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  1. oldhippy

    Which Province Offers The Best Lifestyle?

    I know where - but I want to keep it like that. So I'm not telling you.
  2. Long long time ago we went through the "my GF, family, neighbours,...are different" posts. But have we done the original lie yet? I am different.....
  3. My dick is itchy. I must stop handling red chillies.
  4. 1/ Why would you think that QUOTE "the progressive / socialist members of TV think he's a demi-god" ? I am a progressive / socialist member, and I certainly don't think so. Do you maybe use the expression progressive / socialist as a swear word, like the alt right do? 2/ I agree however on what you say about the con man. 3/ The Tesla boy also commented that it is suspicious that a Brit lived in Thailand. Can all expats now sue him? And as I commented before, Mr Musk should concentrate on what he does best: shooting garbage into space, as he did with his car. Yes, Mr Musk could solve Thailand's rubbish problem.
  5. If mr Musk wants to be really helpfull to Thailand, he should concentrate on what he does best. Mr Musk could solve Thailand's garbage problem. Mr Musk should supply enough rockets and shoot the garbage into space, same as mr Musk did with that stupid car of his.
  6. I am confident that one day posters will read and understand the titles of threads.
  7. Any time now, the baht will drop to it´s previous level. Not that it matters to me, but I know that many expats are having a rough time.
  8. I see no reason not to put ice in beer or wine - same taste.
  9. ....since they wear gloves for both.... - the same gloves, but no ploblem....
  10. oldhippy

    Where is the best hotel to stay in pattaya

    What does "girl friendly" mean ?
  11. Thank you for confirming my point of view concerning the alt right.
  12. Time Traveller, you seem to be as confused as the OP. Differently, but same same. "Liberal" , "Liberalism" can be used as: 1/ a 19th century Philosophy about economics (that died together with the 19th century and was never put into practice). 2/ it might refer to people who claim to represent that philosophy today, but don't understand it (the likes of Reagan, Thatcher, The UK Conservatives, Guy Verhofstadt, Juncker). 3/ it could be a synonym for broad mindedness. 4/ it could be one of the favorite swear words of the alt right and similar rifraf.
  13. There are 2 forms of libertarianism: The original socialist libertarianism (Godwin, Bakoenin, Kropotkin, Machno, Sacco & Vanzetti, CNT,...). The fascist libertarianism (that we know from the US - f ex the Oklahoma city bombing, the NRA, the alt-right,...). Where do the sympathies of the OP lie?