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  1. I can see from your writings that you are not an 'educated' person. Perhaps because of that, you can be excused. You state that I am not looking at it from a clear perspective, but what you actually mean is that I am not looking at it from your perspective. Of course I do not, as I consider it somewhat beneath me. Once again, you speak of black people in Thailand, as if all people of darker hue are considered the same. Again, that is just your perspective. Otherwise, for whom are you speaking? The Thai people? No, you are speaking for yourself and people like yourself who simply cannot raise your level of thinking above that. Do not saddle the Thai people with your ignorance. Gullible people read a few headlines and cheer themselves to sleep, happy that it is not them or their kind this time around. So the latest crackdown is on African romance scammers. Before then, perhaps on Chinese boiler rooms. Before then, ATM skimmers from Eastern Europe etc Before that.... You get the point. There are criminals of every ilk there. White, black, brown, yellow... Call centre scams? I think the Brits, Americans and Australians had that covered. Drugs? If you think a few Nigerians are behind the drug smuggling operations in Thailand, you really are not the brightest star in the sky. So we are back to Romance scams. Seems the Nigerians have that covered. But as aforementioned, no uproar when it's the Thais doing it to foreigners. You appear to have totally ignored the shipment of Crystal Meth heading for Israel in the article. Why is that? Because it doesn't fit into your racist narrative? Then the Muslims....that comment is so basely ignorant that it almost doesn't deserve a response. I'm sure when a Catholic murders his wife, the first thing all Catholics do is to denounce violence and say it's against their religion.. The Muslims aren't all one entity....wow. Get Real, a word of advice; sometimes it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt...
  2. JamJar

    W10 installation, quick and legit.

    Even key entry may work. Though it makes sense to have all bases covered. I hadn't tried upgrading from 32 bit to 64 bit using gatherosstate, so hesitated to recommend it even though I read it was possible. But it makes sense that it does.
  3. I have to ask myself once again....why are racist people so stupid? Allow me to explain..... If it were a Irishman, the people of similar hue would be quick to disassociate themselves, as being Australian/North Americans/British...whatever. Oh it's not us white Australians/North Americans etc...it's those Irish. But yet, when it's a Nigerian, you write "black people". Why is that? This is why it appears that racists are so stupid. They don't appear to be able to differentiate. Therefore appearing to lack intelligence. How many Malians, for instance, have you read about in these pages? Ever. Do you imagine that they are pleased that people like yourself denigrate them because of the colour of their skin? I write the "colour of their skin" because you do not state Nigerian(or even better perhaps the part of Nigeria from which they hail), but you write "black". Something that you would never write if it were a white Irishman, for instance. This demonstrates the ignorance of a typical racist, who might imagine that he is not. He doesn't even have the intelligence to realise that he is being a stupid racist.
  4. JamJar

    Finnish man busted for pot

    I'm not so morally indignant about him having remnants of a plant in his apartment. Though acting like a gangster is somewhat idiotic.
  5. JamJar

    Police chiefs plan drug war in Pattaya

    I don't have an opinion on what someone chooses to do with their own body, especially if they aren't harming anyone else along the way. But I do find the lowlife on the beach road most irritating. I don't want them to approach nor speak to me. In another age, I would simply smite the cur.
  6. JamJar

    Police chiefs plan drug war in Pattaya

    This also is complete nonsense. Again, you are grabbing an extremely limited view of the myriad people involved. You read 'drugs' and you imagine an heroin or poor methamphetamine user. You really shouldn't be commenting if your knowledge extends only to propaganda in certain media. Most 'drug' users are no different from people who like a drink. The difference is that you likely wouldn't even know unless they told you. Someone I know told me that they tried mushrooms for the first time. I have no idea if they are 'legal' in that jurisdiction or not. Does that make them a bad person for eating something grown in nature? Whereas because the government makes huge profits from the poisonous alcohol, they deem it 'legal. Does that appear equitable? As an aside, the person involved doesn't think they will try it again. So how is that different from someone who tries a glass of wine and decides they prefer beer? The problem is many ignorant people equate 'drug user' with the worst kind of addict, when in fact many 'drug users' might try something just occasionally or might be high use and fully functioning. I put 'drug user' in apostrophe, as the term 'drug' is used in a derogatory fashion, whilst not imparting any useful detail. Personally, I don't even drink coffee, as I also consider it a 'stimulant drug'. But do I stupidly condemn others for doing so? So yes, for those who have problems with any addiction, they need help and that includes prescription drugs. What many don't appear to understand is that many people use drugs and alcohol(I put them in the same category) to self medicate. They have some other issue and they use the out substance to help them to deal with anxiety etc So if the person doesn't get one to one help in dealing with their anxieties/pain, they can turn to self medication. In societies where prescription drugs can be prescribed to those with similar anxieties/pain, people can become addicted to prescribed drugs. So let's not paint everyone into the same corner. You be shocked if you really knew the amount of people who have tried one kind of substance or another. It always strikes me as curious those who happily fill themselves with alcohol and caffeine who then try to claim the moral high ground over someone who prefers to use items grown freely in nature. No one is forcing you to try them. But don't be so quick to judge in an attempt to make yourself feel somehow superior. Alcoholics and drug addicts may share similar issues.
  7. JamJar

    minivan shuttle pattaya-bkk

    As aforementioned, the other minibus outside the Family Mart on Pattaya Tai and perhaps one on Thappraya (opposite Mueang Pattaya 8 School which is opposite Wat Chai Mongkhon).
  8. Why are you posting nonsense? Where has it been written on the thread that anyone was targeted because they were hanging around selling drugs? I don't see anything about a drug arrest. I see that four Nigerians were arrested for either not having a valid visa or overstaying. Perhaps you assume that because many are pictured that they were all arrested. No....it was a raid. So likely they took everyone, checked them all out and let the others go. Caucasians congregate in one area and engage in prostitution. I repeat my earlier question.
  9. JamJar

    Police chiefs plan drug war in Pattaya

    Nice try. Why not let the man speak for himself? In fact, I know nothing of his alcohol consumption. Though I might know about something else.... "Irony" three times in one post. Perhaps a new word for your vocabulary... you seem so excited by it.
  10. JamJar

    Police chiefs plan drug war in Pattaya

    I hope you are joking. Obviously they aren't going to offer some obviously older person "marijuana and cocaine". But it is irritating if you are younger. They just have the presence of dirty low life scum.
  11. JamJar

    W10 installation, quick and legit.

    Just download the Windows 7 image from my link. No need to waste time looking around. Clean install is very easy, especially since you don't need to install updates etc. As soon as activated, you can run Genuine Ticket and then clean install Windows 10. So can all be done in a couple of hours or less. But...you can do all of this without using your current licence, but you will need to identify your Motherboard exactly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEkYxM_DOi4
  12. The scumbag claims to be on Koh Samui.
  13. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/pregnant-brit-who-fell-death-12601915
  14. JamJar

    W10 installation, quick and legit.

    I'm sure that he meant that the product key doesn't discriminate. Genuine Ticket is what is used whilst upgrading, so therefore allows you to bypass the tedium of installing over the top, only to run a clean install later. What I would do is to run a clean install of Windows 7 64 bit using your key and then upgrade to Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. But I know that you would prefer to simply install 32 bit, as it is less work. So here you are; https://software-download.microsoft.com/db/Win10_1803_EnglishInternational_x32.iso?t=0afb9db2-d670-4157-9363-5b8e6b277692&e=1527960020&h=9fa4882b509ccc6129eb67f20c11c9b5 But if you are feeling adventurous; en_windows_7_professional_with_sp1_x64_dvd_u_676939.iso otherwise known as X17-59186 Hashes: MD5: ed15956fe33c13642a6d2cb2c7aa9749 SHA-1: 0bcfc54019ea175b1ee51f6d2b207a3d14dd2b58
  15. JamJar

    Police chiefs plan drug war in Pattaya

    Is this a serious post? There are all kinds of mind altering substances. All the way from the people who drink 'energy drinks' to stay awake, people who 'drink' socially, including alcoholics and a host of herbal and synthetic substances. Why don't we just put them all in the same category? Do you imagine drinking alcohol gives you the moral high ground. There are many who would look down on you for that. I'm sure that you've been on the wrong side of the law. Quite possibly for things that others here would consider unsavoury.. Should you be throwing stones at people for what they choose to do to their own mind and body? I mean it's not as if they were caught selling other people's bodies, now is it?