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  1. Medical insurance in Thailand for expats

    Thanks and yes I am finding International Companies have huge premiums and yes one would get more coverage. Any Thai insurance companies, apart from the ones advertised do you know and have good reports on. Each to their own choice, I guess will be the reply. Thanks for advise appreciate it.
  2. Medical insurance in Thailand for expats

    Ok have seen them in the past and why would you not recommend taking out health insurance with a Thai Company, apart from your amazing experience, so why did they refuse to pay your claim. I guess some people would not like the apparently the crowded conditions, but the quotes also give how much per day for a room or semi private room
  3. Medical insurance in Thailand for expats

    Sheryl, The card was not exactly given to me and my wife and to fight tooth and nail for it and perhaps not given too many out in my area, but I know and was with her.
  4. Medical insurance in Thailand for expats

    Yes thanks for advice and the International firms quotes are very, very large and unaffordable. I have quotes from the Thai Companies and they differ too. Can anyone recommend one just for myself for in- house emergencies and Prakam seem extremely good. My main concern and it is not just here in Thailand is that when you reach 70 years old they can cancel your polcy or then increase your premium substantially. They say no upper limit and just asking advice and think that the local hospital where my wife's sisters work state they will not refuse you or one emergency and I suppose it depends which hospital, where one lives etc and I live where there are very few expats. It amazes me that one who supports his Thai Family for just about everything, yet can not get on the Thai Family scheme and they have tried several times and not refused on any medical reasons?? Yes rules are rules and I am not Thai, but believe having wife's relatives working at the local hospital would ensure treatment and yes have this card and yes been in once and yes the double stndard pricing, but still very reasonable, as compared to the western World and assured they would not turn you away from one emergency!!!
  5. Medical insurance in Thailand for expats

    Yes was asking as I have a hospital white card and have my wifes relatives working at the same hospital and yes normally would have to pay of course. thanks
  6. Hi Very new to this forum and I have a OPD card from my local hospital and giving me as being informed can get medical help as and when and also believe covered for an emergency and do not believe they turn people away. I am married to A Thai and I used to be a school teacher for 5 years. Also, my wife has sisters working at the local hospital. Amazing in that my thai Family and they tried to get me on their insurance several times without success and I have no serious medical problems. Am I covered?
  7. Warning of flooding in 36 provinces

    Yes agreed but look at Sydney, Australia and every year flooding all over the World. Mind you on the other hand drought in many Countries too. Nature right!!!
  8. No Need to wait and the vast majority of so- called public figures are an absolute disgrace and only care about themselves. Nothing has changed upon decade and decades of Governments of all colours
  9. Warning of flooding in 36 provinces

    I know slightly off topic and notice when the odd occasions I make it to the coast and yes so many people seem to have an adverse reaction to swimming or water in general, unless they using gallons of it to wash and water their gardens with it. However and this is being maybe a bit hypercritical, but frankly teaching as a whole and all subjects are not really been taught, but everyone passes every time, even if they have failed, particularly at secondary school or until they get the right answer. Also amazingly enough take the rubbish bin out and I will pass you. Honestly have heard this!!! Yes, this year the monsoon season seems to be very early this year, but these floods do occur every single year and the powers of nature truly remarkable. Also feel for the people affected, but they just seem to get on with it. Perhaps they could teach the youngsters, some as young as 9 or 10 how to ride a bike as well!!!
  10. I've got them the telephone numbers ni I'm sweet as a nut ok cheers and you? But thanks for info anyway.
  11. Transam Thx and interesting around your birthday and last year July2 the first form signed last year and my birthday in May. Not too worry right, only when we do not receive the frozen pension. and they accepted it and no additional form sent?
  12. Excuse me and with respect to you and was merely asking a quiestion and not to be shouted down and have no attitude problem OK. Thx for information and merely stating a form may not come every year and not all of us have any Family left in the UK. So excuse me it is your attitude and also can not ask a simple question and in my experience, people do not reply to messages, so you must have been very lucky
  13. Yes accidentally replied to wrong person. Have a good day and yeah it was under this heading and perhaps just misread it . Have a great day and no form as yet, if indeed going to get one. I was under the impression everyone would get this at least every 5 years, but you receiving it every year?
  14. Apologies think accidentally send a reply to wrong message lol Sorry again lol
  15. With respect to you also and thx I do know the numbers and not all of us have the luxury of Family in the UK anymore . Please do not look down on others I was merely asking the question and pleased you are a frozen pensioner and for a cause I work long hours, not just for me, but all you who do not get involved one little bit.