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  1. As some brexitears have pointed out, my English is not really up to standards. Well, not up to the standards of how well those brexi-tears speak foreign languages. Yes, this may come as a shock to insular people, but to most of the world English is a foreign language. Anyway, I will concider your reply about cut and jib as a compliment, untill further notice.
  2. So it never occured to you that brexitears is just as silly / annoying as remoaners?
  3. It is not acceptable to call all brexitears mentally, emotionally and socially chalenged. Firstly because that would be a breach of forum rules. But most of all, that would be statistically incorrect, as it would be based on the assumption that TV Forum brexitears are a representative sample of brexitears in general.
  4. What is there to misunderstand? It is clear and simple. With one of the leading brexitears. Or are they all lyers and clowns, particularly this one?
  5. But there are lots of conspiracies going on - and usually I am the victim.
  6. I'm in top condition. Why should I waste money on health insurance?
  7. Were those clocks given to you during WW1?
  8. The British used to have a sense of humour. Or maybe "giving back India" is a subtle form of it? And am I Belgian? Had I been born 30 km to the north I would be Dutch, 50 km east German, 100 km south Luxemburger, 120 km south French. And I hate to think what I would be if born more to the west. This is a strong antidote against insular feelings and nationalism. PS. I think you may need to google "km".
  9. And if it is any consolation: we lost Congo, just like you guys lost India.
  10. QUOTE: Stephen Fry can say whatever he likes from his £3k a night rehabilitation bed, A fine example of what some people would find offensive! But then again, you were already aware of this.
  11. Really? A world war was started because of the assassination of an arch duke?
  12. Did you pretend that your comment about hundreds of billions of migrants in designer clothes with i phones flocking into Europe was only humour? I must have missed that!