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  1. call Turkish airlines in your home country , easier than Thailand or call Turkey ! I have called Home to talk to my Airline before as I knew it would be in English !
  2. I do not know anyone..... But thanks for trying to Help , Do you know the Thai Cop ? and can go over and "beg" him to help ? Eating a little crow might help the boy :) , you know how it often about "Face" Good Luck
  3. China is a smart country , already they have helped fund the train to Europe , they will do one to the Arab countries , India and probably Africa one day , Then they can sell and ship goods to Asia, Europe and Africa and bring back raw materials , The Chinese are playing the long game , once it is all set many of these countries will not be able to pull away , their economy will be tied too much to the Chinese.
  4. I am sure the Middle East Muslim ladies care who is driving them , This is a Niche business , and aimed at those customers, Have you ever been in a Hotel where Middle Eastern ladies are staying ? They will not get in an elevator with you , its their world , start a business to exploit it :)
  5. OK,,,,,excel ..... ummm first you need to have something to fill in , like : rent bribes electric and on and on......... If you never had a shop how would you know HOW to set-up and Excel speadsheet ? and what would be the expenses /costs , you make it sound so easy when they are walking into an unknown world
  6. its about 200 baht on the meter , less than 100 baht extra in tolls its going to be hard to get a taxi that wants to use the meter , since you have luggage you cannot just stand on Sukhumvit and hail any cab.... Also figure out how they are going to get on the expressway , if you are on odd numbered Sois they are going to need to do a U-turn to get back to the Expressway at Soi 1 Nornally they will take 400 baht and not use the meter , no matter what its still CHEAP
  7. I saw something on TV of women Motorcycle Taxis in Jakarta , The Muslim women did not want to get on a motorbike with a man driver , If you set up the Taxi as women only maybe that is the niche ,
  8. is there something like Ebay that Thais use ? or is it mostly Face book ? is she good on the computer ? maybe she can "work" local shops Face Book pages to keep them fresh, taking pictures of the shops and new items a couple times a week..... And like always how much does she need to survive ? are Thai wages of 300-500 baht a day going to take care of her and the baby ?
  9. What do you think the next leap in Solar will be ? Better Panels or Better batteries ? My house is shaded too much to really use much of the roof , in the winter the sun is too low and the 4 story apartments block the sun most of the day , as does the big avocado tree , If the panels could move , follow the sun thru the day and thru the seasons that would really help ...... Batteries need a big leap if you are doing something mobile as they weigh so much , not much problem at home ! But is a 10-20% gain all that can expected in the next few years ? or is there a BIG leap in the near future ?
  10. in the USA some place like Tractor Supply , or farm supply store , Have you tried that ? or go to a large hardware store with a print-out of your photo and what it is in Thai , and how many liters it would hold how are you going to empty it ?
  11. I have bought a rice cooker for a 2-3 week trip and left it for the staff when I left the hotel , lightweight and 200-300 baht antibiotics should only be given by a Doctor and not often , they way they will keep working for you when you really need them , Find out what is wrong with you before taking antibiotics , and take the full course and not stop after a few days once you start feeling better , Good Luck.....
  12. is this 1 in 4 number , having a business today or sometime in life ? Before the street crackdown , I was always amazed how many people had street stalls , I wish them well with the New World order , being pushed into seller "ghettos" away from customers , And where did all the Klong Thom weekend sellers end up at ? Yes progress is a Bitch , I enjoyed the old CHAOS
  13. and that is the problem of simple math , you can get rich quick but we all know there are costs to selling , as simple as transport to get the goods to market , And also what others have said , you will have people selling the same thing if they see you making money , But I would still like to find a worksheet for Thais that list most of the hidden costs , If you never owned a small business you would not think about these small costs or "shrinkage" from friends and workers . Maybe they will still fail , but at least they might get an idea of what it takes to put in the hours , and the work to not fail the next time. Do you think any of the Thai Universities ever did a study of small businesses >
  14. do they have a secret handshake ? I would think they want new converts as long as they do not disturb the regulars
  15. Great , glad its working out for her how many hours is the shop open a week ? Sundays too ? and how many people are also buying at bo bae and patunam ? There are so many designs of clothes that I doubt they are competing item to item , it would just be interesting to know how much competition she has . Cheers