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  1. I see things much more clearly than all those with their vision clouded by an overly emotional outlook fueled by hate of the conservative viewpoint, Republicans and the current US President, the Cabinet and his advisors.
  2. FACTS? Funniest thing you have ever posted.
  3. It's a quote from one minor politician. Posted on a website, from a group of journalists that have never been pro-Republican. You're not taking into consideration the news source. However, your google search of pro-Democrat, liberal political opinions has once again served to make you feel you carry the correct outlook. Furthermore, If it makes you happy, I'll let you be delusioned that is makes a difference if you or I actually give a crap. You seriously need help.
  4. Yup. I'm clearly missing the conspiracy. Thanks for cluing me in; after all. we all want to be a part of an elite group who knows what no one else does.
  5. actually, I do not dismiss anything anti-Trump. as a matter of fact, I have repeatedly stated I did not cast a vote for Mr. Trump. but there has never been any substance on these repeated allegations against Trump and the current administration. if you'll check, not a single forum member has ever asked me how I feel about what's been in action since January's inauguration. all you get is comments like the above with comments about the "inner circle" and the hearsay surrounding them. those queries have negative and accusatory conclusions regarding the "inner circle" and Pres. Trump built into them... and so it goes.
  6. I go there. Leave house at 06:00. Arrive ~07:00. Read book while waiting for 08:30 open. Usually I am within the first 5 people to be serviced by immigration officials. Done by 09:15 at the latest. Back home at ~10:15. It isn't that big of a deal, especially if you're filled out your papers ahead of time. You only have to visit when you've been in country for 90 consecutive days. Every re-entry after a trip outside Thailand resets the day count.
  7. If you're running without pain or injury, all you can do is replace the pair when the more heavily shoe is worn out... I wouldn't be messing with my running style; that's what could lead to injury. Take comfort in the fact that you're doing very well. The cost of a new pair of shoes that may have to be replaced a little earlier than you anticipated is a small price to pay for the success you're achieved. Keep on runnin'!
  8. Please get a new hobby. These chronic duplicates of your opinion backed by google word searches to justify them go nowhere.
  9. Name this comedy film please...
  10. Puh-leeze... his entire inner circle? Cue the dramatic music & darken the screen on this movie.... blah-blah-blah. I'm reminded of a Shakespeare play: Much Ado About Nothing. Politics in action, preaching to the choir. Sad when you get down to it; it's all a waste of time and money, at taxpayers expense. Been happening since water was wet.
  11. sessions politicized the office? you're acting like it's not been happening for the last half century, at least... wake up, man. the usa federal courts are independent? have you ever heard of a grand jury? you're living in a fantasy world.
  12. The sore loser spin on "why my guy/gal shouldn't have lost" is what the complaints about the electoral are driven by. Too funny, really. It comes from a position of arrogance and a profound disconnect enabled by truly believing they're smarter than everyone else and just don't now how all those other persons can't see that fact.
  13. You're welcome. Loads of other free photo editing tools out there via a google search too. I am sure you'll locate one that woks for you. Good luck in your search; I am looking forward to seeing your photos.