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  1. Going back to the OT (original troll): It might be interesting to google "demi sexual". (Sorry for being too mut selious.)
  2. As long as they compete FOR our beer bellies I am happy.
  3. Waiting for your edit: booze in you or in the women?
  4. 555 I like your edit - but there is a lot of truth in the original post too.
  5. Poor eyesight? Are you a librarian? (weak, I know, but as I said before, I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored)
  6. Mentioning brains on a Thai forum. What has the world come to? PS. I am in Europe now, and sooooooooooooooooooooooo bored.
  7. Set up a noodle shop - Thais love noodles.
  8. When some men say "size doesn't matter", you know that they have a small size.
  9. I like this, greetings, Sigmund.
  10. Praise the lord of your choice. The 1970s have arrived to Thailand.
  11. We once boarded a plane Brussels - Istanbul, only to discover that there was no (last) row 34..... The stewards were flabbergasted, we had to wait at the end of the plane, and after everybody was seated they found 2 seats for us. All this WITH boarding passes! Then of course the baggage lockers at our seats were full, our bags were stowed far away. We were connecting in IST to BKK, but we had to wait to disembark as last passengers - since we could not retrieve our cabin bags, and the plane was late too. Run run run..... I complained on line - the answer: "we can not guarantee your chosen seats" -- and same reply when I complained again. And try to find a seat at IST airport - lots of people sitting on the ground! But they are cheap...... and in the air they are good.
  12. Turkish Airlines get voted best European (euh...) airline year after year. Their flights are good indeed (food, drinks, service, seats, punctuality) but their website....... Just about impossible to book a flight.
  13. To Anotheruser: Do I understand correctly that you are leaving us? (If I am wrong, let's blame the hour and 7 pages) >>> Why did you stay? >>> Why will you no longer stay? >>> Will you be back for holidays?