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  1. Eighteen to Thirteen-Five?
  2. Obviously a Hi-So woman.
  3. Damrongsak

    Are Isaan women into sweet nothings?

    Oh, yes, she is, as far as we know. Documents say she's 60, but we had to, uh, bend things a bit to fit the narrative way back when. Our first son in the second pic was born in 1984 and that pic was maybe 1986/7. We married in 1978 and she wasn't a baby.
  4. Damrongsak

    Are Isaan women into sweet nothings?

    Thanks, Spidey. Now that I think about it, my wife is one I didn't particularly flirt with. We're just too serious. We talked philosophy, as much as we could with her not speaking English and my 12 weeks or so of Thai language training. Now that I'm old, I can get away with it, even when she's in the kitchen with a knife. Why should she kill me now when she can just wait a couple years and be on easy street? She's patient sometimes ... Hey, at about 63 years old, she still looks OK. She's the short one in the middle, with a bag of money around her waist. 555. 30 years ago ...
  5. Damrongsak

    Are Isaan women into sweet nothings?

    I might tell my wife that I think she looks like a "23 year old... not quite 3 times around". 555. Or I might say something about her boobs, but more like I haven't seen them in a long time. Ngam lie, taa! Ngam e-lee. I suppose you could use "Knun Nai", meaning boss. I think the whole deal is to engage in banter, be clever and give your undivided attention. After 40 years of marriage (2 weeks from now), I still love the banter and teasing. When I went to Thailand in 1977, there wasn't much to do in small towns except interact with people like this. Talk, tease, joke, flirt in an innocent way. It is what charmed me about Thailand.
  6. Damrongsak

    What's the point of so much power?

    That IOM TT video was great. I looked up stats for that year. The 600cc bikes averaged about 124 MPH. The 1000cc bikes were about 128 MPH. Different number of laps but presumably same course.
  7. Damrongsak

    What's the point of so much power?

    How does she handle? Power is nothing without handling.
  8. When the missus is talking with family/friends and shifts into Isaan/Loei/Lao, the volume increases by about 3 db, not to mention the speed. Sounds mean and businesslike, too. The 2-hour luncheons at home can get pretty noisy too. Thais and Malaysians, so it's mostly English. Sounds like a fight in a hen house.
  9. Stupid bike rider could have pulled over. Why did he put one foot down? Looks as though the guy in the car could have easily nudged to the left since he had already passed the slower vehicle in the center lane.
  10. Blowing smoke up butts, free caviar and fine watches. Life is good. Maybe zero Ruble tours coming soon.
  11. Filmed on location at BJ Beach Bunghaloes Resort.
  12. I happened onto the remnants of a vehicle accident one morning when visiting Mexico City. Skid marks onto the sidewalk, bits of broken glass and a bit of trim. In the middle was a magnetic Jesus statue that came through the windshield. Must have lost its mojo and was just left there. I brought it back, but never sent it out to get recharged.
  13. That should say "Name of husband or wife". I call her "E Gaa". She calls me "I Bah".
  14. "... The incident occurred at Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport in The Philippines, where the snake would have had to pass through both passport control and airport security.  ..." The snake is a Philippine native and had no baggage. Breezed right through.