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  1. Years ago at the old Sanam Luang weekend market in BKK, I had that happen. I was just idly looking at some fruit. A Thai bought some. The vendor thought I was interested and indicated a substantially higher price in Tinglish. I remarked in decent Thai that the person a moment ago just paid xxx for the same thing. And walked away. 555. In other countries where I couldn't speak, I'd try to be polite and laid-back. See how brash or forceful the seller was. Show waning interest and hope the seller would lower the price a bit.
  2. Maybe having dinner with his brother Prawat(ch) and sister Naligaa?
  3. Damrongsak

    Suzuki GSX-R 150

    Must be. GSX-150 Club Thailand: https://www.facebook.com/groups/232671930475656/photos/
  4. Are you butt-buddies with any Thai billionaires? They do pretty well without foreign investment.
  5. Damrongsak

    Is there a law in Thailand about such behaviour?

    Oh, come on. One cannot get along in Thailand without a bit of good-natured teasing. So far, I haven't killed a single one of my wife's 5 siblings. Though if they continue to be dumber and happier, there comes a time. 555
  6. "... he had become used to things falling from the adjacent Golden Grown Grand Hotel. ..." Note to self: Do NOT walk near the Golden Grown Grand Hotel.
  7. None! I didn't kill them. I just helped cut them up and cook them.
  8. Damrongsak

    Vegan cottage cheese in Pattaya

    Seems easy to make. Lumpy bean curd pudding. https://itdoesnttastelikechicken.com/quick-easy-vegan-cottage-cheese/
  9. Damrongsak

    Is there a law in Thailand about such behaviour?

    That's right. No receipts for cash is reserved for police, military and civil servants.
  10. Damrongsak

    Is there a law in Thailand about such behaviour?

    AH, fat, dumb and happy! That's how to live comfortably in LOS. 555
  11. Damrongsak

    Riding a Dual Sports Bike in Chinag Mai

    The KLX 150s are cheap and pretty simple. Air cooled, carburetor, kick and electric start. KLX 250 is about 20 kg lighter than the CRF250L.
  12. Damrongsak

    Was your motorcycle ever stolen in Thailand?

    Yeah, that particular street in Loei wasn't too good. Lost a cheap cassette player when someone broke in. I used to chain my motorcycle up to a big post in my landloard's garage next door. It had a nice, noisy metal door, like on shop fronts. There's still one "upscale" house across the street (or was 4 years ago).
  13. Damrongsak

    Riding a Dual Sports Bike in Chinag Mai

    When I get back to Thailand, a KLX is the first new bike I'll buy. Maybe a 250 but may have to settle for a 150 because I am short. I grew up riding small dirt bikes in the US. I love mud. When I was in Thailand in 1977/78, I had a Suzuki TS 125 2-stroke dual sport. There were a lot of dirt roads in Loei back then.