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  1. Thailand could join the EU.... There is a vacancy at present.
  2. And why should they particularly care about 1group of 60.000?
  3. Boris, euhhhhh.... Boris who? Is he the Boris that was transferred to an inactive post for painting graffiti on a red bus? That Boris?
  4. So if I understand correctly, the fat guy walks into the park, and within hours he spots a big cat and even manages to shoot it. That is of course possible, but what are the chances? Unless... the cat was waiting for him, at a spot where it was being fed for some time. Fat guy walked into a trap, and has no defence. Maybe?
  5. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    In a brexit thread GBP<>euro is relevant. But feel free to choose whatever suits you. How about the Zimbabwe dollar? I admit: not bad at all!
  6. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

  7. I suppose you know who said this..... Back in the sixties we (...) used to add:....and marxism is the opium of the intellectuals.
  8. Sounds good. These monks do not indulge in idolatry, formalities, superstition and other sillyness, and that is a very good start. But next the question is: What do these monks actually do? Do they explain the buddhist principles, do they counsel people with problems? Or do they concentrate only on themselves, hoping to personally reach enlightenment, every man for himself?
  9. I think I have made my point very clear. In many posts about buddhism and other religions (and other isms: what I say also applies to political or economic systems). You seem to think that ridiculing buddhist nonsense implies thinking that christian, muslim, communist, free market, whatever nonsense is superior?
  10. I like contrarian people, especially if they have something usefull to say.....
  11. I base my opinion upon what I observe around me. It is called "Thai buddhism". Funny that you accuse me of being off topic, but yet you reply.... that makes you off topic too, no?
  12. Someone who provides lucky numbers and leaves his footprints everywhere is a god!
  13. Buddhism would not be all that bad (but still not very usefull...) if only the followers would concentrate on the philosophy, rather than making the monks the centre of it.
  14. QUOTE: top of the heap are Catholics who can just pop into a box, say sorry about what I've done and the priest says that's okay my son, next please. I certainly am not one to defend catholics, BUT: How many people in "catholic" countries still believe in confession and other outdated nonsense? While in Buddhaland the vast majority does believe in all that monk talk.
  15. Ifyou google "greek buddhist art" you will find many pages of sites about the subject.