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  1. I do note that he has to hold the door with his other hand so as not to fall forward due to the weight. Well done.Years ago up north by Nan or thereabouts, a couple of us farangs went to visit a relative of a Hmong guy we worked with. At a remote police checkpoint, we walked about 100 meters and over a dirt berm to take a piss, just to be polite. Just on the other side was an opium poppy field in bloom. TIT, 555.
  2. I guess this means that the price of cucumbers in Pattaya will go up.
  3. About 40 years ago in Patpong, a shill was trying to get us to go to one of the girly shows. Ping pong balls, all that. After trying to wave him off, I finally asked if they had a show with a girl and an elephant. He got a little upset at that. "You got elephants?" Some time later, a gal from our Peace Corps group went to one of those shows with some of the guys. She was amazed at the talent of some of the female performers. Such as writing legible English words with a marker and not even using their hands.
  4. Shopping theft in Big C Samui

    Maybe it's like that time out in somewhat rural New Mexico when I lost track of my Thai wife. Couldn't find her in the grocery store among all the Navajos. I was the only white man in there.
  5. Untrained rookie cops without a spine or a sense of justice. Here in USA they would have shot them both and gone out on paid administrative leave for a few weeks until fishing season was over.
  6. The farang should have been cuffed and stuffed immediately. The Thai guy should have been next for sucker-punching the old guy and threatening to kill him. Put them in the same paddy wagon and drive them to the morgue. Two men enter, one man leaves. As for machetes, I've had two run-ins with Thai cops (military?) One was when I had one in my luggage on a bus at a checkpoint circa 1979. The other was in maybe 2002 when I bought one at a shop and was walking down the market street with it lightly wrapped with newspaper. I got quizzed but nothing happened. After all, it was just a frikkin' knife. I have maybe a hundred or 150 I've collected over the years in Thailand. I taught a grade school class one day and a little kid in the back row had a pretty big one he was playing with. A hoe or pointy digger would do a better job on a car. Trust me, I have a brown belt in Agricultural Arts.
  7. Honda PCX carrier, Pattaya

    Per the link: "... At the event, food and drinks were served, games were played, rewards were given, and there was a show from models washing bikes. ..." Sounds like the RTP were there for the opening. :)
  8. Start the car and let it idle.
  9. So that's where pigskin footballs come from.
  10. The US put down a little over 3,000 km of track with major help from the Chinese. Labor cost was reasonable at $31-$35 USD per month - between 1863 and 1869 .
  11. Cookin Brown rice in electric rice cooker

    Oh, get real, it occurs naturally in many areas. In Michigan (USA) there are areas up in the boondocks that had a lot of copper, chunks of it. Some was very pure, some was what they called "arsenical copper". Not saying it's not been abused, but some areas aren't suited for both paddy rice and cotton production. You an aggie guy?
  12. Yeah, had that happen to my 20 year old boy in Iraq. It was a rocket propelled grenade but the bad guys were also shooting. At any rate, it wasn't pretty. He was a "gun guy", as is my younger son. Remarkably liberal as long as you don't get in their face. And they were/are good marksmen. Hit what they needed to if the need arose.
  13. We like to say "I'm the NRA." Bump stocks are somewhat of a novelty, though can be used with devastating results as we have seen. On the other hand, it's pretty easy to learn to bump fire many semi-autos without any extra device at all. Or rubber bands can be used. I've seen pictures of a piece of string connected in such a way as to convert a particular semi-auto rifle to true automatic fire. On some rifles, it's pretty easy to manufacture an auto-sear, and prints are available on the web.