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  1. cartoons , comics , kids songs........make it FUN , kids need to learn how to sound out the words , then they can learn words they need to use and not just words the school wants to teach..... I need to see the word , hear the word and say the word a couple times before I even have a chance of remembering it , but if its not fun they are not going to spend the time it takes to learn it , no matter how much better your plan is ! I wish sleep learning worked , I would be pretty good at it , but Thais would Master sleep learning :)
  2. How many do you want to make of the same design ? if its only a dozen or so setting up the artwork will be a big expense , but over 100s its not so bad , already made patches seem to be 15-20 baht each from the street sellers
  3. Lazy people were there long before you showed up and will be there long after you leave , The only way things will change is if the people supporting the lazy bastards give them the boot , but Thainess does not make that easy, and like welfare in the USA you end up with a group that think they are "entitled" to free stuff and not working , Hard to change generations of people with these ideas.....
  4. many thais take a motocycle taxi from home to BTS or the bus , then from the BTS stop near work take another motorcycle taxi to work , repeat on the way home.......times 20-24 days a month work plus even cheap eating at lunch 50 baht x 20 days , plus she is a girl and needs to look good , so makeup, hair etc 30k a month for one person living like a Thai is good money , hard to see how how a Thai girl does that working from home.
  5. living in BKK is expensive , much of it spent just getting to work , and most people are sending money back home , 15-20k is good money , that is what my friend pays his office workers (BKK) who have been there for year living beyond your means is normal
  6. I just saw the update the other day and grabbed my other phone to return a call, I guess a web designer got paid big bucks to make the App less "industrial" I want my Industrial back please :)
  7. Crazy thing is Thai working men seem to get the same BS from the lazy relatives...... its not just us !
  8. do you have a link for this ? I was told the "Host" country can charge what they want and the receiving country must accept it and deliver , yes somehow China has taken advantage of this there is also bulk shipping price where it all goes in a bag and is charged a fee per KG , I think each bag has to be sorted per country I hate to see it go away as I buy a lot of small things from China !
  9. Hi I changed Firefox to 64 bit and now it accesses all of the memory , before it would stop at 50% , now it goes higher , it is 81% right now and might go higher Thanks for all your advise
  10. OHHH even better........I will chase down that post and do it , as long as I do not lose my bookmarks I will be a Happy Camper :) Happy 4th of July !
  11. How would I do that ? I will give it a try
  12. how do I find out what is in the " 3.3 GB cached " and if its needed or I can delete it ? that seems to be where much of the "missing" GB is hiding !
  13. takes a long time to load or update , freezes when I am writing an email on gmail website , but not if I write it on a desktop text file and cut and past it over , I am sure its Firefox and all the windows + tabs I have open , but since I have 3GB more memory I am trying to figure out how Firefox can access that memory , I have only had this laptop for 3-4 months since new , and with an SSD should be real fast......
  14. How much cpu is being used in taskmanager? - 20%-30% From task manager memory 49%-50% 3.5 GB used 3.4GB available committed 4.6gb/11.8GB hardware reserved 1.1 GB 3.3 GB cached 351 MB paged pool 124 MB non-paged pool
  15. windows 10 sees the whole 8GB , but only uses 4GB