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  1. The presidential campaign is most definitely a fair fight when it comes to the showdown between the two top parties. Both candidates agree to and very well aware of the rules prior to accepting the nomination. Presidential elections are not an arena for shrinking violets. HRC and DT proved it during the campaign with their ads, statements outside debates and especially within those debates. Regarding this thread: The filing of annual tax returns was addressed during the debates in very pointed fashion.
  2. Yes, he does. The rules of business and the rules of politics are not the same. So, when it comes to the topic at hand... annual tax returns, he files using every legal means available to him to pay as little as possible within the law. Nothing funny about that, is there?
  3. OMG... there is nothing in your post related to DT filing his taxes and not revealing those returns to the public.... this is armchair psychology at best... mods, is this quoted post helping this thread or keeping it on topic? it is is it not?
  4. Your view is not the only acceptable one on this matter. It doesn't matter how many times you go back in time and post links to justify your conclusion on DT and how he operated in the business sector. The business sector and the political arena are not the same; they operate under different rules. He files his taxes with the IRS and state agencies every year and uses every legal means to reduce his liability. That's it regarding this thread's topic.
  5. I didn't vote for him, and I am not part of the resistance. Three months in, forty five months to go. Seems a little early to throw in the towel.
  6. Lots of them do things here they would never even contemplate doing in their own backyard. Like Bargirls, Booze and other ill-advised activities, and to excess. Others come to the LOS to party with whatever money they have left, and then end their lives voluntarily when the money runs out. Who knows what the real reason was in this young man's case? I choose to assume he was a good young man who made an error, and paid dearly.
  7. that is a very revealing post... the italics highlighted sentence is just scary
  8. the 5200+ vehicles that were impounded probably had a lot to do with it... hopefully it is expensive to get your vehicle back, which will provide monetary incentive in the near future and beyond to change drinking and driving habits...
  9. My post was truncated by accident I will amend. Have a nice day, and thank you for the feedback.
  10. congrats... you are clearly on your way to a better physical self.
  11. You have that opinion regarding fulfillment of a president's duties, and that is fine. But if he wasn't so successful as a businessman no one would now who he is. Trump is a global brand and I assure you millions of people in the USA care, and a lot, about how successful he was in business, and now in politics.... but it doesn't have anything to do with the topic which is the filing of annual, personal taxes with the IRS, except of course to find another reason to dislike, criticize and malign him..
  12. Idea... Why not start a sobriety, or similar thread? I think people will contribute. One day at a time, baby. You can do it.
  13. Donald Trump is a highly successful individual in business, and that has now extended to the world of politics. The highly successful are routinely sought out, and criticized by others. For some reason people like to see the highly successful have a setback, or even fail, and the larger the stage, the better. This is a main reason for the suspicion I have seen cited here and elsewhere, and why many are calling for release of Trump's tax returns. You? No one in the public domain gives a rip who you are, and don't care about you, or your tax returns. It is definitely not a quid pro quo situation. You aren't in Donald Trump's league. ps. I'm not either, but I didn't make the offer...
  14. It's obvious that since you cannot do much except go back in time to when running for elected office wasn't even an issue from Mr. Trump to seek out this imagined lack of integrity etc. from President Trump. You are suffering from what is known as 'confirmation bias'. Confirmation bias works backwards from an opinion, and seeks out any item, circumstantial or not, to confirm one's conclusion. That extends to the presumption of guilt over not making tax returns public, despite it not indicating anything other than a right to keep one's earnings internal, which seems to be a right stripped from elected officials,