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  1. I'm one of them. I actually think it's safer not to stop, as crazy as that may sound.
  2. Yes the whole vehicle registration process needs a total overhaul and brought into the modern age...right now its stuck in the steam age. The steam age? It must've been updated since I last used it then.
  3. Or if his family were big wigs on Koh Tao.
  4. My wife works at a 'prestigious' international school. For what they charge I can't see it being very good value for money, although that is just my opinion. That said, they do stick pretty closely to a western curriculum and many of the school leavers end up at good universities abroad, so there must be something in it. But if you look at the state system the competition isn't exactly stiff.
  5. I accept your point, and it's a good one. But if you took more people out of cars and onto bikes (by banning 4-wheeled vehicles) I'm pretty sure the death toll would rise, as fewer people would be protected, as I can't see how the number of accidents would reduce as a result. It's all about statistics really; in truck v car accidents, statistically more car drivers die, so it is with cars v bikes. That doesn't mean we should ban trucks. I reckon if you took the ratio of bikes to cars there is here and had the same ratio in the UK there would still be a lower death toll due to driver education, which is almost non-existent here. I think a massive problem in Thailand is window tint film. I've lost count of how many times I cannot see anything through the car windows in front in daylight. How does this work at night or dawn/dusk. It must be like permanently driving with sunglasses on. But, again, it's not enforced.
  6. Save that headline for next year, and the year after.
  7. Surely the problem lies with finding a "competent official"
  8. I'm now left wondering which province "84" represents when there are only 77 of them.
  9. Wiggy

    DLT introduces electronic driving test

    “You’ve hit one of the markers. I’m sorry to say you’ve failed the test.” (rustle of a brown bank note) ”Congratulations. You’ve passed your test.”
  10. Somsak Janpho, 44, the bus driver from Sakon Nakhon told the media that only his actions in swerving to the right saved his passengers from injury or even death. Rubbish. It was a natural reaction to swerve in that direction. In fact it might have made it worse as the cement truck could've hit the side of the bus where the passengers were sitting.
  11. If the rest of Bangkok is anything to go by, it’ll be a shopping mall a week after it closes.
  12. This won’t work. It needs education. Most Thai drivers don’t even know when they’re doing something wrong.
  13. A new law enforcement scheme in Thailand has failed to work? Shock! Horror!