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  1. It's hard to say it and mean it. Much easier to say "I screwed up, I admit it. Hold my beer and watch me do it again."
  2. Central co-hosts second Vietnamese Goods Week

    Do NOT eat the pastries with the "sprinkles". That is NOT chocolate.
  3. Central co-hosts second Vietnamese Goods Week

    My wife uses the same large round rice wrappers for the raw ones (with the fresh veggies) and the deep fried ones as far as I know. I think she puts rice noodles (kanom Jin) in the fresh ones and glass noodles in the fried ones. Been doing that for the last 39 years. Her folks were from Vietnam. (And a long-lost sister was discovered there. Now I have freakin' relatives in two countries. The sister learned some Thai. Called me up on a Facebook video chat ... two 60 year olds with marginal Thai language skills trying to carry on a conversation. Amusing.) The fried rice wrappers come out more chewy than crispy the way she does it. The aroma of the wrappers is to die for. Possibly like Kao Crua, the toasted rice that is pounded to a powder and used in some dishes. Similar to the smell of fresh bread or Basmati/Jasmine rice. The deep-fried small rolls use a small, square wheat flour wrapper. Similar to a won ton wrapper. Slap a little ground pork (or chicken) and cabbage in and you are good to go.
  4. Central co-hosts second Vietnamese Goods Week

    I had to look up "lumpia". My wife makes them by the 100's. But her Vietnamese fried spring rolls with the rice wrappers are to die for. The ones with noodles and stuff inside. They are very time consuming to make but sooo good. I usually get enlisted to help get the thin wrappers unstuck from each other while she does the stuffing. Dip them in tamarind and crushed peanut hot sauce.
  5. She should have said "I think I make mistake again for first time in life."
  6. Thian, some day soon, in geologic time, that whole area will explode. It will be worse than Krakatoa or Vesuvius or everything that came before. At least half the USA will be gone if the experts are correct. As for slippery floors, I often took my two boys down Interstate 95 when driving on the east coast of USA. All the restrooms had signs saying "Wet Floor". In addition, it said in Spanish "Piso Mojado". I taught them that "Piso Mojado" meant "piss harder", because no one seemed to be able to hit the urinal. My Dad was of an earlier generation, WW2, and the Cold War. He saw graffiti in restrooms that said "In case of air raid, jump in here. It hasn't been hit yet." Oh, and as far as avoiding problems with police and other officials:
  7. Van Van

    A few years back in the US, I missed out on a barely used Yamaha TW200. It was perhaps 1/4 of the new price or less. Probably someone with a big mobile home who used it at campgrounds.
  8. They need to be a hub. There are plenty of loose lug nuts around.
  9. I did that once on a visit at one of the big Wats there by Sanam Luong in BKK. Wife and half-kiddies were one price, I was double. So I had a beer out in the courtyard.
  10. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    Look into my avatar. There's enough hair there (nowadays) around the eyeballs to tickle fancies and weave a rug.
  11. Single female in Pattaya

    " Where do woman in Pattaya or Jomtien find a good man? " Right here in Virginia, USA. Call my wife up in Loei, she'd be glad to get rid of me.
  12. In 1980, my wife and I visited Pagan, Burma. She was approached by a gal wanting to buy her watch and underwear. Maybe just the bra, I don't recall.
  13. Bribes are so 1920's. Now we do it with campaign and charitable foundation donations, board memberships, insider stock tips, hiring relatives and the like. Florida has big signs.
  14. Go ahead, spoil a funny PhotoShop, Captain Obvious. I couldn't find an appropriate pic for Conan the Californian.