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  1. Rudimentary things like full model number, in order to check the specification and price might be a good place to begin.
  2. How to validate Windows 7 over the phone

    For the time being, the easiest way to remove the message is to reset activation. You can do so by simply running this MBR Regenerator; https://mega.nz/#!RJdggSzL!FeZahApMDvOBgvTtLU4nth-LpKpsOeOwiG2yTBXOohE It will return it to it's original Trial version(without affecting your files). At which point you can use your Reddit key to activate. If your key no longer works, we can update the firmware on your PC to ensure permanent activation.
  3. How to validate Windows 7 over the phone

    Is this a branded machine? If so, what is the brand name and model number?
  4. The two that I knew of, already gone. One near the Thepprasit end of Second Road Soi 17 and the other on Jomtien's Second Road.
  5. What were you doing there? You are a criminal? A member of your family perhaps? Visited prisons all around the country have you? It's usually the least intelligent among us that spout such ignorant nonsense. Bursting at the seams for an opportunity to spread their bile. What sad lives they must lead. I certainly don't know anyone who chooses to spend their time hanging around the lower Sukhumvit sois. It would certainly be a case of the pot calling the kettle black if it's the low life who frequent the likes of Nana Plaza and Grace Hotel complaining about criminals of another race inhabiting the very same sois where they indulge in their own dirty deeds.
  6. Is it an CHIP card? Has the magnetic strip been activated?
  7. Do you plan to upgrade to Windows 10?

    This is wrong. Don't assume that because there are no Windows 10 Drivers posted on their support portal, that it won't work. It will. People with the issue of LAN/W-LAN not working can solve that issue by disabling the card reader via the Device Manager. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows8_1_pr-networking/after-installing-81-i-can-not-turn-on-wifi/fe15c8c9-a630-4d4b-a394-3d2954c58f59?auth=1&page=2 PCMCIA adapters > SmartCardBus Controller
  8. Do you plan to upgrade to Windows 10?

    Does your PC have a brand name?
  9. There are a number of routes to the free upgrade. The one most used likely; http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/accessibility/windows10upgrade Often you can just enter your Windows 7 key qualify for the free upgrade. Personally I always run a clean install as opposed to an upgrade, so prefer using the Genuine Ticket XML file route to a clean install, without the need to run an upgrade install over the top. I'm not sure why you have a Windows 10 Pro licence. Did you buy it?
  10. https://transferwise.com will prove better value.
  11. Windows 10 update

    You believe wrongly. ASUS not supplying a Driver on their website does not equate to the machine being incompatible with Windows 10. It almost certainly is fully compatible. If a Driver is missing, it can usually be found on a helpful website of by Hardware ID. As for your Sony Vaio.....which model exactly? It's likely an issue with the graphics, which can be fixed. The problem is likely that SONY didn't bother to released modified Drivers. But they are out there.
  12. Windows 10 update

    I can update the BIOS firmware to include the genuine ASUS Microsoft signature. Once complete, the machine will be the same as a machine from the 'west', sold with the OS pre-installed. This at no cost. You can then choose to continue with genuine Windows 7 or to upgrade the Windows 7 installation to genuine Windows 10. You will always keep the option to reinstall Windows 7. But i won't waste my time unless you actually go through with it. Too many timewasters on the board who are only interested in 'one click' solutions. I would also recommend the installation of a Solid State Drive, costing 2000 baht, when running a clean install of the Operating System. It will transform the performance of the machine and make it more robust. But you can think about that later.
  13. Windows 10 update

    Back up your data and run a clean install of the OS.
  14. Windows 10 update

    This is really complete nonsense. I mean complete nonsense.
  15. Ipad help

    You don't need to pay to move your own downloaded movie collection to the iPad, not even if you use iTunes The only issue may be that with some files you might need a standalone video player/app. Other possibilities; http://www.macworld.co.uk/how-to/ipad/how-download-movies-ipad-iphone-without-itunes-3613071/