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  1. Mum put ‘naughty’ girl in chains ‘to protect her’

    I don't know about this case, but once had a business associate whose daughter was "way out there". Autism, perhaps, I don't recall the diagnosis. At the time she was perhaps 14-15 years old. She was as strong as a chimpanzee and would dance or rock back and forth when she was around. Constant motion, like a Muay Thai fighter. The furniture in her bedroom was nailed down to the floor and wall. I think they finally had to put her in an institution. I was afraid of that child. She was a wild animal. Sad ... Alice was her name as I recall.
  2. Plastic plates

    Depending on your country, melamine plates should not be hard to find. The original thermoplastic plates. Melamine coffee cups turn black with age. Once visited a family in the USA that had a big set of old pewter plates. Probably leaded, but they used them for backyard picnics because they wouldn't break. Until they realized that only one other complete set was in a museum in Philadelphia.
  3. When I was in Thailand 40 years ago, people like him tended to disappear. Like in a hail of gunfire near the market in broad daylight.
  4. What's with the Benelli banana-nose bike? The pointy headlight housing has to come out all the way to the tip of the front tire? But by law you have to tuck in passenger footpegs when not used? <deleted>???
  5. Reminds me of high school, where guys would drive past and stick their butts out of the car window, honking all the way. In cold weather, they left the window up. That was called "pressed ham". Hope they used sun screen, those derrieres were pretty white.
  6. New source of tourist revenue - bare butts bring big Baht.
  7. Years ago I was invited to a grade-school English class. One farmer kid in the back was fiddling with his smallish machete. No one paid any attention.
  8. I have a few of those things. On a visit once, a baggage screener at the airport was surprised by my heavy bag. He wondered if it was filled with iron. Yep, about 50 pounds of machetes and old farm tools (sis-in-law is a junk dealer).
  9. Thailand dangers - add monkeys to the list!

    You have obviously not had little pet kitty cats or other animals around the house that will rip the shit out of you if it doesn't suit them. Nor rather large raccoons that get into the house at 3 a.m., nor brown bears that come pawing at the windows outside the kitchen.
  10. Police colonel shares family’s anguish

    Col. Nateepat, I could not have done what you did in "forgiving" them. But, "Dad", did you not support your boy? Did he not meet your expectations? I lost a son in Iraq and it wasn't pretty. But, what are you going to do? It is what it is.
  11. A few years ago in the USA, I was paying about 50,000 Baht a month for health insurance for me, my wife and our son. Usual rates.
  12. Thailand dangers - add monkeys to the list!

    I think it was in Chonburi, Cha Am or somewhere that they had a bunch of nasty monkeys out by the beach on some hill. Wished I had a small-gauge shotgun to take care of the critters. About 38 years ago, a westerner friend of mine became a monk for the minimum period. A monkey bit him, and he was worried about rabies. Fellow monks said "don't worry". They would tie him to a tree if he hot all frothy at the mouth or something.
  13. Being Ignored - Do you say anything?

    Are those the ones we used to refer to as having fried egg tits and a frying pan ass?
  14. Being Ignored - Do you say anything?

    As part of my U.S. Peace Corps training in 1977, our language teacher (Ajaan) made sure that the guys were introduced to that part of the culture. In Khon Kaen, as I recall. Actually it was gals wearing number buttons sitting in rows of bleachers in a brightly lit booth in a dark room. Beat hell out of sitting in the cold in bleachers at a high school football game, and the cost was about the same.
  15. Being Ignored - Do you say anything?

    That has been my experience both 40 years ago (out in the boondocks) and with Thais more recently in the US. I try to stick with very basic communication or quasi-comedy. My sis-in-law and I do a great job of bashing my wife (e gaa) at family get-togethers. Great fun if you don't wake up dead. On a couple visits to LOS with our two boys (who never learned Thai), I had some good conversations in Thai with merchants in local markets. One time when I lived up country, I hailed a samlor to go "to market". The old guy was surprised, said I "spoke Loei". Just a difference in local tones. I used to be able to sing the Loi Krathong song. I still remember some of it. And there's a kid's song about a little turtle than I mumble to myself a bit to see if someone is listening. Things like that are ice-breakers.