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  1. Diazapem prescription - Pattaya

    Sorry for the double post. I have a direct flight with BA too and from London so don't have to worry about any stop overs. What would the law be with carrying Atarax? Would I still require a prescription.
  2. Diazapem prescription - Pattaya

    Ideally I will fly non stop (British Airways). And yes I would like to do it with prescription. Just wondering on estimate of costs for doctors visit + medicine. Many thanks.
  3. Diazapem prescription - Pattaya

    Hello after some advice. I occasionally have bouts of very mild anxiety which I have under control. I have never used medication for my anxiety as it is so mild (as suggested by my doctor in the U.K), instead I frequently excercise and frequently meditate. The mediation has made my anxiety completely bearable and I would recommend this to anyone. There is something however that can trigger the panic and that is claustrophobic situations. I was prescribed Diazapam for my flight out here and they worked well. I am making a short return trip to the U.K for a job interview. I would like to legally obtain some Diazapam for the flight. Can anywhere suggest where I can legally obtain a subscription? I don't mind paying a little bit for the consultation and medicine but would like a hospital that isn't going to charge through the roof for a quick visit. Many thanks.
  4. Loud concert - kho talo / sukhumvit area

    Thanks for response. This a full on concert set up. Part of the khao talo market. I'm hoping people complain. It's happened before and went on for 2 weeks until 1am. There's flashing lights to accompany it too. Guess I'll phone in tommorow.
  5. I'm staying in a Condo near theprasit and can clearly hear this live concert from kho talo. It sounds as if someone is having a festival on my doorstep. Must be mega intrusive for the actual residents on kho talo. Anyone know what this concert is? It's happened before? I heard it'll be like this for 2 weeks till 1am time. I'll have to cope but no idea how this level of noise is allowed in a highly residential area.
  6. Excessive noise - Sukhumvit Pattaya Thai area

    It did get better once I rationally thought this through but when your dealing with screaming kids all day (teacher) coming home to loud music can test your patience. Thanks for all the responses!
  7. Excessive noise - Sukhumvit Pattaya Thai area

    My gf says "channel" it out, I can last a few minutes before stressing myself and shouting. Gotta give it to the thais they really can sleep through anything! Think earbuds are my best bet!
  8. On Sukhumvit they've recently opened a new market and to celebrate they're holding live music every night up until the 21st, I'm talking drums, live singers, guitars etc till 1am. I'm in a condo opposite the road on Sukhumvit 50 and honestly the noise is unbearable it's driving me a little crazy. I'm teaching all day from 6am then getting no sleep till 1am, feels like I'm not getting a moments peace. I'm fully aware there is nothing I can do and I have got pretty used to noise around here but this is incredibly intrusive. Has anyone else been affected by this? and does this not bother the local thai residents that are having to wake early every morning?
  9. Anxiety help Pattaya

    Thanks for the response. I am a fairly anxious person but it has always been manageable. I think you are correct as the few days after I have pretty much normal again. Time of the booze will bring me benefits to both my mind & wallet!
  10. Anxiety help Pattaya

    Hi panda13 I drink maybe once a week a few beers. Recently due to time out of work from changing jobs my drinking has increased, you are almost certainly correct it doesn't go well with me. It's after I've drunk (hangover stage) I feel anxious. Thanks panda13 this is also the longest time I've taken out of the gym since being here (1 month) so I think I'll follow your tips.
  11. Anxiety help Pattaya

    Thank you Sheryl, I have never used benzos other than for the long flight over here and intend on using them as a cure. I am not currently at risk of harming myself as one poster may have suggested (no offence taking don't worry) and if things got to bad of course I would go home. I'm in my early 20s and generally i'm enjoying my life here and would like to combat it before it gets any worse. Regards.
  12. Anxiety help Pattaya

    Hello all, I suffered with a stage of anxiety back at home which I managed to get past using a combination of Mindfulness, breathing techniques and online resources. I have been in Thailand 7 months now and really haven't suffered from any which has been great. Recent 2 months I've been under a load of strain changing between teaching jobs and immigration issues that came with it. During this time of stress I have felt anxiety creeping but using my past techniques I have been able to keep it at bay. Today however I had a 3 beers at lunch (small beers); I am not a day time drinker but it was a special work occasion so I didn't want to be anti social and then after was hit with a wave of depression. Then whilst eating in Big C I had a huge urge to get out the shopping centre because I felt I was going insane (panic attack). I've never quite felt that before and it's quite scarey. I know I can beat it again but being so far from home makes it harder, if anyone in the area can give me some advice and suggestions that would be amazing. Thanks.
  13. Potential overstay

    Thank you so much but where I'm confused is my work permit was cancelled on the 20th (I wasn't aware of this) but left on the 25th on a flight to Cambodia. I'm assuming this means 5 days overtstay?
  14. Hello all I know there is some form of overstay on my passport and I'm happy to pay. Basically I left Thailand on the 25th of December and returned on the 1st January 2017 on a new tourist visa. I was previously on the extension of stay but now know my work permit was cancelled on the 20th December. Soon I will need to go immigration to correctly cancel my old EOS as I did not do this properly. Does anyone know if my overstay is from the 20th December until today or just from 20th December to 25th December. Thanks in advance.