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  1. Unlimited maximum speed plan is 1605 baht per month. Not 1000. As I suggested earlier, one can buy a SIM and do a test at each speed, to ascertain which is equal to the task. Your assertion that going cheap being ALWAYS a stupid solution....is stupid. For someone simply surfing and sending emails, it would be stupid for them to purchase an expensive package. They could probably make do with a 107 baht monthly package, speed limited to 384 kbps. In this case if an unlimited 6 Mbps package for under 600 baht is equal to the task, it would be stupid to pay 1000 baht more(1605 baht) for something they don't need. Of course they could go for the 8 GB up to 42 Mbps package from Truemove H at 160 baht per week, if convenient. There are many possible options that could be suitable. It's up to the OP to test which will work best for their application.
  2. I was the one who posted the Skype requirements. I wouldn't rely on a mobile broadband 1 Mbps connection to provide a solid 500 kbps connection up and down in a business setting. In addition, who knows if the OP may need to run a group session. This is the reason why I suggest to run a one day test before committing to a SIM and a particular fixed speed package. There is no way to test MyCAT's 1Mbps service without obtaining a SIM and buying a 7 day package. But if there is coverage and the bandwidth is ample, it is the cheapest. But your suggestion that 10GB for 641 baht over a month is good value is way off the mark. What are you thinking? Even Truemove H offer 8 GB over seven days for less than 160 baht. So in excess of 32GB for the same money.
  3. You are fitting right into the stereotype
  4. Of course you would He who seeks shall find.
  5. *777*7009# is the code for the 512kbps package. But for a 10.7 baht difference, hardly worth the bother of having half the bandwidth.
  6. What you meant to write is that if their device is not capable of 4G on a Thailand network, their speed will be limited to 384 kbps. In that case better off just using *777*7098# which gives you the 1 Mbps unlimited package on 3G at the same price of 105.93 baht
  7. 1 Mbps may not be adequate. In addition, you can purchase this package from any of the networks for 321 baht per month(prepaid), so 3852 baht for a year. Hardly the 15,000 baht claimed. So unless it is exactly what is needed and will be used for most of the year, it is nothing about which to get excited.
  8. Have you ignored everything that was posted before??
  9. Assuming that you have a bank account in Thailand; https://transferwise.com Total fees equal to one ATM withdrawal
  10. The 3 network utilised it as they were the only network offering an unlimited data package on a voice SIM. Of course many people would cancel their home broadband package and use the mobile broadband connection exclusively. So clearly there was an incentive for 3 to implement a limited tethering policy.
  11. There are many ways to do this. The 3 network in the UK makes use of some of them. I would guess through Deep Packet Inspection and dedicated APN. A not comprehensive listing; - IMEI- BIA ID such as MAC ID, Serial Numbers- HTTP Headers- User Agents- IP addresses on the network. (Each device has a internal IP and external) So they can discover devices connected to your phone..- DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) and inspecting packet data- APN's (Mentioned above)- IP lookups and NS lookups and geolocation. e.g. If connected to Microsoft update servers on a android phone it's a bit obvious you're tethering to update windows.- Digital footprints
  12. Usually I won't even acknowledge anyone who chooses to end a sentence with "right?". This one time.... https://www.dtac.co.th/en/prepaid/products/combo-4g-free-call-to-all-networks.html
  13. Why would you need to call them?? Just top up at least 430 baht, open the page: https://www.dtac.co.th/en/prepaid/products/4g-non-stop.html navigate to the plan that you want and click on Apply Now.....or just Press *104*21*9# dial
  14. If you are flying from BKK it would be.....
  15. Either way, the Thai cards will be a poor substitute. Likely shaving up to 2.5% off the VISA or Mastercard exchange rate.