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  1. "There is a small program to update it..." Perhaps you need to clarify as to which program. What model laptop? Genuine Windows?
  2. Reset computer Win 8.1

    I would have swapped the HDD for an SSD and clean installed Windows 10 cleanly, if my machine. Anyway, Drivers for Windows 7 64 bit can be found here
  3. Reset computer Win 8.1

    What made you think the machine couldn't run Windows 10? It can. You just need to run a clean install or at the very least download the media and run the upgrade that way. Personally I would go with the clean install. Touchscreen would suit Windows 10. But you are selling it anyway.
  4. If you arrive by the 23/12; https://www.dtac.co.th/en/prepaid/products/net-no-limit-double.html Their 8 Mbps unlimited data package costs 535 baht for 30 days. More than sufficient for your stated usage. 2 Mbps unlimited for 321 baht .
  5. http://greenparkpattaya.com You'll need to investigate further for the pool for the three year old.
  6. Prepaid sim 4G speeds?

    In another instance, you can simply go to; https://m.ais.co.th/ontop-package and purchase the 5 GB over 7 days package for 160.50 baht inc V.A.T. So over four weeks, 644 baht inc for 20 GB. Currently AIS are offering 15 GB for the price of 5GB if you click through by the 25th of December. So 15 GB over a month for 488 baht. 500 MB per day might do you, though not sure.
  7. Prepaid sim 4G speeds?

    If you want to go with AIS and want a higher speed than 6 Mbps, but don't want to spend 1605 baht a month for their high speed package, you can tailor a 'full speed' package to your needs. In this way, obtaining 21 GB per month for under 540 baht, for an instance.
  8. Prepaid sim 4G speeds?

    TrueMove H does have a Max Speed unlimited 'no throttle' package, at the same price as AIS. 1500 baht + VAT, equalling 1605 baht. DTAC currently have 20 Mbps down for 213 baht over seven days and 8 Mbps down for 535 baht inc VAT over 30 days.
  9. Data Roaming AIS-Prepaid for Singapore

  10. Data Roaming AIS-Prepaid for Singapore

    Are you already in Singapore?
  11. Prepaid sim 4G speeds?

    What speed do you need? Don't buy a package that throttles.
  12. Dental implant in Pattaya

    Which is not necessarily a recommendation. I would go with Ms Suwangatte at Phyathai Sri Racha. Implantologist there for at least ten years.
  13. Pocket wifi in Thailand?

    Price wise I meant. Performance wise, should be good.
  14. Pocket wifi in Thailand?

    Wasn't the best choice. They don't come with a charger because it is not necessary. They come with a USB lead terminating in a Micro USB connector. So you can charge it by plugging it into your laptop/PC or in your car or from your normal Android phone charger or ..... Antenna is rarely needed. I've never used one.
  15. Pocket wifi in Thailand?

    At that price, it makes sense. But of course delivery may take some time.