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  1. Seeing that the ethnic Chinese are the merchant class in Thailand this was inevitable.
  2. And Thaksin stole billions with a pen. I'll take Chan-o-cha any day over any Shinawat -- and there are many Thais who will agree.
  3. Everyone is a critic here, sad. If you don't like the way things are being run in this country simply leave and join Thaksin and his greedy sister in the UK.
  4. The leadership is in each of us. We as individulas WORLDWIDE have a responsibility to this planet, unfortunately there are too few who understand this. We [humans] are the only ones who kill everything that keeps us alive. Humanity has indeed failed.
  5. The Shinawatras have amassed their weath thru subversion, plundering, and extortion. Stop sticking up for them.