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  1. This is becoming ridiculous, I’m not saying anymore, it’s too dangerous !!!
  2. I’ll preface my comments with my original comment on another thread, to Vern Unsworth, well done Sir, this was with regard to his invaluable help in the rescue. This very ugly scenario is now tarnishing the whole event, people suggesting bringing in the “ambulance chasing “ lawyers with their no win no fee scams is lowering this to a farce and we will have no winners. To Vern, unless you have lots of money, a perfectly clean record, absolutely nothing you don’t want us to know about you, shut up. Ruthless lawyers with heaps to spend will destroy your reputation and character, any little thing they can find they will publicise. I personally would rather think of you as a good bloke, who luckily for the kids was around when needed.
  3. Well done Sir, I hope he gets the recognition he deserves from the appropriate authorities.
  4. The James Bond theme from the spy who loved me jumps to mind, and it’s very appropriate.
  5. I just changed a few hundred dollars to baht and got 23.67 per dollar with my global currency card. Putting money into Westpac global currency card incurs no fees but the rate is not the best also 220 baht to get it out of the ATM and then a $3 fee from Oz for using a foreign ATM. A way around this with my bank is to draw 20,000 plus and do it over the counter and put into my Thai account, so far no fees. Lets face it , the only winners are the Banks
  6. I have made a few comments about Krabi, all positive!! The staff are good and some are very pleasant, asking for a resident certificate has never resulted in a charge contrary to reading other posters experiences at other offices. To sum up, if you have all your necessary documentation you will have no problems.
  7. I think making cost comparisons with carbon fibre is not the point of this article, it is about a completely new use for a product that has only been associated with clothing and parachutes. Well done to the group that moved outside the boundaries of convention. PS it should appeal to the vocal greenies as it only takes a few “bugs” and a handful of mulberry leaves to get the basic material, it’s also vegan, great ideas for a marketing campaign
  8. A few people have advocated countries charging import duties on Thai made cars, who pays this?, the consumer, who gets the money, the government. In Australia the car industry was protected by high import duties and since they were reduced the government was forced to give subsidies to manufacturers ( American/ Japanese ) so every buyer cost the taxpayers at least $A 2000 when buying an Australian assembled car, when the subsidies dried up manufacturing ceased. I bought my first Nissan Maxima in 1990, cost $43,000 aust dollars, last one in 2012, cost $41,000, this was the result of the reduction of outrageous import taxes , I wonder if overall this was the right decision. The biggest looser in a tariff war is the consumer, and I don’t think Mercedes or Bentley sales will be affected in Thailand.
  9. I consider the accompanying photo sums up the report, hilarious!
  10. PJPom

    Australia - Departure Prohibition Order

    Simple answer is pay what you owe, I had dealings with CSA many years ago and found them to be very fair with no bias. You are contemplating starting anew with another commitment so wouldn’t it be better to start with no problems. Your child, children , are your joint responsibility unless you want to sever your relationship with them, if that is your wish then live with the consequences.
  11. What a bunch of cynical b****s you are, OK I have only been here a few years but isn’t he at least trying to make the RTP a bit better? . Good luck to the man, let’s see what happens.
  12. Just a comment on the auto versus manual transmission, has anyone noticed the court case against Ford Thailand and the class actions in other parts of the world regarding their automatic transmissions. Automatics are good but they still have problems.
  13. Pork always tastes better with apple sauce.
  14. Another from the age of real Heroes, R.I.P.
  15. I hope this was accidentally caught in the nets and not purposely hunted. A few days ago I was praising local fishermen who managed to release a Whaleshark and hoping their next catch was fantastic.From watching the video it looks as though this crew threw it back but it didn’t look in very good shape. The heading suggests that the creature was killed for profit, if so why did they throw it back? . I think the comment inferring that the fishermen caught it purposely is totally misleading.