. The car is with them now and they'll call me at noon with an update.
  11. The service manager. It is OTT, Ace. But TIT. I'll be sure to check the mileage before I drop it off - you never know what they might do with the car for four days (if you include Sunday).
  12. Saturday - drop off 9:30am, Monday - all day, Tuesday - pick up 4pm. I make that three days. Or, four days without a car, if you include Sunday.
  13. It hasn't gone in yet. It's due this Saturday, and therefore no diagnosis yet so I'm wondering why the three days. If I'm not happy with answers to questions Saturday then I'll take it somewhere else. They are saying it'll take three days to diagnose which I find weird. They are closed on Sundays.