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  1. Hi there , My visa was issued within Thailand at Pathum Thani Immigration. It went from a Tourist Visa to a Non O Marriage Visa about two years ago. And yes I do 90 day reports at Pathum Thani Immigration Sammi
  2. Hi everyone , Looking for some help regarding obtaining a work permit without a degree. I have been on a Non O Marriage visa (Thai spouse) and have been working in an international school in Bangkok for the past three years, but the school have never organized a work permit due to my visa issue being sorted. I'm currently in the process of buying a house with my husband and would like to obtain a work permit to help with financial proceedings. I've read posts where some foreigners have obtained visas in schools without being technically listed as a teacher ? Is this true or just hearsay? Does anybody know what the steps are to do this? Any help would be kindly appreciated.