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  1. Breakfast at the 79th floor of Baiyoke sky hotel - 450 baht for European - Thai - Japanese - Chinese - Indian buffet. Excellent bacon!
  2. Not an unworthy thinker, that Karl. I particularly liked his "religion is opium for the masses" oneliner - but we (...guess...) added: marxism is opium for the intellectuals.
  3. Rules should serve their official purpose, such as road safety, public health, etc. But too often rules are only there to bring in extra money for the government. .
  4. I understand that a bike rider wants to feel the wind in his hair.... but I do not understand why I (taxpayer) should pay to glue his head together after an accident. Same for wearing seat belt etc. There are always 2 sides to freedom.
  5. Nanny state = too many rules Thailand = not enough rules
  6. Good old Karl did not expect much of the Lumpenproletariat.... but in stead of lumpen they now wear imitation designer clothes.
  7. May I add some more confusion to the discussion? In Belgium we use the expression 4th world for some of our citizens. It refers to people who are socially backward, with alcohol / drug problems, violent, no education, unemployed, unwilling to grab the opportunities society offers them - and it's hereditary! I'm not suggesting anything, but......
  8. my grandfather would have loved this thread
  9. I most strongly object against the use of the expression "flower power" by the journalist that wrote this article. Is nothing sacred in this world anymore? Old Hippy.
  10. At my age, 66, I regularly need a good kick in my ass, just to remind me of what I said and did when I was young. Maybe this poster can provide it. But of course I will kick back. Let him / her be warned.
  11. When I was young I never put up with this or other stupidity. I never argued with GF's, bosses or other fools. I just walked out on them. I am 66 now. Where can I walk to now? Choices fade as one gets older.
  12. I hope you will keep posting on this forum. Sometimes I feel lonely here....
  13. I agree, but your "some of you" expression disturbs me. Maybe just the phrazing? It is not old against young - it never was, particularly the "generation conflict" in the sixties was not young against old. It was right against wrong.
  14. Thailand is in transition, somewhere between third world and civilization. And obviously, some traditions / people / infrastructure / ... changes faster than others. If you want to see real third world, make a 3 hours trip to Kathmandu. Walk around the slums near the airport. (but funny thing: everybody there speaks English....)
  15. I am officially 66. But way back in the sixties I looked at the old farts and made the decision never to grow up. Mabe I am as young as you? Money doesn not matter? >> Age does not matter?