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  1. TAxi drivers are basically...bast..ds!! People should start the same to them by threathening them , abusing their families ie wifes or children etc.
  2. Seriously! What is wrong with Thailand these days and thai people??????? When I came here 25 years ago, it was great place and seldom you heard of crimes and especially child abuse or murders except that of foreign paedophiles and also crime rate was low and it was relatively a safe place.PLus the locals were simply great and friendly. These days....I really do not know anymore
  3. There aren't any rich whites these days in thailand these days and even back in their own home countries.....many are no longer that rich! what a waste of time!
  4. He should have tried the Pattaya Balcony Treatment Protocol. It really works well for expats who are stupid enough not to plan for their old age or in case of emergencies.
  5. What Bullshit! Combining with this some sort of joke???????? I own units at various LPN developments and am tired with their property management division and their hopeless staff. I have more than 1500 pictures with dates recorded and also video recordings and also sound recordings to show how terrible they are.
  6. <deleted>! From the headlines, I initially thought that it was the giraffe holding the press conference and talking to the thai media. If you have attended some press conferences in would not be surprised if a giraffe or a donkey was there doing all the talking!
  7. Both are lower life forms that deserve to be dead! The driver for carrying a sword around.....and great he found someone who could snatch it from him before he uses it and has it used on himself! Thailand these days is really going to the dogs!
  8. I totally agree, look what the kids at home are doing after seeing too much on social media about this case!
  9. I told you it must have been an Indian owned hotel, the Westin is Indian Owned. Either the hotel must have jacked up prices at the bar and buffet or they lowered the quality to save money, which can drive anyone to suicide, as they recently had a lavish wedding there for the owner's son.
  10. Well...he will not be in Thailand long...a group of thais have taken criminal actions against him today and want him deported out (In Thairath). He made it big in the thai media finally.
  11. Reason I suggested only applicable to Westerners is that tell me how many other nationalities jump so often from buildings in Thailand?????
  12. Trump is just one big disgrace in the History Of America and really is a big joke. When are Americans going to get up and redeem this mistake.
  13. No really true anymore.....according to a friend of mine who works at immigration, all passenger lists at various domestic check ins are crossed checked with a database these days as part of a new system they have.....I cannot verify this but only on comments from my friend at Immigration and also from a few people I know working at AOT security.
  14. They should now make it mandatory that all westerners aka farangs over the age of 50 eitheir residing in Thailand on various visas or coming to Thailand on a tourists visa, deposit at least a refundable bt 500,000 deposit with immigration before they are allowed in as a suicidal expense so that in case these westerners commit suicide, the monies can be used to clear the mess that they create in public places and damages caused and also for psychological counselling expenses for staff or witnesses etc. This is in addition to medical insurance and costs for body repratiation. Also maybe the amounts should be increased to Bt 1 million baht as businesses or hotels, apartments involved will also have to claim for business loss as a result of these inconsiderate suicidal westerners. I have heard now that some condos will not allow old farang retirees to rent units at their projects.
  15. By the way, anyone knows what was his online name for Thaivisa? Seeing the various postings here online can also be a cause to drive some people to become suicidal.