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  1. Maybe they are nice guys. Maybe they try to please every sponsor. Maybe their management likes to drink free champagne with as many airline bobos as possible.
  2. I think that airlines - and most other businesses - no longer stick to a standard. Their service depends on so many circumstances, as a consumer you never know what to expect. A perfect example of this is Emirates, fly their 777 with an extra row of seats, and you will say they are substandard. Fly a different Emirates airplane, and you will say they are excellent. But this is good for price competition, as more and more consumers will no longer stick to their favorite brand, and instead go for the lowest price at the time of booking.
  3. Turkish Airlines is NOT a European airline. But yes, they are good in the air.... Try to use their website though, for booking or check in. Also they once gave us a boarding pass for a non existing row - this was only discovered after boarding. Fortunately, they had seats vacant in row 13 (555), but our luggage got stowed in the back, near our non existing row. Wewere the last ones off the plane, and after a looooong bus tour almost missed our connecting flight. If you like long bus trips, Istanbul airport is the place to be. If you like to sit down or use a toilet, IST would not be a good choice. But the food & drinks are above average yes, quality and quantity. And they are cheap. As for the questionnaires of Skytrax. After once flying Austrian, I received e mails from them asking me to endorse Austrian in the Skytrax survey....
  4. Skytrax also named Turkish Airways best EUROPEAN airline for years in a row. I have the impression that Skytrax is being sponsored - maybe that is why they have so many categories, every sponsor can be best in some category.
  5. Don't forget to pack your GPS, just in case.
  6. ..... Garuda, the only big airline ever to be banned by the EU!
  7. I guess that after 75 replies, it is too late now for WEBFACT to correct their misleading thread - title. "Economy airline" should be replaced by "Economy class".
  8. After my experience with 3-4-3 in an Emirates 777, I will make sure never to book a 777 again without first checking the seating. Believe me, it is unbearable! As for the 787 (nightmareliner), have they yet fixed most of the technical deficiencies of the design?
  9. Either all this is very very clever marketing, or marketeers playing silly games at the expense of both customers and their own companies. I think I know the answer - I used to be a macro economics lecturer at a technical university that specialized in Marketing courses.... I know these marketing boys & girls....
  10. Thai from Europe is above average price. But Thai from Europe (return) is a lot cheaper than Thai from BKK (return). I have a return ticket BRU - BKK - BRU for 525 euro, on the return flight my wife will be with me for..... 550 one way! Same from US?
  11. Every airline seems to have it' strong and weak points. And direct or with stopover both have + & - to it. We always fly the cheapest.... changes from year to year. Air Berlin - before the take over cheap, simple and good. Egyptair - lots of legroom but we were left hungry, no drinks, people smoking in the toilets, Cairo airport never again Qantas - good, but long side trip to London Sri Lankan - very good in all aspects, but fly to Frankfurt, next train Jetairfly Belgium - excellent but always delays & no info - now stopped Emirates - cramped when we used it, now? If they give me a 50% discount I will try them again Etihad - not good not bad, more of a low budget airline Turkish - excellent in the air, but worst website ever (that is, if you manage to get in) and finding a toilet in Istanbul is challenging Austrian, officially Tirolean Airlines - we flew them because we were so overwhelmed by a great holiday in Tirol, but bad food and a 10 km (...) walk at our stopover in Vienna. Thai - I will report this weekend
  12. We flew Thai only once, last new year BKK - Kathmandu - BKK. Poor food and poor service. My wife - Thai - asked me "have you seen the Thai smile yet?".... But Thai now has a promotion Brussels - BKK - Brussels for 525 euro. This Saturday I will find out what their long haul flights are like. As for Emirates, as you say, it could have been bad luck - 4 times - but I now discovered Turkish, not bad, and next Saturday Thai. Best experience ever was Sri Lankan, but they fly to Frankfurt, not Brussels. (all this is in economy class, I do not want to pay 3 or 4 times that price for business)
  13. Don't know - it happened at both DUS - Dubai & Dubai - BKK and VV. I think 2 years ago. Also the aisles were extremely narrow, waitresses bumping into the passengers. But great food and abundant drinks yes.
  14. Too bad one can not enjoy that great food of them, because they have added extra rows. Neighbour's elbow in my food - never again.
  15. It might explain why Pataya is maybe closed down. Being discrete and being hypocrite is not necessarily synonymous.