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  1. Of course this is nonsense. Perhaps you missed the first thread. Then off to Chiang Mai with the 'husband' who supposedly abandoned her. So obtaining money by deception. They utilise couchsurfing in order to get accommodation for nothing. That certainly qualifies as a freebie. Both of them are pictured on her profile. The people who know her say that she is a bit crazy and that is what she does in order to be able to travel. but on the other hand many think that Russian social services should get involved because of the child.
  2. No, she wouldn't. This is just their way of travelling the world for as little as possible.
  3. It's ok. You can think what you want to think. But when you pass it out here as advice, it has to be corrected. For the benefit of all. Nothing personal.
  4. chris455, the problem is that it isn't about the school holidays. The problem is that your whole premise is wrong. Illustrated here: No, you aren't making any sense. You are making the assumption that your "High season, low prices. Low season, high prices" theory is correct. It is not. Not even a little bit. Broadly speaking, it is exactly the opposite. This is why everyone on the thread is disagreeing with you. You just ignore the data that disagrees with your theory, like the increased arrivals at certain times of the year corresponding with higher prices. One of the reasons why there are increased arrivals in July and August is because of the holiday period in the UK, Europe and elsewhere. But you insisted there were no low prices in June and I showed you that there were. So once again, your theory out of the window. But yet you still insisted. No one has anything against you personally. Certainly not me. I just didn't understand why you were persisting with the argument, after I went to the trouble of providing conclusive evidence in the form of low prices in June, graphs showing representative prices throughout the year and two graphs showing arrivals, monthly and quarterly, from official sources. So it is not me wanting to prolong the argument. It is you. I felt that I had already presented conclusive evidence. Whereas you continue to argue, even in the face of conclusive evidence. Illustrated by your ludicrous quote above. So please chris455, accept that you are wrong. No one will think the worse of you. In fact you are likely to gain some respect.
  5. It's clearly not low season if arrivals go up as compared to June and October, is it? The fact that you would rather take Xpat forum as a reference, rather than official arrival figures from Thailand's ministries, speaks volumes as to the paucity of your argument. Think about it, if people were not travelling there in July and August, they would have to reduce the price to induce people to travel. But they aren't doing so, are they? The problem is you are thinking with your single man brain and also with the misconception that families don't have money in the UK. It's far from the truth. My theories, allow me to fly to SE Asia for £200 to £300 return, outside of July and August. Because I understand how the system works. It is your weird theories that are narrow minded. When the official figures show that your theory doesn't work(arrivals up in July/August. Prices up in July/August), your irrational reaction was to state that all of the graphs were fake.
  6. No, you cut and paste something from a Xpat forum regarding the weather and Brown1950 did not agree. In fact he wrote; It seems that you get confused rather easily. As to school holidays, CNXBKKMAN told you about that in post # 45 and I reiterated that in post #60, that prices from the UK were broadly in line with the long holidays. Now you are all of a sudden you are accepting Brown1950's explanation of school holidays in your reply. Let us look at what you wrote in post #46 after CNXBKKMAN wrote about parents booking up seats for the long holidays in post #45 You don't agree, but I posted the graph of prices from Momondo and I showed you arrival figures from official sources. Somehow in your mind all of these entities are colluding against you. In your mind, the low arrivals of June and October and the correspondingly low prices are just a trick, perpetrated by Momondo and the Department of Tourism in Thailand. You asserted that there were no cheap prices in June and I responded by posting a raft of cheap prices available both last minute and a month before for June. So in the face of this overwhelming evidence, you produce 'proof' from Xpat website that May to October is low season. If that were the case then why aren't the prices from May to October uniformly expensive? Why no cheap prices in July and August?
  7. Perhaps you can underline any reference to a personal attack in the post of mine that you quoted. No I didn't read the article, because I already know how it works, which is why I rarely pay more than £300 for a return flight to Thailand. It is chris455 who needs to read the articles, so direct him to them, instead writing nonsense to me about personal attacks. I take umbrage at your remarks. I genuinely believe that there is something not quite right about chris455's choice to completely ignore the official figures presented to him. Not only that, but arguing with about everyone here when they tell him that he is wrong. So unless you are agreeing with his assertion, direct your quotes to him, not to me. You can see that only he is thanking your posts, as he clearly thinks that you are on his side. Which encourages him to think that he is right. So perhaps you should think about how you present what you are posting.
  8. Perhaps best to leave the man to his delusions. He is either Trolling or we should perhaps lay off him in case he has a far more serious problem. I'm not joking. I'm actually concerned that all is not well there. In the face of overwhelming evidence of official figures showing that arrivals increase in July and August, he prefers imagination as opposed to fact.
  9. craigt3365....I know how it works, but this is not to what we are referring. We are referring to seasonality and how it affects flight prices to Thailand. Specifically, the reason why flights to Thailand are more expensive in July and August. It's only chris455(are you related?) who is wandering off subject because his theory makes no sense at all. Please don't join him in his hopeless endeavour. His assertion is that flights to Thailand are expensive because of low demand in July and August and cheap when there is high demand in October etc Clearly the figures show it is quite the opposite in reality. That has nothing to do with airlines reducing capacity in July and August to create a scarce resource and then reinstating it in September and October when there is low demand anyway. So let's not waste time in discussing something wholly irrelevant.
  10. http://www.peachthailand.com perhaps.
  11. I see..... because a website you found equates the rainy season with low season, that automatically means that July and August is a period of low demand? Apart from that folly, weren't you the one insisting that Thailand wasn't just about Bangkok and Pattaya? Since July & August is not rainy season on Samui, is it low season there? Seriously, you need to stop. You are floundering around desperately. It is sad to watch.
  12. Fake graph? What would be the reason for them to fake it? http://www.thaiwebsites.com/tourism.asp Is this graph fake too? Year upon year, arrivals go up in July and August. It's clearly such a shock to your system, that you are unable to accept it. I think people here are becoming concerned as to your mental health. I'm not joking.
  13. I am quite sure that you are Trolling. There can be no other explanation Super Peak season is the period over Christmas and New Year. Then it drops down to High Season. July August is one of the busiest times as indicated by the graph supplied to you. Three times but you still aren't getting it....
  14. Who are these others who you suggest agree with you?? There is not even a single person reading this thread that agrees with you. The thread topic is about Thailand. Stick to the subject instead of trying to move the goalposts and then failing in that too. What on earth is this confused nonsense? The graph that I showed you shows increased arrivals to Thailand in July and August. So how does that tally with your "Low demand= Higher prices, due to lack of competition" statement, when it is clearly a period of high demand? CNXBKKMAN explained Cancun to you succinctly, but that, much like everything else in this thread, has gone straight over your head. Seriously....are you ok? There seems to be something not quite right....