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  1. This is the fault of the thai Immigration Authorities for being lax with the type of foreigners coming into Thailand. Impose new stricter criteria ie need for proof of various relevant insurance policies,results medical checkups, proof of finances, return tickets, proof of pre-payment for accomodations in Thailand, etc etc. before the are allowed entry into Thailand. People can say wahtever they want, all still a lot of people want to come to Thailand . Ya ya...heard the old stories...we will go elsewhere....Indonesia, Vietnam , Cambodia, Myanmar, India....etc etc.....but all still end up here as they crave for the "thai shit " still! lol!
  2. Imagine a nut working as a tourist guide!!!!!!! Lol! Tour groups coming to Thailand take note!
  3. Good, they should start with the Police Force first who are either pimping, owning these joints or are patrons and customers themselves and also check the military and then the government officials. Thailand's disgrace!
  4. An actress....gosh what movies has she acted in since? And with those looks? Still an actress. Thank God more and more educated thais and also Asians are getting bored with these luk-kreungs. Only the upcpountry bumpkins still adore these luk-kreungs. The parentage of most of these luk-kreungs are really laughable in most cases.
  5. Also, contact other victims in thailand that have been bitten by soi dogs and take a class suit to sue the Soi Dog Foundationa nd other dog activitists groups and also celebs that support the Soi Dog Foundation etc, these hypocrites make a lot of fuss when soi dogs and strays are so called "abused" by humans but when the dogs that they so call protect harm humans, these hypocrites keep quiet. It was these Soi Dog Foundation and other animal activists that made law changes to laws that persecute humans that punish these stray animals that are a pest to humans.
  6. Just a piece of advice to all, never buy or rent condos by a thai developer that starts with the letter L. THough they are huge and have projects all over bangkok and also in Pattaya and Jomtien, Hua Hin, Cha Am and Udon Thani, these are basically Thai Slums! Yes, their projects are cheap and affordable but the their property management entity has only staff that do not speak a word of English and are rude to foreigners and this goes for the senior management fo the company. I bought so many units under this developer in various projects in Bangkok and Jomtien as investments......the sad part is only low class filthy thais or foreigners stay in these projects and the value of these projects never appreciates, only depreciates.
  7. So who is getting a chunk of this so called "tourism revenue"????? AirBNB???? As most of the hotels that are paying license fees and various taxes are not doing well. Maybe the government should do something about all the condo owners renting their units on daily rents and also the illegal guesthouses and also ban AirBNB.
  8. Never never buy condos or even townhouses in thailand...always opt for single homes. Mind you, you are living in a country that was never civilized plus its also a country that attract a lot of foreign rejects.
  9. Ah Christianity! Hypocrites and biggest sinners.
  10. Pathetic.....this country is beyond salvation!!!!!!
  11. Wanna stop the loan shark problems...simple...change the laws...make it criminal for anyone borrowing from a loan shark....with penalties starting with a minimum of 10 strokes of the rottan and a fine of x10 the amount borrowed and for the loan sharks themselves...the death penalty to be carried out in the general public. The problem is a lot of thais do not know how to manage their monies and live within their means, and they borrow from whoever they can and when it comes to returning it back...they cry and call you a loan shark. I have seen thais buy homes and cars on mortgage and everything else using credit cards and by borrowing or selling their bodies part-time if the have the looks still (both females and even a lot of males these days.) I am shocked to see when travelling in trains...most thais have at least two handphones and at least one must be the latests iphone or samsung galaxy. I buy a lot of condos in Bangkok as investments and was shocked at a project where I bought 8 studio condos in a cheap development that starting prices was only Bt 899,000. Of the 770 units there, I found out from the developer, only 14 units had paid in full while the rest of the 98.2 percent borrowed from banks. Yet I spotted a lot of BMWs and also Mercedes benz cars in the car park????? Just hope that things get really bad in the economic sense and more of these people loose their jobs or way of living...more cheaper bargains up for grabs then and bar off prices might be cheaper. Lol!
  12. This is horrible news! RIP both mother and child. Farangs should stop trying to ride bikes in this dangerous country and also for god's sake...wear helmets if you must.
  13. Now do people realise that true democracy does not work especially when majority of the population are either uneducated or plain stupid! Just look at the US, they could an idiot into the office via democracy and elections. This is why Thailand does not need an election. Let Khun Prayuth and the NCPO remain in power for another 20 years. At least they are doing something things that no other government could do ...taming the thai population. Look more street vendors blocking the pathways, beaches are being cleaned etc, drug dealers being caught, policemen running prostituition rings being caught, etc etc. So what if there is even any signs of corruption. Tell me who is without sin.
  14. Despicable!!!!! It was the thai buddhists monk that did the first blow and that to a woman!!!! SHould he not be disrobed. I stopped believing in Thai buddhism, Monks and Thai Temples a long time ago....if you think that you can get any merits by donating to thai buddhist temples or monks.....think again.
  15. Whatever you do...just make sure you have proper plans for an exit strategy just in case...and not resort to the usual jump over the balcony, or carbon dioxide inhalation methods please. The former method by many old farangs really messes up a lot of people and properties and someone should sue the estates of these inconsiderate old farangs.