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  1. That is cheap and I know someone had to pay 3K for definitely not their fault ie indicating to go left in a car and a boy racer, as usual, comes up on the inside and collides with the car. Why is there insurance then and many I feel have no insurance or drivers license?
  2. Yeah know of cases of double that sumand someone supposedly paying to a 3re party ie Niece who refuses to pass it on!!!
  3. Just to clarify and yes one needs to have an appointment at Trendy, but you can have your new passport delivered to your home via EMS, but you must advise them when you go down and think there is tick on a form or similar.
  4. Yes mine does not expire for a while and yes Keyvisa comes highly recommended indeed and yes sent me form already. So I shall be using them.
  5. ubonjoe Thanks yet again ubonjoe and yes have that address in Laksi, Bangkok as 123 Chaengwattana Road, Laksi, Bangkok 10210. Yes confusing and maybe they have moved The Trendy Office appears to deal with both children and Thai and Chaeng Wattana complex. Could it be that the latter moved but the former only deal with new British passports.
  6. 86 Tiger Thx indeed and was led to believe there are no passport offices in Kanchanaburi and maybe I am wrong, but am reading one has to go to Bangkok. In passing can my wife at the same time get a new Thai passport at the same time as the children? Thanks and appreciate all of your help.
  7. I realise it seems one has to go down to Bangkok for these passports, but are there any decent agents who can deal with this, such as the renewal pf the British passport for a fee Thank you once again. There is a bit of confusion on what is needed and one can not get an application form in advance right and phtos and parents or the Legal guardian has to go down to Bangkok and is the house book required also.
  8. IMA_Farang If there is only one Thai and is divorced and brought up by Grandmother and really Mother with same surname who is a Thai married to a British man The 2 children are Thai and in this case only the one Thai blood parent would need to go to Bangkok, together with the Legal Guardian and the 2 children who are under 14 years old. Thanks again
  9. Hi Ubonjoe I know a Thai wife who has the same surname as her Granddaughters, but really her daughters and she and her British husband bringing them up. If only one Thai blood parent is contactable and possibly available to go to Bangkok is this sufficient. Yes appreciate all the addresses and have tried to contact by email, but no answer, but the main office appears to be Dept of Consular Affairs 123 Chaengwattana Road, Laksi, Bangkok 10210 and realise there are others and had an email address as consular05@mfa.go.th and went through, but perhaps no English translator available. Thanks again and this planning many months down the road. Just for myself can one renew a British passport here in Thailand and last time, I used the British Embassy in Thailand, who have now stopped this procedure. I would like to renew in Thailand, if possible and any information would be gratefully received and one never wants to send the existing one away. Thanks again
  10. Yes indeed a lethal mixture of heat and possibly drink (though quite possibly not in this case we do not know the whole facts) This perhaps should be on another topic, but there was an incident the other day whereby complete Thai strangers began fighting with a local Thai Songkran party and made off. Later at 10:30 in the evening some cars were screeching and revving their car engines and no one knew for sure if the incidents were related, but the local residents were disturbed in more ways than one and luckily the large gates were locked shut. Yes, a frightening experience and yes bad enough when a local person or Thai relative is involved too and one who is at a Family party and then tries to drive his car out of the house. Yes, indeed a mixture of drink, drugs and certainly the heat and usually over a most trivial matter and yes people can change just like that. Still, as long as the Authorities do not take stronger action on these matters it is never going to improve. Even innocent people are victims and have done nothing are targetted. ie unprovoked attacks. Yes good and bad people wherever in the whole World and not just here, but it seems more and younger people have a total disrespect of the laws and of course they are often not brought to justice.
  11. Only Happens to Thais. really !!! What about loans made by foreigners to indirect Family, only to be told 10 years later on. I've paid it back. Not to us to Nephews and Nieces who refuse to pass it on. Yes so many instances where the foreigners are not paid back, but they have their own very decent Thai Family to look after. DISGUSTING and only the one way Oh our Family has been struggling, what with new Mercedes-Benz cars and we can't afford to pay it back. How about going to the Bank then!!!
  12. Hi Just trying to help. Yes indeed I believe the stamp in your passport actually states Retirement Visa, but really the official term is a "Permission to extend annual extension based on retirement." In addition, one could apply for a new passport at the British Embassy in Bangkok, but this service was stopped a few years ago, but believe there are agents here in Thailand offering a service. Yes, the rules and regulations keep on changing LOL, but believe one can also look up under Google and should be able to find the information by inputting a question in the box. Also, certain Countries insist on a validity of 6 months on a passport in order to be able to fly into them and in any case one can apply for a new one a long time in advance and the outstanding time will be added on to the date of the new passport. Hope this helps and yes one gets differing information and agreed it can be confusing. Good luck
  13. Yes indeed the old chestnut and often (but not always) the so-called older teacher has much more stamina and indeed patience and is far more committed to dedicated educating the students who really want to learn and frankly in some schools and am talking of so-called High Schools in that one is very lucky, if 6 to 8 students really want to learn some English. In my experience, the older person is much more dedicated and in fact, goes out of their way to explain things over and over again and also in their free time are often asked can you explain what my Thai-English teacher has just tried to teach me. Many younger teachers, who indeed do have degrees, but a paper qualification is not proof that one can teach and for that matter in any profession does not mean they are superior to anyone else who does not have one but has loads of experience to offer. Also mai ben rai has been continually used and I have been gobsmacked in certain teachers and indeed some Directors and if they do not want to learn, then you can not force them. This is very true of course but the students who really want to learn are penalized and yes, same to a degree in the Western World However, here in Thailand everyone passes. Yes the rules do keep changing and one has to have a degree, but there are ways around it and if the school really wants you they would go out of their way. Often it is the expense and paperwork that seem to put them off and the fact the local teachers can be paid a much smaller salary and have noticed Thailand seem to like the Philippine English teachers and I have nothing against them at all, but good and bad everywhere, but they seem to like American/ English and just saying.
  14. Thanks again ubonjoe
  15. Thank you very much and yes I am legally married as a British person to my Thai wife. Not in this case, what would happen if say no one knows where both parents are what would happen then? Thxs again