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  1. Prawit has two weeks to clarify 25 pricey watches

    Not until dinner time. Then it's all over.
  2. Prawit has two weeks to clarify 25 pricey watches

    A. The guy can't read a wristwatch. Takes time to fess up without losing face. B. He has so many, and still can't find one that keeps "Thai time". C. "These are all $20 Chinese knock-offs. My sister-in-law makes big bucks selling them, and gives me some from time to time."
  3. I have a classic Casio F-91W. It's a sub-$10 US watch and the battery may last more than 5 years.
  4. A successful brain transplant assumes that you have a worthy donor to start with. When is that going to happen?
  5. Looks like he followed the bus and flagged it down. It appears that the bus ran over her head or upper torso ... Unfortunately, the rider seemed to be in a real hurry and tried to cut in front of the bus.
  6. New crackdown sees darts BANNED in Pattaya

    DOPA - Department of Petty Arse-holes?
  7. About like a Toyota Vios car with 450 horsepower. Not quite as powerful as a Ferrari 458 Italia.
  8. Yes, I remember that from life-saving training. I was only about 47 kg, but I had to haul in whales. Maybe 15 years old ...
  9. Terrible tragedy, and avoidable. I made sure to teach my boys how to swim. A childhood friend taught her daughter to "swim" as an infant. When I was a young Boy Scout, I did the one mile swim at summer camp. Staggered up on shore like a drunk and collapsed at the finish. I was too skinny to float well. The Red Cross lifesaving course was tough as well. Retrieving a barbell weight off the bottom of the deep end wasn't easy. Swimming is a survival skill unless you live in a desert.
  10. New crackdown sees darts BANNED in Pattaya

    Seems to me that some of these officials are suffering from Abbott & Costello Syndrome.
  11. Wow, times have changed. Up-country you could get it for about 40 Baht, but no massage. Much less if you let the samlor drivers hook you up. Of course, back then, the exchange rate was about 20 Baht/US$. I got a freebie once, since I lived just down the street from a cat house. Busy place on paydays. Waiting lines out the yard.
  12. New crackdown sees darts BANNED in Pattaya

    But you can apply for a carry permit. Only 1 chopstick at a time.
  13. New crackdown sees darts BANNED in Pattaya

    1935 law: http://www.krisdika.go.th/wps/wcm/connect/20f4f0804e2b8820999ffb798fdc4669/Gambling+Act,+B.E.2478+(1935).pdf?MOD=AJPERES&CACHEID=20f4f0804e2b8820999ffb798fdc4669 It reads as though the games are prohibited, not just gambling on them.