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  1. I've been reading through the forums and it seems like all of the posts in regards to gyms and personal trainers are either outdated or for other areas of Thailand. I wanted to get into shape, but haven't exercised since high school and needed someone to help get me on track. Just going to the gym myself I wouldn't know how to use any of the machines or where to focus! I'm in Chiang Mai Land and ideally would be looking for something close but if there are better options elsewhere I'd certainly consider, at least at first to learn about machines and get a plan in place. If anyone has any suggestions of gyms or trainers they know or are currently using, I'd love to hear about them. Just looking to turn my health around.
  2. I recently broke the screen on my Oneplus 3T in Korea on my way back to Thailand and figured I'd have an easy time finding a phone repair place here that could do the job. If I was back in the States, I could have very easily ordered a new screen and replaced it myself but being in Thailand, I find it difficult to get things shipped here in a reasonable time frame, without massive fees. I've been asking around at shops, both at Pantip and the kiosks at Central Plaza (I read of shops there that could have done the work but saw no phone repair shops other than the kiosks). Everyone tells me they do not have the spare parts on hand (understandable) but also that they do not want to order the part. I've gone to phone repair shops in Korea and the US that have been more than willing to order parts, as they have access to parts channels that get them cheaper bits, so the current situation is frustrating. If you guys know of a place willing to order parts and can do the work, I'd be happy to know. Thanks in advance!
  3. As an update, I had a conversation with one of the repair people at Maya and they informed me that there is a block on replacement parts for my brand (Oneplus) into Thailand, which is why it is difficult to get parts. I tried buying a phone in America and having my dad ship it out but it seems that they want some kind of license and the shipping costs plus customs is outrageous as I expected so not going that route. I'll hang my head in defeat and go chance it, buying a phone at one of the stands today.
  4. Yeah that may be the best, I'll likely go with that though I really would like the Oneplus One so I'll look at that first haha.
  5. Well thank you for the suggestion, I will keep it in mind as my last choice, though at that point I figure I would rather buy the older Oneplus One and have it shipped out to me and wait on fixing my phone until I get to China in a month or so. I need a phone now, but paying all that money extra on top of having that inconvenience and gambling on a seller, just seems like a losing deal.
  6. Yes, I've also seen it on Ali for that much. But if I go as far as ordering the screen myself, paying the customs on it, I may as well replace it myself which was my point in the post. What I'm looking for is a shop that knows a reputable seller and has a channel to order the part and then can also replace it all at once. I'd be more than willing to leave the deposit for the part, I just do not want to have to chance it with a random seller AND pay ridiculous customs etc.
  7. I've bought three batches of various hot dogs at the store and every time they have come in these difficult casings that I cannot seem to cook. Anyone have tips on how to cook these or if they ought to be avoided altogether? Also, if there is a better alternative in Chiang Mai for hot dogs that is reasonably priced I'm all ears. Not a region specific question though, so I'm putting this in general.
  8. Hotdog Casings? How to Cook

    Oh I see, the variety I'm stuck with at the moment unfortunately does not have tied ends, but a nearly seamless casing with a small hole at the tips. If I come across the tied ones, I will try to remove before cooking. I just lack trust when mixing the microwave with new food in a new country haha, eliminating as many variables as possible so that I can understand why XYZ food made me ill later down the line!
  9. Hotdog Casings? How to Cook

    Your note about discarding them after cooking in plastic seems odd. I think that boiling shouldn't be an issue. Without boiling them first it is a mess of work to try and take off the plastic anyways. Most others here and those who have messaged me, seem to do it that way so I'll continue with that method. Though yes, I do see this a lot on the chicken ones after a more in-depth trip to the store. Though some of these dogs are mush on the inside and taking the plastic off before cooking is messy.
  10. I want to thank all the new posters but yours in specific was very well written and in-depth. In my head, with all the young hipster people being 'digital nomads' here I had thought the fitness culture would mean there would have been an abundance of good, educated trainers though I am increasingly becoming convinced I was wrong. I suppose google and YouTube are my friend but that isn't so bad! I'd love to run outside but between the dogs, the heat and the random rain, just not a cool mix for me. Used to live in southern California and could run outside without a second thought but here, not so much, same goes for biking at least for now. I'll try out the places you mentioned. Though I'll be here six months, I'll be doing visa runs and frequent holidays, so the plans probably won't work for me. Popping in and out of different gyms seems fun and refreshing. Thanks again for your insightful reply, maybe I'll see you around!
  11. Hotdog Casings? How to Cook

    Awesome, thank you for the quick replies!
  12. Hotdog Casings? How to Cook

    Are they ready to eat once you remove the casings after boiling? I am eating the chicken-kind.
  13. Hotdog Casings? How to Cook

    Oh I see, so the casing ought to be removed. I've just boiled a few and the casings have split up so I suppose I'll peel them off and eat them that way. Quite inconvenient when compared to the American variety. I knew that some had natural casings that they are meant to be cooked with so I was curious if this was the same, sad to see that isn't the case.
  14. Thanks, maybe I'll swing by on a day pass and see if I could find a moment to chat him up. That's definitely the kind of work ethic I'd be looking for! Good tip, though this place is definitely too far to consider. Like I said I'm on Chiangmai Land so that's quite a bit out of the way from here. I'll keep it on the list though if any other place falls through, thanks!
  15. Do you use this gym personally? As far as trainers, do they offer anything? The food seems sorta distracting, that was my issue that led to me needing to work out haha Fitness Thailand seems cool but they're on the opposite side of town. The hotel gym seems off and other people here seem to bash it so probably a pass on that as well. If you know any trainers that operate outside the gyms worth their salt then let me know though! Was moreso looking for someone that could talk to me about my own goals, abilities and eating habits and work with me on a way to go about working out responsibly. I know of this guy from weighlifting mates and he can help form and what not but I am looking for a trainer, not just a youtube guide. All the perks of a human including personalized help, their informed advice down the line a few months, and maybe someone to work out with and keep you on program, are all helpful. Um, going to say you didn't read or are really naive? Pardon if I'm wrong but that place is awfully far. You seem to have rep on here but your comment is confusing and I don't get what you are trying to say. Either way it wasn't super... helpful?
  16. Going to go through and respond to these posts but some of them come off as ads, are misinformed or sorta just dickish haha. Will reply to helpful people though. Mostly looking for the personal trainer part just so that I can have some guidance and help down the line of where to be putting focus into. Gyms in my opinion are kind of a dime a dozen unless you are in need of serious weights and equipment. Trainers on the other hand, are workout tools that can be really shit or really good, and if they're shit then you can really mess up your body. Was moreso looking for recommendations on a trainer, my apologies for not being too specific. The gym info is helpful though.
  17. I know the apartment questions get annoying, but I've narrowed my choices down and want to know if anyone has opinions on these complexes having been here longer. I've scoped the areas and they seem fine but more people have more exposure to the area. North 4 Condominium at Serene Lake Riverside Condominium Chiangmai Land Thanks in advance!
  18. Any 2 Cents On These Condos?

    Just an update for anyone looking at this thread in the future, the area by Chiangmai Land is nice. I have no complaints. It's a quieter road than those nearer the city and no crazy roaming dog packs or roosters. Still a convenient distance to stores and stuff and an Uber anywhere is less than a few bucks, if you don't get out much like me, it's cheaper than renting or buying a bike. Again thanks for the comments guys.
  19. Any 2 Cents On These Condos?

    I ended up going with a place in Chiangmai Land. The area seemed a tad less packed and the condo was much larger and in a nicer building. Any complaints about this place? Couldn't find anything to whine about in my trip there or on Google and the place is secured pretty well and just renovated.
  20. Any 2 Cents On These Condos?

    Thank you all for the replies, noise was my primary concern with North so that one's out. I like Riverside more and the place I'm looking at is a renovated room from it so I noticed it looks a lot less old than the other rooms. The issue is it's pricy but being close to he city is nice. Thank you guys again for the inputs, it's helped me rule out and reaffirm some options here!
  21. I'll be arriving in Chiang Mai in a week or less and wanted to make sure that this time I was getting a place with a very good connection (50mb/s +) and was wondering what kind of advice you guys have on setting this up? It is my understanding that you go to True or AIS and ask them about setting up a connection to your place but how do I go about making sure that my apartment / condo / house will allow this? Is it best to get a translator to come with me when I look at places or does anyone have any experience with this? Last time I came here I just got a nice looking place but had to bum it at coworking spaces all day and spend more money just because the connection was god-awful. This time around I really was interested in a house because I figure getting this kinda thing set up would be easier. I'll be in Chiang Mai for about 6 months or so, wanted at least 2 bedrooms, one for an office and one for me. Again, I've done quite a bit of reading on this but can't really paint a very good picture of what I should do here. a lot of people either had a Thai wife and they asked about this kinda stuff, or they had some expensive one-bedroom place with it already set up. If anyone would help out with this it'd be much appreciated and I'd owe you a beer when I land!
  22. Right right, luckily Thai and Japanese devices operate on compatible systems and that's what I have. I'll see what I can do in terms of deals. If it doesn't work out there are other providers, though I'll still likely use AIS for my phone since choosing True last time was a disaster.
  23. That's great to hear. I think they offer package deals with a SIM card with data as well which would be ideal. Definitely AIS will be my all-round first choice based on research and testimonials. Just a matter of which places will let me get internet and if decent connections are available. The limited downtime note you made is excellent, along with a consistent up and down, sounds like my kinda service!
  24. Oh yeah, that will be one of my first questions to the people showing these places. Haven't heard of Sinet but will check them out as well, though they seem to have some bad reviews in general, the in-depth reviews on them seem to be generally positive. If you and others have it and are happy, the cost is lower than AIS and or they have better speeds or coverage I'll go with them.
  25. Got it, so then my approach would be to narrow down home picks first based on amenities and looks, then narrow the search further based on which are within AIS's service area, I would assume. Good suggestion on where to go too, I'll check them out there rather than other locations.