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  1. They should be happy they used older number otherwise they would end up in the first 10
  2. That's what you get when you breed i. .....ts for the last 40 years. Sooner or later they end up inthe government , army and the policeforce
  3. The beer companies will not come to Thailand anymore the last one got cheated ( I think it was Cars berg ) Now it's called chang beer. And I'm sure that is not the only one that got robbed of they're money and technology. Keep up your good work
  4. I wonder if this officials get a special bonus end of the year for the bigger the laughter and the more embarrassing ideas the bigger the money or a free 1.class trip around the world
  5. Once for a change not the farangs got cheated. Welcome to the country of smile.
  6. That shows the intelligence of the Police Chief. Need another month to set up a good lie. How did he got the job in the first place? What about the reputation of Thailand? Another one who will get away. What a kindergarten.
  7. Doesn'the he get punished for damaging the reputation of Thailand? If he would be a small figure they would have put him in prison already. So much about justice. 5555555