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  1. We once boarded a plane Brussels - Istanbul, only to discover that there was no (last) row 34..... The stewards were flabbergasted, we had to wait at the end of the plane, and after everybody was seated they found 2 seats for us. All this WITH boarding passes! Then of course the baggage lockers at our seats were full, our bags were stowed far away. We were connecting in IST to BKK, but we had to wait to disembark as last passengers - since we could not retrieve our cabin bags, and the plane was late too. Run run run..... I complained on line - the answer: "we can not guarantee your chosen seats" -- and same reply when I complained again. And try to find a seat at IST airport - lots of people sitting on the ground! But they are cheap...... and in the air they are good.
  2. Turkish Airlines get voted best European (euh...) airline year after year. Their flights are good indeed (food, drinks, service, seats, punctuality) but their website....... Just about impossible to book a flight.
  3. To Anotheruser: Do I understand correctly that you are leaving us? (If I am wrong, let's blame the hour and 7 pages) >>> Why did you stay? >>> Why will you no longer stay? >>> Will you be back for holidays?
  4. Actually, no, but Zappa and Nico yes.
  5. IF - and I repeat IF - some people feel completely miserable here, yes they should leave. But I am convinced that many see the + and the - of life in Thailand. Or any other country. And isn't it normal to complain about the - rather than mention the +? If I pay double price or have to jump through hoops, I complain. Do you want me to post every time I pay the Thai price or receive normal service from a government official? Hehe do not tempt me! I just might start doing that.
  6. My reply to almost all of the posters: WHO?????
  7. Catholics used to buy "indulgentiae" - pardon my latin, I can not find the English word for it. Thais feed soi dogs and monks. Same same. Same time frame too: pre 16th century.
  8. "Critical Thinking" includes being aware of the good and the bad of what one observes. That is a difficult concept for many.
  9. Correct, in my list I confused Returners with Stayers. But then again, both of them can whinge or wear rosy glasses.
  10. some of us are neither whingers nor rosy glasses
  11. So what do we have so far? People who are not 100% happy with things here, stay because: (in no particular order) 1/ no other place to go (financially or emotionally) 2/ the whores 3/ nowhere is 100% perfect, Thailand will do 4/ the climate 5/ cheep beer (for pommy standards) 6/ nice enough locals if you are lucky 7/ perfect place to whinge 8/ perfect place to wear rosy glasses 9/ please add
  12. yet you remain on this forum
  13. QUOTE: "A traffic infringement which would cost me $300-$400 in Australia would cost me $40 here, not that I go out looking for them." I obey the traffic rules. It makes my life safer. It also makes other people's lives safer. And it saves me 400 A$ or 40A$, depending on where I obey them. Maybe an idea for you?
  14. Maybe the soi dog wanted food? >>> "a dog is a man's best friend, and a man is his boss 's best friend."<<< Both for the same reason.