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  1. Magnitude 8.2 quake off Alaska prompts tsunami warning

    6 inch wave in Alaska, ........but who knows what it will be headed west....
  2. Adding Thai to an older Samsung s2 Galaxy ?

    its a i727 , no pulldown for Thai no I will get unlock code in a day or so I think a 3rd party keyboard will work for input , but maybe not when I get SMS in Thai from True etc this does have LTE , but not the same as Thailans Thanks for your help
  3. Adding Thai to an older Samsung s2 Galaxy ?

    its an AT+T model and I just ordered the unlock code off ebay SHG -I727 is the model number no idea what the Rom number is as its not shown , only a Kernal version the 3G bands are same as Thailand =
  4. Hi I was given a little used Samsung S2 Galaxy , how can I add Thai to it ? its only has Android 4.1.2 and no simple way to update it , I just wanted to use it for Line , WhatsApp, WeChat Etc but I am not sure if Thai characters show up on the screen or just squares like my old flip phone ! its still in the USA but I would like to set it up before I leave Thanks for your help
  5. recommend netbook to run linux?

    you can get old Netbooks dead cheap in the USA that schools have sold off , I got an ASUS 1000HE for $15, but 2B is the limit ( I think) you can use in the ONE memory slot but you are betting on how good the battery is , this one seems OK , I am going to travel with it and consider it a throwaway/ giveaway when I head home..... I would love to play with Fedora on it , is there a place to download a file that will work out of the box on a USB stick ? Thanks
  6. Patents in Thailand?

    And to add to that.... is there a website where all the old Thai patents are scanned ? Might be interesting to see what the Thais invented .....55555
  7. The real sneaky ones have the Thai prices in Thai script so the tourist do not understand...... But this is not going to change anything , that lady is charging tourist the same higher price today !
  8. Hi , I was thinking of doing a Heart check-up for my Birthday , I do not have any Heart problems I know about , blood pressure is 130 range , I do not drink or smoke.... I expect an EKG and a treadmill stress test but what else ? How do they check for blocked arteries ? I will probably do this at St Louis Hospital BKK unless you have a better place :) Thanks for your help
  9. cheapest post is surface but it can take 4-6 weeks there is also SAL - small packet , part is by Air , then surface , it could be 2-4 weeks just go to Thai Post website and check , Customs in your country might want to open them........so then they would probably not be any good to eat !
  10. Is Trump right, calling Africa a “shithole”?

    when you are in your Limo most places look like S-holes But what he said is true , he is just not going to sugar coat his words like professional politicians , and he often speaks without thinking or caring what his words mean to others , its going to be a rocky 3 more years if you worry about what he says or Tweets everyday !
  11. Does he have an Original Mickey Mouse watch ? 55555
  12. I see Chinese New Year is the 16th , but when is it celebrated in BKK , and when do the Chinese start taking off work , the week before the 16th or ?????
  13. Down by the taxis is a place to go that the suvarnabhumi airport workers eat , its open to anyone
  14. Floods cause traffic gridlock on Bangkok streets

    looks like the underground wiring is doing OK so far........
  15. Getting that fixed in California is probably $300-$500 in California with a USED side window , much more in Thailand since you are not going to get a used side window , So why only 1000 baht fine ! the one thing this does show is the built up aggression in the population , The Thai "Smile" is gone from everyday living in the city....