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  1. Aha my passport...... I just checked. The cover says in 4 languages (Flemish, French, German and English): European Union - Kingdom of Belgium and all 8 in equal sized characters. And I did not "leave" my home country (= Europe). 6 months Thailand - Chanthaburi for the weather in the Thai winter for our beautiful 3 rai garden 6 months Europe - mostly Madeira, Norway, Italy, a few days Belgium for the weather in the European spring & summer for the natural and cultural wonders of Europe
  2. Exactly! (Actually, I would prefer to identify as an Earthling in the United States of Earth, but that might be a little over optimistic as yet).
  3. I am not a Belgian. I was born there. That's all. Ceci n'est pas un belge.
  4. I am not in a position to distribute trade agreements. Sorry for that. In the brexit discussion I express my own ideas, not what may be, or not, the ideas of others, including top EU politicians and bureaucrats. I am my own man, I own a brain. I am glad that the UK leaves the EU, because they were a hindrance to the EU becoming one country, just like the US or Russia. And just to avoid misunderstandings, while I am in favour of 1 tax system, 1 trade system, 1 currency, 1 social security system, 1 legal system, I also love cultural differences, such as food ( I love your national dish, curry - a vast improvement on the previous one, sweet spagetti on toast), music, humour, etc. Why do you take everything in this discussion so personal? You are not really a Monty Python fan, are you? You prefer Benny Hill I guess?
  5. What country in Africa are those 4 illegal Indians and 1 Vietnamese from?
  6. As a European I am so glad that we got rid of that fecked up hell hole that you so eloquently describe! And as true gentlemen, we let you people think that you people wanted brexit 555 - if there ever had been a vote in Europe, even without having read the above, I am sure the brexit majority to give you people the boot would have been 90% - 10%.
  7. And what would the difference in treatment be? Would it not be a lot more simple to treat everybody as people?
  8. Do you think that the school / busdriver would get away with that explanation in the Netherlands?
  9. I however do not feel sorry for you. Contrary to the vast majority of Thais, you got a decent education at a decent school, and yet you are not capable to think critically. You are a Thai apologist, but you are not different from a Thai basher.
  10. Not always of course, but too many times yes. Even my wife, a local, sometimes pays more, because she is married to a farang. And it is not so much a matter of skin colour, it is the backward thinking that all farangs are rich, AND that taking advantage of people (including fellow Thais) is a sign of cleverness.
  11. I live in a beautiful 3 rai garden with my wife. I am not the least interested in the 500.000 km2 of Thailand outside our garden, not in it's culture, not in the majority of it's people. I do not feel "horribly oppressed and discriminated" (your words) in our garden. I avoid leaving this paradise, and I allow only good people in. PS. Feel free to call me a moron. Doing so makes it clear to everybody what kind of person you are.
  12. Yes it is. Total apologist's BS.
  13. And the answer to that question is: They want it all, and they want it now. Just like everybody else.
  14. In this country nobody will ever admit any wrongdoing, or even honest mistakes. They (?) could have quietly "forgotten" about the extra money they asked, not mentioned it again, but no! You embarrassed them by exposing their fraud, that makes you the bad guy. Face.....