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  1. All international companies and organisations should stop recognizing the degrees and credentials of CU and also stop recruiting any student from that that Uni. Boycott companies and services that employ CU graduates. Simple.
  2. I wonder whether they will form a government in exile and seek foreign help? Really getting worried, hope no more turmoils and unrest in thailand please....we need to get the economy up so that I can sell my assets and move out.
  3. All I can say is that there is no more hope for thailand and its really time to leave...the problem is that I have been saying that for the last 18 months but am still here as I am really screwed!!!! I have been trying to sell all my assets ie numerous condos in Bangkok and in Chiang Mai and Phuket and also land and houses and shop houses under my thai bf's name (he too ones to leave Thailand and has been nagging constantly as he too sees no hope in this country.)We have even been discounting like crazy...we only have thai prospects but most have problems getting bank loans. The rich thais with cash will make stupid offers like 50% off your original buying price (no need to talk about appreciation costs or current market values etc anymore in this market!). Thanks to the bloody stupid and both equally corrupted yellow and red shorts groups, this country is truly screwed.
  4. Oh Come on, racial profiling is a norm and get used to it and sometimes even use it. At my company, we are always hesitant about accepting thai clients as most of us equate thais with cheats. Same the thais always double charge me and whenever I can get a chance to do something like spitting into their food etc...I do it. Just get use to it and smile and have your revenge another day with a smile.
  5. what happened to the uncle tha was arranging visas for the thai rescue team...please please let them go...will be fun to watch those smart arse buffoons.
  6. While their story seems a little strange...please do nt discount that the their are a lot of criminals withing the thai police force and also the thai army. With a lot of thais getting desperate as the economy is really bad...foreigners are a target .There is a big media story in the thai media just a few days ago (but very little coverage in the english media...only one mention in the bangkok post) about a group of policemen and also a thai army general along with a Singaporean Chinese guy (Koh Teck Chuan....goggle the name plus bangkok and you will find the story) that have been targetting rich Chinese, Malaysians, Singaporeans, and other Asians and extorting them etc. Thailand is really going down the pits.
  7. Thailand steadily slipping behind its neighbours

    There is no more future in this country, over the last three years, I am seen more SMEs and micro-businesses collapse and close and also even the bigger corporations taking a longer time to pay to suppliers or are cutting down on marketing budgets, downsizing, etc. No one is really buying real estate despite whatever shit you read by so called real estate experts. Banks are not providing mortgage loans like before, many house-owners and condo-owners are defaulting on the loans and NPLs of all sorts at the banks are pilling up, retail stores ta most shopping malls are closing but you cannot see it as mall operators like CPN (central) will open new shops featuring brands that are carried by their distrubutor entity ie CMG at no rental costs (so how they are servicing their bank loans for the mall construction etc ...god knows?). All the rich farangs expats and even rich Asians etc have all moved away and many homes and condos in Pattaya nd Chiang Mai are now on the market cheaply but no movement as no one is really buying. Only thing sustaining the country at the moment is tourism but only the cheap charlies are coming now from China, India, Russia and also the cheap farangs. Most of these toursist do not stay ta hotels but use AirBNB so hotels are also suffering. What future in thailand with their ever changing immigration rules etc. I am already in the midst of leaving and just hope that the country will really spiral downwards as the majority of thais are simply complacent. (PS: Only people doing well is the Army, Beer Chang and Singha , CP Groups)
  8. Dead baby found in rubbish bin

    I hate reading news like this. The poor kid. RIP and hope you get reborn into a better family with deserving parents.
  9. Anthropologically speaking, I think that the whole Thai and also the rest of the Malaysian Archipelago race was created as a result of Indians and Chinese screwing with each other......lol!
  10. Yes, the thais that hate Indians are the uneducated ignorant type that usually marry low-end farangs. By the way, about 90 percent of thais worship a Kek. (Buddhism) and now lots of them worship Indian Hindu deities like Lord Ganesha, Uma Devi etc and its fad for lots of thais to visit India for religious purposes not to mention that in the Royal Courts and Customs to this very day, all Brahmic practices are basically Indian and I do not want to go on about their cultural heraitage etc.
  11. India is a huge country with over a billion people, Yes we have the lower-end class-less trash that like to frequent the farang sleaze zones like Pattaya and behave in the most cheapskate and despicable manner but we have lots of Indians who are rich and also well-educated. By the way, have you come across Indian Tourists, Expats or Thai Indians who jump from building in Pattaya or the rest of Thailand???? Also, for your info, lots of the hotels in Bangkok and also restaurants and service-apartments and prime real-estate like in Sukhumvit, Thonglor, Silom, and now even Rajapruek are all owned by Thai-Indians etc including lots of fashion brands and luxury goods etc. Yes some Indians are stingy but believe me , even the poorest Indians in Bangkok have more money than most the farangs I know. And if you were to take a look at Britain and even Australia and also in the US like in New York, a lot of Indians have done very well for themselves and have set up or even taken over various huge corporations and companies etc. I came across a lot of thais married to Indian guys, and they tell me Indian guys make good providers and also care for the family first.You should take a look at Paragon or Central Chidlom or Centralworld or even MBK , they are lots of Indians but they are carrying bags of goods purchased unlike the "lavish spending farangs" lol!
  12. Looks to me that a lot of farangs here think that they are only the rich spenders with money in Thailand. But it seems that a lot of them are just as ignorant or if not worsts than the uneducated thais from the rural outlands! Get a life and go see the world dudes. They are a lot or rich Indians and also a lot of middle-class indians these days who have money to spend and also more educated than the farang bums here who could not make it in their own home countries! yes, there are Indians and Chinese cheap travellers who are ill-mannered just like a lof of these low end uneducated farangs too but do not make statements to lump all as one. By the way, you can find a lot of farangs in thailand competing with teh thais for jobs these days, staying in cheap apartment buildings (Not Condos), taking buses or riding motorbikes and eating at cheap establishments with not much money to spend on luxuries etc or worst even a lot doing farming works upcountry and living like the rural thais. So should be start a website in thais and start asking thais to post pictures and make comments about these farangs??????? I also notice that most of these farangs who make comments about these things, in real life are nothing ore than bums actually, envious of the richer thais or other Asians.
  13. TAxi drivers are basically...bast..ds!! People should start the same to them by threathening them , abusing their families ie wifes or children etc.
  14. Seriously! What is wrong with Thailand these days and thai people??????? When I came here 25 years ago, it was great place and seldom you heard of crimes and especially child abuse or murders except that of foreign paedophiles and also crime rate was low and it was relatively a safe place.PLus the locals were simply great and friendly. These days....I really do not know anymore
  15. There aren't any rich whites these days in thailand these days and even back in their own home countries.....many are no longer that rich! what a waste of time!