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  1. And inflated to 90psi “ make better for gas and faster”. This gets monotonous doesn’t it?.
  2. I flew with Firefly to Penang from Krabi with only another four people on board, needless to say they soon cancelled the service. I now wonder about the possibility of a Phuket-Krabi-Penang service, maybe it would be worth them investigating. I also did a visa run to Penang in a van, I am now older and wiser, never again.
  3. Marines drink cobra blood in US-Thai war drills

    And then rush back to the PX for a Coke, some stupid officers idea of good PR.
  4. In my youth Horses were quite commonly used , the Milkman, the Coalman and the Brewery all used horses. They were used,not misused and treated as valuable assets, I would be surprised if a Thai Mahout treated his main scource of income any differently .
  5. Question 1: who owns The buses? Question 2: why not more stringent checks? Answer..... see question 1
  6. Do people actually check their UK entitlement or just read the rubbish on TV spouted by many. I emigrated to Australia a long time ago and qualified for a full Australian pension and felt very satisfied, this with other assets funds my lifestyle in Thailand very well. I happened to notice on Facebook an ad for pension consultants and followed it up, surprise,surprise, I ended up with an ongoing UK pension paid into my Thai account, not a large sum but certainly a bonus. As I am over the age of acceptance for medical insurance, also having had a stent, this just goes into the pot to pay the hospital or the final party at the Wat bill. I would suggest this chap checks his options, he may get some help.
  7. Help me with advise, scooter accident!

    Another go fund me about to appear?
  8. A very good friend lives in Cebu, tell him that the war on drugs is wrong and he will laugh at you. The President has the backing of the majority and in this case they are not silent, they applaud.
  9. What Happened To The First Dogs Sent To Space Is Actually Horribly Sad

    Just a bit of background to my comment above, I was a sixth former at school in Manchester when Gagarin came for formal visit. I and a group of classmates bunked off school that day and stood in beautiful Manchester weather, ( pouring rain) just to get a glimpse of a man who represented the future as we saw it. He and Armstrong were two men who achieved impossible firsts, they should never be disrespected. just for info a few years later I was involved with rockets, not for exploration just annihilation, those were the swinging sixties.
  10. What Happened To The First Dogs Sent To Space Is Actually Horribly Sad

    I for one think Gagarin was extremely brave and extremely lucky, I also think the comment is crass and uncalled for.
  11. This is getting very scary, I am so very happy that I have retired and am living in Thailand where they have yet to hear of political correctness. I look back on running a very successful business in Australia where personal contact with the client was of the utmost importance,and yes, with some of the female clients the standard greeting was a hug or a peck on the cheek. It seems that if I was still doing this today I would most certainly be in big trouble, most certainly not from the person being hugged but from an observer from the easily offended brigade. My Daughters tell me that luckily I can only be classed as a Dinosaur, much better than most of the labels being thrown around today. The Mayor seems to have been pronounced guilty,no defence allowed, no fair hearing, just media judgement, poor fellow.
  12. I must be lucky, two certificates of residence at Krabi and only a smile and a thank you needed.
  13. A brake hose is the flexible part of a cars braking system which transmits pressurised fluid to a cars brake cylinder or caliper piston to actuate the brake shoes or pads. The outer covering of this hose is rubber being protection of a woven metal inner sleeve which surrounds an inner rubber tube which contains brake fluid in either a non pressurised or pressurised state. After all that it’s the first thing to check for a vehicle roadworthy and if I find cracks in the outer layer YOU FAIL .
  14. Sheer bad luck and before anyone starts going on about Thainess can you honestly say you have never taken a risk?. I will admit that in my youth and working on the old bangers that I could afford a couple of house bricks or a lump of wood supported many a car above my head. Condolences to his family, a sad accident.