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  1. Gang of Four was one of my favorite bands back in the day :-)
  2. One must ask themselves the question, if this were a Spaniard flying from Duluth, Minnesota on his way to France via BKK - would this be news???
  3. Guilty by association - give her the chair.
  4. 3/10 ? The gal is beautiful. Stop being jealous.
  5. And I feel certain many in this forum including myself have no idea why you choose to continue this thread. Turks, Uyghurs...not a relavent issue here...it's not called THAI Visa forum for nothing you know. Thanks!
  6. Good choice. You could also add a few drops of Sandalwood essential oil to the moist towel.
  7. Google: "Jack Hall" sodomy alabama This nutjob gets around; http://teflwatchdog.blogspot.com/2016/08/jackson-matthew-hall-using-stolen-id-of.html
  8. The greater the fortune the greater the crime. Hang him!
  9. daftdada

    Yingluck to stage another pack rice sale

    THE NATION headline reads, Yingluck to sell rice in person for second time ... now call this wishful thinking but i initially read that as Yingluck to sell rice in prison for second time Seriously!
  10. You mention the bomb detector scam? Please. That pales in comparison to the damage the Shinawatra clan has inflicted on Thailand. Yingluck and her thieving brother belong in jail. Period.
  11. A more interesting survey would ask the Thais if they actually want them back.
  12. daftdada

    PM Prayut has no intention of staying in office

    They're not. Anytime you witness political violence it was stirred up by Thaksin's Red Shirt army.