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  1. After 16 pages we were all waiting for this great contribution to the thread.
  2. I will give Randolph the benefit of doubt. Maybe Randolph meant: Indians and Chinese are the future for tourism in Thailand. Therefore, the filth doesn't matter. Tourists like to feel at home.
  3. >>>>>>got itchy legs<<<<<<< Legs? You are an atypical Pattaya visitor!
  4. >>>>Or maybe they like that country so much that they didn't care about the rubbish around.<<<< "that country" is code for pussy?
  5. Since when do marketing firms supply doses of legitimacy?
  6. His 3 amulets tell us all we need to know about this man and his opinions.
  7. Why do you post a picture of moderate muslims?
  8. Why would anyone fly half way aroud the world just to go to a mediocre beach? Even if it was clean? When I visit my home country I get so tired of the cheeky smiles on people's faces when I tell them I live in Thailand.... To them Pattaya = Thailand.
  9. Maybe the man has a point. Maybe 2 legged trash that visits P or works in P really doesn't mind plastic trash.
  10. Anti-Islam extremist monk forced to disrobe

    So you judge muslims on what is written in their Holy Fairytale Book. Do you judge christians on what is written in their Holy Fairytale Book?
  11. Huge Savings on Dentistry in Thailand

    Do the prices quoted for Europe refer to Europe on planet earth?
  12. Footnote from The Book: Earth (1) (1) Insignificant blue-ish planet. Only claim to fame is a huge open air brothel. OK OK I admit---- I made up the part about Thailand. It is NOT in the book.
  13. The BBC popularised the Hitchhiker's ultimate guide book. Whatever the BBC may allegedly have done wrong, it is all forgiven. 42!
  14. No, the book that says 42 is the answer to the ultimate question. The BBC started it all.
  15. I think this thread should be pinned. The only thread where you can not possibly post off topic. Because of "hab no topic". I love this soon to be pinned thread already. And if you don't like it, nobody will stop you from going to a different thread.