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  1. Not trying to promote any of this agents. Just learned that one of the most recommended Pattaya REAL lawyers will do it for 18k. Still a bit expensive, but more acceptable. Munotlaw
  2. 28 k when you provide the 800,000 or the income letter, 35 k when they provide the financial requirements. This numbers from one of the leading providers in Pattaya are showing that you really should try to apply on your own. If you fail, for whatever reason, then you can hire an agent. Probably the Immigration prefers when an agent is applying. You guess why. Munotlaw
  3. Swiss embassy 1440 Baht when one is collecting, 1490 Baht when sent by postal service. (2 weeks) Munotlaw
  4. Thanks, will speak to her Munotlaw
  5. Having the needed document to change a tourist visa into a Non-O in Pattaya (income confirmation letter from embassy), but like to have the process done without any headache and avoiding waiting times at immigration, can somebody recommand a reliable visa agent. Munotlaw
  6. If you will fly to the Philippines without having a Philippine residency visa, you need an onward ticket, at least when flying Cebupacific. You cannot board without showing them one. (if necessary, they are willing to check for you the cheapest option and you can buy this ticket when checking in) Munotlaw
  7. Nonsense discussion. (like so many). 65000 Baht income confirmed and the Immigration don't will ask any further questions. Munotlaw
  8. easier to get a retirement visa with a good agent than apply for a ED visa. Costs about same, but less hassle and much easier and quicker. No need to apply for any tourist visa abroad. Munotlaw
  9. Seems a little odd that people using an agent to apply for their visas, don't have to worry about this issue. Normal folks, using the proper way, get harassed. Munotlaw
  10. That's true.Everything will be explained to him. Actually not a lot to do. Yes, new passeport from his embassy with his name BEFORE he was leaving . An "appointed" immigration officer, which will be named by his agent, has to be on duty. It worked like that for a friend with a 2743 days overstay. He was back after 4 days. He paid the normal overstay fee of 20k and another 20k for the officer in charge. The overstay stamp was put in his old passeort, Exit stamp in the new one. The agent fee was 120k. Munotlaw
  11. Why border crossings or any other quite dangerous options. Take the right lawyer and your overstay will just 'dissappear' in your immigration file. It's not free, but the best solution. Munotlaw
  12. check: Thailand craigslist.org, click services / legal. You can find some lawyers there which can solve the problem without any ban. Munotlaw
  13. You only pay 16k if you obtained an extension via corruption Immigration makes me an offer, I can accept or refuse. In Thailand to discuss about corruption don't make sense. its quite normal here.(Was working in Bangkok from 1991 - 2010 and had to deal with government agencies) Munotlaw
  14. Using a visa agent helps to eliminate all visa problems. You pay his fee and in 1 - 3 days you can collect your passeport with the needed visa. All happy, you, (a little poorer) the agent, the immigration, in many cases Bangkok Bank (a little richer). You also can go directly to Pattaya Immigration (ask in the copy shop what officer to contact), pay 16k and walk out with your visa. (This only applies for a Non-O and the following 1 year retirement extension) Munotlaw To answer a few questions I received by email: This service is for us older folks who sometimes forget how much is in the bank account or don't like to travel to our embassy for an income confirmation letter. Because we are already old, we also prefer immigration officers who are blind and don't like to have a lot of documents on their table. Munotlaw