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  1. President Trump made a choice to follow the advice of his Republican Seantor's counsel. Forced? Not really. Actually, it would seem he acted with restraint as a team player by going against his instincts and letting those in whom the responsibility lies serve as they were elected to do so. Regarding previous attempts to resolve the impasse. Yes, this is the prerogative of the President. An adjusted and more acceptable bill was created which the President will sign. Good job by all.
  2. he sat on the sidelines at the recommendation of senators of the republican party, it is the responsibility of the senate and congress that craft the budget, and resolve impasses like this most recent one. watching from the sidelines clearly worked, with a short interruption and a deal acceptable to both sides having been crafted. it will be signed in quick fashion by the president.
  3. Still unable to accept the outcome, eh. Three years to go at a minimum. US government has done this before, it's nothing new. What is new is you blaming the CIC for a failure of the congress/senate to reach a realistic compromise, which is how government shutdowns always occur. But hey, if it feeds your irrational dislike of Mr. Trump, go for it, and enjoy your day.
  4. I think if you were truly so busy you wouldn't have time to comment on stories like the one above. Have a nice day, please.
  5. A headline indicating where a story is about to lead... is performing its appropriate function.
  6. neither better nor worse than many other tv/radio shows, websites, newspapers or magazine regardless their position within the political spectrum...
  7. https://nypost.com/2018/01/19/the-media-just-cant-stop-making-themselves-look-worse-than-trump/ Getting viewers, selling clicks, and newspapers, and magazines...that is the goal.
  8. polls aren't fake, they're hard to get correct, even when truly independent. yet people frequently think polls will always predict election outcomes. it gets even more dicey when it comes to print and video news outlets as they need to preach to their target demographic to maintain readership or viewership. it happens on both sides of the political spectrum...and so it goes.
  9. posted in error... please accept my apology
  10. I don't particularly like the President's tweets, but your posts about Trump's tweets are just like them. Your rundowns of his behaviour outside the tweets reflects in words the same poor actions. Two peas in a pod, you appear to be. Irony can be pretty ironic.
  11. I must say I disagree heartily regarding bipartisanship on the Russia investigation and how Democrats will attempt to use any negative revelations as ammunition to win as many seats as possible in 2018. The Republican Party nominated Trump and there's no real bipartisanship where any real damage could occur to the party. It's little more than rhetoric and window dressing to keep the left engaged in a haze of disbelief. It's political theatre that'll, at best, sacrifice a few lambs so everyone on any side of the argument can claim victory.
  12. Actually, I really was wishing you a happy new year. Why you are connecting it to the Russian investigation baffles me. It is that time of year. People can have differing opinions, yet act in a gentlemanly, civilized manner.
  13. hope it's not too late for this to be single best post of the year
  14. What's happening soi 4

    hooters makes a decent cheeseburger... and it's a prime spot for people watching.