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  1. I would have thought it had the Microsoft antivirus on it , But then the Indian could have told her how to bypass it ...... Is there an easy way to set up a user and administrator ? My sister would be the user , so she could not install any dodgy software by clicking the wrong link !
  2. thanks for your ideas , I have not gone over there yet and seen what is happening , will a system restore put it back to where it was , even if the Indian "tech support" guy modified some stuff in windows ? could he have changed anything else over the net or having my sister input something ?
  3. oldcarguy

    I want to have my daughter's car crushed in korat.

    Can I have the car ? I will only use it on Sundays to take my Grandmother to Church , and to Bingo on Wednesdays..... and I have a buddy who works in the movies so we can make a video of it going off a cliff and bursting into flames....... No cars will be hurt in this video........I promise :)
  4. My sister has a few month old Desktop and got scammed by an Indian "Text Support" who said she had a "Firewall" problem . they scammed her out of $1000s ..... I would bet they also installed something on her computer , and yesterday she called and said it would not boot up..... So I guess 2 questions...... If I can get it started up , is there a back-up already on the HD that would not be infected ? if there is , how do I get to it ? And if there is not a back-up Win 10 ,then how can I make a Portable USB Win 10 start-up to get it back running ? Thanks for your help..... PS......yes the Indian Tech guys were very convincing , and my sister not knowing anything fell for it , So watch out if you have family who are not Tech savey
  5. oldcarguy

    Light Weight Web Browsers

    I use Opera on an old netbook and it works pretty good.... netbook is maxed out at 2GB internal memory DDR2 .......
  6. oldcarguy

    5G SmartGrid Rollout

    BBC Click show had something about 5G last week it seems great for cities , but the signal does not go very far so you need 1000s of base stations , too many to put out in the countryside , Plus it does not go thru buildings etc very well..... if this info is correct I do not see it as a big plus except in areas that have enough money and people to make it pay off... But yes its VERY fast....... More interesting is the new GPS the japanese are doing that will get down to a few inches of where you are at , this will help with self driving cars and farm equipment......
  7. oldcarguy

    Grounding for shower heater

    I assume RCD/RCBO units are sized to what you have hooked up to it , so how do you pick which one to buy ? Thanks for the info
  8. oldcarguy

    I want to have my daughter's car crushed in korat.

    go hide the car , take off the plug wires and distributor cap...... shrug your shoulders when she asks where the car is....... after a week or 2 see if she changes her ways...... If no change , call me and I will take it off your hands....... I hate to destroy good machines......
  9. Hi , I was wondering how a TENS machine works , I know it zaps you with an "electric shock" but does it actually help "cure" anything or just mask where it hurts , Looking on Google you get reports that it works and other reports that it does nothing , These machines are available from $20 to $200 , so is it the quality of the machine or ???? For me , I would mostly use it on an ankle that hurts some times after a long walk , and also a knee that acts up only a little ., Anyway I would like to hear your experiences if you use one THANKS
  10. thanks for the form link , is that needed for only a visit or if someone is moving here long term, it just seems like it is for someone more than a month or 2 visit ,
  11. this is what we have now,,,,, Too whom it may concern I am pleased to extend an invitation for my niece ( Name on Passport) to visit me in the USA , I will provide her with room and board during her stay at my home, My address is xxxx xxxxx California ,I would appreciate if you would give her a visa to visit us , Should you have any questions please feel to contact me or my wife at (310) 973-xxxx or email ..........
  12. thanks I just do not want to put the wrong thing down and she gets denied
  13. will a letter hurt ? or just not help the letter would have the contact info anyway , and my friend lives and works near the airport, thanks
  14. My Thai friend came over today and asked for help writing a letter for his 23 year old niece that wants to visit California and improve her English , She will be staying at his house in California , and she thought it would be good to have a letter from him that he will be responsible for her, She has been here once already and did not overstay , So can you give me pointers of what to include in this letter , and what NOT to include . And no she does not plan on working here or staying here , Does she need a return ticket , She does not have a place she plans on learning English , she will be taught by am American friend , is it better she signs up for an English school ? She does not plan on trouble coming over and getting thru US Immigration , but she wants this letter " Just in case" Any help appreciated