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  1. Isaan translation

    เสียดาย ไอ้ติ๊ก ไม่ได้ มา ... คืนนี้
  2. Help with translation

    น่าหมั่นใส้ น่ะกูว่า... แต่กู ก็ทำไปงั้นแหล่ะ... เมียเก่า คงเห็น... how about this one?
  3. Help with translation

    I don't use Firefox, is there any other online translator that anyone knows of? Otherwise you all may get sick of me asking here lol
  4. Help with translation

    Thank you everyone! It's cool there's an unbiased place to ask about Isaan translation :)
  5. Help with translation

    Thank you Lamkyong, say someone was standing on a beach in a picture, and was asked who she is waiting for.. does that change the context of that reply?
  6. Help with translation

    Is there any online translator for Isaan to English? I've had no luck at all, and google translation is quite a laugh at this lol, can someone tell me what รอ คนมา จีบ.... means?