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  1. Unfortunately most holidaymakers who go to Thailand ignore the fact that they have voided their accident insurance the moment they ride the Scooter unless they are one of the very few wiser ones. I think it is safe to say that ALL policies issued in Australia will make it clear that if you are unlicensed, unprotected (no helmet) , drunk or drug affected you are on your own. Don’t blame the insurance companies, they are there to pay only legitimate claims not protect stupidity, Darwinism should rule..
  2. What is happening to this thread? . As I commented earlier I got a good feeling from depositing a few baht to a worthwhile cause, now the negativity is flowing from certain posters. I refuse to follow this anymore, the cynics have won, I'll keep my good feelings and ignore you. Try to have a good day .
  3. Hey fellas, this has been a happy thread with all of us feeling good about ourselves for doing something good for another. Let us not let our cynical nature surface, I know this is TV but for once stop being negative. I couldn't give a damn if it is a scam, I feel good , so to hell with cynicism. Have a good day everyone..
  4. I don't care if it's one or five million WE helped, to all of you who donated and to the original informant well done, we can give ourselves a pat on the back. I hope this turns out to be a success story.
  5. Done as promised, feels good to do something useful. Should anyone have feedback please post it, be interesting to see if we can follow through on an ongoing basis. PS well done to the cranky old b*****
  6. Just an aside, how do you get Internet banking? SCB just told me no can do as I am not working, ignored the adequate funds in my account.
  7. In the usual cul de sac or should we say in the brown paper bag.
  8. 500 days on Thursday, started thinking of the cost and decided to stop. At current Australian prices that's about half a million baht saved.
  9. HMS Troutbridge, memories of long ago
  10. This reminds me of the US warship engaged in war games in the Med in the sixties whose Skipper had to send the signal "unable to leave Port as crew unfit for duty". This was the era of drugs and rock and roll and the majority of the crew had indulged while on shore leave. The result was once again the Skipper got the blame and was relieved of command. I wonder who will carry the blame this time, collisions at sea between a merchant and a naval vessel are rare but two in such a short time raises questions. Remember the words of Lady Bracknell ,.
  11. Mother films daughter and dog licking from same peanut butter jar

    Must be another slow news day.
  12. This is just what I can verify; freelance massage lady ( massage only ) 135 bht/hr, at the moment averaging 3-4 hrs a day, high season 7-8 hrs a day Boss lady of Spa who organises staff , 600 bht a day for 13 hr day 30 days a month. Bellhop at local resort on 300 a day about 20+days per month, low season. Competent builders/ carpenters working 6 days a week 400 a day with the odd bonus thrown in. I also read somewhere that Toyota was going to pay its line workers 480 a day, I don't know if it has happened yet.
  13. Sending computer to Australia for repair

    The outcome was that I removed the battery and sent it parcel post, this is allowed if clearly marked " battery removed ". I was also worried about customs on return but I addressed it to my Thai Wife and all I had to do was sign for it, no duty required. Quite amusing as a few weeks earlier I was charged 800 bht . on a parcel of sweets and chocolates sent by a friend. Total outlay was approximately 14000 bht as opposed to quote of 34000 which would have been sent to Singapore.
  14. A very sad case but thankfully for the child it is now over.