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  1. I ended up going with a place in Chiangmai Land. The area seemed a tad less packed and the condo was much larger and in a nicer building. Any complaints about this place? Couldn't find anything to whine about in my trip there or on Google and the place is secured pretty well and just renovated.
  2. Thank you all for the replies, noise was my primary concern with North so that one's out. I like Riverside more and the place I'm looking at is a renovated room from it so I noticed it looks a lot less old than the other rooms. The issue is it's pricy but being close to he city is nice. Thank you guys again for the inputs, it's helped me rule out and reaffirm some options here!
  3. I know the apartment questions get annoying, but I've narrowed my choices down and want to know if anyone has opinions on these complexes having been here longer. I've scoped the areas and they seem fine but more people have more exposure to the area. North 4 Condominium at Serene Lake Riverside Condominium Chiangmai Land Thanks in advance!
  4. Right right, luckily Thai and Japanese devices operate on compatible systems and that's what I have. I'll see what I can do in terms of deals. If it doesn't work out there are other providers, though I'll still likely use AIS for my phone since choosing True last time was a disaster.
  5. That's great to hear. I think they offer package deals with a SIM card with data as well which would be ideal. Definitely AIS will be my all-round first choice based on research and testimonials. Just a matter of which places will let me get internet and if decent connections are available. The limited downtime note you made is excellent, along with a consistent up and down, sounds like my kinda service!
  6. Oh yeah, that will be one of my first questions to the people showing these places. Haven't heard of Sinet but will check them out as well, though they seem to have some bad reviews in general, the in-depth reviews on them seem to be generally positive. If you and others have it and are happy, the cost is lower than AIS and or they have better speeds or coverage I'll go with them.
  7. Got it, so then my approach would be to narrow down home picks first based on amenities and looks, then narrow the search further based on which are within AIS's service area, I would assume. Good suggestion on where to go too, I'll check them out there rather than other locations.
  8. I see, that was my first choice. I just read on other forum threads that you can be better off just asking around on the forums and meeting up with someone rather than using that. If that's the only good option though, I suppose that's what I'll go with! Thank you for the reply.
  9. I'll be arriving in Chiang Mai in a week or less and wanted to make sure that this time I was getting a place with a very good connection (50mb/s +) and was wondering what kind of advice you guys have on setting this up? It is my understanding that you go to True or AIS and ask them about setting up a connection to your place but how do I go about making sure that my apartment / condo / house will allow this? Is it best to get a translator to come with me when I look at places or does anyone have any experience with this? Last time I came here I just got a nice looking place but had to bum it at coworking spaces all day and spend more money just because the connection was god-awful. This time around I really was interested in a house because I figure getting this kinda thing set up would be easier. I'll be in Chiang Mai for about 6 months or so, wanted at least 2 bedrooms, one for an office and one for me. Again, I've done quite a bit of reading on this but can't really paint a very good picture of what I should do here. a lot of people either had a Thai wife and they asked about this kinda stuff, or they had some expensive one-bedroom place with it already set up. If anyone would help out with this it'd be much appreciated and I'd owe you a beer when I land!
  10. I have read previous post asking a similar question, but am looking for an updated referral. I would prefer an actual therapist rather than psychiatrist, I do not really want any kind of medication honestly. It's just that since arriving here, some critical flaws in my character were pointed out to me and I'm really not well because of it. Been moping about and laying in bed last few days unless I had to work. I know it isn't healthy. I'm an open book if anyone wants to PM me, I've lurked here since arriving. I am a psychology student right now which is why I'd prefer a trained professional but if you have time to talk and think it'd help I'm okay with that too. Thanks everyone.