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  1. Mother films daughter and dog licking from same peanut butter jar

    Must be another slow news day.
  2. This is just what I can verify; freelance massage lady ( massage only ) 135 bht/hr, at the moment averaging 3-4 hrs a day, high season 7-8 hrs a day Boss lady of Spa who organises staff , 600 bht a day for 13 hr day 30 days a month. Bellhop at local resort on 300 a day about 20+days per month, low season. Competent builders/ carpenters working 6 days a week 400 a day with the odd bonus thrown in. I also read somewhere that Toyota was going to pay its line workers 480 a day, I don't know if it has happened yet.
  3. Sending computer to Australia for repair

    The outcome was that I removed the battery and sent it parcel post, this is allowed if clearly marked " battery removed ". I was also worried about customs on return but I addressed it to my Thai Wife and all I had to do was sign for it, no duty required. Quite amusing as a few weeks earlier I was charged 800 bht . on a parcel of sweets and chocolates sent by a friend. Total outlay was approximately 14000 bht as opposed to quote of 34000 which would have been sent to Singapore.
  4. A very sad case but thankfully for the child it is now over.
  5. Why bother looking back, all my life has been experiences, some good,some bad but my attitude is bring on more, I'm not dead yet.
  6. Why did I open this topic????
  7. This is an accident that seems impossible, a full bridge crew, possibly a junior officer of the watch but backed up by competent professionals. It is obvious no alarm was raised otherwise skipper would have been on the bridge, so what went wrong? Collective panic or sheer incompetence, drug tests will be flying around also. Condolences to the families of the deceased
  8. Someone will be sailing a stone frigate from now on, impact was level with bridge and it's very hard not to notice 30,000 tons on your right where he has right of way.
  9. Suck it up fellas, ever seen the chaos when a head of state visits, at least this guy apologised. I have had the misfortune to be in Sydney when chogm was on, city was paralysed and nobody said sorry.
  10. I worked in this industry for many years and would hate to be the venue marketing manager in Pattaya. The usual format for major upmarket conferences is that you bring your wife/partner, I don't think many of them would like to boast about a freebie trip to "sin city". Conference organisers need a package that fits the attendees and I can't think of an industry that fits in with the reputation of Pattaya, maybe others can ! The reputation it has is going to take a long time to disappear, maybe never? Good luck.
  11. Thailand railways....

    Having posted a negative review of my last train trip I still want to go from Bangkok to Singapore by rail, then there is always Saigon to London, it can be done!.
  12. Thailand railways....

    I did the trip from Khoen Kaen to Bangkok late last year and was a little disappointed. I too enjoy train travel and having enjoyed a trip from Bangkok to Surat Thani thought KK to BK would be as good, it wasn't. I took the daylight run to see the scenery, windows were filthy, seats were very uncomfortable and aircon barely passable, all in all very disappointing.
  13. I ran into this problem a couple of weeks ago when I tried to marry at Ban Rak , no amount of talking could solve it on site. I managed to get an appointment at the British embassy for the next day and on my way there the next morning I ran into the agent who got my affirmation processed at the MFA. Telling her of our problems the answer of course was "no problem, for a certain amount of baht one hour possible". We hopped in a taxi , drove for about fifteen minutes to a large govt building near a major airport, walked in and sat down and twenty minutes later were officially married . This is Thailand.
  14. Just got my first non O will now be applying in due course for my extension , in case of any questions, who do you call? UBJ . Thanks for the answers you always give, a gentleman and a scholar.