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  1. Not all banks use the same system. Anyway..... As per; http://www.bangkokbank.com/BangkokBank/WebServices/Rates/Pages/FX_Rates.aspx Bank Note Buying rate is what you get when exchanging cash. Sight Bill(Buying rate) is for Travellers cheques. TT(Buying rate) is the rate used when transferring currency from abroad. All of these rates are inferior to the Mastercard rate. I'm sure that you know this. Posted just for general information. All of the bank rates can be found here: http://bankexchangerates.daytodaydata.net
  2. Also beware of poor exchange rates. Compare the cost of using an independent service. www.superrichuk.com/
  3. Pointless to discuss the system they utilise. The point is that they do not use a "portable ATM scanning machine"/ portable card machine/card machine. So your assertion as to the reason for them not doing it is incorrect. There may be varied reasons, but that isn't necessarily one of them.
  4. Not at all true. The bank that I utilise does not even use one of those to carry out cash advances.
  5. You just made this part up. It can't be the Interbank, Mastercard/Visa and Thailand bank'sTravellers cheque rate at the same time. It should simply be the Mastercard/Visa rate.
  6. I read somewhere that it had something to do with it being a private road. Though don't quote me on that.
  7. Have never been to Udon. Still can do in tourist city. No fees and checked against https://www.mastercard.us/en-us/consumers/get-support/convert-currency.html 14000 baht on the 7th of April 2017, £326.83 with a fee free Mastercard CC. Check the rate for yourself. Both with xe.com and the Mastercard conversion tool above. Won't post the receipt, as too much identifying info on it.
  8. Streaming what exactly? The model won't make a difference, as they'll have the same channels available...or not available because of geographical restrictions. Doesn't mean they don't have their uses. I use both old Now TV box for YouTube and Plex and an old Roku box for streaming from my cloud storage.
  9. Genius enough to understand that one account in the USA; Charles Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking Account® , is not going to be easily attainable for most of the people using this forum. Especially since most are not from the USA. The other nonsense concerning 'Private Client status' deserves scorn poured upon it since it then narrows down the options even further.
  10. Other credit cards that pass on the full Mastercard rate from the UK are; Creation Everyday Santander Zero Barclaycard Travel Platinum passes on the full VISA rate. There are a few Prepaid Mastercard debit cards that pass on the full Mastercard rate.
  11. So then it's not easier, is it? Nonsensical post.
  12. Our exchange rates for card transactions are determined by the payment scheme provider for the card. For further information and other exchange rates and currencies see MasterCard or Visa. https://www.halifax.co.uk/travel/help-guidance/using-debit-credit-cards-abroad/ 0.5 baht off the 'mid market rate' isn't necessarily accurate. I noted 0.2 yesterday. This betters any Thailand bank's TT rate in any case. As to Revolut: Don't use it at the weekend and forget about it for Thai baht. The problem with Revolut is that they implemented these things and then only announced it after people began to notice. Example: https://metabubble.net/payment-cards-bank-accounts/revolut-not-necessarily-cheaper-than-any-other-mastercard/ I noticed it last year when I was looking at AU$.
  13. It depends on how the transaction is processed. The bank that I use doesn't allow me to go over the ATM withdrawal limit. Though I don't use the Clarity.